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The neat double storey house was located on a wide, eucalyptus tree lined street, in North Nazimabad, Karachi.
The street was neatly cut in two halves by a storm drain that over the years had become more of a shallow depression, than an actual flood defense.
The house was painted white with a neat hedgerow in front of the high boundary wall, with a large dark green gate that leads to the car porch.
Nineteen-year-old Taimur had come home from college late. He had showered and changed into his sleeping shalwar (loose baggy trousers) and a vest and lay down on his bed.
Taimur lived with his parents, one brother and two sisters. The eldest sister Alia (22) was married with a baby; and then there was his sister Nabila aged 19, just finished high school. His brother Nasir was a newly appointed, junior officer in the Ministry of Trade.
His arms folded behind his head, he watched the ceiling fan spinning franticly, fighting a losing battle with the afternoon heat of a breezeless April day.
His mind went back to the reason he was late getting home these days. He had been at Zain's large, luxury bungalow in the posh phase 5 Gizri D.H.A. Karachi.
Zain was a college friend from a wealthy and socially active family. The only son, he was given almost total freedom to do what he wanted.
It was six months now since Zain had first invited him over. As they had driven up the hill towards the leafy shaded road where Zain lived, Zain had asked Taimur what he thought of his (Zain's) mother.
Taimur had met her several times over the years he had known Zain and had a very favorable opinion of her.
"Auntie bahut achi aur sweet hai." (Auntie is very nice and sweet) Taimur answered.
"Numkin bhe." (Salty too) Zain had said with a sly smile.
Taimur had been puzzled by that answer but ignored it.
Auntie Zoobia had been at home and had greeted Taimur with a smile as Zain had leaned in close to her and kissed her on the lips. It was not a passionate kiss, but to Taimur, who had never seen any man kiss a woman before, it had been shocking.
Taimur had followed Zain into his room, where Zain had casually turned on the big screen T.V. and flipped to a cable music channel.
Taimur had sat down on the chair and watched as sexy, barely dressed girls danced provocatively… No wonder his father would not allow a T.V. in his home.
Taimur's Lund had been hard as an iron rod. His Shalwar tenting up in his lap as he watched wide eyed as two girls in bikinis moved together provocatively.
"Yaar!" Zain had said, "Is ki gaand dekh… kya gaand hai!" (Dude! look at her ass… what an ass).
Taimur had watched the ass' move and had felt his cock tip leaking as he watched. His hand had gone to the hard meat in his shalwar and stroked it instinctively.
"Yaar! Yeh dekh!" (Dude! See this!) Zain had said as Taimur saw him pick up the remote control and click a button.
There on the screen was something that had made Taimur almost cum in his shalwar.
He had watched a long-wet cock sliding in and out of a bushy black-haired pussy. He had seen porno magazines and so knew what a choot looked like, but those magazines had nothing like this.
There in color, was a man fucking a woman. Actually screwing in living color.
The volume had been up and the sounds of the actors panting and groaning had been clearly audible.
Suddenly the cock was pulled out and the man's hand grabbed it as it had spilled a thick white creamy liquid onto the black bush of the woman he had recently been pumping. The man had then used his cock to rub his cream into the bush as Taimur watched the woman reach down and dip her fingers in the cum.
The camera shot had switched to the woman, a middle-aged woman, licking cum off her fingers as a young man had sucked a nipple topping one of big fat breasts.
Whatever language they had been speaking, one word had been crystal clear; the young man had said 'mama'.
Taimur had looked at Zain in shock, "Did he just call her his mother?" He had asked.
Zain had his cock in his hands and had been gently stroking it as he smoked a cigarette casually.
Zain had nodded and said, "Donu Maa beta hain." (They are mother and son)
Taimur had cum in his shalwar.
"Yeh na mumkin hai yaar!" (That is not possible) He had protested.
Zain had laughed as he had seen the shocked look on Taimur's face. "Yaar! They're actors. The story is about incest… you know, Madarchode. (Mother fucking)
Taimur had watched as the film moved on to a dinner table where a young girl and an older man joined the two who had just been fucking in a civilized dining scene.
"Look" Zain had said, "That is the father and sister of the boy, the father has already had the daughter twice, should I rewind it for you?"
"This is only a movie, right?" Taimur had asked slowly, "Father and daughter? Mother and son?"
Zain nodded as he said, "and in the next scene the sister gets fucked by her brother in the shower. Aur wooh bhe gaand main."(And that too, is in the ass)
Taimur had watched as the movie switched to a scene with the brother and sister smooching and squeezing each other in the shower.
Taimur watched as the sister had turned around and bent over, pulling her buttocks apart revealing her anus.
The brother had wasted no time in aiming his cock at the exposed butt hole and sinking it into his sister.
There had been several scenes after that and Taimur was hard as ever when Zain took him home.
"But these things don't happen really… do they?' Taimur had asked.
"Yaar!" Zain had said with a sly smile "Is duniya mai, sub Kuch chalta ha. Jub admi gharam hai, tu kissi ki bhi choot chaleegi.' (Dude, in this world, anything goes. A horny guy will fuck any cunt he can get)
Taimur had thought this over carefully and then he had shaken his head.
"Nahin." He had said firmly, "Yeh Pakistan mai nahin ho sakta." (No. This cannot happen in Pakistan)
Zain had looked at him with a mysterious smile and said, "Mare bhai, Pakistan mai sub Kuch chalta ha. App buhat masoom hoo.' (My Brother, in Pakistan everything happens. You are just an innocent).
It was Zain who had made Taimur aware of his sister Alia's sex appeal.
He often dropped Taimur home in his new car after college before picking his mother up from her volunteer work.
Zain always had a cold drink or a cup of tea when he dropped Taimur.
Alia had been home about a week when Zain had seen her for the first time.
She had come into the drawing room holding a tray with cola and snacks on it and slipping her slippers gracefully off her feet had walked over to Zain and offered him the cola.
She had smiled pleasantly and called him "Bhai" (brother) very correctly.
She did not make eye contact with him, and kept her head fully covered.
Taimur had seen Zain stare at Alia, as she left, and noticed that he smiled that sly smile he used when checking out college Chokries, (Babes) or watching a hot looking woman cross the street at the traffic lights.
As Taimur watched Alia leave, he seemed to notice for the first time that she was a woman.
Taimur had become aware of the sexual magnetism of Alia since then. The sway of her hips as she walked, the rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed held him helplessly in their power.
Zain seemed to spend more time at Taimur's house after that day too. Even when his mother's social work moved to another area of the city, Zain still made the out-of-the-way journey to drop Taimur home.
Taimur noticed also that Alia seemed to be moving a bit more sexily when Zain was around. She seemed to like the attention Zain gave her.
Alia's arranged marriage to a cousin (Tahir) had not been successful. Her in-laws and her parents had thought that a few months of separation would calm the friction between Alia and her husband. So, she had been sent back to her father's home and into that grey area of semi-separation.
Motherhood had agreed with Alia. Her complexion, though always fair, had taken on a glow that was hard to describe. Her figure had filled out. Gone was the thin, flat 5 ft 4 girl of pre-marriage. In its place was a hot 36 25 36 sexy woman who made heads turn wherever she went.
Not that Alia dressed provocatively. With a father like hers, to leave the house uncovered from head to toe was unthinkable. Call it chemistry or simple sex appeal, the fact was Alia gave off a strong sexual signal that could not be hidden behind a chaddar.
Zain had made various remarks about Alia. All quite harmless and polite at first but, as time went by, and Zain and Taimur watched more and more porno and read more and more porno stories, Taimur found the remarks getting more sexual.
At first, he was annoyed, but he began to realize what a turn on it was to listen to Zain compare a certain porno actress's ass to his mother's ass and breasts to Alia's.
Zain was careful to never go too far but, Taimur was himself beginning to put Alia's face to the actresses he watched getting pumped on the TV screen.
Each film would fill his mind with another fantasy of Alia.
Without commenting about it, he began to notice that most of the 'totas' (porno films) Zain put on were incest stories. Brother's screwing sisters, sons humping mothers and fathers pumping daughters with lots of vocal 'Daddy' and 'mama' groans.
The language was a problem, as most of the dialogue was in German, Swedish or French. There were a few English language ones, but they were not as 'hot' as the other films.
One day Zain had asked, "Alia! kiya karte ha, Sukoon kay liya?" (What does Alia do for relief?)
They had been watching a very intense film in which, a mother was riding the cock of one son while another son, was slamming his cock in her butt hole. The father, seated in an easy chair close by, was holding the firm ass of his daughter, as she happily and very loudly rode his impressive cock.
Taimur had blinked and still staring at the orgy on the TV screen had asked, "Mutlab?" (Meaning?)
Zain had continued, "Sex Yaar! Tumhari Appa nay Lund ka zaika lay liya ha, tu ab unkay under wooh piyas aur bhur choki hogi. Natural say baat ha. (Sex Dude! Your big sister has tasted a prick and must be hungry for it now. It's only natural.)
Taimur had thought about that, and then he had shrugged and said "Nahin maloom yaar. Shayed Ungli say kaam chala layti hongi. (No idea. Maybe she fingers herself)
Zain had laughed and said "Tum kaissy bhai ho? un ki madad karo; Unko Chodu" (What kind of brother are you? Help her out; fuck her)
A few months earlier and that statement would have led to a fist fight but now, after exposure to the world of incest pornography, the idea of fucking Alia was not so shocking or unimaginable. He had fantasized about it often enough. Every time he super imposed her face onto some actress getting fucked on the screen and imagined his cock piston in and out of her choot, he was committing incest in his mind.
From then on, the talk about Alia got hotter and more lustful. When Taimur retaliated by saying Zain should first fuck his own mother. Zain had laughed like a mad man. Wiping a tear from his eye as he had finally stopped laughing, Zain had said simply "Great idea Dude".
Then today Zain had told him he had a surprise for him, A Desi Madarchode Tota. (South Asian Incest Porno flick).
Taimur had been stunned by the news. A real desi incest flick?
It had been obvious from the start that it was an amateur film. No credits. No Title. No gentle lead into the story; Just there on the screen suddenly, was a woman's bare back with the handy cam focusing in on the fat butt and the long lund slamming in and out of the woman's choot, doggy style.
The image was raw and hard but what made the film so great was the sound of the woman panting and, moaning as she demanded satisfaction.
"Chode Harami! Zor sai chodu apni Maa ko! Mai na kiya mard pedda kiya ha! Chodu Mujhe!" (Fuck you bastard! Fuck your mother hard.) The woman gasped out.
"Low kutti! Mai tumari choot Phar dunga! Yeh low! Low apnay beta ka lund!" (Take it bitch! I am going to break your cunt! Take this! Take your son's cock!) The man said.
The handy cam now moved down to the side of the couple and Taimur got a side view of the lund ramming into the choot.
The couple were still hurling abuse at each other as they fucked.
Taimur was vaguely uneasy watching the film. Something about it was familiar.
"Oh Ammi! Mou khullo! Mou idhar karo jaldi!" (Oh mother! Open your mouth! Turn towards me, quickly) The man said urgently.
There was a moment of confusion as the handy cam blurred and then Taimur saw the top of a woman's head moving franticly as she sucked the lund of the young man.
There was the sound of heavy breathing as the man panted "Chosoo mera lund kutti! Mare Manni pilo. ahhh ahhhhhhhhh! (Suck my cock bitch! Swallow my cum)
The handy cam shook as the man let out a cry of pleasure and the woman sucked.
Taimur was as usual, pulling on his erect lund trying to postpone his own release of sperm.
The 15 minutes of video tape was no masterpiece, but the sheer raw sexual power of watching too amateurs fuck and curse in Urdu was a total mind fuck.
The man had stopped coming; the woman released his cock from her mouth and taking hold of it looked up and smiled into the handy cam lens.
"Itna zaiyda manni behta? Tum nai mutth nahi mare aj kiya?" (So much cum son? Didn't you jerk off today?) she asked before beginning to lick his lund clean.
Taimur stared in unbelieving shock as his lund spat a ball busting load of cum out into his fist.
There was no way it was possible, but his eyes saw at once why the film was familiar… It was shot in Zain's room, the 'Linkin Park' poster was there on the screen and on the wall and the woman not only looked like Zoobia auntie, it WAS Zoobia auntie.
The screen went blank as Taimur turned to look at Zain, sitting behind him on the bed.
"Jee haan Mare bhai. Wooh Mai aur Ammi thi." (Yes my brother. That was me and mum) Zain said with a smile.
Taimur could only stare in silence as Zain told him how he had been having sex with his own mother for several years. In fact, his mother had taken his virginity.
Taimur had listened in growing excitement as he found himself thinking of fucking his own mother and sisters.
As Taimur lay thinking, his lund as hard as ever, he sighed in frustration. Looking quickly sideways he saw that his elder brother, Nasir (20) was snoring away in the bed next to him in only his briefs.
If their father were to come in now, Nasir would be tugged by the ear to his feet and given a shout for being improperly dressed. Their father was a man with old fashioned views on just about everything. Dress code included.
No doubt Nasir, would be made to wear full shalwar Kamiz (Long shirt and baggy trousers) even to sleep in. Taimur wondered if his father showered in his clothes, perhaps nudity was taboo even alone in the shower?
Taimur lifted his legs straight up and let the legs of his shalwars balloon out down as the breeze of the fan penetrate to his manhood.
After Zain had asked him what Alia did for relief, months before, he had started to spy on her. Finally, he had managed to catch her in the washroom leaning back against the wall; her eyes closed she pushed a hand down the front of her shalwar and played with herself. Unfortunately, she had not undressed so Taimur, had been unable to see her body, as he himself masturbated outside the washroom window.
That had confirmed to him, the truth of Zain's words. Alia was hot and horny after getting no sex, after months of regular fucking.
Taimur heard his mother in the kitchen and realized that it was already 5pm and time to get up. As always Alia would be sitting in the lounge in her kamiz. (Long shirt)
He quickly dressed and went to the lounge as usual.
Alia smiled as Taimur came into the lounge and sat down. She was not embarrassed that her hard leaking nipple was staining her kamiz. To be honest, it made her feel very sexy to know a man was looking at her breasts, even if that man was her own brother.
Alia had noticed the look on Taimur's handsome tanned face, the first time she had seen him looking at her breasts. It was a look she had seen on her Tahir's face many times… the times when he wasn't arguing with her that is.
The tenting of his shalwar had confirmed what she suspected. Taimur was being turned on by the sight of her leaking breasts.
It wasn't only Taimur though, there was also his friend Zain who watched her with that hungry look, men seemed to have that look wherever she went. In Zain's case, his horny smile and lusty eyes didn't repulse or scare her. She actually liked it and made subtle gestures that she knew told him she liked it.
She bit her lip and squeezed her legs tightly together as she felt her choot (pussy) get hot and wet. Thinking about Zain and Taimur made her hot.
She had at first been appalled that Taimur could be the object of desire. Her own brother. But as she had often done as she fingered herself for relief, she fantasized about him fucking her. Since sex outside marriage was unthinkable, why not break every taboo in your mind. If you were going to finger fuck yourself till you came all over your fingers, why not make it as hot and nasty a fantasy as possible?
The hot lustful stares Taimur was unable to conceal made her feel hot.
It had been six months since she had been fucked last. A final hard, rough, goodbye fuck from her husband before he told her she was going back to her parents.
Her mind went to that night, remembering the pleasure she had felt as he had slammed his long hard burning hot Lund (cock) into her, over and over again, until she had cum with him.
Whatever the differences between them, sex was one area in which they were perfect for each other.
Her wedding night fears as he took her virginity had soon been overtaken by her natural sex drive. She remembered the surprised yet happy look on his face as she had quickly adjusted to his size and invasion of her, and matched his thrusts with her own.
The blood-stained sheet had been her salvation, its presence proof of her just taken virginity.
Alia, lost in her own thoughts suddenly realized that she was massaging and squeezing her heavy breast in plain sight of her brother. It was her luck and curse to be a milk machine. She always had more milk than the baby wanted. Her breasts sometimes ached with the pain of it.
She had drifted off in her thoughts and begun to squeeze and expel excess milk from her breast automatically only realizing her actions when Taimur stood up and closed the door of the lounge.
She smiled and began to lift her kamiz as Taimur knelt beside her and took a breast in his shaking hands and started squeezing and milking them as she had done.
Taimur looked mesmerized as he squeezed his sister's breast and saw the milk drip from her nipple.
Alia was shocked at him but soon gave in to the pleasure his hands were giving her.
She saw him bend and lick the milk tipped nipple and sighed. It was so good. It was so relaxing to feel her breasts being slowly drained of the painful excess milk.
The sound of their mother calling everyone to take tea brought them both to their senses.
Taimur looking shocked, scared and confused, released her breast and stood up, his Lund hard as steel in his shalwar kamiz and his balls throbbing painfully.
Alia said a silent thank you to him as their eyes met and she saw the effect she had on him.
Her pussy was almost weeping with desire as she adjusted her kamiz and told him to go and take tea.
The house was in darkness. The power had gone out in the whole area. It was 10.30pm and only Taimur and Alia were at home.

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