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Liz finished dressing. 'Very professional,' she thought. White blouse buttoned all the way up, grey wool suit/skirt combination, though there was little else to choose from this part of her closet. The rack in the back had various dresses and skirts Jay had purchased in the hopes…but she had to maintain a certain level of authority being Director of Operations at a large corporation. Her skirts and dresses never rode above her knees and her upper chest was always covered. She wanted the men she worked with to focus on her intellect, her ideas, and not her figure. She remembered her orals presentation for her MBA. It was apparent the panel of men were focused on her and not what she said. It was a bad decision on her part as the flimsy summer dress must have hidden very little with the windows behind her. Happily, they awarded her high marks, but in conversation with a couple of the professors later they had no memory of some of her stronger points.
"Jason, honey? You have to get up," Liz said softly. Ever since he was little her son was the deepest sleeper she'd ever known. She had the routine down. Quietly talk to him, then gently shake him awake. Come back in ten minutes and repeat the process. She'd accepted the need to get up 30 minutes earlier than she'd have liked every weekday morning to go through this same routine. She closed the door checking her watch, ten minutes from now…
Jason stretched sleepily and rolled out of bed. He looked at the clock, "Fuck!" He dashed into the shower thinking if he spent no more than five minutes then he'd be able to get dressed and grab a piece of toast then get out to the curb in time for Brad to pick him up. 'Tomorrow, tomorrow I'll get up when mom comes in so I am not starving by lunch,' he told himself for the 100th straight school day.
'Shit!' Liz moaned seeing the clock. She sprung out of bed naked grabbing her robe. Jay had been gone for a week and last night had wanted to make up for lost time. He'd put on one of his classic DVDs and even twice making love was not enough. She trotted down the hall and slowly opened the door to her son's bedroom. One of her bigger fears was catching him being a high-school boy doing high-school boy things.
"Jason, Ok, now you have to get up. I need to get in the shower and you need to get dressed and get your…what?" She paused and saw where he was looking. She quickly closed her robe hoping she didn't flash too much of her boobs, "Sorry. I was in a hurry this morning. I overslept," she sighed as she slapped her son's thigh. "Ok, seeing as you are fully awake, get ready and I'll meet you downstairs." She hurried from the room holding her robe closed. Normally she'd be dressed by now, but she was running late due to the late-light conference. She briefly wondered how much her boy had seen, but hurried into the bathroom to get ready for work.
Jason had opened his eyes and right in front of his face was a great view of his mother's cleavage. Just a bit more and he could have seen her nipples. He had awakened more quickly that was normal for him and had to stifle the throbbing feeling between his legs that he had no time to attend to. His mother had just turned 40 and had those genes where she never seemed to put on weight or lose tone. Jim described her as five and a half feet of walking sex. "Perfect hourglass figure, baby-making hips, golden blonde hair, huge tits, and a mouth meant for cocksucking," he'd described her to his friends who'd never met her. Brad was always looking past him as he got in the car to catch a glimpse. Jason noticed that these friends were more friendly on the days his mom had picked him up from school.
Jason thought about earlier this year when Jim was over and had gone to take a leak, but was taking longer than what seemed reasonable. Jason caught him looking through his mom's underwear drawer. He yelled at him to get out of there but the boy just smiled and said, "36 DD, I win!" He and some of Jason's other friends had a bet going on as to Liz's bra size.
Jason remembered being angry at first, but then realized he'd never wondered about her bra size but always accepted she was gifted. Jim had held up the bra and asked if he could borrow it to show the guys that he'd won the bet and Jason had dumbly nodded. "Look, it is a loaner. She'll miss it eventually, so I'll need it back."
He looked up from his cereal as his mom came in, his eyes checking out her chest before looking at her face, "Morning. I forgot to mention, Jim and I will be staying late after school to help with the preparations for the dance," he grinned, "turns out, we'll be the only guys," he chuckled, "I love school spirit."
Liz or Elizabeth Parks stopped, stunned to see her son already up and dressed. This was a first. She briefly wondered if he were feeling well but then became fully aware that her son had checked out her chest when she'd come in. How much had she flashed him? Was that what woke him up? As far as she knew, he'd never checked her out before but maybe now that he's 18…anyhow, she grabbed her travel mug and filled it with coffee. "Ready? I assume you have a ride home this afternoon?" Seeing her son bounce up she internally groaned, 'I could have saved so much time each morning had I known…"
Liz whispered, "Come on, Jason. You are not going to make it to school on time," she shook him, "Get dressed, Brad will be here in 30 minutes," she said as he slowly opened his eyes looking not at her face, but lower. She'd had to come in three times already and it seemed like he wanted nothing more than to go back to his dreams. She shook him a little more roughly while feeling her breasts bounce. This time it was obvious where his eyes were when he'd opened them.
She was thinking about yesterday and how quickly he awakened. She remembered her mortification that she'd shown so much skin to her son, but then again…maybe he needed just a little incentive to get up. "Ok, it looks like you're awake. Remember I'm taking you to school today."
She looked up, "You'll have to take a banana or apple since we have to leave now," she said as her son came into the kitchen. "I was going to make lasagna for dinner tonight, sound good?" she asked aware that her son scanned her body before pouring his coffee.
Outside Jason's door, Liz looked at her robe and realized it was perhaps closed a bit much. How open was it the other day? She loosened the sash and opened a gap of perhaps four inches. She saw the deep crevice between her breasts all the way down to her navel. She started to turn away, 'This is wrong. I shouldn't be doing this. Shit! Just this once,' she thought. Opening the door quietly she crept over to the bed, "Jason honey. Time to get up."
The boy opened his eyes slowly, then wider seeing the creamy mounds exposed inches from his face, "Um, sure mom. I'll be down in a few…" 'Wow! I can almost see her nipples,' he thought.
Liz held her grin until she'd turned, 'Damn! I could have saved hundreds of hours over the last few years had I thought of this before,' she thought. She closed her robe and headed to her room to get ready for work.
Jason came into the kitchen with plenty of time for breakfast, glanced at his mom, then looked back. Her flowered blouse was not buttoned up as high as it usually was. She'd always buttoned her blouses to the top, but today she had the top two buttons undone, exposing a creamy vee of her upper chest.
Liz saw where he was looking, "Yeah, it's supposed to be in the 90s today and modesty be damned. There's cereal or I could make you eggs and toast?"
Jason opened his eyes more quickly this morning, a generous five-inch gap welcoming him to a new day. It was not as generous a view as earlier in the week, but he now could see her nipples were hard and poking against the terry cloth, though perhaps they were also the previous days and he'd not noticed. He'd jerked off the night before, images of his mother sitting right there, fantasizing that he'd had the balls to reach out and open her robe to cup and stroke her huge tit. His friends all commented on how stacked his mom was and he remembered their huge sighs and soft whistles when he brought in pictures of mom and dad on the beaches of Hawaii. He wished he were that guy who would reach out…but he wasn't.
"So, you have that Dr's appointment after school today, don't forget," Liz said as she unconsciously smoothed out the sheet, "I'll pick you up at 3:30 at school?" She idly scratched the inside of her right breast opening the robe a bit wider. She watched her son's eyes as she acted embarrassed and quickly closed her robe. "Sorry, I need to get dressed myself. See you downstairs?" she asked doing a double-take as her eyes strayed to the hard shaft outlined under the thin sheet.
Jason looked up wondering if he had time to jerk off, "I'll be ready. Can we stop at that Mexican place on the way back and get take-out? Dad's favorite…" His eyes darted back to her bare legs wondering if she were completely naked under the robe. He blushed as he felt his cock throb. Did his mom check it out?
Liz nodded as she pulled her robe closed as if unaware of the attention she'd been getting, "Sure. Jay loves their burritos. I'm up for that. Anyhow, you get ready for school. I need to shower and get dressed. Another scorcher today," she said idly as she got up and left the room. After closing the door she leaned against the wall and felt the wetness between her legs, 'Shit! What am I doing?' She thought about seeing the outline of her son's penis through the sheet and tried to get it out of her head, 'This is wrong. Get hold of yourself. You're a mature, experienced woman not a hormonal teen anymore," she thought as she headed to shower.
'Wow! Mom sure is ready for the hot weather today,' he thought. She was wearing a see-through blouse with a lacy white bra that barely contained those huge tits of hers. "Um, morning," he mumbled as he went to get a bowl. He glanced back and saw now the top three buttons undone and when she turned, he could admire the top of the lacy bra
Liz looked down, "Sorry. I know. I'll be wearing a jacket over it at the office, but when I'm outside this will be a lot cooler." she turned to pour coffee, "I really wilt in the heat," she explained. She looked at Jason, "You think I should change? It might be too risqué," she asked looking down at herself.
"No! I mean, you should be comfortable. It is going to be a hot day," he said quickly. "Also, if you wear the jacket no one can see anything."
Liz stood by the bed and looked down at herself. She'd opened the robe carefully to expose as much of her chest as possible, but just hiding her nipples. Even on network TV, they show a lot of breast but it's ok as long as they don't show any nipple, so there's nothing wrong with this. The belt was looser and she could see the waistband of her panties. Considering perhaps covering up more she finally bent over and shook her son's shoulder gently, "Honey? Time to get up. I know it's Monday, but you'll feel more awake after a good breakfast," she said softly. She felt a pulse shoot through her groin as the boy's eyes opened and widened taking in the exposed skin in front of him. "I'll be over at Lois's house this evening so you and your dad can heat up the leftover casserole I made."
Jason wanted nothing more than to spread the loose robe more to see more fully those creamy tits hanging down. He thought about just reaching out to grab the huge masses of flesh but nodded dumbly. "Um, sure mom. I'm sorry, just waking up," he sighed ripping his eyes off her chest. Christ, he even saw strands of pubic hair peeking out of the top of her panties. He stretched and pulled a blanket across his waist trying to hide his aching erection.
"I'm sorry. You always look so peaceful and I hate to disturb your dreams," she leaned down to hug the boy and sat back up not realizing her right breast was now fully exposed. Seeing Jason's eyes, she looked down and yanked the robe closed, "Sorry. Very inappropriate! I'll make sure I'm fully dressed from now on" She started to get up, but the boy put a hand on her thigh.
"Wait!" Jason ordered. "I know what you've been doing. I have been getting out of bed more quickly," he said softly, "I like it. You're so beautiful and you should be proud of your body."
Liz shook her head, "I'm sorry but this might have gone too far," she stood and headed towards the door. Hearing Jason's voice made her stop.
"Wait. If this is the last time, perhaps a quick flash? Please, just show me your chest just this once," he said firmly.
The woman turned and nodded, "Ok, but just this once. Then you get ready for school," she sighed. She loosened the sash and pulled the robe open feeling her nipples harden as her firm breasts narrow waist and tiny white panties were fully revealed to her son. She was going to close her robe immediately but hearing the boy suck in air and sit up made her hold in place. Finally, she closed her robe and as she eyed the tented sheet, "take care of that and come down for breakfast," she said softly as she turned to leave.
As she closed the door she could hear the rustling of his sheets and she rushed back to her bedroom knowing the boy was stroking what looked to be a very impressive cock thinking of her. 'I can't do this anymore. It's wrong,' she thought as her fingers felt her soaking slit.
"Honey, get up. You need to get up," Liz said softly.
Jason opened his eyes and looked at his mother now wearing a red silk robe rather than the terry cloth one. He could clearly make out the puffy areolas and her erect nipple. "Morning mom," he sighed as he looked at her face, "I like this robe, is it new?" he asked.
Liz looked down acting oblivious to her exposure, "Your dad bought it for me when we were in the Bahamas," she looked at the appreciation in her son's eyes, "Ok, I said I'd stop but it makes me happy to see how you appreciate how I look." She ran her hand down the fabric opening it up a bit more. "I don't know why I never wear it. It's really soft, feel it," she said as she took his hand and put it on her hip.
Jason's cock pulsed feeling the smooth fabric covering his mother's waist. He could feel her skin through the silk and out of curiosity felt around her ass wondering if she were wearing panties. He could feel her smooth cheeks and realized it was almost a thong. He wished he could see it…her.
Liz ignored her son's hand now stroking her ass, "Jay is taking us out to dinner tonight, so don't dawdle after school. This will be a treat since he's usually so tired in the evening." She patted his thigh glancing at the fat rod outlined under the covers and stood up, "Ok, anyhow, time to get ready," she said as she stood up.
Jason saw the robe barely covered her crotch and sighed, "Damn! You're so fucking beautiful," he clapped a hand over his mouth, "Sorry! Slipped out," he gasped as his mother quickly turned.
"Thanks," Liz looked at her blushing son. "That's a very nice compliment. And because you're so nice…" she undid the robe and opened if fully watching the look on his face. "I said just this once yesterday, but perhaps just this once more. Ok, I think you should get ready for school if you aren't sidetracked," she chuckled eyeing his crotch.
The boy rapidly stroked his cock, the image of his naked mother with just that tiny pair of panties on filling his head. As he remembered the pubes straying out he exploded cum up onto his chest.
Liz looked up as Jason came into the kitchen, "Feel better now?"
The boy blushed but then nodded. "Um, yes, thanks." He went over and hugged his mother, "I meant it. You really are beautiful," he said.
"Fucking beautiful?" she smiled, "I liked that."
Jason blushed and nodded. He's never heard his mother ever use the 'F' word and it made his cock throb hearing it. He looked at the blouse and nodded, "This looks great, mom. Don't wear a jacket.
"Don't be silly. I can't show up at the office like this," she said indicating the white blouse showing her white half-cup bra. She'd had to wear this one as all her others were in the laundry. "Everyone will be checking out my chest."
"They do anyhow. Grab your jacket and come with me." Jason stood his mom in front of the full-length mirror, "Ok, put on the jacket and look at your figure. Now turn sideways. See?"
Liz looked and looked at her figure, really looked. Her chest definitely bulged the material and when she turned sideways she could not miss how far her boobs stuck out.
"Get it? Every guy has been checking out your chest no matter how hard you try to hide your assets. See?" he asked as she took off her coat and looked, "It really doesn't change much. You still are going to get looks, just now they might go back to what they were doing rather than studying your chest to make out how impressive you are."
Liz sighed, "Ok, just this once. I'll see how people react and if it gets weird I'll explain the record high temperatures make wearing too much, well too much," she said as she went back to get her coffee.
"Morning sweetie," Liz spoke quietly regretting waking her son up. He was softly moaning with a smile as his dream must have been a good one, his hand was gripping his fat erection.
Jason was just lowering himself between his mother's eagerly opened thighs when he felt himself being gently awakened. He opened his eyes and there they were – those beautiful thighs. His mother had sat on the bed and as she'd leaned forward had opened her legs. He could see her black panties outlining her pussy. He could make out her slit and her patch of pubic hair. He snatched his hand off his cock and rubbed his eyes quickly to mask his attention he'd been paying to her open legs, "Um, hi mom. Sorry, I thought I was still dreaming," he said before he realized he'd admitted to dreaming about her.
Liz looked down and smiled, "I seem to flash more and more every day." She leaned over and kissed her son, a bit more than the usual peck but not quite as a lover would. She stood up and smiled, "I'm sure you want me to leave so you can, um, get ready for school. She started to turn and stopped, "You don't have a lot of time. Maybe this will help," she said softly.
Jason felt like grabbing his raging erection as he watched his mother peel off her underpants, her ass and pussy exposed as she bent over. He caught the damp lacy undergarment and as soon as she closed the door behind her, he put the panties to his nose and inhaled deeply.
Liz looked up and smiled as her son came into the kitchen, "Wow! I'm impressed," she giggled, "That was fast. As an efficiency expert, I'd say you passed."
Jason hugged his mother, "You always know what I like. It's like you're reading my mind," he sighed.
Liz laughed, "Good joke. I have no mind-reading skills as far as you men go unless it's the other decision-making part of your bodies," she grinned as she looked at the front of his pants. "Ok, eat your breakfast, and let's get going."
Jason fingered the open blouse, "So, I'm guessing this was ok yesterday?"
Liz blushed, "It was. At first, I thought I'd have to put the jacket on, but after the initial stares, everyone went about their business." She paused, "I shouldn't say this, but your father sure loved it and um…showed his appreciation last night," she blushed.
Jason laughed, "Mom got lucky! Ok. I have an idea." He looked at his mom's chest, "Go take off the bra and wear the jacket over it. I'll be over at Larry's house tonight. Dad will love it when you get home from work and take off the coat."

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