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The next morning, Karen showed up on the set with her boys in tow. They had pounded her pussy and ass the night before, but had finally had to insist that she get some sleep. Karen was introduced to Mavis and Ebony, who were the two young big black women who planned to run this old white slut through her paces today. As the two big black women smirked at Karen, Mavis said, "So you used to be a centerfold, huh?"
"That was a long time ago," Karen said.
"Well, yeah, I guess it was, bitch cuz you ain't nothing too hot today. You getting fat just like my girl Ebony and me."
"You're right, Mavis," she said. "I've put on about 25 pounds since my modeling days."
Ebony stepped into her face and said, "Listen bitch. You call me Miss Ebony and you call her Miss Mavis. And we'll call you anything we want. You understand me, bitch?" Karen slowly nodded her head and knew that she was in for a long morning. Trevonne smirked at Lester and said, "This is gonna be fun watching these two work our white slut over."
The two big women slapped and beat on their white subject for a long time while she was restrained on an 'X Rack' and on a table. They used all kinds of toys on her and had her pleading for mercy. She was whipped and spanked and suspended upside down by her ankles. Dildos were rammed into her pussy and ass holes and her face was constantly between the ass cheeks of one of the big women. The sweat poured from all of their bodies as the two women made their ex-centerfold scream and beg them to use her slutty body. The boys were playing with their cocks throughout the whole two hour session while watching their whore at the hands of the two unsympathetic black women.
When she was finally cut down, she fell into a heap on the cold wet floor as the two big women spit on her and walked away laughing. She lay on the floor for a few minutes before her boys helped her up and into the shower. The boys also had to help her to the car for the ride back home. They realized that she was in no shape to be a worthwhile fuck for them that night, so they dropped her off and went out to find some pussy.
It took Karen a day to bounce back and then she was right back into her routine of four or five videos per month, plus an occasional feature length type video. After a few months, the owner of the studio came to her and said, "Karen, we've had requests from a couple of other studios to lend you to them for a one or two video shoot. In exchange, they're going to send us one of their top draws for a few videos. You'll get a $5,000 bonus if you agree and you'll only spend a week at each of the three studios. Are you OK with that?" She quickly nodded her head, and he handed her a contract to sign.
The next week, Karen showed up at the first studio. She was scheduled to perform in two videos for them, and the primary reason they wanted her was because most of the studio's male stars wanted a crack at the ex-centerfold's body. They were both just the age-old stories: 1) her car broke down on a country road and five older men come by to help; and 2) her son brings six of his young friends over for the afternoon. She was surprised to see that this would be the first gang bangs with an all-white cast. Although she had fucked a few white men since her new career began, she much preferred being dominated by strong young black men. Both shoots went well, and all together, she fucked 11 actors, three camera men, one director and two set gophers. When she was released, she was happy to be going back to her black gang bangs.
She spent the next week back in her own studio doing one 'White MILF bangs high school basketball team' video. The following week she was sent to 'FU-ZOO Productions.' As she arrived, she wasn't sure she was in the right place. The address appeared to be a newer steel building style warehouse with a kennel attached to the side. It looked like there were a half-dozen large dogs in the kennel, and as she approached the door, she was greeted by a small greasy-looking man of Asian descent. He bowed as he stared at her chest and ushered her inside.
Tang Li offered her a cocktail and explained that she was there to perform in two videos for him that week. They were thrilled to have a star of her caliber in one of their films and hoped she would enjoy this different experience. As she began to get the picture, she took a big drink of her glass of whiskey as he went on, " . . . . and your contract with us says that you only have to perform for two videos which must be completed by us in three days. So you only have to come here today, tomorrow and next day."
After a couple more drinks, he led her out to the studio area. She saw a typical setup with a living room and a couple of cameras. There were a few men lounging around smoking and another man holding a large German Shepherd on a leash. Li smiled and pointed at the dog. Karen frowned and nodded her head. A deal is a deal.
At the end of her third day at FU-ZOO Productions, Karen spent an hour in the shower washing, douching and scrubbing her body. Although the boys wanted to hear of her experience at FU-ZOO, they decided to wait until the weekend and give her time to unwind and get drunk.
By the weekend, the boys were about to explode. They peppered her with questions about her experience with her furry lovers. At first, she was upset, but after a couple of drinks and some nipple massage and lite finger-fucking, she eventually told them all about it.
When she made it to her studio the following Monday, her director asked if she forgave him for getting her in to her experience of the prior week. When she laughed and nodded her head, he asked, "Do you think you'd ever want to do it again?"
She thought for a minute and then shrugged her shoulders and said, "I don't know. If my boys tell me to then I won't rule it out."
She had a relatively easy week at her studio. She did two one-on-one videos with men about her own age. The men were good lovers and considerate of her needs, which she found rare for this business. At the end of the week, the studio owner came to her and said, "Nest week is the last part of our deal, and it's only for one day. But I'm a little concerned for you."
"It will be OK, Tony," she said. "One day is easy."
"Well, this one won't be easy, Karen. This is another bondage video, and the two people running you through your paces are a professional husband and wife team that have broken everyone that they've worked on, and they've had some tough BDSM players. So, if it gets to be too much, just say the safe word and get out. That's how they'll market it; 'Wang and Lei Destroy American Centerfold.'"
Karen spent the weekend being at her boys' beck and call. The banged all of her holes and left her exhausted each night. She had to report to the studio on Tuesday morning, so she put on a shorter skirt than a woman her age should be wearing and a sleeveless top without a bra. As she stood looking in the mirror, she thought that she could afford to lose a few pounds, but at her age, she wasn't bad. Her 25 extra pounds had filled out her body to a 38-28-40 with legs that were shapelier than they were when she was posing for the magazine and modeling. She was a pretty middle-age woman that could still turn heads wherever she went.
When she walked in to the studio, everyone stopped and watched her ass and curvy body as she walked to the director and reported for duty. He called Wang Li and Lei Chu over and introduced them to the centerfold. The skinny man and woman smirked at her curvy body and then looked at her face and asked, "How long do you think you'll last with us American slut?"
"I . . . I d-don't know. I hope I can make it all the way through."
Wang, Lei and the director all laughed as Lei said, "As a woman, I know what you can and can't tolerate. I devised much of what we're going to do to you and after looking at your body, I doubt you'll make it halfway."
While Karen was preparing for her session, she began worrying about the two small Orientals who were going to administer her discipline and sexual punishment. When she was ready, she stepped back into the big room wearing a short robe and nothing else. After final instructions, the director said, "You'll need a safe word so when you've had enough, you can stop it. Your word will be 'Airport.'
"Wha . . . what makes you think I won't last the whole time?
He grinned and said, "A lot of women have tried; most of them much younger and more fit than you, but no one has succeeded yet. So, don't forget your word. Good luck."
She followed Lei and Wang into the next room and was shocked to see a 20-foot square room with a concrete floor. There was an X rack with shackles against one wall and a table with restraints in the middle of the room. She saw a short table with an attached dildo on a stick attached to an electric motor. Clamps, whips, paddles and other tools were spread around the immaculate room.
Lei and Wang were dressed in bizarre costumes made of either rubber or vinyl. She saw Lei nod towards one of the camera men and then she stepped up to Karen and slapped her in the face hard. She said, "Take the robe off, cunt! While you're in this room, I am Mistress and he is Master to you. You are just a fat piece of worthless fuck meat. Do you understand, cunt?"
Karen quickly removed her robe and said, "Yes Mistress."
Lei knew that they could conquer the older bitch anytime they wanted to, but they wanted to play with her for a while first. "Get on your knees and tell the camera that you're just a fat worthless piece of fuck meat." Karen immediately did as she was told as she looked straight at the camera. Lei had been instructed to denigrate the ex-centerfold at every chance.
They strapped her to the X-rack and attached nipple clamps and other clamps to her pussy and stomach. They both laughed as she screamed at the pain. The whip slashed her back, and then her buttocks over and over. She was turned around and the whip was used on her breasts, legs and pussy. As Wang turned to put the whip away, Lei touched Karen's nipples quickly with a small electric wand. "Ahhhh!" She screamed as she thrashed against her bonds. As Wang pushed a dildo in her wet pussy, Lei attached wires to her nipple clamps. Over the next few minutes, Wang brutally rammed the dildo into her pussy as Lei began shocking her nipples. Karen screamed and thrashed until the two thought she might hurt herself. She sighed as the clamps and dildo were removed.
They next laid Karen on her stomach and pulled her arms to each side and cuffed them and attached them to ropes suspended from the ceiling. A rope was tied to her hair and an electric dildo was shoved into her pussy, and another into her ass. As the electric dildos began going in and out of her pussy and ass. The ropes tightened and she was lifted in the air using her wrists, hair and the vibrators in her body. Once she was a few feet from the ground face the floor with her arms at her sides, the dildos began pistoning in and out of her holes. She helplessly hung from the ceiling and climaxed over and over as she yelled, "Oh yess! Ahhh! Unnggh!"
As they lowered her to the cold concrete floor, her body was covered with sweat. Lei said, "Had enough yet, cunt?"
"N-n-no M-mistress Lei." She croaked.
Karen was strapped on her back on a table and Wang shoved his cock into her bruised pussy. He definitely wanted a piece of this ex-centerfold, just for bragging rights with his friends. After he blew his load into her, Lei said, "Now we have to clean that cum from her nasty cunt." She grabbed a nearby hose and turned the cold water on and hit her with the hardest spray. She hosed her from head to foot laughing at her squeals and screams. As she was finishing, she inserted the tip of the hose into her pussy, and Karen came close to screaming 'Airport.'
Karen's wrists were still tied to the table. Wang split her legs and tied one ankle to each end of a three-foot steel rod. The two of them lifted the rod and hung it from a hook suspended from the ceiling.
Karen's arms and shoulders were on the table, but the rest of her body was lifted straight up in the air exposing her pussy and ass hole. Lei put a gag into her mouth so she couldn't yell the word to end their fun. Karen lay on her back watching Wang use a pocket knife on something that looked like a root of some sort until Lei began slapping her pussy, which gave her another orgasm.
As she was coming down from her orgasm, she watched as Wang shoved whatever he had been working on into her gaping pussy. He smiled at her and asked, "Do you like ginger, slut?" He then shoved another one into her ass. It took a few seconds, but Karen eventually got a shocked look on her face and began trying to thrash her body and get lose. She tried to scream through the gag, but Wang and Lei ignored her. While she was screaming, Wang and Lei stood on either side of her and slapped and pinched her breasts as they laughed at her pain. Lei picked up her shock wand and again touched her sensitive nipples making them laugh again.
Karen was covered with sweat and after thrashing and trying to get loose, she passed out. When she regained consciousness, she was hanging upside down with her legs still attached to either end of the steel bar. When Lei saw she had come around, she stepped forward with a vibrating saddle looking thing and attached it to her pussy area taking time to make sure it was vibrating directly on her clit. Lei and Wang then walked to the other side of the room for a quick break while their subject swung upside down as she climaxed over and over. Since her gag had been removed, she was screaming, "Oh fuck! Ahhhh! Yessss! Yesss! Arrrggggh! Ahhhhh, fuck meeee."
After a ten-minute break for a drink and to watch the old slut's body thrashing about and climaxing, Wang and Lei lowered her to the floor and removed the offending toy from her pussy. Wang lifted the exhausted slut from the floor by her hair and threw her against the wall where Lei strapped her in to the constraints. Although almost unconscious, she watched Lei walk towards her with a small green branch with leaves. Karen was confused as to what Lei was going to do when she felt an excruciating pain on her back as Lei gently whipped her back with the stinging nettles.
Karen screamed and cried and tried to remember the safe word when she felt the pain on her ass. As she looked to her side, she saw Wang looking at her smiling while holding a small spray bottle that looked a lot like, "Aahhh! Owwww! Shit1 Shit! Owwww!" She cried as Wang lightly sprayed her ass and back with alcohol.
As Karen hung from the wall, she was confused and delirious as she tried to recall the safe word to end her torture and humiliation. When she began to speak, Lei grabbed her chin and turned her head and kissed her hard. She shoved her tongue into the sweaty old woman's mouth as Wang stooped and slit a big battery-operated cock into her pussy. As Karen shoved her tongue into Lei's mouth, the vibrating cock drove her over the edge and she came and then pissed down her leg. After coming again, Wang cut her down and she dropped to the floor where Wang shoved her face into the piss and demanded that she clean it up.
Completely humiliated, Karen began slurping the piss as she still tried to remember the safe word. When it finally came to her, Lei shoved another gag into her mouth before she could say it. As she tried to say the word through the ball gag, Lei winked at Wang so he would know that Karen was on the verge of tapping out. He looked at his watch and mouthed, "One hour and 55 minutes so far."
They lifted Karen's sweating body and made her straddle a Sybian that was in one corner of the room. Her legs were strapped tightly on the sides and Lei turned it on full power. She turned and walked to Wang while Karen had one long continuous orgasm as the Sybian mauled her clit. After Karen was almost delirious, they shut it off and lifted her to her feet and strapped her arms to the wall.
They slipped a noose around her neck and tightened it so she wouldn't move her head too much. They strapped her legs to the wall and slid a board table over to her. Her breasts were strapped to the small table and Lei heated a needle and pierced her nipples. As she began screaming and thrashing her body, Wang tightened the noose to keep her still. When he was finished, she looked down and discovered that he had attached nipple rings to her. Wang grinned and lifted one so she could read it. It said, 'Whore,' and she knew it was true.
Her breasts still hurt as Wang took a dildo that had been soaked in ghost pepper powder from Lei and leaned down and slid it in to her pussy. The effect was immediate as her whole body began whipping and thrashing. They could hear her screams through the gag. Finally, Lei stepped forward and grabbed her hair to hold it still while she removed the gag.
"Ahhhh! Oh FUCK FUCK FUCK! Please stop! Ahhhh shit! Airport! Ahh. Airport. Airport. Airport. Please help me!" She pleaded. "You win! I give up!"
Wang stooped and removed the dildo as Lei carried the hose over and turned it on in her pussy. As Wang stood holding the dildo with his gloved hand, he held it close to one of her recently punched nipples. Her eyes were as big as saucers as she violently shook her head and cried, "No! N-no, please! I'll do anything, Master. Please no!" She was almost panicked as Wang laughed and stepped back. Lei stepped back and used the hose on Karen's body as she continued to scream, kick and moan.
Wang looked into her eyes and smugly asked, "So you give up, huh?"
She quickly nodded her head and said, "Yes. Yes. I give up. You win."
Lei asked, "You're just a worthless old fat over rated whore, then, aren't you?"
At this point, Karen would agree to anything. "Yes. Yes. You win. Anything you say. I'm just a worthless old whore."
Wang grinned mercilessly at her and asked, "You know you're on camera, right?"
"Y-yes," she rasped.
"Tell the audience that you're nothing but an old fat whore. Tell them that we own your fat body and gaping fuck hole."
Karen hesitated briefly. Wang slapped her and she immediately said, "You owned me. I'm just an old fat whore with a big pussy."
Wang smiled at the once proud centerfold and then unhooked her from the wall. She fell into a heap on the concrete floor as both cameras ended the shoot focusing on her unconscious body. As Lei and Wang left the room, the director said, "Nice touch Wang; sticking your cock in her like that. I must say that the old bitch lasted longer than I thought she would. "
Lei said, "Shit! She was ready to tap out an hour ago, but we gagged her so we could use that body some more. She couldn't even have kept up much better in her younger days, but now she's old and over the hill."
He asked, "Is she going to be OK?"
Wang laughed and said, "Yeah, she'll just be out for an hour or so. Why don't you let the guys fuck her?" And they did. Both cameramen and the director all fucked the unconscious woman. Since they wanted to leave, they carried her outside and dumped her and her clothes on the hood of her car just as she was beginning to regain consciousness.
She felt the sunshine on her naked body as she opened her eyes. Once she realized where she was, she grabbed her skirt and blouse and rolled off the car. She put on her clothes and made it into the car just as a few men that had been working at the nearby warehouse rounded the corner and started her direction. With shaking hands and a sweaty body, she drove home where she fell asleep in her bathtub after discovering and removing the Whore nipple rings. That night, she fell in to bed and slept like the dead.

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