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Stella stared somberly out of the cottage window into the driving rain. Normally Georgian Bay was filled with sail boats, kayaks, and the occasional power boat. Right now it looked more like a choppy ocean with big waves, whitecaps, and a huge surf at the shoreline. There wasn't a boat to be seen as the rain lashed down with a fury, whipped along by a ferocious wind. Nobody else was going to make it to the cottage today, or even tomorrow, because of this unexpected storm.
She and James had barely made it to the island in time, just ahead of this storm that had moved in much faster than predicted. In this weather the lake could even be difficult for big freighters, let alone for any pleasure craft. They had just managed to text the rest of the family that they had arrived safely when the thunderstorm had wiped out all cell reception. The response they received just in time was that all the others would wait at least till tomorrow before they would attempt to join them. It was a strange start for the usual two weeks of vacation on their family-owned island.
This vacation was a family summer tradition that their two families had been doing from before she or James had been borne. James was her cousin and she had missed seeing him the last two summers when he had been away in Europe and at school. Now nineteen he had become a happy good looking six-foot young man with bright green eyes, curly blond hair, broad shoulders, and slim hips.
Thinking of him this morning made her smile suddenly. Her teenage summer crush from two years ago when she was sixteen had rekindled itself immediately when she met him at the dock. The two of them had been put in charge by their respective families of the first load of supplies they would need for the summer vacation out on the island.
James greeted her with a big smile, a bear hug, and a "Hi good looking."
Stella almost rolled herself into his embrace, enjoying the smell of his body, before lifting her head and responding with "Hi handsome." Yes they were cousins, but she quickly pecked him on the lips anyway before extricating herself.
"Let's get the boat loaded, James. Those clouds at the horizon don't look too promising."
James nodded and smiled, but gave her a good once over, letting his gaze rest on her chest just a bit too long.
"You have grown Stella, in all the right places" he added with a grin.
Stella suddenly felt self conscious in her short shorts that showed of her legs and bum very flatteringly. She also felt now that her tank top, that left her midriff bare, was a bit tight across her well-endowed chest. She was only five feet tall, just under a 120 pounds, athletic but slender. With her dark long hair in a ponytail she looked and felt younger than her eighteen years.
"Looks like the same is true for you, buddy" was all she could come up with, trying to keep her eyes focussed on his face, and not let her gaze drift to his flat belly, or lower.
He had grown in length and width and was quite muscular. He had to outweigh her by at least 50 pounds she guessed. The play fighting from their younger years would now be a very uneven contest.
After a short staring contest they quickly loaded the boat and set off for the island 6 miles out. The wind picked up during the last 20 minutes of the 50-minute ride out and by the time they reached the island they were happy to enter the small bay in front of the cottage. They landed the boat on the sandy beach and had to haul it up quickly out of the heavy surf. By the time they had unloaded and stowed almost everything the rain started and by the time they finished it was a downpour. They quickly hauled the boat further up the beach to its secure spot and strapped it down well beyond the high-water mark. They both sprinted back up to the cottage and slammed the door, soaked to the bone.
"Wow, that was unexpected" Stella panted.
"Yup, nobody else is going to make it today, that's for sure. Why don't you get out of that wet stuff and take a quick hot shower first, Stella."
So she had had first dips on the hot water. Fortunately, the warm water came from an on-demand heater. And now her she sat by the window, in fresh dry clothes while James took his turn under the warm water. James too had grown in all the right places she had noticed. With a flash of insight she realized that would be true for other less visible parts as well.
This really piqued her curiosity. The naughty thought of trying to find out if this was true, made her smile even more. That would be interesting to find out! Nobody would come up until the storm passed, which would be at least 24 hours according to the forecast.
Not only did she have a bit of a crush on James, from a young age she had always had a weak spot for him. Every island holiday they played together in spite of the age difference. Often their mothers stayed longer, and they went swimming together, played boardgames together, explored the island together, all summer long. It had only turned into a crush two years ago, a crush that went both ways it seemed.
But the presence of other nephews and nieces, and parental supervision had insured the crush limited itself to staring and each other, winking, a not so accidental touch, and a lot of teasing. Plus a few stolen kisses on the last night of summer when everybody was at the campfire.
James had followed her when she went to the bathroom and was waiting for her when she came out. He awkwardly stood a few meters from the door and held out his hand when she tried to walk by him. Without thinking she had grabbed it, and pulled herself close to him, with her head against his chest. He had let his hands slide down her back to her waist, pulling her closer. When she lifted her head to look at him he had softly kissed her lips. When she leaned into him and opened her lips to give his tongue an opportunity it was as if lightning struck in both directions.
All the pent-up heat from the summer roared up, and next things she knew they were kissing as if they had been lovers all summer, with his hands on her ass, and her hands reaching for his chest under his T-shirt. She was suddenly aware of his hardness against her lower belly and started to rub herself against him when they heard the next bathroom seeker approach from the beach. Hastily she had pulled herself away, after which James with a hot look full of desire in his eyes turned and quickly went inside.
So how much had he grown, how could she find out? There was only one way, go and have a look. And that is what she did.
Softly she got up and went to the bathroom where James was taking a shower, the one off the big bedroom on the ground floor. Slowly she opened the bedroom door and tip-toed to the bathroom door that was ajar and peeked in. The glass door was fogged up, but she could clearly make out his shape. When he turned towards the door she could also make out the darkness of his pubic hair and the shape of his private parts. Involuntarily she gasped, the noise of which was too loud for James not to hear.
He slid open the door and peeked his head out.
"What are you doing?"
"Uhm, nothing, I wondered if you were ready."
"Truth or dare?" he suddenly said with a grin.
"Did you come in here to have a peak at my butt?"
"No" Stella responded. She had come to see the front, but he did not ask that.
"Truth or dare James?"
"Do you like my butt."
"Yes, very much so. And the rest too", James said with a leer. "Truth or dare"!
"Dare" she responded, with a mischievous smile.
"Come and wash my back" James responded with a gleam of desire in his eyes.
Stella knew she should leave, but instead nodded and said "Turn around."
James opened the door wide, making sure no spray came out, and held out his hand with soap and washcloth. Before he turned he gave her the full view of his private parts she had been hoping for. He had indeed grown, and his penis was filling out a bit already in anticipation. Stella took the washcloth, rubbed in the soap, and slowly started to scrub his back up and down. She took her time, and James did not seem to mind when she included his buttocks as well.
When she stopped James suddenly turned around and held out his hand. "Let me wash your back, no way you could have done a good job by yourself. I will behave, promise. "
Stella was transfixed by the intimacy of the moment and felt the flame of desire roar up after a glance at his half hard penis. She longed to touch it, feel it in her hands. So she nodded, handed the washcloth and soap back to him, quickly stripped, and stepped into the shower under the warm spray. It was James' turn to gasp when he saw her like this. But he was true to his promise to behave and simply started washing her back. Like her, he started including her buttocks, and then dropped the washcloth and just used his hands and the soap. The feel of her skin, and the intimacy of the moment, started to give him an enormous erection that accidentally touched her bum.
Stella suddenly turned around. "Now the front."
Her breasts were high and perfect, the nipples stood out hard, and when he soaped her chest she closed her eyes and groaned. When he let his hands go lower she closed her legs.
"Let's be careful, I am not on birth control. Maybe it is safe, I am supposed to get my period in two days. You should also know that if we do it, you would be my first one!"
"You would be my first too. But I agree, let's go slow, we have all the time in the world. Nobody will be here until tomorrow late at the earliest. And let's not do anything we may regret, after all you are my cousin."
"Can I touch you?"
James nodded.
Gently Stella reached out for his iron hard penis and rubbed its length. It was as bigger and larger than she had expected, but then she had not actually held too many penises before. She loved the feel of it though, and after a moment hesitation she moved into him, raised her head, and kissed him. James instinctively put a hand on her neck and the other on her lower back and pulled her closer yet while letting himself sink into the kiss. After a while, in the most natural way, both his hands dropped to her bum and he pulled her closer yet, while she slowly fisted him against her belly.
James was aflame, he had not been able to get Stella off his mind since that kiss two years ago. As they kissed and felt each other's bodies he wanted more, so he slowly he bent his knees and let his penis slide down her belly until it rested against her pussy lips. Stella knew she was wet and could not help but spread her legs a bit to rub the head of his penis across her clit and between her easily parting folds. She rubbed him across her clit, while James slowly moved back and forth, driving her absolutely crazy with desire. She was so wet and loved the feeling of the heat at her opening, which made her tilt her hips almost presenting herself to him. James could not resists and bent his knees a bit more, grabbed her buttocks and pushed, gaining entry with the tip.
He broke the kiss and looked her in the eyes. "Just a bit of the tip. I promise!"
Stella nodded, and tilted her hips a bit more without losing her grip on his iron hard member. James sawed back and forth, pulling her closer and closer. The tip was all the way in when she felt him change his grip. He was going to take her right there and then if she did not stop him, she knew. She was not sure what she wanted, hesitated for a second but then pulled back a bit and said "Let's get out of here."
James suddenly realised what he was doing, or was about to do, and could only nod his head to agree. Stella moved his dick so he could stand up but held on while they kissed a bit more before they got out. They dried each other like the lovers they almost were, and kept kissing and touching, neither wanting to let go of the other.
"What do we do now?" Stella whispered. "I want to feel you, kiss you, play with you. But I also worry you may lose control and do things I may not want to do." After a second or two she added "yet."
"Oh I want you Stella, you are so gorgeous. But I don't want to do anything you don't want to do! I have dreamed of you since that summer kiss. How about if I sit in that big chair by the fireplace. It is nice and warm there and then you can play all you want. But you will be completely in control."
Stella kissed him hard before looking into his emerald green eyes. "Promise you won't do anything I don't want to do?"
"Promise." James grabbed her hand and together they walked into the living room, closed the curtains, spread a towel on the chair after which James sat down in that huge armchair.
He perched his naked frame on the edge of the seat, and then shuffled back until he was sitting straight up, with his hard penis poking up almost to his belly button from between his splayed legs. Stella slowly approached him, bent down to kiss the tip of his dick, and then sat down on his thighs facing him. Slowly she slid forward until she felt his hardness against her belly. She put her arms around his neck, and with her eyes wide open brushed her lips against his, first softly, then more insistently, until his lips parted and their tongues met. Just before she closed her eyes to savour the moment she had been dreaming about she saw both the pleasure and desire in his bright green eyes.
As she dove into the kiss she felt his hands on her bum, pulling here closer yet.
"I hope he keeps his word" was her last thought as she slid into him and surrendered herself to the kiss.
It lasted a long time, it was wonderful, all she hoped for and more. She also realised she was very wet and had started rubbing herself against the root of his iron hard member.
Slowly she broke the kiss and pulled her head back, what James took as an invitation to bent down and kiss her breasts. As she looked down on his head she noticed she was willingly arching forward with her chest, inviting him to continue. Which is exactly what he did. With ardour James sucked each of her nipples in turn, kissing the skin in between as he moved from left to right, and back. Her nipples were hard and sensitive, and the kisses rained down on them made her pussy wetter and wetter. There seemed to be a connection between her clitoris and her nipples, the more James kissed and sucked, the more she rubber herself against him.
She loved him and wanted him, as she slid up and down against him. For a short moment she feared she would accidentally impale herself on his member as she rubber harder and harder against his penis. But then she felt her orgasm break through, and with wild abandon she slid up and down the length of his penis as her orgasm washed over her.
This was too much for James who could no longer hold back and with a big grunt he shot his load high up against her belly. He pulled her hips close while yanking his head back to catch the breath he needed for his own orgasm as he saw his squirts reach all the way past het tits.
Stella came down first and slid back to touch the copious amount of sperm that had shot up all the way. Tentatively she brought her fingers to her mouth and tasted.
"Not bad" she said. "Never tasted it before, but maybe I can taste some more later. Let me clean you up."
And with that she slid off his lap, kneeled in front of him and started to lick his semi-hard penis clean, even taking its head fully into her mouth. After a minute of this she got up and happily skipped off to the bathroom to wash herself off. James followed to clean himself a bit more as well.
They did not talk much, but when they were done they banked the fire, turned off the overhead lights, and crawled buck naked into the large double bed off the bathroom. Without further thought, as if it were the most normal thing to do, they rolled into each other's arms for a last kiss before turning off the bedside lamps.
But the kiss did not stop and quickly their hands started to wander. The bedside lamps stayed on as they first just stroked each other's backs and sides. But soon enough James' hands started to roam to her bum while at the same time Stella's hands reached down to his already almost hard penis.
James finally broke the kiss. "I want to taste you too. Can I please?"
Stella could not refuse, after all she had tasted him. She rolled onto her back, and shyly spread her legs enough so James could kneel between them. Slowly he leaned forward and kissed her tummy, and then started to move down between her legs. Stella could not help but raise her knees a bit to give him better access.
Gently he licked between her already wet folds and explored her opening with his tongue. As his tongue moved up and down Stella found her clit with the two fingers of her right hand and pulled the hood back ever so slightly. James may have been inexperienced, but he was a quick learner, and included her now exposed clit in his administrations. Stella squirmed and moaned under these lingual caresses until it became too much for her and she pulled him back up by his hair.
"Am I doing something wrong?"
"No, it is just too intense. Come here and kiss me!"
James crawled up between her raised knees and kissed his way up to her mouth. As he lay on top of her, careful not to put all his weight down, his iron hard penis landed right where his mouth had been a few moments earlier. Stella's vagina was very, very receptive, it was wet and wide open. Having just a bit of the tip slide in felt like the most natural thing to happen and was nearly unavoidable considering their position.
It took a few seconds before both realised what was happening. The feeling was so natural, and oh so pleasant. But then is quickly became uncontrollably ecstatic and it took every ounce of control for James not to move forward more, to just plunge in. But he had promised. At the same time Stella had to fight her own urge to simply pull James up and tilt her pelvis so she could push herself down onto that hot tip between her nether lips.
Both opened their eyes, broke their kiss, and looked at the other for permission. James ever so slightly moved himself making his tip slide up and down in her opening. Stella smiled, and responded by dipping her hips and pushing ever so slightly down, capturing the tip half an inch deeper into her cunt. James raised his eyebrows, and pushed, sliding in another half inch or so, eliciting a deep sigh from Stella.
Slowly they both moved back and forth, making the tip slide in and out, with eyes locked, each with an enormous smile on their face.
"This is amazing" James stuttered.
"Just the tip, ok?" Stella responded.
James responded with another little push, feeling the resistance of her hymn coming closer. For several minutes they played like this, kissing deeply, and sliding in and out faster and wilder. The strokes became longer and deeper, and both Stella and James had to fight to keep it to "just the tip."
Suddenly James stopped, and with his tip still embedded he pushed himself up.
"I am going to lose control" he admitted.
"So am I" Stella responded, moving her hips down causing James to slide in deeper.
"Do you want to do it all the way? It should be safe; my period is in two days" she added.
"But you are my cousin. We cannot date."
"We have gone this far, let's make this memorable for the rest of our lives. We don't have to date, I don't want to date, but right now I want you" Stella countered, pushing herself a bit further on him.
James groaned, and pushed back, sliding in as far as he could without breaking her hymn.
"Oh I want you too, I have wanted you since that kiss two years ago."
"Do it" Stella urged him, tilting her hips, and pulling up her knees to lock her ankles over his lower back.

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