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"Oh my God, Leo! I can't stand Yarah anymore, she is soooo annoying!" said my wife, pulling her hair up. "She tires me so much! What can I do?!"
"Geez!! She sure needs a good fuck!" I said it to smooth things out.
"You know, maybe she does. I told her that. A really good fuck, someone to pound hard that white Jewish ass of her!" Vic said it. "She is my very best friend, but she makes a scene for anything. Last night we went out to eat at Solano's, and she made the life of the waitress a living hell. She thought the waitress was staring too much. It's not her fault Yarah doesn't shower properly in weeks!"
"It's been a while since she dated someone. One day she told me it's been ages since she had sex. I don't understand her, she dresses like a man, I bet she uses shampoo once a week and has that suave mood of her. She says nobody is interesting enough, or "They talk too much", "They don't talk enough", "The guy was too tall" and the top of the cherry "He has too much hair for a guy". I mean, what's that supposed to mean, she is clearly avoiding people."
"Babe, the worst part is, Yarah is one hell of a woman. She is kind to me, in her way. She is smart and if she likes you, you can talk about any subject with her. And…she has a redonkulous body."
"No way…really?!" I shouted in disbelief.
"You have no idea. This huge." Victoria showed with her hands the size of her butt (about 39 inches, judging by the space between her hands). "With a proper haircut and some facial treatment, she is a smoking hot lady."
"This woman you're describing it is not the same that came here yesterday to yell at Korean kids during a CW match with me."
"I'm telling you…"
"I don't buy it…"
"I'll prove it to you, not right now, she doesn't allow me to take pictures of her…"
–Hi guys, I'm Leo.
I'm tall, lean, well-trimmed beard and neatly cut hair. Not the muscular build, but I have a six-pack on an average body. I have a veiny cock, not very long, but it's thick and slightly curved upwards, which according to my wife touches right there on the G-spot. I have light brown skin and currently, I'm married to Victoria. Vic, as I refer to sometimes, is a wonderful 5.6 ft tall white woman, with short red hair, shoulder-length. She is very clean, well-educated, and has the ideal body for my taste. Small boobs, with a slim waist and a big round ass; long legs and delicate feet. She is the perfect fuck-doll. We have a hot and intense sexual life, but not in terms of frequency, but the acts per se. We work a lot, especially Vic with her research work. Thus, we try to compensate by doing the craziest stuff in bed. We use a lot of toys and try a lot of positions and places in the house to do it. We love to relax in our hot tub and use the jets to hit her clit. Victoria is super into anal. She is really wet when I caress her asshole. She goes nuts when to put her on all fours and hold that slim waist while pounding that fat ass and put a toy in her pussy and clit. Her moans are just like music for my ears. Vic has a deep and sexy voice; her moans are not like pornstars nor like Lolli girls in a hentai. Vic feels it in her soul, she loves to be fucked and satisfied. Vic has those long "Aaaaahhh", or one of my favorites "Ohhh Leoooo, fuuuuck meee". Victoria is amazing in bed; her blowjobs blow my mind every time. Wet, passionate, kind of sloppy, and with lots of tongue and suction. She is super excited with her pompoarism course, and practice every day with her ben-wa, cones, and toys. Recently, she learned how to milk my cock with her pussy. Sometimes I just can't…It is so good, I could cum in 5 minutes.
Yarah and Vic are friends for 7 years. They've met by accident one day at the station. Yarah was a senior in college, she was graduating in cell biology. Vic had a subject in common with her. This course was meant to be taken in pairs. Yarah chooses to take the course alone, not because the class had an odd number of students, just because she is a bitch and nobody can't stand one minute with her, and she knows that. That's why she chooses to do it alone.
After working past hours in her lab, Victoria took the last train home. At the station, she saw Yarah cursing and kicking the ticket gate. Vic approached her and before she could say anything…
"What are you looking at…Oh my, this shit ate my last pass and I can't pass."
"Relax bitch." Victoria said with her cheerleader accent. "Here, you can use one of mine." Victoria extended her arm lending her train card.
Yarah looked at Victoria with a reluctant look, and a few seconds after she accepted.
"I hate this!" She mumbled "…thanks" She nodded and gave Vic the card back.
Yarah and Vic took the same train home, despite the time the train was fully crowded and they had to share a small place in the corner. During the ride, Yarah noticed a guy trying to hump Victoria. Vic was getting uncomfortable, but she was too afraid to do anything. Without thinking twice Yarah landed a solid jab on the man's chin. The guy lost his balance and landed on the other side of the wagon.
"Hey mother fucker, next time you try to grope some girl in the train I'll kill you. You are just a petty little man." Yarah shouted and pointed to the man.
He was holding the pole to stand up. He was holding his phone and the camera app was still running. Yarah was so angry she took the guy's phone and smashed it on the ground. The crowd was amazed at her. Some other men, noticing the situation, held the abuser and called the police. At the next stop, the guards arrested the man.
Vic was still in shock and feeling disgusted (Guys, this isn't fun ok, if you have this kind of fetish, you should stop and seek psychological help!).
"Hey, thank you so much. Thank you…I hate those perverts. What's wrong with them?!" Vic said with her eyes full of tears and tried to hug Yarah.
"Ok, ok, princess, chill the fuck out, ok." She said trying to pull Vic away.
"I wish I dared to do stuff like this. How did you found the strength to do it… I'm Victoria by the way…"
"Yarah. I served the Israeli army before came here." She said with a rispid voice.
"Pleased to meet you, Yarah…"
The ride proceeded I silence. Victoria and Yarah dropped-off in the same station and took the same exit route. Yarah was a few steps ahead, she was rushing, maybe trying to avoid further communication. Victoria fastened her pace, to meet Yarah.
"You know, I'm not a pain in the ass, you could use a good lab mate. I've seen you struggling with some experiments, and you are not that good. Besides, I'm in a group with three people, and they are lazy as fuck."
"K! Now, if you don't mind, I'll enjoy the rest of this shitty night in silence."
Yarah put her hands on her hood, took her earbuds, put them on, and turned right two blocks away from Victoria's house.
The event of that day was stressful for both of them. Yarah had serious anger issues. The next day week they sit together, the conversation wasn't so boring, despite their differences, they found a common ground to talk about, research. Over time, their friendship grew and Yarah becomes more affectionate with Vic. Their partnership led them to build a deep and trusting friendship. Eventually, Victoria found out that Yarah had a sensitive side, buried inside her ferocious appearance. Yarah loved to watch chick-flix movies snuggled with her blanket. She read romance books and novels.
Yarah and Vic used to go hiking and taking the dogs to the park. As a gamer guy, Yarah was a great acquisition, she was an awesome player, which also put us three very close. We use to play CW (Chamber of Worlds, a medieval MMORPG with tons of action, mostly played by 12 y.o.) every week together. About two or three times a week.
We were always doing something together, from watching movies to hiking in the woods with the dogs. As you get to know her, she seems pretty normal. The secret is to let her reveal herself at her pace. Once you pass that crusty layer, she is nice, putting aside the fact she is not much into physical contact.
I never looked at her as a sexy woman. I know she has a pretty face, but she is a mess. Even for a guy, I think she needed some good manners. Vic was the complete opposite and was constantly trying to make Yarah look more like a woman, rather than a lazy teenage boy.
One day Yarah told Vic she was going out on a date. Sam from her work set up his cousin for her. This was an odd event. I mean, in almost 5 years, she had about four or five dates. Her pussy must be craving for cock. Yarah asked Vic a help her out. She told Vic she wanted to dress more like a woman. Whenever we go somewhere together, she wears the same clothes to go out as at work, with the exception they were reasonably clean.
Vic went there as fast as she could, she took her beauty kit, perfumes, and some clothes and headed to Yarah's house. They've spent the whole afternoon doing facial treatments, shaving her pits and legs, and showering properly. As I mentioned before, Yarah wasn't an ugly woman, she has a beautiful smile, pitch-black curly hair, and deep brown eyes. Her traits fit perfectly to her fair skin, and the two beauty marks positioned an inch bellow the corner of her eyes. She has this mystical beauty, an intense way to stare to the vague space. I'm not sure if it's good genetics, but she has an amazing body, thick legs a round peachy ass, medium-sized perky breasts…BUT, and this is huge but, she doesn't like to feel as pretty, she feels very uncomfortable.
After four hours of treatments and dressing up. Victoria looked at her friend's eyes and said it:
"Ohh my gosh! Yarah, you are smoking hot, so beautiful. Momma Vic is so proud of you. You should look like this more often, and that ass…ohhh my, I could eat that ass so bad… I guess I've turned half-lesbian for you." Victoria said it smushing her cheeks puckering her lips.
Yarah looked astonishing. The dress Vic lends her is a backless tight sequined black dress, really short. Her perky breasts and her curves popped out of the dress, revealing the whole beauty of Yarah. This dress is the perfect combination of classy and slutty. She was wearing silver rings and a necklace. Victoria sprinkled her Olympea perfume on Yarah's neck and the final touch, a pair of peep-toe Louboutin's. She was irresistible.
Victoria stood in front of Yarah and starred for a while at her brown eyes. One keen observer would notice there was a sparkle between them. They shared shy smiles. Victoria passed her hand on Yarah's left cheek then through her hair, she walked around Yarah and stood behind her. Vic took Yarah's hair to the side and smelled her neck. Vic's approached her body closer to Yarah's back. Vic held her tight body gently through her waist and pulled her close to her body. Vic soft kissed Yarah's neck and felt her belly, her hips, and then her bare thighs. Victoria was carried away by the moment and the sensations she felt. Yarah swallowed deep. Victoria's pussy tingled and contracted. Yarah's hand touched her friend's face, guiding her mouth once again to her neck. She was reluctant. It was strange, but at the same time, interesting. Victoria got carried away by the feeling and her right hand touched Yarah's thigh, going up inch by inch until she realized her friend wasn't wearing any panties under that dress. Vic felt the fuzziness of the well-trimmed pubes and the silk smooth touch of Yarah's pussy lips. She was warm and wet. Yarah moaned softly, and breathe deeply. She tilted her hips back and forth to increase the motion and pressure on her pussy.
"I'm loving kissing your neck and feeling this wet pussy on my fingers," Vic said it kissing and licking her friend's neck and shoulder.
"Harder, you bitch. Fill me with those fingers." Yarah said with an almost inaudible voice filled with pleasure.
Victoria then proceeded to fed her friend with her pussy juices. Yarah smelled and licked her friend's sticky fingers. Victoria increases the motion and the pressure on Yarah's clit. Her pussy started drooling and sticky lines of cum dripped on her thighs. It's been so long since Yarah felt the intimate touch of another person, that the pleasure made her pussy tremble inside.
"Ohhhh Vic, I'm cumming…fuck me, fuck me bitch…choke me…" Yarah craved for more.
"You are such a dirty whore, aren't you?!" Victoria said whilst choking her friend.
Victoria thrust her friend's ass, syncing her fingers with every thrust. The sound of wet pussy being pounded was competing with the smell of sex in the air. Yarah felt her legs weak.
"Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhh this is so good…oh my, oh my, please stop…" Yarah begged her friend.
Yarah fell on her knees and then sat on the ground. Her reddish pussy was fully displayed. Her pussy was engorged and throbbing. She was gasping while enjoying the discharge of pleasure in her body.
Vic sat by her friend's side and hugged her. Yarah said it:
"Let me go, your sinful bitch! I know I'm hot, just give me 5 minutes to feel my legs again." Yarah said it, breaking the sexual tension in the air.
Minutes after Yarah stood up, drank a cup of water, and put it on top of the counter. She walked in direction of the mirror. Yarah took a closer look, she was in love with herself. She felt so pretty and desired. She was glowing.
Victoria approached her, hugged her from the back, and gave her friend a peckle on her cheek.
"You know, deep down, you like me. You are this close to calling me BFF. Behind every "Bitch" you called me, your heart says "I wove you, bitch"."
They laughed and Yarah hugged back Victoria.
"Now get off of me, I have a date to attend. Besides, your fingers smell like pussy. I can't show up to a date smelling like my vag."
"If you dated Leo, he wouldn't mind. I used to finger myself and smudge my fingers on my neck and my tits. He was always smelling me in public and nobody noticed…it is so exciting. My pussy is tingling again…I'm rushing home to fuck my man."
"I loved our day, I needed this so bad."
"If you don't mind me asking, Yarah, how long since you've had sex?"
"It's kind of personal…but, you mean like, me and a guy?" Her friend nodded affirmatively. "Well, I'm not sure but I'd guess a year or two…two years and a few months."
Victoria was baffled, she was expecting months, but not years.
"I put my work above my personal life, you know me, and I don't have the patience to date and listen to a guy saying bullshit just to go to bed with me. Besides, guys don't hit on me, cuz, you know, I look like a fucking guy at work."
"Well, my friend, not today…not today."
By the doorstep the girls said goodbye and Yarah said it:
"Leo is a good partner, you are always saying how great you two are in bed. I need a Leo in my life, but not everyday…yuck…you guys are the worst…you are very clinging…but the sext part…I hope I'll date a Leo tonight" Yarah closed her eyes, fanned herself with her hand, and took a deep breath.
"You know, I could let you borrow Leo for you once if this date doesn't go well"
"Why my date wouldn't go well…and "Gross"…I don't want your husband, he probably sees me as a guy."
"Well you've had me tonight, I don't see any problem with Leo…and just in case, I'm not jinxing your date." Victoria asserted. "Leo does, but believe me, if he saw you dressed like this he would go nuts on your ass." Vic said it holding both Yarah's ass cheeks. "He would love to smell your butthole and eat your ass while you sit on his face…that's his thing…he is an ass man…he loves mine, in fact, I'll let him fuck my ass right now."
"Maybe he would like my ass, but that doesn't change the fact he sees me as a man…we play videogames every week. One day when you weren't at home, just the two of us, we got drunk then I tried to tease him…Don't get me wrong here, I was on a low point in my life…I put one leg on his lap, my legs were wide open on the couch…He just said it "Dude, what the fuck, we're gonna lose". This is how my sex life is right now."
"Hmmm, so would you like to hit my man's junk?!"
"No way, Vic…it was just a test, I wouldn't do anything…I mean, maybe…just fingering and kissing is it ok?"
"It's ok, believe me, he would like that too. He is loyal… besides, we are very open to this kind of thing, if you know what I mean. I've talked with him about you. He told me if your ass is as big as I say, he would love to smack that. He could use a blowjob during game night, you know? Some days he goes to bed too stressed from losing."
"I told you, you guys are the worst. You both are deviants. Just crazy. But game nights can be very stressful."
"I'm gonna leave home, and suck my man's thick cock…call me later. Have a great booty call."
"It's not a booty call, it's a date. Let's see how this is gonna be."
Yarah took her car and went to her date. Later on, Yarah called Vic, she was crying and cursing her every name possible, some of them were in Hebrew.
"Hey, Vic, what's up?" I was surprised to see her angry like this.
"That Jewish bitch, who she thinks she is?!"
"What happened?"
"The guy she supposed to date bailed on her, and she blamed me 'cuz I Jinxed her date. She told me I shouldn't have helped her get dressed and started cursing me."
"Oh my, she is so unreasonable sometimes…maybe the guy had a problem with his car…she doesn't know. Things can happen." I said it.
"Maybe, but the guy would have told her."
Later that night, I and Victoria were laying on our sides kissing and starting a good foreplay session. When she is ready, we spoon and I start rubbing my hard cock on her ass and pussy, while I firmly (but not too much) squeeze tits and kiss her neck and back. Victoria reached the credenza and picked up the satisfier, our favorite toy. She alternated by using it on her and my dick. Vic's pussy was so wet, every time I rubbed her pussy lips, my penis slid inside her pussy with no resistance. Her mouth was gaping and she was softly moaning. I then started rubbing her ass with my hard thick cock and fingering her pussy. When we were about to reach the best part our doorbell ringed insistently.
"Ahh I hate that Jewish bitch…I bet it is her…babe could you go there and tell her I don't want to talk right now…" Victoria buried her face on the pillows and covered her body.
I picked up just a pair of loose shorts and headed downstairs. The doorbell was still ringing.
"I'm coming…wait a minute." I yelled at the door.
I opened the door and Yarah was there with her arms crossed and stamping her foot. She seemed pretty mad and angry. When I saw her I had a surprise. She was looking really cute. Her curly black hair had a wick over her forehead. Her deep red lips looked so inviting and her toned smooth legs looked unreal. How could this woman be the same that came here last week to play CW with a shirt with orange Doritos stains? She looked so delicious. I wanted to feel those legs. Her curves were highlighted in Vic's dress.
"Where is she?" Yarah said it while angrily pushing the door.
Yarah step inside and started looking for Victoria.
"She is upstairs, she is tired right now Yarah. Why don't you come back tomorrow and you two straight things up?! It will be easier, this way." I said it trying the calm her down and avoid that she could go upstairs.
"No, I want to talk to her now…" Yarah demanded with her eyes full of tears. "Where's that bitch?!"
"Hey, come here sit down, and tell me what happened?" I held her in my arms and lead her to the couch. "I'll get you a cup of coffee and a tissue."
"The guy I supposed to date bailed me off." Her voice was sad and slurry.

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