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Katya’s first date

She stood in front of the mirror and stared long and hard at her reflection. She put her hand in her hair and ruffled it up and down, pouting her lips and opening her eyes wide. Katya had always been insecure about her looks, but for absolutely no reason, since she was a wonderful looking young girl. She was 19 years old, had long deadly straight shoulder length brown hair and tanned skin, inherited from the Portuguese side of her family, her mother’s side.

It was her first date with Mark, who had asked her out in a café the previous week. She had been sitting there reading over some law books for an upcoming exam and he had come over, asked if he could sit with her and they had started chatting. He had asked for her number and after exchanging some texts, they had decided to meet. He was a nice looking guy and it wasn’t as if she had anything better to do on a Friday night. Her Friday nights had been doomed to studying law books and it enraged her that her social life had developed into such a state of nothingness.

Katya blew a kiss to her parents and left the front door, swinging her keys in her hand as she did so. Outside Mark sat in his car, the music blasting, he smoked a cigarette and when he saw her slender body making its way down the driveway towards him, he flicked it out of the window and watched it land on the pavement.

She jumped in and smiled at him “Hi you” she giggled, her strawberry scented perfume filling the car. She was wearing a white dress and underneath thick black tights, which showed perfectly the curves of her wonderful young body. Mark couldn’t take his eyes off her.

After a dinner, a bottle of wine and a long conversation in the local Italian, Mark drove her back to her place. Her parents had gone out for the evening and she asked if he would like to come in. He smiled and agreed.

Inside he took a seat on the sofa and ushered her over to sit next to him. Shy turned a slight shade of red and shyly came over and took a seat on the corner of the sofa. He leaned forward and kissed her. She barely responded, nerves getting the better of her.

“Come on, Katya” he said emphatically.

“I’m just… I’m just a bit new to this” she laughed nervously, looking down at the sofa, studying the patterned pillows.

He slipped a hand underneath her dress and pressed against her tight covered crotch. She gasped and jumped backwards, shocked at how rapidly he had come on to her.

“Woah, woah!” she laughed.

“It’s that time of the month I’m afraid!” she said. She turned an even deeper shade of red from embarrassment about having blurted that out.

“Then maybe you’ll show me your cute little arse?” He asked cheekily.

She burst out laughing and gave him an expression of “Are you mad?”

He looked at her lustily and asked her to turn over, pull up her dress and lie face down on the sofa. She looked at him astonished. Was he being serious? She didn’t know what to do or say. She was so caught in the moment that she turned and nervously lay down on the sofa, hitching up the back of her cute white dress, exposing her behind covered in the thick black tights she had bought and put on before coming out this evening.

Mark smiled at her and placed a hand on her arse. He slowly pulled down her black tights and with it the light green panties she was wearing. He could hear her gasping in shock. She was almost paralysed in the moment. He spread her arse cheeks apart with two hands and stared in admiration at her cute little arsehole. He licked a finger and ran it around the pink hole which was now winking at him. She moaned in pleasure, completely overcome by the moment. He slipped a finger inside her arsehole and she tightened up and gasped… “Uhhhh god….” She moaned.

Mark moved his hand down to his belt and unhooked it…. He was going to finish this job properly…

Katja turned her head, looked up at him and a look of shock spread across her face. He reached for belt, unbuckled it and slid it off his trousers, slowly. He put his penis at the entrance of her wonderfully tight little arsehole and pressed… She seized up and shouted “Woah woah woah, stop!!!” He whispered in her ear “Go with it Katya”…. “Just go with it”….

His cock eased slowly into her tight arsehole and he moaned as he felt the tight sphincter walls close in around his shaft. At this point, Katya was gasping, holding the side of the sofa and moaning into a pillow. He pushed until he was almost up to his balls inside her virgin arse and then slowly pulled back out again.  She turned and looked at him and he had a pure lust in his eyes. He wanted her so badly. He showed her his cock, which was rock hard, bouncing up and down in front of her face, glistening from the pre-cum which had oozed out as he had explored the inside of her wonderful arse. He spread her arse again and placed his cock at the entrance, pushing himself in this time faster, right up to his balls. She gasped again and her knuckles turned white as she grabbed one of the pillows. He began a rhythmic in and out motion, his balls slapping away on her arse-cheeks as she moaned in a mixture or pleasure and shock…. Thrusting her hips and arse up into the air….




So this is my first ever story and I’m looking for some feedback. 🙂

 Please let me know what you think & if you all like it, I’ll happily submit some more….K