kalyani hot maal

I just want to share my experience to you all. I finished my S.S.C last yr… I’m a shy guy. During my school days, I came across many gals. Even though I had bad intention with some girls, I don’t reveal that… I’m so soft speaking. So I earned good name in my group after my school days, I stayed with my family in Mumbai. In vacation I use to work in call center. There were only four people. Out of the 4, the senior one is a lady. Her name is Kalyani (27). She is somewhat good looking and not married… Our dept sits in a small building which was away from the other dept. When I joined the dept. Everybody welcomed me and I’m so happy to join the team. Everybody is cooperative.

I came from office very quick and I’m alone in the room and just seeing peoples (esp. Girls) outside in the road. After some days I came to know that everyone is egoistic and in the face only they are showing themselves good. In our dept we had only 2 computers and four of us sharing it. Then due to alteration in the space in our dept. I happened to sit nearer the lady. Now myself and the Kalyani share the computer. We always had some good chat. Within few days she become close to me. We often go for lunch, cracking jokes. She tells many things about the other people’s nature and behavior. During these days, I can able to see her big boobs so nearer. But I had no bad intention to do something. I had seen some blue films in school days but I haven’t gone to theater. So here in cbe, I went to some theater and saw some Malayalam films.(I don’t under stand Malayalam)

Due to this during my office time also I just imagine the movies and enjoy myself in the dream itself. At that time my cock goes straight and hard. Since I wear some tight pants, anybody can able to see the bulge. But I don’t care of this and I was in my own dreamland. One day other fellows went to some other dept. And my self & kalyani sit do some work in different computers. She called me to come nearer to me. I just went. She showed my some documents and suggested some correction. Then I sit there and we started chatting. She told me that she had pain in his leg and not able to bear the pain. I asked what happened. She told me that some insects had bitten her. Then I asked where?? She said its near the thigh. I said … ok. Don’t worry… She said she had a big bulge due to this… at that I just turned back side casually and when I turn my head back….. I was amazed. U knows what happened?????? She just takes his saree and showing his legs. I really stunned to see a lady leg very nearer. She told me this bulge only cause pain. By this time, I can able to see her panties. Its white… I can’t believe my eyes. Now turned on other side and I haven’t spoke to her for sometime. Then she only started…. Y u r not speaking…. I said nothing. No. No. U has some problem, she said innocently. “I have no problem but only stunned to see your legs”. She laughed at me and asked you have not seen anybodies like this… I said “no”. Soon other colleagues came. I’m not able to concentrate on my work… now only my cock goes up by remembering her legs. Soon a huge bulge in my pant and the zip is going to unzip.

By this time, she saw that and made a cunning smile. Since I was new to office, I rarely go to other dept. Two days after the incident same environment came. Other guys went to some other dept… This time I’m working in computer and she came nearer to my chair. She stands very close and asked me to open some files…. When I concentrate to open the document, she came very close and her boobs just touched my shoulder. By the time my cock starts to rise. Now she came front and asking some doubt in the document and now her boob is nearer my mouth. I really tempted and not able to answer her properly. I know she is doing this intentionally. I want to bite the boobs and suck it… … I just moved my head front… Now I can able to touch his boob with my mouth. My only fear is … if somebody sees it. So kept myself backward. She then came back and her boob touched my mouth. I just opened by mouth but she left the place….. I take this as a green signal and went to her seat. She saw the bulge in my pant. She made a smile and sit just nearer. She asked me that I have tempted. I said yes. She told me that she had seen my pant with the bulge many times. I really get surprised. How come???? (guys please know this truth… Every girl sees our things without our knowledge) now she put her hand in my pant and started rubbing it. It made something different in me…. Within a minute she stopped it… b’coz she knows it will end in something. By the time one of our colleagues came. A week after that she asked to come to her home for lunch. I said “ok”. She also said some of her friends also coming. I’m little bit disappointed. So on that Sunday, I went to her home which is on the way to mettupalayam… Her mum and dad and another sis went to madurai and she remain back by saying that she had some work in company. Her college friends were there.

Since I was a shy fellow everybody put their comments on me. Then we had a good lunch. Now all other planned to leave. I also intended so to make others to believe that I’m leaving. I went near the bus stand and other girls catch a bus and went. She called me to come home. We both returned her home. Once we entered, she smile at me and asked me to wait outside so that she change her dress. After few minutes she came out. She is in a nighty. I can able to see her white bra and black panty. She came nearer. My cock erected in my jeans pant. I told that her bra and panty are visible. She said it is hot and that’s why she put these light clothes. She asked me whether u have sweating. I said yes and esp. In my legs she I putting the jeans. She casually said just remove and be free. I’m so happy to hear and I understand that she is ready to do anything. While I started to unzip…. She said stop it.

I feared…. She said she will do it. I’m so glad. While opening it, she grabbed my penis and started moving up and down. I had her boobs in my hand. Then I slowly removed her hand from my cock and gave some kisses in his lips. She started remove her nighty in one hand and pressings the boobs in other hand. Now she becomes almost nude with bra and panty. She removed my t shirt and my underwear. I’m nude now. By grabbing her boobs in my hand I started suck it. Removing her bra and do it intensely. By the time, I try to insert my cock into her thing. She itself removed her panty in the hand and made way for me to go ahead. I insert my cock powerfully and started doing it very fast. She then asked to come t bed room. I laid in the bed.

I stand in the bed with my large cock. Interestingly seeing this, I get up and hold my cock and started to suck it…. Wow what a pleasure…?!!!! She doing it for last 5 minutes and I don’t want to stop her. After some time, she pulled me down and asked me to suck her boobs…. Now I’, inserting my cock, pressing her boobs in 2 hands and kissing her in lips… after few minutes in this position, my cock reached the state and ejaculated its resource in new thing. Then I get and left the place. Its my first experience and sweat one. Next day in the office, I came early. She came late with a big smile. This made me comfortable. I enjoyed a lot during that time. U knows…she started to give her boobs for sucking during the office hours when no one is there. It continued for a year. now I m studying in F.Y.J.C. in andheri.

Any girl or aunty less than 27 years is well come [email protected]