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Just Like That?dady

With a Mom that she could only remember from photographs it was no wonder that Melissa’s Father was her world. No one who saw them could doubt they loved and cared about each other. He was good looking, smart, funny and most likely would have climbed high up the corporate ladder but for one thing. He had lost his wife to cancer and was dam sure he would not loose his last link to her through skewed priorities.
Without a Mom, Melissa started sharing her most personal secrets with Dad almost as soon as she could talk. He seemed to have a knack for listening unlike what she saw with her friend’s Fathers.
Most nights after Melissa had finished her homework she changed into a nightie and watch TV with Dad. She’d sprawled on the floor while Dad sat in his easy chair. During the hour before bedtime, in a tradition that neither could remember starting, she would cuddle up on Dad’s lap.
She always want to start talking just as it became bedtime. Dad would turn off the TV and listen or reply as the conversation dictated. For Melissa this was her favourite time of the day, getting sl**py while feeling warm and loved. If their f****y included a Mom that habit would have changed when Melissa went through puberty. It did not and by the time she was f******n with a women’s figure she would still sit on Daddy’s lap.
Just like any other teenage girl, boys dominated much of Melissa’s idle thoughts. While sitting on Dad’s lap, inhaling his manly scent with its hint of cologne, she felt the tell tale signs of arousal. She was surprised at her body’s reaction but only chuckled at her naughty secret. She was no dummy, being well aware that daughters that fooled around with their daddies were committing i****t.
Google can be very useful but can also lead to discoveries that shouldn’t happen for such a young girl. For his birthday Melissa thought it would be funny to wear a tshirt with the phrase “Daddy’s Girl” printed on it. Unfortunately that search term led her to a site containing i****t stories.
Reading them made her feel a little guilty but she could not deny they provided some very hot material for her nightly masturbation sessions. Instead of dreaming about the hunks she saw at school or even the guys in popular boy bands the stories of hot Daddy loving crept into her subconscious.
Those thoughts would likely have stayed only in her subconscious but for a boy named Danny, who had recently moved to the neighbourhood. He was definitely cute and being the “latest thing” soon had girls throwing themselves at him.
Melissa was beyond cute and when she wore her slightly short school uniform those long legs gave any guy an instant hardon. Even though she was not one to throw herself at a boy, when the new hunk chatted her up she was thrilled. Much to the chagrin of her jealous friends Danny asked her out.
Her Father had never seen Melissa in such a state as on date day. When her date knocked, Father invited Danny in and proudly watched his stunning daughter walk down the stairs. Dad wanting to be liberal adding two hours to her usual curfew. Melissa did not miss Dad’s show of respect.
Her Father was waiting up when she got home earlier than expected. Even though he could see she was upset he understood that she would tell him when ready. Melissa said her good nights and went off to bed.
It was not until the next night that she was ready to talk. When she sat on his lap he immediately turned off the TV. At first the two sat in silence. Even though she was still upset Melissa was pleased with the contentment that washed over her when in his arms. She began with “Daddy, I need to tell you what happened last night and why I was home early.”, “Honey take your time I’m not going anywhere.”
Melissa explained that it all started so well. Danny being sixteen had his license and the use of a car. They drove to a local plaza, ate pizza and then went to a theatre. When the movie was over they drove to a scenic area locals aptly called “Make out point”. She admitted that they started necking.
As she got to this point in the story Melissa stole a quick look at Dad to see if he was getting mad. Nothing on his face gave her any indication of how he felt so she continued. She told him that Danny started to run his hands all over her as she did to him. Soon he unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her bra above her breasts. After that things went bad as Danny pinched and pulled her nipples way to hard.
Not only did this hurt but it scared her as he would not stop when she tried to push him away. They had a big fight with a lot of yelling, making for an early end of the evening. Melissa turned her face into Daddy’s chest and cried letting out all the bottled up hurt and disappointment.
Her Father for his part said nothing waiting for her to finish. When Melissa stopped she noticed that the front of Daddy’s shirt was tear soaked and her nose had used it like a Kleenex. She sat up telling Father he needed to take it off. Not getting any resistance she unbutton and remove his shirt.
While doing so she asked Father why Danny would acted so badly. He said that from what she had told him it was likely Danny’s popularity had gone to his head. That combined with his inexperience in pleasuring women resulted in touching her with no regards for what she liked.
She snuggled up again but this time Melissa’s face was being tickled by his hairy chest. It occurred to her that this was a scene right out of those i****t stories. These thoughts made her horny and tempted her to do something naughty. On impulse Melissa said “He did it just like this Daddy”, then over her nightie used his hand to demonstrate how Danny had abused her nipple.
Dad was shocked with the intimate contact but also noted how hard her nipple was before she had it between his fingers. Dad knew his daughter was only acting innocent while getting off on this illicit behaviour. His girl had been turning him on these past two years and she had become the central mental image in his own sexual relief efforts. He decided to play along with his naughty daughter’s game.
Daddy asked “Did Danny touch you just like this?” proceeding to caress her tits using his many years of experience. Melissa moaned into his hairy chest pushing herself into to his big warm hand. She could not help but squirm around soliciting an appropriate reaction from Daddy’s dick.
Daddy re-asked his question “Just like this?” she only reply “You do it better Daddy.” He chuckled and told her only the sexiest Daddy’s girls would say so. Soon he sent her off to bed and Melissa reluctantly complied.
When Melissa closed her bedroom she immediately stripped off her cloths, brought up one of her favourite Daddy-Daughter stories and fingered her pussy to a mind blowing climax. As she was falling asl**p Melissa knew more naughty fun was in store.
Meanwhile Melissa was not the only one feeling the heat. No sooner than he heard Melissa’s door close, Daddy went to his own room to jerk off to the best climax he’d had in years. Daddy already knew his little girl had grown into a sexy women but had no idea why she instigated the contact. Whether it was a one time thing or not he couldn’t tell. If it happened again he would gladly play along with his daughter’s desires.
Things returned to normal with neither mentioning what had happened. After a few days it became harder for Melissa to make herself come to the fading memories of those naughty moments. She decided the time was ripe for more naughtiness.
That night when changing for bed she discarded her bra and picked an old nightie which was way too small for her. It was both tight and short barely covered her butt. She put on silky panties pulling them into her butt crack exposing both cheeks.
Without looking at Dad she laid out on her stomach. In no time she heard Daddy’s low primal growl. As her excitement grew she moved her butt around allowing the nightie to slip up exposing herself. Every once in a while she looked back saying something about the TV show. Daddy rarely replied as his eyes were glued to her butt.
Just before the show ended he got up and muttered something about needing to get more comfortable. While she was watching the end of the show he returned. As soon as it was over she got up to sit on his lap. Melissa stopped dead in her tracks as Daddy had changed into a robe with little else underneath.
Her stomach instantly caught a bad case of butterflies and she was unsure if it was such a good idea to continue with her plan. Something about Daddy’s cool piercing gaze seemed like he tongued her clit causing Melissa’s nipples to harden before his eager eyes. Almost u*********sly she started to move forward driven by a naughty need as irresistible as gravity.
By the time she settled onto Daddy’s lap she realized two things. One that he was wearing boxers and the other that her panties were getting wet. With the side of her face pressing against his bare chest and a bottom feeling a stiff presence Melissa decided to go for it.
The naughty game started like this “Daddy something happened to me at school today, please don’t get mad.”, “What happened pumpkin, Daddy won’t get mad if you tell me the truth.”, “You know we have half height lockers at school and this year mine is a lower one? Well, I bent over to store my books then some guy touched under my skirt.”, “Show me what you mean baby girl.”
Melissa got off of Daddy’s lap. What she saw send sparks directly to her pussy. The belt of his robe had come loose and down one leg of his boxers was a thick long bulge pulsing his boxer leg up and down. Facing away she stood in front of Daddy then said “I bent over just like this.” With feet a few inches apart she bent at the hips. Melissa’s already short nightie literally stretched then popped up over her rump.
She kept bending then stopped and said I was just like this when someone touched me. Her Father stared a her lovely firm orbs wanting to bury his face into the space between. With great restraint he continued to play along. His fingers slowly traced up the inside of her thighs starting just above her knees.
Melissa could not stop a moan in anticipation of where those slowly sliding fingers may stop. He asked “Just like this?” She barely managed a breathless “No, higher Daddy.” As he kept that slow caress up her thighs he saw an already visible wet spot rapidly expand. By this time Melissa was panting with aahs accompanying each breath.
Just as she was sure he was going to touch her pantied covered pussy his fingers moved from between her legs to cup each butt cheek. As he squeezed her firm bottom he asked “Just like this?” A frustrated daughter urgently replied “No Daddy!”, “Tell me precisely where you were touched Melissa.”, “My pussy Daddy, please on my pussy.”
Daddy placed two fingers on her wet spot and pressed the panties into her slit. Melissa groaned and almost fell over saved by his hand on her stomach. Daddy rubbed and she moaned. In her aroused state Melissa barely recorded his fingers slipping under the elastic of her panties to rub her labia. He slowly stroked from her hole to under her clit driving Melissa to the edge of he first Daddy induced climax.
He asked her “Just like this?” as his thumb pushed into her love box and he gently pinched her clit between two fingers. She exploded with an emphatic “Yes Daddy!” He kept his thumb inserted and clit pinching fingers teasing Melissa right into a new orgasmic journey. This time his sexy daughter actively pushed her pussy into Daddy’s intruding thumb.
He chuckled as she dance to his tune relishing her moans, oohs, aahs and “Oh Daddy”s. As he continued to play, her breathing became rapid and voice changed pitch. Daddy felt her pussy clamp around his thumb even before she screamed out an emphatic “IIII’MMMM CCCCUUUUMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG!”
This time her knees buckled and he had to pull his girl back onto his lap. As he did Daddy said “Baby these panties are just too wet to wear.” and pulled them off. Melissa was in no condition to argue. She snuggled into his chest content to ride the erotic high Daddy had enticed from her body. Melissa looked up at her Father and said “You do it better Daddy.” For the first time, since she was a c***d, Melissa drifted off to sl**p while sitting on his lap.
When she was snoozing Daddy picked her up leaving to tuck her into bed. He quickly returned to the TV room fetching her sodden panties. His boxers dropped, immediately those silky panties were rapped around his shaft and he stroked himself thinking of his angel coming for him. It did not take long before he deposited his seed into those undies.
Again they did not want the erotic spell, of their illicit game, to stop so breakfast was eating as if nothing had happened. For her part Melissa had already jilled-off in bed when she awoke and then again in the shower just before breakfast. Her Daddy’s touch was a d**g and she was on the verge of becoming an addict.
That night it took all Dad’s will power not to grab his girl and fuck her silly. Somehow he knew that it was her right to determine where this game would lead. Melissa found some sort of moral oasis in this desert of i****tuous sin. Delusional at best but it worked for her. With a supercharged libido she felt that if she just jumped Daddy’s bones their game would become a repulsive dirty act. At least for right now there was no way she could stop.
What did stop their games was nature as her period started. This bought Melissa the time to find a new story line for their games. When she came in to watch TV, she had on the baggy track pants and matching top she only wore for a few days each month. No matter, by the end of the evening she sat on Daddy’s lap for a good night cuddle.
A few days later she was inspired with a new story line in the oddest way. While at a friends place their dog stuck his nose right into her crotch. Her friend apologized but Melissa just smiled and pushed the randy mutt away.
A few days later Daddy knew the game was on when after taking a shower Melissa called him to her room. When he walked in she was sitting at her vanity wrapped in a big towel. Her long hair was still wet and she had a brush in her hand. As he entered the room she pouted then said “Daddy I have a tangle in my hair please brush it out.” He got on his knees directly behind her, reached around and took the brush from her.
With one hand pulling the brush gently through her hair the other trailed down over her head, across her neck, onto her shoulder and down her arm. It seemed with each stroke his thumb lightly tugged at the towel slowly loosening where the ends were joined.
She closed her eyes enjoying Daddy’s caress. He kissed her neck and nuzzle an ear when the brush passed below her shoulders. Sometime later he switched hands to brush the other side of her part. Magically the towel disengaged dropping away to expose his naked daughter.
Her eyes popped open and she watched Daddy’s reflection literally eating her body up. Melissa’s nipples turned into eraser nubs and she felt that familiar wetness change from a trickle to a flow but she made no attempt to cover up. All the while Daddy continued to brush her hair with the thumb of one hand brushed lightly over a nipple when it ran down her arm.
In a gravelly voice Melissa said “Daddy I want to tell you something that happened the other day.” He put down the brush and both hands now ran up and down her arms stroking her erect nipples. That made her forget what she was saying causing stuttered breaths.
Despite the delicious caresses she stood up and walked over to stand with her back to the bed. She continued with “I was at my friends when their dog pushed his muzzle into me.” On his hands and knees Daddy moved to where Melissa was standing. He pressed his face to her navel and lightly licked her.
Melissa’s barely found her balance before steadying herself by placing hands on the top of his head. From the direction of her stomach, came the question she needed to hear, “Just like that?”, “No Daddy lower.” Daddy trailed kisses and licks slightly lower and repeated “Just like that?” always receiving the reply “No Daddy lower.”
By this time Melissa’s juices flowed down her inner thighs and her scent permeated the room. He was now low enough that her pussy could feel his warm breath. She said her last “No Daddy lower.” His hands went to her hips pushing her onto the bed. As she was falling back he grabbed each knee, raising them up and spreading her wide. Daddy was not in the mood for any more games as he started licking the wetness from its source.
Being her first experience with the wonders of oral sex the girl was quite over matched by a Father you had missed giving it for so long. Unknown to Melissa, long ago her Mother had told him that he was the best cunt licker she had ever come across.
Daddy took his daughter on a wild climatic roller coaster ride. Just when she thought he could not make her come again he had her begging for a new release. The man played with her until he was literally tongue tied and his fingers were cramped.
He finally finished by kissing up her body, sucking on each nipple and then asked “Just like that?”, she weakly replied “You do it better Daddy.” He repositioned his daughter then tucked her in as she fell from erotic reality into an erotic dream. The last thing she could remember was faintly hearing Daddy calling her name.
Out in the hall, he leaned back on her closed door, dropping his pants, grabbed his manhood and beat off culminating in the best cum of his life. While gasping “Melissa” he shot rope after rope of sperm onto the carpet. His legs shook by the time he had finished. As Daddy wiped up the cum he realized that this was the most erotic experience of his life.
From that point on elements of the game seeped into their daily lives. In the house, Melissa wore more revealing cloths and his hands took many liberties. Strangely enough nothing major happened for over a week. Both felt the sexual tension rise with every passing day.
Unknown to Daddy, Melissa had already decided she wanted to give herself to him in every way. The day after their last bit of fun Melissa used a hair brush to remove her hymen. She wanted her first time to skip the pain and jump right to pleasure. When she felt no more soreness, Melissa was ready for the end game.
After school Melissa went to her friend Cheryl’s house. When their were in her room Cheryl started up a laptop and said you just gotta to see this guy, he’s so hot. What Melissa saw was a porno with a well muscled stud fucking a teen hard. In Melissa’s mind a light went on and she wore a wicked smile.
That night she put on her tightest nightie but without either bra or panties. As soon as Daddy saw how she was dressed he wore his own wicked smile giving her chills. Even though her libido was supercharged this was a big step. He turned off the TV and opened his arms to his obliging daughter.
Melissa sat in his lap squirming her ass to get comfortable. Right away her nightie slipped up her thighs until all he had to do was look down to see the top of her pubs. She took his hand and placed it between her thighs. Daddy took over playing with her pussy until she was all worked up and wet as a summer shower.
Before she completely lost it, in her best little girl voice, she said “Daddy I’ve been very naughty.”, “Baby girl, sometimes naughty can be nice. Tell Daddy what you did.” She giggled and he chuckled but both felt their the libidos rise from hot to sizzle.
She continued “Daddy, today Cheryl showed me a porno. In it the women’s stomach showed a bulge every time the man pushed his thing into her. Was that special effects or was it real?”, “Honey I am not exactly sure what you mean. We’ll have to try it ourselves.”
Melissa got up and pulled Daddy’s robe and boxers off. When she saw her Father’s magnificent member pointing at her she paused to just look and pant. Only when he pulled her nightie up and over her head did she start moving again.
Melissa straddled Daddy, rubbing her tits in his face as her grabbed her firm cheeks. She reached behind her getting a hold of his cock. Then Melissa lowered herself just enough so she could wipe the head along her soaked slit.
When she felt his spongy glans touch her entrance she wiggled and work until the bulberous head popped inside. Melissa clasp her hands behind Daddy’s neck and slowly worked him into the tightest place he’d every been. On her way down that pleasure pole Melissa stared intently into his eyes. The slow descent was accompanied by her moans, groans, pants and rapid breathing.
Finally her ass settle on his thighs and she paused to catch her breath. Daddy leaned forward and started kissing his daughter while his hands gently rocking her hips. Soon she joined in that motion until all of her pussy had touched Daddy’s rhythm stick.
With hands on her waist he pulled her up a few inches and pushed her back down. Melissa shuddered and her velvet walls grip Daddy’s cock like a firm hand shake. She smiled into his face and took over rising and falling, riding his love lance. The stimulation soon drove her into a frantic dance with hair flying around and Daddy enthralled by his young wild c***d’s enthusiasm.
Finally her urgent ride crested and she came harder than she could ever remember. Still dazed from her climax Daddy pushed her back enough that they could see her stomach. He asked “Just like that?” her panting response was “No Daddy, I don’t see a bulge.”
Still embedded in his daughter he got up turned around, went to his knees laying her face up on the easy chair. He pulled back then thrust up and both saw a bulge form. Melissa’s mouth formed an extended “O” as she responded to the sensation of a cock rubbing her gspot.
With every thrust Daddy asked “Just like that?” but his daughter was too stimulated to respond. He was a man that had gone far too long without sex and his most basic instincts took over as he thrust into her without mercy. She cried out a repeated litany of Daddy, yes, fuck me as she came time and again.
Finally he pulled out, flipped her over, stood up and pulled her hips leaving her head in her hands. He was in that well stretched cunt in a second. Summoning his last reserves of energy he fucked his daughter into orgasmic heaven. It did not matter how many times she came, he was determined to fuck his daughter in a way she would not soon forget.
All good things must come to an end and this was no different. The urgent tingle in his balls could no longer be denied as he thrust so hard that she almost folded in two. He screamed her name and shot deep into his little girl. Melissa to her credit felt the spurt of that ancestral seed and came one last time for her Daddy, shaking around his phallus like a doll on a stick.
As he pulled out he asked “Just like that?” and from a smirking smile she mumbled “You do it better Daddy.”

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