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Kamini Kulkarni found me in the Brigade Road a couple of years ago. I was in my early twenties and muscular enough to entice the cosmopolitan girls who frequented to our shop. I immediately realized that she was watching my features closely and I felt as if she was surprised as to what I was doing in the garments showroom. Having known about (some) women of Bangalore, I was convinced that she must be one among those flirts in the city not content with the husbands. It was an easy guess that she might be rich with plenty of money to throw at young boys who dared to jump on her. Honestly, she was good looking with those predominant plump curves. Although her breasts seemed to have been over utilized, she still looked sexy. She managed to flip her visiting card at me while shopping and as she winked at me moistening her lips, I smiled to have come across one richer whore with the urge to take on the strength of younger men.

I haven’t had sex for quite some time and hence it wasn’t difficult to decide visiting her once. I called her on her mobile one Thursday and after ensuring that she would be alone at home, I planned to visit her right away. She was staying in a posh apartment in Wilson Gardens and it did take some time to locate the building. The first thing which struck me after the door was opened was her smile soaked with desire and lust. She served me with samosas and hot coorg coffee although I was more curious about what would follow.

“Hello Ranjit,” she started talking sitting close to me on the sofa while she kept staring at my muscles under my T-shirt and Jeans, “So how old are you?”

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“I completed 23 last month. Madam.” I replied as I observed that she had made herself up well for the occasion.

“The reason I gave my card to you is that,” she began revealing. “I have a crush for young boys like you. I love watching them play with my tits and clit. I enjoy the feel of young cock inside and I get thrilled to watch them go haywire on my body. Every time you visit, I will shell out a few thousand rupees so long as you keep me interested all through. It is just between me and you and you will assure that you will never reveal to anyone about what we do. Is that ok?”

I pretended as though I was thinking over her proposal for a while before turning to her and nodding my head in acceptance.

“That’s like a good boy,” she flashed a smile and began unbuttoning her shirt while I kept watching her holding my breath. Soon, she sat revealing her naked breasts with reddish areola and perky nipples. She didn’t waste much time in pulling off her pants either as within minutes after my reaching her home, she sat naked to the hilt next to me.

“I won’t tell you what to do,” she let her legs spread apart as wide as she could and winked at me. I stood up to get rid of my clothes and I watched her taking a deep breath seeing my hard manhood standing erect. I went on my knees between her spread legs and got close enough to let my hot breath fall on her naked body. Her breasts still looked firm although their shapes were uneven and I could see a few veins being visible on her shining skin on the breasts. She had a pair of wonderful cherry red areolas which held her hard enticing nipples. I leaned forward to mouth one of the nipples as a gentle moan emanated from her mouth feeling my mouth on her nipples for the first time. I could feel my cock getting tensed hearing her sexy moan and soon my mouth began exerting vigorously on either of her breasts. While I held a breast in my mouth, I was playing with the other with my hands. Kamini Kulkarni’s hands started traveling all over my hair while she kept moaning while enjoying the feel of my mouth and fingers all over her flesh globes. Her hands easily found their way to my throbbing dick and began stroking it gently.

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“It is so big,” she said in a husky voice as she found it almost impossible to wrap my member with her hand. She kept stroking my shaft while I suckled at her breasts. Our naked thighs were brushing against each other as we continued to play.

“Get down to my pussy at once” she pleaded. I was amazed to see her pinky pussy which peeked out between her shiny thighs. My hands rested on her waist while my head descended onto her pussy. Her moans were getting louder as my lips brushed her pussy to begin with and soon my tongue encircled her soft flesh. I helped myself with a couple of drops of juice oozing from her pussy with my tongue sending her body to move as if she was having a convulsion.

“It is hot,” I managed to comment for which she blushed slightly. I was smelling the aroma of her musk and my lips began motioning harder on her pussy. My tongue kept nibbling on her pussy lips and sucking them into my mouth. Kamini Kulkarni humped unable to contain herself while my probing tongue kept exploring her hole. I smiled as I watched her caressing her own tits and teasing her nipples.

“I am feeling it through from my nipples to my pussy,” she admired as I was unrelenting on her pussy with my mouth. As my teeth closed over her clit, she screamed as she reached her first orgasm. Equal to the task, I managed to lap at her juices while she looked down with great deal of appreciation and content. Immediately after I lifted my head away from her pussy, Kamini Kulkarni instructed at once. “Let’s get on with it”

She pushed me onto the carpet defying my expectations and came down heavily on me pressing her naked flesh on my body like a rock rolling down. Before I could comprehend, she had positioned herself to a nicety and was attempting to descend on my hard erect cock. As I watched her with excitement, her pussy was sliding down my shaft making me feel as if the tip of my cock was piercing inside a tender apple.

“I love to ride on young boys,” she admitted winking at me yet again.

“I don’t mind,” I quipped. “I can see your tits jumping as we fuck.”

I was convinced that she might be an expert in the art as she began pushing down her pussy in a smooth motion to let my dick enter her cavity inch by inch. I could see her face lit up in anticipation once the entire length of my dick got inside as she pushed her long hair behind revealing her naked tits above my eyes. She began jumping on my dick gently and I felt elated to feel her soft pussy all over my dick as we soon motioned faster than before. Kamini Kulkarni hushed in joy as my dick pierced inside her pussy. My breath was becoming irregular coping up with her pumping speed while my dick was getting a feast of the lifetime. Her naked breasts were jumping while she went up and down on me giving me a visual treat. My hands soon rested on her waist helping her move up and down with synchrony.

Kamini Kulkarni was gasping for breath while she kept the momentum of her movements increasing all the way while her face was letting out funny expressions as we fucked. Riding me faster and harder, she plunged his dick in and out of her body, screaming as she quivered on top of me. I wished to withstand for longer although it was she who came first which was soon followed by my dick bursting inside her pussy enormous loads of cum I had preserved for quite some time. Her body banged on my chest in exhaustion after we exploded and for a couple of minutes, the room was filled with noises of our gasps. We recovered soon and I was gladdened to hear that she loved every bit of whatever we had done. She pulled off a few currencies from her wallet without even bothering how much she had flipped off and I walked out of the house later a very happy man.