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Tom awoke to the delicious feeling of Julie kneeling between his legs sucking his dick. He pulled her up into her lap and kissed her. He caressed her hair and down her back as their tongues dueled in love’s fight. Pulling away, he recommended they get a shower as he had plans for them for today. He asked if she was interested in going swimming again. She laughed “Skinny dipping?” He said no, he wanted to take her to the beach. She squealed in joy.
Taking a shower together was torture. He wanted so much to fuck her again, and she was willing. However, time was short for a full day. Tom suggested she put on her bathing suit under her tank top and shorts. Sitting on the bed, he watched her getting dressed. She was totally at ease with each other’s nakedness.
Packing a picnic basket with the essentials, he loaded towels and a beach blanket into the trunk. They headed out to the ocean beach with the top down on the car. They stopped for a lite breakfast at a small café. Nobody around here knew them so they could openly act as two lovers out on a lark. It was thrilling to kiss him with other people around them. Several of the older women looked at them with disgust, while their husbands’ tongues hung out of their drooling mouths in envy.
At the beach, they pulled into a private parking lot. Before heading out on to the beach, they ducked into the beachfront amusement park. They walked out on to the boardwalk arm in arm, pausing from time to time to check the view and kiss. People just assumed she was very young looking for her age, and smiled at the lovers. Tom tried his hand at a few of the carnival style games winning some small trinkets that she knew she would cherish for years. Finally, he hit the jackpot on one and won a huge teddy bear. Julie swore she saw him slip the attendant some money for the bear, but it didn’t matter.
Heading back to the car, they stuffed the bear into the trunk and headed out onto the beach sand with the blanket and basket. Selecting an open spot, they spread the blanket. Julie stood up and removed her top and shorts. Her bikini covered less than her skimpiest bra and panties. She had to reach down and pull the string bottom out of her pussy crack. She looked over at Tom to see he had also undressed. He was clad only in a tight speedo that clearly showed his ample endowment. Julie’s nipples hardened under the two patches of cloth held together by strings that were her top.
Their arrival and strip show had not gone unnoticed by their beach neighbors. Again, the old ladies frowned on their wanton display while the men openly stared. They lay down together on the blanket. The warm sun and cool breeze contrasted to make a perfect day. Tom turned his head toward Julie and quietly giggled. Julie asked what was so funny. He whispered for her to turn over on to her back. As she did so, she glanced toward the waves. She noticed several men, young and old, seemed to be moving their blankets to get a better look at her near naked beauty. Tom instructed her to arch her back like she was stretching and separate her legs a little. Her movements in compliance sent an audible whisper of approval through the male onlookers. Tom was teaching her the power that pussy held over men of all ages.
He asked if she wanted a cold drink. She said yes. He hopped up and said he would be right back. He suggested she put some sun tan lotion on to prevent burning. He walked over to the concession stand and watched the action. He counted thirty seconds from when she pulled out the sun tan lotion before some guy about 35 years old walked over and offered to help put some on her back. Julie turned over on her stomach and saw that Tom was watching from a distance. He nodded. She then realized he wanted her to put on a show for him. The stranger squirted the cool liquid on her back and began to rub it over her body. She reminded him to put some on her legs, and he obliged. She spread her legs a little as he coasted up the inside of her thighs brushing against her thinly covered pussy. She told him to be sure not to forget her ass. He proceeded to cover first one cheek and then the other. She moaned a little in encouragement. He slipped one finger under the strap that was her suit bottom and ran it up and down her ass crack. Julie offered no resistance. Julie asked if he minded doing her front. He stammered no problem. She rolled over and closed her eyes. He squirted some lotion onto her belly. She shivered and giggled. The guy asked what was so funny. Julie replied that the lotion looked like cum, but it was cold instead of the nice warmth of fresh cum. He giggled that it smelt better too. Julie looked him in the eye and said “But I bet it doesn’t taste as good as cum.” The guy squirmed as his dick swelled too large for his swim trunks.
Tom returned and saw the guy tense up. Sitting down on the blanket, Tom told him not to worry but to continue putting the lotion on. The guy looked shocked that Tom did not seem offended by his obvious groping of Tom’s girl. Tom thanked the guy for doing it. He added he liked his steak medium rare, but preferred his pussy raw. He continued “Besides, I don’t want her to have a sun burn tonight when I go to fuck her ass. Never give a woman an excuse to avoid fucking I say.” Glancing down, Tom saw that the guy had moved his hand down and was rubbing lotion on her pussy with one finger sliding under the suit. Tom leaned over and kissed Julie. He asked her if that felt good. She said “Yeah, lets head back so you can fuck me in the car or at least let me suck your dick on the drive home.” Julie stood up and bent over to give her massager a kiss goodbye. Tom pulled up the blanket and they headed back to the car leaving the stranger dumbfounded.
Once back in the car, Tom and Julie both burst out laughing. He told her what a naughty little girl she was, and she reminded him that he was the one egging her on. Tom laughed and asked “Do you know what the difference between all those other guys and me is?” Julie shook her head no. Tom continued “They are all going to lie in their beds alone tonight jerking off thinking about you, or imagine it is you they are banging as they fuck their fat old bitch wife. There will probably be over a hundred guys tonight fucking you in their dreams, but I’m going to be fucking you in my bed!” Julie joked “I wonder what that would be like to have a hundred guys lined up all waiting to take a turn fucking me.” Tom answered “Too late to arrange a gang bang this visit, but who knows what might happen next time.” Julie laughed but the image could not leave her mind.
Julie fell asleep on the drive home. She had a wild dream. She was laying naked on a stage. There was an audience watching in approval as a long line of naked guys took turns in every orifice of her body. She marveled at the variety of cocks she was offered. Thin and long, fat and short, curved, droopy, low hangers, and tight sacks all paraded through her dreams. And the positions they put her through were possible only in dreams. They were cramming cocks in her mouth, her pussy and her ass all at the same time. Guys were jerking off and shooting loads of cum across her body. Even a woman or two took turns eating her cum drenched gash. She began to wonder what it feel like if she was the one eating the woman out. Again, she had a flash of her father as the next in line climbing between her legs ready to fuck her. Her dreams were an erotic jungle of unbridled lust heightened by the knowledge that the men in her dram audience were all jacking off in appreciation of her work.
Julie was startled as her uncle shook her awake. They were in the driveway at home. He offered her the house keys and said he would be right in as soon as he unloaded the trunk. Julie dashed up the porch stairs and left the front door open for him. When he came in loaded down with the blanket, basket and teddy bear, Julie was nowhere to be seen. Tom called her name. He heard a reply from the kitchen. Walking in, Tom stopped short. Julie, naked, was spread out on the table. She had her vibrator, the lube and some condoms from the bedroom on the table beside her. She looked up at him, her eyes imploring him to mount her. Tom dropped his baggage and his shorts in one swift movement. Pulling his shirt off as he approached, he jerked his cock to full erection. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her over to the edge of the table. She lifted her legs over his shoulder as he brutally rammed his cock into her slick pussy. It was an animalistic rut. No finesse, just raw fucking.
Julie pushed him away and turned over sliding half on and half off the table. She reached back and pulled apart the cheeks of her ass in submission. Tom grabbed the condom and sheathed his cock. He poured a glob of lube into his hand and slicked up his rod. Right now, their lust was stronger than their love. It wasn’t that he didn’t care if he hurt her or not, the lust blocked all thought other than to fuck. He rammed the full length of his cock up her ass with one lunge. Her breath was forced out of her by the sudden anal assault. As soon as she regained herself, she screamed for him to fuck her. He rammed his cock in and out of her tight ass as she yelled filthy encouragements for him to fuck her like the dirty whore she wanted to be. Julie reached for the plastic vibrator and passed it to him. He paused the assault on her ass as he pushed the vibe into her pussy. She was now full in her ass and pussy. Yet, she hungered for another cock to fuck her face. When he turned on the vibe to full power, Julie’s ass and pussy went into spasms immediately. The feel of the vibe rubbing against his cock separated only by a thin wall of skin was pushing Tom to his own release. He pulled out of her ass and yanked off the condom. Julie sank to the floor facing him with the vibe still firmly locked in her tight pussy. Tom jerked his cock inches from her face until the shots of cum spurted out all over her face. The biggest load he had ever conjured smeared her from her forehead to her tits. Calming down, Tom swirled his dick in the sweet cum and presented his cum coated cock to her mouth. She sucked it in and licked him clean. Tom pulled her up to her feet and wrapped his arms around her. Kissing her cum coated lips, he muttered that she had a tight hot ass, something that runs in the family. As they shuffled off to bed, Tom reminded her that everything this weekend was a “family secret”. As she settled into sleep, the gang bang dream returned to fill Julie’s night with more erotic fantasies. Tom also was dreaming, but his dreams were about what was to come tomorrow when Julie’s mother, his sister, came to get her tomorrow morning.

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