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tagIncest/TabooKara & Kyle – A Ghost Story

This is a fairly short story and the sex is all at the end. This story includes a very brief description of the murder of two people. If that bothers you, please skip this story. This is for the Halloween story contest, so if you like it, your votes are appreciated.
Kara and Kyle were 18 year old twins going away to college. They had always been close and wanted to go to the same college, which was about 130 miles away from home. They wanted to save some money over the cost of dorm rooms and cafeteria food at school so they went looking for a small place that they could rent together.
Kara was 5'7" with a trim athletic shape, b-cup breasts and a well toned bottom. She had blonde hair in a bob which came down almost to her shoulders. She had a cute face and a sweet smile and had no shortage of male admirers though she had chosen to keep her virginity. She felt like she wanted her first time to really mean something, with someone she cared about, even if it was not a forever thing.
Kyle was 5'11" and was also athletic. He was toned but not ripped and worked out regularly, more for stamina than for muscle bulk. He had a handsome face but was actually kind of shy and often had trouble speaking to girls if he was attracted to them. Kyle and Kara were both smart and excelled academically, with Kara planning on majoring in systems engineering while Kyle was interested in chemical engineering.
They searched around and found a place not too far from campus. It was a small two bedroom, one bath place which looked like it could use a little work, but was still quite functional. The price seemed more than reasonable which astounded the twins given housing costs on and near campus. They asked the realtor why it was so reasonable.
"There have been ghost stories about this place."
"What kind of ghost stories?"
"Supposedly a couple lived there with their teen age daughter."
"What happened?"
"The young woman fell in love with a boy who the parents felt was not suitable, so they forbade her from seeing him."
"That's terrible."
"She kept seeing him though and snuck him in her room through the window. Her father caught them and in a fit of anger shot and killed both the boy and the girl."
"Oh my God. What happened then?"
"The father was arrested, convicted, and died in prison. The mother left town immediately."
"That's so sad."
"The ghosts of the girl and boy have both been haunting the house since."
"What do they do?"
"A few older men lived there and felt a hatred filling the house at times."
"And people our age?"
"For younger people, it seems mostly to fill them with a loneliness."
"And that's real?
"I've been in the house many times and never seen or felt anything, except perhaps a little sadness. Then again, I'm a middle aged woman and have never spent the night there."
Kara and Kyle looked at each other and shook their heads.
"It seems like a good deal, but we feel a little uneasy about it."
"Look, the house is furnished. Spend the night there, see for yourself, and then give me a decision."
"That seems fair."
Ninety years earlier
Alice's father, Henry was lecturing her. There were tracks of tears on Alice's face, though she was now mostly cried out. Alice's mother, Mary sat quietly, watching.
"You need to stay away from that boy. Do you hear me?"
"You don't understand."
"No, you don't understand. We're in a depression. People are losing their jobs and their homes. Your little boyfriend has no job. His father lost his job, and the family lost their home."
"But he's a good person."
"Without a job, he's nothing but a bum."
"But he's good to me."
"Do you understand? If you marry him, you'll be living in a tent and eating in soup kitchens."
"He's trying to find work, and he's a nice person."
"Nice doesn't put a roof over your head, food in your belly, or clothes on your back."
"But I love him and he loves me."
"Love is nothing. It's even less important than whether he's nice."
"Weren't you ever in love? Don't you love mother?"
"Your mother is a good homemaker and a good mother. That's all that mattered."
"I don't know what I'd do without Tom."
"I know what you'd do with Tom — you'd starve or freeze to death."
"I can't…"
"Stay away from that boy — or else. I'm warning you. I'm not supporting him, and if you run off with him, you're no longer my daughter."
With that, Henry stormed away. Alice cried inconsolably. Her mother tried to comfort her, but to no avail. Mary held Alice until Alice was all cried out. Alice went in her bedroom in their little two bedroom house. She threw herself on the bed and lay there, trying to find some way — any way to convince her father to let her be with Tom.
There was a Halloween dance at the school, and Alice got her father to agree she could go to the dance. Two of Alice's friends came over and Alice said the three girls were going to the dance together. They went together to the school, which was only a short walk away. When they got there, Alice met Tom, while the other two danced with a lot of different boys.
Alice and Tom were both eighteen and fairly innocent, though they'd done some kissing when they could get away with it. They danced a couple of dances, then snuck out so they could kiss. There was a park beside the school, and they sat together on a bench, holding hands and kissing. There were a few other couples on other benches around the park doing likewise.
There was no privacy, so there was no way to do more than holding each other, kissing, and a bit of fondling. Alice and Tom did their share of all that, while telling each other how much they loved them.
"Has your father had any luck finding a job?"
"Nobody seems to be hiring, and lots of folks are looking for work."
"My father told me I wasn't to see you."
"What do we do now?"
"I love you and I want to be with you."
"I can't imagine living without you."
"Can you come by my house later?"
"Your father will never let me in."
"I'll leave my bedroom window open. Come in through the window. We can talk and kiss, as long as you're gone before the morning."
The dance was starting to break up and Alice's friends came out of the school. Alice kissed Tom goodbye and walked home with her friends. Henry seemed suspicious at how happy Alice seemed to be and wondered if she had met Tom at the dance. Alice told her parents good night and went to her bedroom. It was a pretty warm night, so the windows were open in most of the house.
There were screens in the windows, with a hook latch to keep them shut. Alice unlatched the screen in her window. Tom waited until all the lights were out in the house, then snuck up, opened the screen and climbed in the window. They closed the screen, then kissed as they lay down on her bed. Alice was not sure she was ready for sex, but certainly was ready for more than they'd been doing.
As they kissed and touched, Alice let Tom touch her boobs through her blouse. Alice had something of a homemade bandeau which flattened her breasts, which was pretty common for young women at the time. Alice let Tom unbutton her blouse and touch her boobs through her makeshift bra. Tom loved being able to touch her like that and Alice enjoyed it as well.
It was warm and Tom took off his shirt, then Alice let him take off her bandeau bra. This was the first time Tom had been able to see her boobs or touch them directly. He played with them, then leaned down to kiss them. Alice stroked Tom's head and moaned as he made love to her breasts. Alice found herself thinking how much she would love it if they could do even more.
Though Alice tried to be quiet, Henry heard her moans. He got his double barrel shotgun went to Alice's room and opened the door. He saw the two topless teens in bed together and was livid. Before the two could react, Henry raised his gun and shot Tom in the chest. Alice screamed and tried to shield Tom, so Henry's second shot hit Alice. The two held each other and kissed as they died.
Present day
Kara and Kyle spent the night at the little house and had no problems. There were no spectral appearances, nothing moving without being touched, no unexplained sounds. Everything seemed to go just fine. Perhaps the only unusual thing was that Kara had some strange dreams in which she was in love and kissing a boy and letting him touch her.
Kyle had some dreams in which he was desperately in love with a young woman who he didn't recognize. It didn't bother him, as it felt rather good to be in love with the young woman. He was just surprised that he dreamed about loving someone he didn't even recognize. There was a certain sadness about the dream, which he couldn't put his finger on.
The price for renting the place was quite reasonable, and since there had been nothing frightening, Kara and Kyle rented the house and moved in. They got very tied up with registering for classes and getting settled into the house. Most times, they cooked and ate at the house and they hung out and studied together often.
The first year, they were both taking a lot of the same classes, which was a boon. They could compare notes and work together on homework and help each other with projects. Neither one was exactly a social lion and they didn't have a lot of money for partying so they spent a lot of evenings together at the house studying, listening to music and watching television.
There was a sofa and they would sit together on the sofa when they watched TV, and a few times they fell asleep sitting beside each other on the sofa. They both knew there was nothing to it. They had no sexual attractions to their sibling. Still each had dreams in which they were somewhat intimate with someone of the opposite sex. Sometimes it was the same person they dreamed of the first night, and other times it was their sibling.
The latter kind of bothered them. They didn't even want to think that they saw their twin as a sexual person, or at least as a person whom they might have sexual interest in. Still they hung out together, studying and watching shows. One night they fell asleep beside each other on the sofa, as they seemed to do regularly.
They had strongly sexual dreams as they slept, and woke up kissing each other and fondling each other. They were still half asleep, but Kyle was stroking Kara's breasts as Kara ran her hands over Kyle's crotch feeling his hard cock. Kyle quickly had his hands under her top and under her bra, stroking her boobs directly. Kara had unzipped Kyle's pants and was pulling out his hard cock when they both became aware of what they were doing and with whom.
They stopped and both rushed to their respective rooms and closed the doors. Kara shook, both from the thought of what they'd done and from more physical desire than she'd ever felt in her life. She found herself regretting not having dated more as her body ached from wanting more. She curled up on her bed, spooning a pillow, with her body aching for what she knew she couldn't have.
Kara found herself wondering about the young couple who had been murdered in the house where she lived. The library at the university had microfilm copies of old local newspapers. It took a while to find the right date range and track down articles in the paper. Needless to say, it was a very prominent story in the paper at the time.
At first the lawyer for Alice's father had tried to claim that Tom had broken in and was raping Alice. That was undercut when Alice's friends testified that Alice and Tom had been close and that Alice had confided that she was letting Tom come by later that night. That, it itself was something of a scandal and not the sort of thing that 'good girls' were supposed to do.
It became obvious during the trial that the couple was strongly drawn to one another, but that Alice's father objected to that. The true shock and scandal came when Tom's mother testified. She and her husband had dearly wanted children, but had not been successful at that. Tom's mother, Mary decided to get help in getting pregnant by having an affair with another man.
The man who Mary had the affair with, and who was Tom's biological father, was Henry. So the relationship between Alice and Tom was between two teens with the same father. That, more than Tom's economic situation was apparently why Henry had objected so strongly to the relationship and why he reacted as he had.
As Kara read the accounts of the trial and the underlying scandals, she felt deeply sorry for Alice and Tom. They had not known they were related when they fell in love. Kara felt an aching in her heart for Alice and Tom, and a longing for Kyle that she knew she could never satisfy. She felt afraid to even tell Kyle what she'd found in her research.
Along with the news articles on the trial, were photos of Alice and Tom. Kara was shocked when she realized that she had been seeing Alice and Tom in her dreams, even before she knew what they looked like. She wondered whether her dreams were related to the ghosts of the lovers that supposedly haunted the house. She was afraid to stay in the house, but was even more afraid to leave.
Kara was frightened, while at the same time, feeling a kinship with Alice. The problem being that Kara knew Kyle was her twin. She understood how Alice felt about Tom and began to feel the same desire for Kyle. Kara began to avoid Kyle as much as possible, given that they shared a house and were in most of the same classes.
Kara's dreams not only continued, but intensified. Not only did she dream of making love to Tom, but also of making love to Kyle. They became one and the same in her dreams. The face of her lover would shift between the two and she found herself torn by her desire. She saw herself as Alice and almost felt as though they were one person.
The night came when Kara lay down in bed and felt a presence in her room. She was half afraid it was Kyle — afraid because she both wanted him, and was repelled by the thought if incest. Kara saw a glowing in the room and knew it was Alice. The room Kara was in had been Alice's room when she was alive. Alice moved over to the bed where Kara was.
"We are trapped."
"Tom and I are trapped on this plane of existence."
"Why are you trapped here?"
"We had a love that could never be consummated."
"He… he was your brother."
"We never knew that until this life ended."
"But that's wrong — so wring."
"Love is never wrong, and we loved each other so deeply."
"And now you're trapped?"
"Until our love can be consummated."
"How can that happen?"
"You can make that happen."
"That makes no sense."
"You live here with a young man who you are close to. If you consummate a relationship with him, that will free Tom and I to pass out of this plane."
"Kyle is my brother. I can't have sex with my brother."
"Of course you can. Tom and I were brother and sister, and we'd have done the same if we hadn't been murdered."
"There has to be some other way."
"There is no other way."
"What if I have sex with another boy?"
"It has to be someone you love. You love this boy and not any of the others."
"I'll move out of the house."
"Our spirits are now joined. If you leave I will leave with you."
"I can't do that."
"Of course you can. You started down that path, and I can feel in your heart that you want to."
Kara wept and threw herself face down on the bed. She cried for a long time, and when she finished, she saw no sign of Alice. Still she could feel Alice, and even feel some part of Alice within herself. That scared her and she wondered how she could free herself from Alice. In her heart, she knew how to free herself. She could free herself by making love to Kyle and freeing both Alice and Tom.
Kara stayed away from the house as much as she could. She made friends with another young woman named Bethany, who was in another place off campus. Kara asked Bethany if she could crash on her sofa for a few nights. Kara hoped that staying away from the house would in some way break the bond between her and Alice.
Kara continued to have dreams about Tom and about Kyle. In some of those she was herself, and in some she was Alice. Apparently Kara moaned loudly while sleeping and Bethany's roommate, Jaqi objected to the noise and to having Kara crashing on their sofa.
"How in the hell am I supposed to sleep with all that noise going on out here?"
"I'm sorry. I'm not doing it deliberately."
"You're still doing it. For fuck's sake, I've known women having full blown orgasms who didn't make that much noise."
"I'll try to keep it down."
"If you're not doing it consciously, how are you supposed to keep it down?"
"I don't know."
"Shit, Bethany and I don't bring boys back here very often, and even if we do, we don't make that much noise."
"I don't know what else to do."
"Maybe what you do is find some other place to crash."
Kara found another girl living in the dorms, whose roommate had to go home for a few days for a family emergency. Kara crashed there, but after a few days, the roommate came back and there was no room for Kara there. Kara asked around to other people, but could not find anyone who would let her crash at their place.
Kara had gotten texts from Kyle, who was deeply concerned about her. Kyle had also continued to have dreams, including dreams in which he and Kara were lovers. He was bothered by that, but mostly because he knew that most people frowned on incestuous relationships. He missed having Kara around and studying with her, even as he was frightened by what could happen.
It was Samhain, also known as All Hallow's Eve, or colloquially as Hallowe'en, a time when it is said that the spirits of the dead may walk among the living, much as they did in life.
Alice walked in her house that evening. She saw Tom there waiting for her. They hugged and kissed for a long time, before they headed into her bedroom, arm in arm. They lay down together on her bed, touching each other and kissing, sweetly at first, then increasingly passionate. Alice felt it was wrong, but she still wanted it more than she'd ever wanted anything in her short life.
As they kissed, Tom began to caress Alice's breasts. Alice craved Tom's touch and wanted even more. She made no objection as Tom removed her top. In fact, she sat up so he could get it off her more easily. Alice reached behind her and unhooked her bra and let it fall off her. Tom smiled as he saw her breasts, and leaned forward to kiss the nipple of one boob.
Alice sighed and leaned back on the bed, pulling Tom down with her. Tom continued to kiss and suck on that nipple, pulling back briefly to tease the nipple with his tongue. Alice stroked his head, pulling it back to her boob. Tom sucked the nipple deep into his mouth sucking and tugging on it. He slowly pulled back until only the nipple was between his lips.
He kissed the nipple and began to kiss his way all around that breast. He nipped her boob several places, causing Alice to moan. As he continued to make love to that tit, he reached up and began to stroke the other one. He began by just teasing the underside of it with broad strokes, slowly moving closer to the nipple until he stroked the nipple itself.

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