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After the episode at the convenience store, Julie and her Mom felt very close on the remainder of the drive home. Her mother asked her daughter how she felt about the wild weekend of unbridled sex she had. Julie mused over the events of this weekend. An almost virgin when her Uncle picked her up on Friday; she had since repeatedly fucked and sucked the weekend away. In addition to her Uncle using every hole she had; she had let a sales lady at the lingerie store eat her out in the dressing room, masturbated in front of a porn store clerk before sucking him off in a video booth threeway, got publicly felt up by a stranger at a public beach, engaged in a threeway with her Uncle and own mother, and now wantonly teased an old man with her cum stained panties. All and all a great lead up to her 14th birthday. Julie snuggled up to her Mom and said “It was wonderful.”
Her mom said “We need to have a talk about the facts of life before we get home.” Julie laughed and reminded her they had that talk back when she had her first period. Her mother said “Those were the facts of life in general. Now we have to discuss the facts of life in our family.” Julie sat up and asked her what she meant.
Her mom explained “It all started with your Great Grandmother Nelly. Her husband and she lived on a farm along with their son, John, and two daughters, Betty and Sue. However, as John reached his teenage years a lot of tension developed between him and his father. Nelly realized that the force that was destroying their happy home was the same one that occurred in many families. Her son wanted to fuck her. It is only natural that sons are sexually attracted to their mothers and daughters to their fathers. Frustrated at his feelings, he took his resentment out on the man who was fucking the object of his desire, his father. Your Great Grandmother did what she thought was necessary to preserve their family. She took her son into her bed along with her husband. The tensions faded and the family happily survived. However, the problems returned when their oldest daughter Betty reached puberty. This time, it was the father that was the object of desire of his daughter and the mother who had to contend with her daughter’s resentment. Finally, she talked her husband into fucking his own daughter to ease the tension. When their younger daughter reached 14, they did not wait for the problems to begin. Her father took her virginity on the eve of her 14th birthday. Of course, once the taboos of incest had been lifted, sex among family members became natural. Fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, even brothers and sisters, and any combination thereof was acceptable. Her children maintained the tradition and introduced their offspring to sex on their 14th birthday. The tradition has passed down to our time with a few modifications. The father usually takes his daughter away for the weekend before her birthday to ready her for family love, and mothers their sons. In the event, that this was not possible, the oldest relative of the opposite sex assumed the honors. Unfortunately, your father was called away this weekend, so Uncle Tom took responsibility. Do you understand what I am saying?” Julie just sat dumbfounded.
Her mother pulled the car over to the side of the road, and turned to Julie. She again asked “Do you understand?” Julie managed to nod acceptance. Her mother asked “Have the dreams started yet?” Julie blushed and said “What do you mean?” Her mother looked at her and said “From your reaction, you know what I mean. You have already started having dreams of your father fucking you. Right?” Julie looked down and sighed yes. Her mother hugged her and said “It is natural. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. That is what our whole concept of family is based on, accepting the inevitable.” Julie said “You aren’t upset about me think about Dad as a lover?” Her mother said “No, and your father wasn’t upset about it when I started fucking your brother either.” Julie’s eye widened as she stammered “Pete! You’ve been fucking Pete.” Mom nodded “Ever since he turned 14; fucked by him in every hole and sucked gallons of his cum down my throat.” Julie exclaimed “And Dad doesn’t mind?” Mom said “No, most of the time, he is right there plugging whatever hole your brother is not enjoying.” Julie’s mind was flooded with visions of her mother sandwiched between her son and husband or on her knees sucking off both men at once. Finally, all she could say was “Wow!”
Pulling the car back on the road, her mother revealed that at her birthday party tonight she would have the chance to fuck her father and brother if she was interested. Julie jumped up and down in her seat in celebration. Then she stopped and turned to her mother and asked “And what about you, can I have more sex with you too?” Her mother smiled and nodded yes. Julie was really excited now.
When they got home, the two of them went upstairs to Julie’s bedroom to unpack her things. Julie showed her the slutty underwear and bathing suit her Uncle had bought her and the vibrator stashed at the bottom of her bag. Her mother gave her detailed instructions on proper washing of the delicates and shared some toy cleaner demonstrating how to keep the vibrator clean. She took Julie into her bedroom and showed her the stash of slut wear she had. She then pulled a locked trunk out from under the bed. She explained that it was kept locked to prevent Julie from snooping, but that was no longer necessary. Inside was a variety of sex toys and devices, whips and handcuffs and other kinky sex equipment. Her mother said they would get her a trunk of her own to start her collection of sex toys. For now, Mom gave her a box of condoms and some lube to keep by her bed. While Uncle Tom and her father had both had vasectomies, her brother had not. Condoms would be required with her brother until she was protected by the pill. However, condoms were always to be required during anal sex to prevent infections.
Julie was excited by all the toys, especially the strap-on dildo she envisioned her mother could fuck her with. She suggested maybe they could try out a few things now. Her mother laughed and said “Later, for right now, we both are in desperate need of a shower. We’ve got plenty of time for fun later.” Julie pouted at being turned down. Her mother laughed and lifted the little sad face up. She said “Well, maybe we can take a shower together.” Julie clapped her hands at the suggestion. Her mother warned her “I’m sure you and your Uncle took showers together. So you know the rule; you wash my back and I’ll lick your ass!” Julie laughed and took her mother’s hand as they headed to the bathroom.
Once in the shower, Julie wasted no time in soaping up her mom’s tits. To be sure they were extra clean, she clamped her lips on one and licked and sucked on it. When she switched to the other for the same treatment, her mother reached down and started to finger her daughter’s box. Julie returned the favor. Soon, Julie squatted down before her mother and stuck her head between the older woman’s legs. She licked her slit tasting soap and cunt juice. Pulling her up to her feet, her mother spun her around to face the wall. She had her bend over a little to raise up her ass. Now it was her mother’s turn to squat. Leaning forward, she spread the ass cheeks of her daughter. She rimmed the puckered ring of her anus. Julie reached back and pulled her mother’s head tighter into her ass. Meanwhile, Mom reached between Julie’s legs and started to thumb the delicate clit. Julie groaned and wiggled her ass. Mom repositioned her hand to shove three fingers into the juicy pussy while continuing working on her clit. The fingers frigging her pussy while the thumb beat a pattern on her clit combined with the tongue in her ass to get Julie to her climax. Her pussy spasmed as clear liquid flowed down her leg. Julie collapsed against the wall in exhaustion. Her mother stood up and turned her around. They entwined tongues in a deep kiss. Julie wanted to show her mother the same joy she had experienced, but she was drained of strength. Her mother understood and suggested they finish their shower so Julie could get a nap before the party tonight.
Before allowing her to head to bed, Julie’s mother took the opportunity to show her how to properly douche to keep her cunt clean and fresh. Mom explained it was one thing to have a guy’s load drip out naturally; but when you were getting hosed by a group of men, you needed extra help to flush out the loads of cum between fucks. Julie felt so close to her mother, not just as a mother-daughter but as two women.
Julie crawled into her bed, clean and fresh, inside and out. As she drifted off to sleep, the dreams returned of what the future still held. She imagined what her father would look like naked and hard. She thought of what it would feel like as his cock entered her for the first time. Images of him drilling her in every way possible swirled in her mind; her pussy, her mouth, her ass. Then images of her brother flashed on the screen in her dreams, and she watched herself being double fucked by her father and brother at the same time while her mother shouted filthy encouragement. She saw her Uncle Tom approach and plugged her final opening as he shoved his hot cock into her mouth. And behind them, she saw a line of naked men snaking off into the distance waiting for their chance to use her body. Tonight’s party would only be the start of her journey into being a total family slut. Julie’s mother checked in on her. She observed her naked daughter sleeping with her leg thrown over the pillow she was hugging and a smile on her lips. It brought back memories of her own dreams before her own induction into the family secret many years ago. She closed the door, and started preparations for what was to come. She was so proud of her daughter.

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