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I married and we had a daughter now 5, my wife suddenly decided to divorce me. She had found someone else, and he was richer than I was. She also didn’t want to be saddled with a child and gave me full custody of our daughter. Once the divorce was final, she was already planning her wedding to her new boyfriend. Neither me nor our daughter were invited and was okay by me. I was happy making a new life for myself and daughter and had got promoted and was transferring aboard. On the same money, but with free hospitals (Medicare) and other perks. I left the day before the wedding was to be of my ex-wife. Only she cancelled it at the last minute, it seems her new husband to be, wasn’t rich as claimed and was using her to get access to her money. Of course, as she was paying for the wedding as it was the bride’s family who paid for weddings, she was out of pocket. So, she decided to get me to pay at least half of the cost, once I told her No. She said she would take my daughter off me and wouldn’t let me see her again. But she had one big problem the divorce, during the divorce she had told the judge that I could’ve full custody and she wanted nothing to do with our daughter. So, she made her claim for our daughter and claimed I had abducted her daughter aboard without her approval. But then Karma bit her on the ass as they say, the Judge during the divorce had entered into the record her lack of affection for our daughter and the Judge who heard her claim to get our daughter threw her case out saying you gave up all your rights during the divorce and she wasn’t happy. But she had no choice but to accept it, in the meantime I had met another woman who like me had a daughter almost the same age and we had started a relationship and are now engaged to marry. My future wife is very well and owns and runs her own company, I met her due to my transfer and we hit it off. Our daughters go to the same school and are best friends, we are all living together now and marrying next weekend. My future wife and I are adopting each other’s daughters and both daughters are very happy with becoming actual sisters. With my future wife already pregnant the family is getting bigger.

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