Just Get It Over With Ch. 03

tagIncest/TabooJust Get It Over With Ch. 03

If he's asleep, she reasoned with herself, I'll just have to accept that the night is over. But if he is awake
"Greg," she said, loud enough that someone awake just down the hall would hear, but not enough to wake someone sleeping.
She waited.
She started to frown in disappointment.
Then: "Yeah?"
Her heart fluttered.
With a shaky voice, she said, "Can you come here for a moment?"
A few seconds later he leaned into her open doorway. He was shielding himself, probably still naked. "Yeah?" he said again.
Stephanie swallowed. "Would…would you like to sleep in my bed with me?"
There was a crack in his voice when he hastily said, "Yes."
She sat up and pulled the sheets back for him, exposing her own nudity. She scooted over a little on her queen size bed and patted the spot next to her. Greg entered the room, and she was thrilled to see that he was still nude, too. He paused at the side of her bed. In the dim light she could see that he wasn't hard, which she decided was good for now. Her feelings were still quite torn about how much more she wanted to do with her brother, but for now she thought it would be really nice to just cuddle up together, maybe even get a bit of sleep.
By way of further invitation, Stephanie turned to her side, her back and ass now facing Greg. She felt the bed move a little as he climbed onto it. There was another moment's hesitation, and she thought he was getting another look at her backside. He finally brought the covers back over the two of them and spoon up against her. He brought one arm out from the covers and draped it over her midsection. She was very pleased by how he was acting. He somehow knew that she didn't want to go too fast too soon. She had been the one setting the pace the entire night, and she would continue to do so.
"This is nice," she said softly.
"It is." She felt him press his face into her damp hair, enjoying her scent. He even planted a little loving kiss on her head, and she snuggled herself more tightly against him.
She wondered how long it would take them to fall asleep like this, or whether he would get hard again and want to fool around? She could feel his heartbeat racing with his chest against her back, and she instinctively assumed that he definitely wanted more.
Eventually, however, they both dozed off.
When Stephanie stirred awake again, she knew that considerable time had passed, but it was still dark outside. She could hear her brother snoring softly behind her, and she was glad that he was getting some much needed rest. But Stephanie's new problem was that she was now terribly, terribly thirsty. All that booze…
She carefully moved her sleeping brother's arm off of her and gently extracted herself out from her little-spoon position and off the bed. She padded nakedly downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a bottled water from the fridge. After draining half of it, she grabbed another and took them both back upstairs. She set the full bottle on the nightstand on her brother's side. This made her pause and smile.
My brother's side of the bed, she mused. Of my bed.
So many conflicting emotions were swimming in her hungover head. She could honestly admit to herself that she had never looked at her own brother in a sexual way until yesterday. He had grown into a handsome young man, yes, but through the sibling lens, that was about it. It had actually annoyed the hell out of her that he had become so openly obsessed with her tits. That was why she'd attempted her ridiculous stunt in the first place: just get it over with, let him have a good long look at her chest, and get it out of his system. She knew she had big ones and that she was attractive in general, and she knew what effect she had on a guy when she dressed to show off her body. But she had never, ever intentionally tried to show off her body to her brother.
Until tonight.
Then there was the masturbation. She could very easily have just sent him up to his room, when the timer had gone off, so that he could relieve himself in private. But she hadn't; it was she who had suddenly grown curious to encourage him to whip out his dick in front of her. Then she had fingered herself to orgasm in front of him and had let him climax all over her tits!
Still reminiscing, she went into her bathroom. She went pee but didn't flush so as not to wake Greg. Despite having satiated her thirst, it still felt like she had cotton in her mouth. She took a little gulp of mouthwash and quietly gargled while looking at her nude form in the mirror by the dim glow of a little bathroom nightlight.
She had instigated this and had let it all happen, right up to leading him to the shower, where once again they'd gotten off. It had been her in charge the whole time. When she invited her into his bed a little later, there was definitely part of her that wanted him to take over at that point, to mount her and have his way with her, letting them both get it out of their system. But he hadn't. He acted like a gentlemen and gently caressed her in bed, making no further sexual moves toward her.
She hadn't expected that.
She went back into the bedroom and looked at her brother again. He had rolled onto his back but was still sleeping soundly. The sheets had come down to the point where she could see the tops of his hips and the beginning of his fuzzy brown "happy trail." Despite being flaccid, his dick still presented a considerable lump under the covers.
He had been a gentleman and had not taken advantage of her. Now he was lying there, in her bed, a gorgeous specimen of a man.
It hit her like a ton of bricks: she was falling for him.
No, she screamed in her mind. It's just infatuation, just hormones. You just haven't been laid in forever, and you're still horny. Your still drunk. You can't have a crush on your own brother!
She tried to think of all the times, growing up, that he'd annoyed the hell out of her. There were plenty. He could a jerk sometimes. But he'd never been cruel to her. They actually rarely ever fought. She had female friends who talked about constantly fighting and arguing with their brothers. Dad had made sure to instill good manners in both of them, and up until Greg had become obsessed with her tits, he invariably treated her with kindness. He had always respected her privacy, been there for her when life got her down…
Stephanie crossed back to her side of the bed and looked at him again.
She wanted him. What was she prepared to do about it?
She got on the bed and sat cross-legged, facing him. She watched his chest move up and down as he slept. She looked at his face, his hands…the lump under the covers. She started reaching for the sheets but stopped, her heart racing.
Greg woke up. In the mostly dark room he blinked and looked around for a few seconds, seemingly having forgotten where he was. When he saw her sitting there, looking down at him, he gave a little start, then smiled when he saw that she was till naked. She was giving him a rather erotic show: not only were her large breasts on full display, she was sitting cross-legged, thus exposing her pussy to him.
"Hey," he said hoarsely.
"Hey," she muttered back. "Thirsty?"
He cleared his throat. "Very."
He propped himself up on his elbows and glanced over at it. When he reached for the bottle, more of his hips came up from the covers, and now Stephanie could see more of his pelvis and even the base of his penis. She licked her lips.
She waited until he drained most of the bottle. "How are you feeling?"
"A little thick."
She chuckled, but she knew he meant his head. "Me too," she said. She kept looking at him, and he shifted a bit nervously.
"What?" he said.
"Nothing. Just admiring the view."
He looked down at himself and saw that his crotch was largely exposed. He looked back up at her and grinned. "Same here."
She moved closer to him and stretched out her legs. He set the bottle down and layback, extending his arm. She snuggled up against him, allowing one of her legs to come up over his thighs. She could feel his lump. She put her hand on his broad chest and nuzzled her head on his shoulder. He instinctively brough his hand to her hair and stroked it.
"This is nice," she said, repeating her earlier statement.
"It is," he whispered.
She tilted her head up, trying to read his expression in the dark. He had put his head down on the pillow and had his eyes closed. She put her head back down and said, "I can't believe what we did."
"I keep replaying it in my mind."
"Me, too."
He stroked her hair some more. "Do you regret it?"
She started tracing a finger around one of his nipples. "I'm here, aren't I?" she said as an answer.
"I'm glad."
She lifted her head again, and this time he turned his head toward her.
"Are you?" she asked.
"Why wouldn't I be?"
"Greg, we're…we're…"
"I know," he said in a hushed tone.
"Did you always think about me like this?"
"Well…" His hand slid down a little, and he grazed the side of her breast, which was squished against his ribs.
She poked his nipple and chuckled. "Yes, I know you're obsessed with them, you little pervert. But I mean…when did you start thinking of me as a woman, not your sister?"
"Hmm," he muttered in contemplation. He gave his answer some thought. "I think it's fair to say that I started thinking about you in a distinctly non-sisterly way a few years ago, when puberty started kicking in. You're just so, just so…"
He suddenly grew shy. He lifted his hand from her breast. She wanted to hear it and said quickly, "Don't stop. Be honest with me, Greg." As encouragement, she took his hand and put it back on her boob. He held it there but didn't do anything more.
She heard him swallow a couple of times. "I don't want to lose your respect," he said weakly.
"Greg, we're naked in bed together. At my invitation. If I didn't respect you, if I didn't trust you, this wouldn't be happening."
"Okay," he replied. There was another pause as he mustered some courage. "I think you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen—I've thought that long before tonight—and I've fantasized about being with you for a long time now. I just…well, I never thought in a million years anything like tonight could actually happen."
Despite their naked proximity, it was Stephanie's turn to get shy. She asked, "You really think I'm so beautiful?"
"Thank you."
His version of you're welcome was to start caressing her breast again. She smiled.
With new curiosity, Stephanie asked, "So…what did we do together in your fantasies?"
He cleared his throat again. "Well, you know…"
"You can tell me; I won't be offended."
He gave her breast another squeeze. "Well, I fantasized about your boobs, of course. I imagined while that felt like, what they…tasted like…" He trailed off again.
"Keep going," she encouraged.
"I thought about what it would be like to kiss you. To…well, do everything with you."
"Including sex?"
She felt his heart start beating faster in his chest, and she thought he might be embarrassed. She rubbed his chest and reassured him. "It's okay, Greg. No harm in fantasies."
"But you're my sister."
"It'll be our little secret." That actually got a chuckle out of him. She said, "I appreciate your fascination with me, and I'm okay with what we did, but wouldn't you be a little better off focusing your sexual energy toward other girls? Like that one you dated last summer…what was her name?"
"Yeah, that's right. You showed me a picture of her, she's very cute."
"She is."
"So what happened?" Stephanie asked.
Her head moved when her brother shrugged. "It was just a summer fling."
"Well, at least you got yourself some pussy," Stephanie jokingly exaggerated the last word, trying to sound like a male high school jock.
Greg made no reply.
Stephanie lifted her head and looked him. His head was back again, and he was staring up at the ceiling. She said, "Ahh, did Gina not give you any."
Quietly: "No."
"Did you at least make a move on her?"
"Then what happened?"
She heard Greg swallow. "We made out a lot. Plenty of touching, but…well, it turned out that Gina was a virgin."
"Yeah." He sighed.
Stephanie lowered her head back onto his shoulder, disappointed on his behalf. She interpreted it from her female perspective. It was a big deal to give up one's virginity. She didn't know Gina, of course, but she deduced that the girl had not been willing to take such a big step in life with just a summer fling.
"What about the last school year?" Stephanie asked hopefully.
He said, "A couple of 'hang-outs,' and Prom. But…nothing more than a good-night kiss."
Jesus, Stephanie thought, no wonder he came so hard with me. She realized that her poor brother hadn't had sex in all of the previous school year, nor the summer before that. When was the last time he had gotten to—
"Oh, god," she muttered aloud.
She felt him turn his heard toward her and she lifted his to look at him. "Greg," she said carefully, "have you ever…I mean, are you still a—"
He quickly turned his head away from her, and she could almost feel the heat of his face as he blushed. Stephanie immediately propped herself up on an elbow and reached out to touch his chin. She gently nudged him to look at her again. He faced her again, but his eyes were closed.
"Greg," she said. "It's okay, look at me."
He opened his eyes. She gave him the most loving and sisterly look she could muster in the dark.
"I didn't mean to embarrass you," she offered. "There's absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin."
"I'm sorry," he muttered.
"What do you have to be sorry about?"
"Well, if I had more experience, I would have been able to maybe please you better."
Wow, she thought. Her annoying little brother had suddenly sprung into a considerate gentlemen.
She gave him a huge smile. "Greg, over the past hours I have had some of the most intense orgasms of my life."
"Really? But we didn't actually do it."
"I know, and look how amazing it still was!" He was still confused. "Look," she said, "good sex is not just about actual physical act of intercourse. While guys do usually require direct physical stimulation, girls can be deeply stimulated by the situation, the romance, the emotions—and most importantly being comfortable with a lover."
Greg stared at her, and she nodded.
"Yes," she said. "I'm very comfortable with you. I mean, look at us now." She pulled back a little and gestured to her own nudity. She went on. "It turned me on to expose myself to you. I hadn't expected that to happen, but it did. And then when we started touching ourselves in front of each other…"
"It was amazing," blurted, and they laughed, the tension easing again.
Still propped up on her elbow, she asked, "How far have you ever gone with a girl?"
He grimaced. "Before tonight?"
She punched his arm. "Yeah, silly."
He bobbled his head around slightly, looking up, as if calculating every sexual encounter he'd ever had. But of course he was very inexperienced, so he said, "Maybe second base."
"Oh, my poor brother," Stephanie said. "I hate to ask you to even define that, but…"
He provided more details, what little there were. "I've made out with a few girls. I was able to squeeze their butts, one let me fondle her breasts. But they were small, and it was over her shirt and bra."
"That sucks," Stephanie said.
"Tell me about it." They both chuckled.
She asked, "Did any of them do anything for you? A blowjob, maybe at least a handy?"
She actually gestured a little jerking action in the air. Greg chuckled and said, "Sadly no. In an admittedly desperate move, and knowing the summer was about to end, I got bold enough to guide Gina's hand to my crotch, and she rubbed me over my pants for a few minutes before she got shy and stopped."
"What a tease!"
"I know, it was torture. I think I had blue-balls for a week."
They laughed again, and Stephanie was happy to see her brother loosening up about it. While he was still young at only 18, he was a good looking guy, and she'd figured some high school slut would have popped his cherry by now. Stephanie wasn't much older than him, but she'd already been with a couple of guys. She wasn't thrilled about either of them, but she certainly knew her way around a dick now.
Speaking of dicks, she glanced down toward her brother's crotch again. There was no tent there, but it seemed like the lump had gotten a little bigger than when she last looked at it.
She looked at her brother. "So what we've done together…the mutual masturbation, you getting off on my ass…"
He nodded. "Far and away the most sexual stuff I've ever done."
"Amazing," she said. She was suddenly proud of herself. Having not realized her brother was a virgin, she had already provided more sexual experience for him than any other woman before her. And, looking into his hopeful eyes, she decided more definitively that she wanted to provide more "education."
She wondered if he would be willing to give his virginity to his sister. She kind of knew the answer, but there was only one way to find out. And there was no rush; they had all the time in the world.
"Greg," she said softly, lifting her hand from his chest. "Is it true then that if I were to place my hand here," she hovered it over his partially exposed penis, "that mine would be the first hand other than your own to touch you there?"
Greg actually gulped and nodded his head.
"Then I want to be your first." With that, she brought her hand down and slid her fingers under the covers, exposing and grasping her brother's thickening dick.
"Oh!" he moaned, his body shivering.
Stephanie marveled at how quickly he got hard. She'd barely stroked him a few times before his cock was a rigid rod of hot steel in her hand. His shaft was so thick, she could barely get her fingers around it. Her mouth started watering and her pussy twitched and moistened.
"You like that?" she asked rhetorically, now steadily masturbating him.
"God, yes," he moaned.
"Good, baby. Enjoy it."
He had been looking with open wonder at the sight of his first hand job, by his sister no less, but then he dropped his head back and just luxuriated in her ministrations. Stephanie added a little twisting motion to her strokes. The head of his dick became slick with precum, and she smeared it around with her thumb. On the downstroke she would occasionally extend her fingers to graze his balls, causing her brother to his and twitch with the novel sensations.
"Greg," she said softly, still sensuously stroking him.
"Is it true that if I were to place my mouth here," she gave his erection a squeeze, "that mine would be the first mouth ever to kiss you there?"
"Yes, yes!"
"Then I want to be your first."
He lifted his head to watch his sister scootch down the bed so that her head was at the same level as his hard dick. Stephanie stopped her stroking and held him at the base. His dick throbbed on its own, precum now streaming out of it. She allowed herself a selfish moment to admire her brother's penis up close. In dim light she studied every vein, the prominent crown of his head, the appealing curve of his shaft.
She leaned down and kissed the tip of his cock, glazing her puckered lips with his precum, right over his urethra.
"Oh, god, sis!"
With lips now glazed with his seminal fluids, she shoot him a grin. "I haven't even gotten started." She turned back to his cock and took his head into her mouth. She heard him breath heavier and moan loudly. The last dick she'd sucked hadn't been nearly this big, so she was extra careful not to scrape him with her teeth as she started taking more of his shaft into her mouth. She knew that she wouldn't be able to deep-throat his entire length, so she made sure to allow ample amounts of her saliva drool down his dick, between her fingers. She used her hands to stroke what she couldn't fit into her mouth.

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