Katie’s Awakening Ch. 02

tagIncest/TabooKatie’s Awakening Ch. 02

Note: I want to thank everyone for all the positive comments for my first ever submission "Katie's Awakening." This is a continuation of that first chapter. I highly recommend reading the first installment so that the reader can get on step and follow the flow of the story. As this is a work in progress, I'm not sure where this story will eventually lead; that will largely depend on reader feedback. I look forward to reading all your comments and PLEASE vote.
This is a total work of fiction. All characters are consenting adults and over 18 years of age.
Chapter 2
"I take it you don't want to stop?" I asked breathlessly. I for one was exhausted, hot and sweaty. My legs were a bit wobbly and it was obvious to me that I didn't have quite the same stamina of my younger years. I felt like I needed a nap.
"Are you kidding, NO! I'm too wound up…I feel like a whole new world has just opened up for me and I can't wait to begin exploring it."
"Wow!" I thought. This isn't the same meek, studious little nerd like mouse of a girl who came on this trip with me. I've unknowingly created a real sex maniac.
"Well, what are you thinking about? What else you are curious about? Do you have something else you want to know about while we're here?" I asked.
She looked up at me and with a twinkle in her eye quietly said, "I've always wanted to know what it's like to suck a penis. Daddy, can you teach me?"
"Wow, I don't know Katie, showing you my dick and letting you touch it is one thing, but letting you suck me off just seems a little too much."
"Geez Dad," she whined, "You just rubbed the crap out of my pussy, got me off and jizzed all over me. We've already gone well beyond any societal norms. Don't you think it's better and safer if I learn this from you than someone I don't even know?"
'Yeah, but still, it just seems like we're pushing the envelope beyond any point that I'm comfortable with."
I turned around and sat down next to her on the edge of the bed. We were both still stark naked. "How about I talk you through it and explain how to give a good blow job? Will that work?" I asked.
She leaned forward sitting up straight. 'How so?"
"Well, let's see," I mused. "What's your favorite popsicle flavor?" I asked.
"Cherry, I guess," she responded.
"OK, remember when you were a kid and someone would take a popsicle, break it in half and give half to you and the other half to someone else?" She nodded as I continued, "Well, in your minds-eye, pretend the guy's penis is a cherry popsicle." With that I leaned back and rested on my elbows. As I did my cock slowly started to raise up, half erect, leaning to the side. It felt good as I felt Katie's warm hand gently hold and squeeze my ever hardening dick. I rested my hand her back and gently rubbed her smooth skin. I continued, "Treat that penis the same way you would a cherry popsicle. Continually lick around the base and sides. If you can, it also doesn't hurt, to occasionally suck his balls too. Slowly work up towards the head of his cock. Be sure to take your time licking and kissing the head. As you feel your partner becoming more aroused, pucker your lips over the tip and while twirling your tongue, suck the head of his cock into your mouth and work as much of the shaft into your mouth as you can. Suck hard on it, just like you would suck the cherry flavoring out of that popsicle. As you become more and more experienced, you'll learn to relax the back of your throat so that you won't gag. Remember that the harder you suck, the better it feels."
Before I could continue, she leaned over and started kissing and licking the head of my dick. I tried pushing her away and rolled over away from her. "What are you doing and what did I say earlier?" I implored.
'I'm sorry," she said, "It's just that staring at your penis and feeling it getting harder and harder in my hand as you talk to me about how to blow a guy is just too much. I'm so wet and gooey I can't stand it any longer. PLEASE let me do this!" she implored, and with that she leaned all the way over, grabbed my dick, pointing it toward her mouth while pulling me back over flat on my back. She was determined and I was too weak morally or physically to fight it. Besides, it felt just too good to stop. With a sigh, I scooted all the way up onto the bed and let her fulfill her fantasy. Listening to her sloppy slurping and watching her head bobbing up and down on my crank was the ultimate turn-on.
"Wait, stop." I said. She stopped and turned her flushed face and looked at me with blurry eyes. "Pivot around and straddle my face. Put your knees on either side of my head and lower your pussy onto my mouth. Have you heard of sixty nine? We're going to try that. You're not the only one who likes to suck."
Without uttering a word she pivoted around and straddled my head. I clamped my hands onto each of her cute little butt cheeks and guided her down into place. Her tight little virginal slit was dripping her creamy juices and her heady scent was only making me harder. Before I knew it, my cheeks were covered with her juices. I slid the tip of my tongue along her vaginal lips gradually pushing it inside her. With a shoveling motion I tried burying my tongue as deep in her as I could. Then I worked the index finger of my right hand along her juicy vaginal lips. After it was nice and gooey I moved my finger back up between her butt cheeks and began rubbing it into her anus just as I started sucking on her erect little clit. She jolted, arched her back and lifted her head back like she was going to howl at the moon. She gave out a loud, long moan as I pushed the tip of my index finger into her anus up to the first knuckle. I could feel her clenching her anal muscles tightly around my finger as she lowered her head back down on me and continued sucking.
For someone who had never given head, she was giving me the best blowjob of my life. Before I knew it, my legs started spasming and I was thrusting my pelvis trying to grind my cock into her nasty little mouth. She met every one of my thrusts with a groaning, slurping head-bob. Her head was like a jack hammer swallowing my dick while I was burying my entire face into her pussy sucking out as much of her juices as I possibly could. Finally I couldn't hold back any longer and shot load after load of cum into her mouth. I didn't have the time or the capability to warn her and she gagged and choked as I ejaculated down her throat. She collapsed on top of me. Exhausted, we both just laid there not moving. Eventually she rolled off of me onto her back with her legs apart. She was tired, sweaty and her face and chin were glazed with my sperm. I dragged myself around so that we were lying together face to face. Katie leaned over and gave me a big deep cum soaked kiss and said "Daddy, this is the best day ever!"

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