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Hi it’s me Ashu back again with another story. This is about Pooja’s elder sister Kalyani who is 30 yrs old, 38-32-38, 5 ft 5, and a mother of 2 lovely kids. After fucking Pooja I became a very good friend of hers and was invited to her house many times by her family. She used to call me sometimes when she was alone in her house and I used to go to her house to fuck her. Once we were in her balcony, on the 12th floor, I was standing and she was kneeling down sucking my cock. Suddenly the balcony door was pushed open by her elder sister who had come over to pick up some kids clothes.

She was shocked seeing her younger sister doing what she was doing and just stared at her and my cock. I tried to cover it but couldn’t and thought she would create a scene and was feeling scared. She shouted both of you get inside; I want to talk to you both. We both followed her inside where she asked me to leave the house and told Pooja to stay. I left the house with a very heavy heart and was wondering what happened to Pooja .I couldn’t sleep the whole night. Early next morning I called Pooja. She said that her didi asked her many details like since when have you guys started doing this and all that. She wanted to tell her mom about everything but Pooja reminded her about her college days.

Kalyani when she was in college was a real stunner. She had a no. Of boyfriends and a guy called Anirban was her lover. She would bring him home to study together and would make love to him and when Pooja saw them one day , she said its ok to make love when u are adults and that she can too do the same when she grows up. In fact she had an abortion before her marriage to Rajeev and nobody except Anirban and Pooja knew about it till date. Pooja told Kalyani that both had secrets so best keep quiet. Kalyani had no option and so kept quiet.

After a couple of days Kalyani asked Pooja about me and what we did and how was it. Pooja said that I was the first person who could make her come and that all her previous lovers were just kids in front of me. Kalyani said yes he seems to be nicely hung.(she had seen my cock).she said Rajeev has a much smaller cock and nowadays hardly makes love to her and that she gets so desperate at times that she masturbates herself using her fingers etc. One morning I got a call from Pooja “Can you come to my house?” I said yes sure what’s the plan .She said her parents and sister are going out for the day with the kids and we could be alone all day. I dressed up and reached her house in 30 mins .When I rang the doorbell her elder sister opened the door, I was shocked and stood still but she said come inside why are you standing out. I hesitated and she pulled my arm inside the house and I followed her. I asked where’s Pooja? She said Pooja has gone out with her parents and kids and she is all alone. I was shit scared. She told me to relax and got me a cool drink. She was wearing a sleeveless nighty and her breasts were hanging free inside , she wasn’t wearing a bra and when she bent down to put the glass I noticed no panty either. After having the cool drink she took away the glasses in the tray to wash them and suddenly I heard her scream oi… maa… indoor (oh my god rat).and ran outside. I was near the door and she grabbed me and held me tightly and hid her face in my chest.

I looked around but found no rat and told her she still held me tightly and said don’t leave me I’m very scared. Suddenly a rat came towards us and I had to hold her for balance.

We got onto the sofa and she kept her hands on my chest holding my t-shirt. I comforted her by rubbing her back and told her that I’m here and not to worry.

On hearing that she hugged me tightly and I did the same to her. she had spilled water on her nighty ad it had become transparent and her breasts could be seen through it, I told her go change she replied no she will not go anywhere alone you come with me . I accompanied her to her bedroom where she opened her almirah and took out another nighty and started opening her nighty in front of me. I was staring at her breasts and the fine jungle she had down that she said have you not seen anyone naked. I said yes I have but not someone as beautiful like you. She replied really what’s so beautiful about me. I said everything ur tall, fair, has a nice figure, lovely eyes etc. She blushed. I knew this was the chance I had I went near her and held her by her arms and kissed her lips she kissed me back .I removed her nighty in a jiffy and started to fondle her breasts and nipples. she took off my t-shirt and was opening my trousers and lowered my undies to release my cock. I put her onto the bed and started to suck her breasts. There was some liquid coming out and I knew it was milk as she had kids. It tasted kind of funny. I went down to her navel and licked it and slowly went to her pussy. which was already wet with discharge. I lapped up all the juice and started fingering her slowly. She bolted and I knew she liked it.

She held my hair and pushed my mouth towards her pussy. I kept fingering and licking her till she came in a massive orgasm wherein my mouth and the bed sheet were wet with her liquids. I took my cock towards her pussy and entered her slowly and after a while was riding her good for around 10 mins that I felt an orgasm building inside me , I told her I’m going to come she held me tightly and pushed herself up with every stroke I made as though to take me inside her womb. My balls were wet with so many secretions and they hit her ass and made a pich …..pich….pichhh sound.

Both of us came together and it was great. Her pussy seemed to grab my cock and milk it out of my last drop. and I loved it. I got out of her pussy and lay down beside her .She told me that after eight years of marital life and many boyfriends who she had fucked in her college days I was the best as I made her come twice within one hour. she then told me that her husband would generally strip her naked and get on top of her and in no time discharge his semen from his tiny cock inside her and rollover and go to sleep. She made me promise to her that I would fuck her in her ass also. I said ok. She started playing with my cock and slowly sucking the tip till it started to get bigger .She teased my nipples with her nails and my cock was ready again .I asked her if she had any lubricant or vaseline she said no only ponds cold cream. I asked her to bring it .I tool out some cream and rubbed it in her asshole and started to finger her asshole so that it would accommodate my cock after 2-3 mins she seemed to be ready and I put some creame on my cock too before plunging it in.

It would not enter so I applied more cream at the knob and pushed hard. Plop it went inside and she screamed oi… maaa…go. I got scared and wanted to pull out but waited for her response , she said its paining like hell but I’m loving the pain …carry on Ashu tear my ass apart…I’ve never let anyone take my ass before . It’s my gift for you. Tear it apart. Push it in. I pushed slowly deep into her ass and started to pump her ass holding her waist. all this time I was fingering her pussy with one hand and holding her waist with another. After around 10 mins I discharged inside her ass and pulled out she too had an orgasm as my fingers felt a lot of discharge from her pussy.

We got out and went to the bathroom and washed one another clean .Then we dried ourselves and went back to her bedroom. We rested for some time holding one another and then I got up and left for my house after promising Kalyani that I would fuck her whenever we could.

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