June (part1)

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By NakedInCinci June gets a late night text from who she thinks is her boyfriend …


June’s phone chimed from her nightstand. She looked at the clock, it was 10:57. 3 more minutes and it’d have switched to silent mode.
It was late and she was already in bed. She thought about NOT looking at who might be texting her this late, but curiosity got the better of her. She rolled over and picked up the phone.
A text from her boyfriend, Paul, read [Hey babe… U up?]

[Barely] she replied. [What is it]

[nothing just missing you]

June sighed.. [we just saw each other two nights ago]

[2 nights too long. I cant sleep. Wish you were here]

She giggled [then youd definitely not sleep!] she texted with several heart emojis

[Oh? why? hehe]

She smiled as she just replied with a series of kisses emojis

it was several moments before he replied with an eggplant emoji followed by [mmmmm really]

[LOL you know it]

[maybe if you made me cum id sleep tonight]

June blushed a little. [wish i could] with smiling devil face

[you could i bet, if you tried.]


[send me something sexy. send me a pic of you]

[no way! im in bed I look terrible]

[I LIKE you in bed! LOL ;)]

June smiled and raised the phone over herself and snapped a quick selfie. She had no make-up on and her hair already looked like she had slept for hours

[happy. I look like shit]

[look sexy to me!!! you wearing anything under those blankets?]

She flopped her blankets down a little to reveal her night shirt and snapped another [YES!]

[ahh.. 🙁 that isnt very sexy.]

She took another picture but this time she did her best sexy face

[better. your so hot. mmm can you show me your tits]

June gasped, more at him asking so bluntly. [youve seen them already]

[want to see them now. i want to jack off to them so I can sleep]





June was thinking about it. She’d never sent anything like that before. She was worried he might share it or someone else might see it

[i dunno. scared]

[swear it is just for me. just for tonight. ill delete after]

June gave in and slipped off her shirt. She held the phone up and snapped another pic of her laying topless in her bed.

[fuck!! so sexy!!!!! you make me hard. play with them for me]

June used one hand to cup, grope, and pinch a breast while she did a quick video and sent it along

Paul sent back 6 fire emojis [YES babe im close now. show me more]

June smiled. She was surprised at how excited she was at the thought of Paul playing with himself. She wiggled out of her panties, opened her legs and posed showing her pussy and tits.


June started a video and began fingering herself and softly moaned. “Oh, Paul… I want your big cock so bad! Do you want to fuck me, Paul? Do you want to come over my tits? Mmmmm”

[im cumming]

[fuck that felt good. yes i want to fuck you. forever and ever]

June sent several hearts and kissing emojis. [Love you]

[luv u 2. can sleep now. TTYL]

[gnite] June replied and pulled the blankets up, not bothering to redress.

The next day June saw Paul in the hall at school. “Hey!” she said and kissed him. “Come over here!” she said as she pulled him away from the crowd. “Last night was fun! We should do that again maybe.”

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“Do what?” Paul asked.

June blinked in disbelief. “Our texts? Last night around eleven oclock!”

“Babe, I don’t know what you mean. I was asleep by 10, and besides, I didn’t have my phone. Parents grounded me from it after they heard I failed that history test.”

The bell rang and Paul quickly kissed her cheek. “We are going to be late for class. You can tell me what you are talking about at lunch.” he said and rushed off.

June stood there stunned for several minutes before she too slowly walked to class trying desperately to not cry.

At lunch she told Paul what had happened. She tried to show him the text thread, but she had deleted all the pics and vids first thing this morning and all of the texts from Paul had been ‘unsent’.

“Are you sure it was from my number?”

“YES! Of course it was from your number! Fuck! Does your dad know how to get into your phone?!”

“No! At least, I don’t think so. Maybe it was some hacker or something tricking you.”

“Oh, yeah.. that’s better!” She said sarcastically. “Just sent pics and shit to some perv. I’m probably on some website by now!”

“Maybe it wasn’t like that! I don’t know… I’m sure no one will see them. Try not to worry about it.”

June fumed at how little concern Paul seemed to have. Maybe he was lying and it really was him. She didn’t know why he’d lie, but maybe he thought this was some sort of stupid joke. Maybe lying so he can share it was one and he can say it wasn’t him! All these thoughts raced through her head the rest of the day.

That afternoon as they left school she saw Paul climbing into his moms van. Mrs. Parsons saw her and waved. “June! Hi!”

June waved back thinking that would be it, but Mrs. Parsons briskly walked towards her.

“Hi, June. I wanted to talk with you real quick.”

“What’s up, Mrs. Parsons?”

“You’re a very beautiful girl, June. You looked very good last night.”

June stared into Paul’s mothers face. “What?!”

“Yes. That was me. Paul doesn’t know I can get into his phone, and I’d like to keep it that way. I sent everything you sent me to my phone. I’m going to keep it safe.

‘What the fuck?! Why did you…”

“I said it! You’re beautiful! You are a very sexy girl. I can see what Paul likes about you.”

“Why are you telling me any of this?”

“Because I want us to get to know each other better, June. Much better.”

“I’m going to call your mom and see if she’d be OK with us going out to lunch this weekend. Just the two of us.”

“I don’t think I want to do that.”

“Well, I’d hate to have to tell your mom and dad about what you sent my son. They’d be so disappointed in their little daughter turning out to be slut that likes boys to cum on her tits.”

June flushed and started crying.

“Now, now! Don’t cry. It will be just fine. I’ll take care of everything and you and I will get together Saturday. Bye!”

She jogged back to the van and drove away, leaving June angry, scared, and confused.

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By NakedInCinci #Blackmail #Teen