Kalpana – My Physics Teacher

Hello to all the N8story readers. I’ve been a long time reader, and decided this is the time to share my experience with the community. My name is Siddharth (not my real name). This incident happened when I was in the 12th grade of School in 2005. As I was the class clown, all the teachers would keep an eye on me. Fortunately, my academics were decent and I represented my School in athletics and football. I was 6’0” in height with athletic features. Despite the rules in School, I’d keep my hair somewhat long and would refuse to shave. This attitude added the ‘bad-boy’ image to me.

Kalpana (real name) was in her late 20s to early 30s and a petite figure who stood at 5’4”. Her breasts were flawlessly crafted; not too big, not too small- perfect to be cupped and played around with. She would normally drape herself with a business suit and a skirt that went down till her knees. Her flowing locks cascaded over her shoulders and this was probably her best feature. However, I never had any sexual attraction towards my teacher until an episode that happened in the lab. The students were positioned in our places to conduct an experiment and Kalpana finally came to over table and proceeded to explain the procedure. While she bent over the table to describe the process, I became aware that her suit and her shirt were loosely hanging from her body and could see her breasts safely caged in a lacy black bra. This was the first time I managed to catch a glimpse of her boobs as she would normally be wrapped in a very conservative suit. Suddenly, she looked up straight at me and saw what I was doing.
She was incandescent with rage and asked me to leave the lab immediately. I protested my innocence but it was futile as I was caught red-handed. After the lab session, all the students left and some asked me what I had done. To which I professed ignorance and cluelessness to my actions that got me sent out in the first place. Kalpana came out a few minutes later and asked me to come to her cabin inside the lab.
I followed her like a man who was about to be hung from the gallows. She sat in her chair and told me to sit down facing her. Needless to say, the atmosphere was very tense and uncomfortable. Kalpana stared at me with all the anger she could muster. Finally, she broke the silence and asked me as to what I was looking at. I couldn’t even look at her eyes and was fumbling for words. Then, her anger receded and told that it is normal for boys of my age to do such things. I apologized and then she asked me to leave.
The next day, Physics was the first class in the morning. She deliberately kept an eye on me throughout the class. But I easily managed to steal glances on her butt when she turned around to write on the blackboard. Unfortunately, I was not careful with my glances and I was caught for the second time in two days. As with the previous day, she demanded that I leave the class and later met at her lab cabin in the lunch break.
Kalpana was not furious, but she seemed rather tired of my antics. “What do you want me to do with you Siddharth?”
I said, “Ma’am, I’m not the only one who does that. Everyone else does it and yet you pick on me.”
She asked me rather passively whether I have a girlfriend. To which I responded that I don’t have one at the moment. Kalpana was surprised, “Really, I thought you have an eye for that girl… what’s her name? Pooja?”
“I used to go out with her, but things didn’t work out.” I replied while looking emotionally at her desk.
The tide had turned with that conversation and she started chatting about her life and tried to make me comfortable. I’d greet and smile at her if I saw her elsewhere in school. Our relationship was friendly, that barrier was broken now.
Later in the year, we had the annual cultural event and everyone was in their best dress. Kalpana wore her usual attire- a black jacket with a white shirt and a black skirt. That was class and elegance personified. All the students had taken their seats in the auditorium and as the Prefect, I was assigned with the charge of assisting and guiding the students into the hall. Kalpana made her way into the hall and I greeted her. She smiled in acknowledgement and walked inside. The events commenced and half an hour later, Kalpana left the hall and didn’t return after 20 minutes. I left the hall trying to figure out what might have happened to her. As I was walking in the corridor, I heard muffled cries from the Ladies Staff Toilet. It sounded like Kalpana and I left the place immediately for the fear of being found out loitering outside the staff toilet.
The event was drawing to a conclusion and Kalpana finally appeared with sadness and anguish in her face. I approached her and asked her, “Is everything alright?”
“None of business!” Kalpana tried to walk away from me. Being the persistent one, I followed her and managed to convince her to trust in me. She finally caved in and answered, “I’ll tell you as to what’s bothering me after you take care of dispersing the students to the parking lot.”
Half an hour later, I returned to the auditorium to find that everyone had left with the exception of the ancillary staff and Kalpana. I led her out to the foyer outside the auditorium and enquired as to what was troubling her. She broke down in tears and said that she found about her husband’s extra marital affair with the history teacher working in the same school. Without a thought, I put my arm around her shoulder to console her. She immediately shrugged me off and said that the people in the auditorium might get the wrong idea and could get her and me in trouble. In fact, she suggested that we’d go to her lab.

It was getting late and the buses had left. Kalpana assured that she’d drop me home. I whipped out my mobile and told my parents that I’ve extra work in School and I’d be late. The two of us reached the lab and she explained as to how she always suspected her husband’s affair, but was in disbelief that it was with our history teacher. Kalpana reached for the drawer and took out a bottle of Whiskey with two glasses. She poured in both the glasses and we had our round of drinks. Sadness was written all over her face; she paced towards the window and was gazing out in sorrow. I felt the instinct to hug her and so I followed her and put both my arms around her neck. She responded by placing her arms around my torso and sobbed uncontrollably into my shoulder. A few minutes later, my hands migrated towards her head and my fingers were caressing with her hair. Kalpana found it very relaxing and snuggled closer towards me, while her sobs reduced. I told her to take deep breathes and relax. Her soft breasts were being pressed against my chest and it was one of those moments to cherish. I took that as a signal of approval and went on to massage her neck and shoulder areas. Clearly, she was enjoying it with her heavy breathing. I took the liberty by taking off her jacket and continued to caress her back.

Now, this is where the fun begins. My confidence was growing and I planted some kisses on her forehead while she was letting out soft moans. We kissed each on the lips passionately for about ten minutes before I began nibbling her neck. Our hands were all over each other and exploring each other’s bodies. My fingers went to unbutton her shirt one by one. When I placed my hands over her bare hips, a surge of electricity passed through my body.
Kalpana gave a mischievous smile and asked me, “Have you had sex with your girlfriend?”
I responded while ripping her skirt off. “Apart from making out on our dates… not really.”
I was biting her belly like a possessed dog. Kalpana grabbed my hair and told me to not leave any love bites. Naturally, I was a bit disappointed to hear that because I really wanted her to remember me with the marks I left on her.
Suddenly, an idea struck me. “Do you love being tickled?”
“What? Huh…” Before she could even finish her sentence, I caught her hands and locked her legs with mine and began tickling her belly and under-arms. Kalpana could barely contain herself from laughing. Her laugh was incredibly sexy and that made me do it more. She was squirming around in delight. I zoned onto her belly button and ran rings around it with my tongue.
I turned her around and unhooked her bra and threw it away. My hands immediately cupped them and I was instantly twiddling with her nipples while nibbling her ear lobes. I jokingly said, “Ma’am, you look beautiful without your clothes on.”
She playful slapped my chest and said, “Don’t call me Ma’am, call me Kalpana.”
Then, I kissed her nipples and was rolling my tongue on her areola in a circular motion. She grabbed my head and pushed me further into her bosom. Then with the left breast, I clenched her nipple and flicked it repeatedly with my tongue. This was driving her absolutely wild.
After satisfying myself by playing her breasts, I focussed my attention to her pussy. I ripped her underwear off and I stripped myself naked in the process. In a very gentle manner, I licked along her hood and clit. This got her pulses racing and her breathing quickened. But I didn’t hold back. I wanted her to experience her best orgasm. Few minutes later, I aggressively began to play around with her clit. Her body convulsed, and throbbed uncontrollably. She pushed my head into her pussy with both her hands. Finally she exploded and let out a series of overpowering moans.
She looked me in the eye and said, “It’s time for me to return the favour Siddharth.”
Kalpana pushed me onto the chair behind me and got on her knees. She grabbed my shaft and was sliding her hands over it. With her other hand, she was playing with my balls as if they were toys for little children. I loved seeing the childish side of Kalpana. Before I knew it, she welcomed my stick with the moist warmth of her mouth. I gasped in delight. Never thought blowjobs would be this magnificent- the closest thing to heaven on Earth perhaps. Kalpana was quite experienced in sex and I saw my penis disappear and reappear periodically from her mouth.
“I never thought I’d get my dick sucked by my Physics teacher.” I blurted out in ecstasy.
“Life is funny. Isn’t it?” Kalpana replied looking at me in the eye and took my bone straight back in.
“Hey Kalpana, I think I’m going to cum in some time now.” She ignored me and continued slathering my dick. I grabbed her head and came in her mouth. Kalpana glared at me in dismay and spat the load out.
“I’m sorry, but I thought you ignored what I’d said.” I picked her up and tried to reason with her. Annoyed, she pushed me away and gargled her mouth with Whiskey and sputtered it onto the sink. I grabbed a towel from the desk and wiped her mouth off. At least, she had cooled down a bit. Meanwhile, I was genuinely concerned if I had fluffed the opportunity to have sex with Kalpana. So, I worked my hands over her body while apologizing profusely. Kalpana pushed me away and began ravaging through her hand bag.
“Here. Put this on. We don’t have much time.” She tossed a condom to me. I was awashed with utter relief.
Hurriedly, I cleared the clutter from her table and made her lie on it. I began teasing her pussy by massaging my Tool over her clit.
“Fuck me now!” She raised her voice in anger and eagerness. And so I did. Slowly, I saw my dick slide into her heavenly orifice. I wanted her to make her horny, so I tormented her by slowing up as much as possible. Now, I brought out a totally different animal in her.
“Fuck me hard. Use all the force Siddharth.” Kalpana was wild. I upped the pace of fucking.  “Uh, oh, yeah, argh, ooh, yes… fuck me. Do it hard and rough.” My hands were on her thighs and the sounds of love making dominated the room. Luckily, no one was left in School, so we could be as loud as wanted.
The sound of my thighs ramming into her butt were heavenly. I continued slamming her for a while and decided to change the position. Watching her boobs bounce all over the place was a sight to behold. Instinctively, I picked her up and made her lean against her desk.
Her butt was so sexy, that I cupped them with both my hands and worked around them like dough. I made her feel relaxed and spanked the buns with the most brutal force I could gather.
“Siddharth! Why did you hit me so hard?” screamed Kalpana in agony.
“Well… the naughty students get hit. Now, the roles have been reversed.” I retorted back.
I smacked her ass several more times until they became red. That’s when I decided to pummel her pussy from behind in doggy style. I clutched her hips tightly and hammered her with all the might I could imagine. Kalpana was moaning and screaming in euphoria. “I’ve never been fucked like this in my entire life Siddharth!”
My hands managed to grope her breasts while I was fucking and then gently pulled her hair.
“Pull it hard!” she commanded.
I collected all her hair into my hands and yanked it towards me. She had to arch her back to accommodate me. Then I felt that my energy levels were dropping, Kalpana wanted to take over. She told me sit on the chair while she angled her glory hole onto my Package. Kalpana made herself comfortable and commenced bouncing on me. My lips were all over her lovely body. This was the opportunity to strike small talk with Kalpana.
“Kalpana, you are a lovely woman. I’m so grateful to be here with you.” I remarked.
“The pleasure is all mine. I made a conscious decision today and I’ve not regretted it one bit.”
Later, I came all over her pussy and cleaned her up being the gentleman I was. Both of us got dressed up and she dropped me back home at 1030 in the night. Time flew and we enjoyed each other’s company for an hour and a half. Kalpana gave me a parting kiss as I left the car.
— Epilogue —
In the classes, Kalpana would deliberately ignore me to make me mad. However, in between classes and breaks, we’d grope each other when nobody’s around. I managed to have sex with her on few more occasions during School year. But, the first time sex in the lab was the most memorable of the bunch.
After graduation, I left the country and would return during holidays to see my parents. I made it a point to inform her whenever I was in town. Needless to say, she was delighted to see me and would arrange some place to have a quickie. In fact, I had sex without condom in the later encounters and even managed to have anal sex. My parents left the country after a few years and there was no way of going back to my old place.
However, I did visit there a few months ago in transit and made a trip to my old School to greet the teachers. Kalpana was still there and learnt that she’d been promoted to the position of Supervisor. She had divorced her husband and married another teacher from the same School. They are happily married with a child of 2 years. As of today, I keep in touch with through emails.
— The End —
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Thank you.