Just Get It Over With Ch. 02

tagIncest/TabooJust Get It Over With Ch. 02

It was barely a week into 19-year-old Stephanie's summer vacation when she became sexually attracted to her 18-year-old brother, Greg. What had started out as a plan to get Greg to stop obsessing over and staring at her ample breasts had turned into one of the most erotic and sexually satisfying experiences of her life. Just moments ago, Stephanie had witnessed up close the very sight of her brother, Greg, jerking off. He had been jerking off at point-blank range, mere inches from her as she sat on the coffee table and faced him. And she hadn't just faced him, she had also been completely topless, huge boobs on full display, while she in turn had fingered herself to not one but two orgasms in the very moments when her brother had climaxed. He had blasted her face and chest and tummy with rope after thick white warm rope of incestuous semen.
They had been drunk when this incident had occurred. They were still drunk, and Stephanie was still horny. She did not want the fun to end. Had she not been so highly buzzed none of this would likely have happened. But it had, and she wanted it to continue. That's why, when she had started climbing the stairs to shower off the last sticky remnants of her brother's spunk, she had said:
"Care to join me?"
Greg, who was still naked and sprawled on the couch, catching his breath, immediately launched up, and she smiled to herself as she heard the rapid approach of bare feet. He had caught up to her by the time she was at the top of the stairs, and she half-expected him to scoop her up in his arms, but there was suddenly silence. He had stopped moving, so she paused and finally glanced back.
He was still standing at the top of the stairs. He was staring intently at her. He was still nude, not bothering to cover his long flaccid cock, and that made her smile. But she was also a little puzzled until she realized she was inadvertently giving him rather mixed signals. At the beginning of her ridiculous offer to let her brother see her tits, Stephanie had imposed a few rather specific rules, including that absolutely no touching would be allowed. But now she had just invited him to join her in the shower. How could there not be any touching?
As a gesture and signal that the rules at the beginning of the night were about to crumble, Stephanie reached out a hand. Instinctively, Greg reached out his own hand, and Stephanie took it. She interlaced her fingers with his and guided him down the hallway. On the way she looked at his face, and she was surprised to see her brother looking down toward the floor. At first she thought he was suddenly becoming shy, perhaps ashamed, at what they had just done together, but she soon realized he was looking at the floor for a very specific reason: as they walked, strings of Greg's recent ejaculation were oozing down Stephanie's body and falling in drops on the carpet.
Stephanie put her free hand on her tummy in a futile attempt to keep the sperm from sliding down. She gave a nervous chuckled, "We'll have to remember to clean that up later."
Before Greg could respond they paused at the entrance to one of the guest bathrooms. Her brother was clearly waiting for her to lead him in, but she hesitated.
"This won't do," she said.
"No?" Greg croaked, the beginnings of disappointment in his tone.
"No," she said. "Let's go to Mom and Dad's shower—much more room in there!" She couldn't help but giggle when she saw the widest grin she'd ever seen spread across her brother's face. "And let's hurry," she added, "I'm dripping your jizz all over the place!"
Laughing together at the erotic absurdity of the situation, the siblings raced to the master bathroom.
"Get it going," Stephanie instructed, letting go of Greg's hand.
He practically leapt for the shower controls as she peeled off her shorts and panties while his back was turned to her. She realized it was an oddly comfortable thing to do. She was now as naked as her brother. He was fiddling with the controls, trying to get the perfect temperature, so she had a moment to look at him. Up until now she had pretty much only faced him. As they'd gone up the stairs and down the hallways, she had more or less led him, but now she was behind him and could enjoy his nude form from this angle. Her eyes naturally went right to his ass. It had a nice roundness to it, supported by muscular thighs. As he bent over slightly, she could see his balls hanging down, and she he blushed with horniness as she recalled what her brother had recently shot out of those things—it was still dripping from her. She blinked and worked her eyes up his back, admiring his long spine and wide shoulders. Her brother was quite the hottie.
Her brother. Her brother. It just kept hitting her. She was here, naked in a bathroom with her brother, about to take a shower with him. She grinned.
She couldn't wait.
Greg straightened and turned. "I think the water is now—" His jaw went slack in midsentence when he realized he was now looking at his fully nude sister, seeing an unobstructed view of her perfectly shaved vagina for the first time. Staring right at it, he finished his sentence:
Stephanie decided it would be fun to tease him just a bit longer. "Step aside, young man," she said. He'd been standing half under the spray, his skin now glistening with water. He silently obeyed, opening staring at her. She smiled and stepped in and right under the water. She squeezed her boobs together and rubbed them, rinsing her brother's spunk off. She then put on a show of enjoying the shower as if Greg was not even there. The warm water felt good, soaking her hair, sobering her up a little.
She slicked her hair back and stepped away from the stream. She said, "Your turn."
Greg stepped under and got his hair wet as well. He only stopped looking at her when he had to close his eyes as he let the water hit his face. Stephanie found a bottle of shampoo and squirted some into her hand. She waited until Greg opened his eyes again, wiping water from his face, eager to look at his sister's nudity again. With her free hand, she motioned for him to take a step forward, out of the water. He did so, and she reached up to lather the shampoo into his hair. Other than briefly holding hands, this was their first contact since getting naked, but she kept it to just this. For now. She knew it must've been torture for him, but he was a good boy and kept his hands down at his sides. She had to reach way up his tall frame to get to his head, and as she massaged his scalp, careful to keep the shampoo out of his eyes, her body was now incredibly close to his.
For a brief second, one of her breasts bumped against his chest, and he flinched, bringing a little giggle out of her. He started shifting on his feet. "Be good," she chided, "and I'll let you wash my hair next." He grinned at that, and she kept lathering him up.
"Okay," she said, a few minutes later. "Rinse off." She put a single finger on his chest and gently urged him back under the spray. Once under, she reached up again and stroked his hair, thoroughly rinsing him. "There, your turn."
Hardly taking his eyes off of her, Greg managed to get far too much shampoo into his hand. Stephanie laughed and turned her back to him, presenting her long wet hair for him to lather up. She also realized he would be getting his first good long look at her ass. She knew from experience how much past lovers enjoyed the shape and firmness of her butt, and it turned her on to be able to finally show it off to her brother.
After only a moment's pause, she felt him start working the shampoo into her hair, starting at her scalp. He was clumsy at it, amusing Stephanie to no end. She reminded him to make sure to work the shampoo into all of her hair, and he worked his way down. This action caused his knuckles to graze against her back as he lathered up her ends and then brought them up to her head. Stephanie could no longer tell how much of the moister between her legs was the shower water, or her own juices.
Greg spent much longer than necessary working his fingers through her hair, massaging her scalp, and Stephanie was only too happy to let him continue. Then it was her turn to flinch when she felt something touch one her butt cheeks.
Her brother was getting hard again. He was standing right behind her as he shampooed her hair, and his rising boner was bridging the narrow gap.
"Sorry," he muttered nervously, and brought his hips back a little.
"Don't be," she said. "It's okay."
Stephanie twisted her head enough to make eye contact with him, wiping away a little dollop of shampoo that threatened to get into her eyes. "Really," she said, and his grin returned. She faced away from him again and felt his dick touch her again. She sensed that it was still hanging downward but stiffening steadily. It lodged between her ass crack, and she felt it flex. She backed up a little, and, feeling it flex again, pushed him and then herself under the spray.
"Rinse me off," she said, and closed her eyes, allowing the water and his eager fingers to work the shampoo out of her hair. He took advantage of their close proximity to push his hips forward a little, and Stephanie sighed with pleasure at the feeling of her brother's rising erection straining against her. She could actually feel the heat from his dick.
He groaned when she stepped forward again, pulling away from his cock. She turned and looked down at it. Without her ass to block it, Greg's dick rose and rose, briefly sticking straight out, then eventually stiffening more fully until it pointed up at her at a 45º angle. Stephanie licked her lips: her brother's dick was big.
"Time for conditioner," she said, squirting some into her hands. "Turn around."
She admired his ass for a moment before reaching up and lathering up his scalp once again. This time she pressed up against him, and his body flinched again as her breasts and pelvis made contact with him. After making sure his hair had a nice coating of conditioner, she took a bar of soap and took a half-step back. For the next several minutes, she began running to soap up and down and around his back, shoulders and neck. When she worked her way down to his ass Greg moaned, drawing an affectionate smile from her.
Stephanie spent far longer than necessary soaping her brother's fine butt. She even set the soap down so that she could massage his slick ass cheeks with both hands. She also caressed his hips but stopped short of reaching all the way around. Greg for his part had to put a hand on the side of the shower to steady himself, and she sensed that he was getting wobbly from the sensuality of it all.
Stephanie grabbed the soap again and started on his legs, letting her breasts press against him again, then sliding down, causing him to shudder. She made sure to do a thorough job, carefully soaping up each leg. He widened his stance to allow her complete access. When she worked her way back up to his crotch, she allowed a knuckle to brush against his balls and taint a few times, drawing further moans from her brother. She reasoned that, had he not already ejaculated a little while ago, he probably would have shot off just from these teasing ministrations of his nether region.
When she stood up again, she made sure to allow her swollen tits to slide up over his ass and along his back again. "Okay," she said. "Turn around."
He did, and her eyes went to his raging hardon again. It was actually torture for her, too, to not just grab the thing and start pulling on it. But she resisted and instead started lathering up her brother's chest. She smiled up at him as she did so, enjoying the lost look of lust in his eyes as he stared back down at her. When there was enough soapy lather, she set the bar of soap down again and started working her hands and fingers up and down his chest and torso. Whenever she got close to his lower stomach, Greg's dick flexed in anticipation. She could see the veins of his dick bulge as the blood kept him erect and ready. But she still resisted touching it directly.
Instead, she turned around again, inclining her head toward the bottle of conditioner. Catching on to the pattern, Greg quickly squirted some fluid into his hands and started on her scalp again. This time he rushed it, and she knew her brother wanted to start soaping her up as well. It wasn't as if her already clean hair needed to be conditioned thoroughly, so she tolerated the sloppy job he did with her hair.
With her back still to him, she took the bar of soap and held it up. He snatched it from her, and when she pulled her long hair away from her back, he took the cue and started running it along her neck, back and shoulders. While this whole ordeal was as erotic as hell, Stephanie also truly enjoyed the feeling of her brother's strong hands as they massaged and kneaded his hands against her. She knew he had set the soap back down as both of his hands began fully rubbing up and down, almost pawing at her. She gave him credit for spending a good amount of time on her back and shoulders, but she knew what he was eager to soap up next.
It was Stephanie's turn to moan in pleasure when her brother finally worked his hands down to her ass. There was enough soap to spread around, and he worked it thoroughly into her cheeks. She noticed that he actually got on his knees to do so. As he had earlier been able to stare at point-blank range at his sister's massive tits, he was now taking in the sight of her shapely behind, closely enough that she could feel his breath on her skin.
Eventually, he started working his hands up and down Stephanie's smooth, slender legs. Like he had done, she widened her stance. She wondered if he would be less guarded than she had been when his hands. Her swollen clit was on fire, and she felt like she would climax quickly if he started stroking her slit. But he followed the new unspoken rules and only grazed her lips a couple of times, drawing sighs of tortured pleasure from her.
Had she given him the time, Stephanie knew that Greg would probably keep massaging her ass and legs until they turned into prunes with all the water, so she gently pulled away. He stood fully again as she turned around, facing him. He took up the bar of soap and gave her a pleading look. She smiled and nodded.
The moment had come. After having given her brother a nice long staring session at the source of his obsession, after asking him to openly masturbate to the sight of them, Stephanie's brother finally got to touch his sister's beautiful breasts.
Both of them moaned loudly as Greg began manipulating the bar of soap over, around and between them. It was Stephanie's turn to reach out and steady herself against the wall of the shower, as her brother dropped the soap so that he could fondle her tits more fully. Her nipples were as hard as marbles as he pawed at her with wonton lust.
Stephanie gave her horny brother all the time he wanted with them, and she lost track of time as he felt and squeezed every square millimeter of her fleshy mounds. He repeatedly pushed them together and hefted their considerable weight. She was in heaven. Every time he scraped along her nipples, bolts of electricity shot right down to her crotch, and she actually felt on the verge of climaxing purely from her brother's pectoral stimulation.
After what seemed like an eternity, he finally allowed his hands to wander lower. Like most women, Stephanie was perpetually worried about her belly, and whenever she worked out, she made sure to give ample attention to exercising her abs. Her reward was enjoying how much time her brother now spent feeling her flat tummy, ribs and torso.
She glanced down as he dropped to his knees again. While he continued to massage her tummy, occasionally moving back up to her breasts, she could see him staring directly at her vagina, only a few inches from his hungry gaze. Before tonight, Stephanie had never in a million years expected to allow her own brother to see her pussy. As she was not currently dating anyone, she sometimes went days without shaving down there. She was happy with herself for having shaved herself baby-smooth down there only just this morning.
She knew her brother was happy about it, too.
Stephanie knew she had a pretty pussy. She had seen plenty of other women's vaginas in the shower room, and she knew that she'd been blessed with nicely proportioned and symmetrical labia. Their color matched her flesh, and inside she was nice and pink. Her clit did have a tendency to become a bit prominent when she became aroused, and she knew her brother could clearly see it. She let herself wonder how much skill he had were he to start manipulating it. What would it feel like to mount him, shove his impressive cock deep inside her, and grind her clit against her brother's pelvis…
This excited but also scared her. There was no use denying that she was now quite sexually attracted to her own sibling, and the woman in her was dying to know what he felt like inside her, but was she ready, truly ready, to cross that line?
She didn't have to be a mind-reader to know that Greg was all too eager to fuck her, and she was thankful to see the restraint he was showing. He was much taller and stronger than her. It wouldn't take much for him to simply rape her, right here and now, were he to give in to his lust. But other than staring and salivating at the sight of her most holy of holies, he somehow maintained enough discipline to keep from directly touching her there.
But he got close.
His hands roamed pretty much everywhere except her pussy. He caressed her stomach, her hips and thighs, he even reached around to squeeze one of her butt cheeks when he wasn't moving back up to her soapy breasts. Occasionally he would glance up at her, probably hoping for permission, but she did not give it. She simply looked back down at him, down at his erection, which stuck prominently up and out from his crotch.
The poor boy, she thought to herself. She knew she couldn't tease him forever. It would be downright cruel of her to end this shared shower without giving him some relief, but she suddenly became hesitant about how much further she was willing to let this go. What they had done so far—what they were doing now—could still be chalked up to drunken foolishness, childish experimentation. She felt that once she actually touched her brother's penis, then they were truly and irrevocably crossing the line.
This was her own silly form of logic, and it was unfair to force it upon Greg. She decided that she would help him cum somehow, and that would relieve the pressure both literally and morally. It was just a question of how. She thought about telling him he could jerk off again while letting him him stare at her while he brought himself off again. She had no doubts he would do it, though he obviously wanted more.
The compromise she came up with seemed to be the best middle ground. She knew how she could let him use her body for physical stimulation, while avoiding the temptation to take his cock into her own hands…or into something else.
Stephanie reached down and gently touched the side of Greg's head. He had been staring at her pussy again, and he looked up. She silently encouraged him to stand. As he did so, still gazing hopefully into his sister's eyes, the tip of his penis grazed along the surface of her skin, just above her vagina and up along her stomach. They both shuddered at the sensation. She bit her lower lip. All she had to do was prop a leg up on the shower's built-in seat and pull him toward her. She knew he'd slide right in. Oh god, just the thought of that big cock inside her…

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