Kay Brings A Friend Home

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Kay Brings A Friend Home
My evening with Susan was a short but delightful night. The slender eighteen-year-old was an energetic girl that was more than ready to offer up her virginity. While laying under the stars in the Phoenix desert, she enthusiastically gave up her cherry to my eager cock.
Over the next several weeks, my girlfriend Kay and I enjoyed each others bodies almost every night. We continued to experiment with varying forms of sex. Kay was soon able to give a pretty good deep-throat blow-job, especially when she was on her period. She was also beginning to enjoy getting fucked in her well lubricated ass.
Then one night while enjoying the afterglow of very romantic tryst, Kay softly spoke to me. “Pete, Jane just turned eighteen and wants to come see you. I must tell you first that she is quite heavy. She’s much heavier than I am. Because of that, she has asked me to stay and give her moral support if you would consent to take her virginity. I told her I would help if you agreed.”
“Well, I’ve already taken yours and Susan’s cherries, what’s one more among friends. Having you along sounds like fun.”
“There’s a little more. She also wants you to do her throat, tits, and ass in addition to her cherry.”
“Wow Baby! I don’t know if I can do all that in one short evening.”
“We thought about that too. She wants to come over here and spend the night or as long as it takes. Will that be alright with you? Please Pete. Jane will be the last virgin in our group that I’m aware of.”
“Alright Kay, for you. When does she want to come over?”
“Will tomorrow night be alright?”
“Sure Baby, now get over here. I’m ready to play with your luscious body again.”
Kay giggled, rolled on top of me, and sat on my cock in a matter of seconds. She rapidly bounce on my ridged cock hitting her cervix with every stroke until we both got a great cum. She then bent forward and we kissed passionately. She rolled off my cock and we cuddled together until falling sound asleep.
I greeted Jane at my door when she arrived a little after eight the next evening. Kay had been right. Jane was a big girl. I estimated she weighed over three hundred pounds. Her weight gave her a massive set of tits which she was proudly displaying with her low cut dress. Her long brunette hair surrounded a brightly smiling face with hazel eyes.
As I took a look at her, she spoke, “Hi Pete. I’m Jane, and I am glad to meet you. Though I’m nervous, I am anxiously looking forward to this evening.”
“Well come on in and let’s get this party started. We may be here all night.”
Jane giggle, smile broadly, and replied, “Ooh I hope so.” She then looked around.
“Kay is in the kitchen making us all a glass of tea. Have you eaten tonight? Kay says you want to do quite a lot tonight, and you’ll need to keep up your strength.”
Jane giggled again as I led her to my couch and sat beside her. “Jane, so I don’t get too far off base, may I go over what I understand you want tonight? Kay says you want me to take your virginity and do you in every way we know. Is that right?”
“Yes, I want it all.”
“I understand that means you want me take your virginity in your pussy, asshole, and mouth. We may also titty-fuck those delightful tits of yours. Is that what you want?”
“Again, yes, I want it all. Even if I yell, you just keep fucking me.” A sadness seemed to come over Jane. “Look at me Pete. I may never get another chance to have this body used like that again. So, yes, I want you to do it all with me.”
Okay Jane, if that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get. Aah, here’s Kay with out tea.”
Jane, Kay, and I sat and chatted as we drank our tea. When the tea was gone, I kissed Kay and said, “It’s party time. Jane, if you want to you can start our party by taking off your dress. Don’t forget the panties and bra too.”
“In your living room with all the light on? Can’t we go back to your bedroom and turn the lights off?” Jane resisted.
“Right here will be fine, Jane. You should not be ashamed of your body. There are lots of guys out there who like big girls.”
“Really? There are guys who would like me?”
Kay nodded to her friend.
“Yes! All you have to do is make it known you are available. Now strip, Honey!” I told her.
Jane slowly released the buttons holding her dress together. One by one, the buttons down the front of her dress parted. Jane was more timid than fearful, and she soon stood before Kay and I in the white panties and bra. The front closure bra was next to go. Jane’s massive tits hung unobstructed in front of me.
“Wow! That’s one hell of a set of tits, Jane. Now get rid of the rest.” I told her. Kay smiled at her friend.
Jane put her thumbs into the waste band of her panties. Slowly, she pushed her panties off her hips and down her legs until they fell to the floor. Jane had a substantial forest of dark pussy fur.
“Very nice, Jane. You have a great pair of tits and you look very desirable. There’s just one more thing I want to bring up. I like eating pussy.” Jane’s smile grew even wider. Have you ever considered shaving your pussy?”
Jane smiled broadly. “I’ve thought about it, but I can’t reach down there far enough. My belly gets in the way.”
“Kay honey, would you mind helping Jane lose her fur coat?”
“Not at all.” Kay replied. “Come on Jane, let’s go to the bathroom. We’ll have that fur gone and have you kissing fresh in no time.”
Both girls were giggling as they headed toward my restroom. They returned maybe thirty minutes later. Both had freshly showered and Jane’s pussy was as bald as a baby’s butt. “Well, what do you think, Pete?” Kay asked.
I stood and looked Jane over carefully. She blushed when I reached out and rubbed her freshly shaven pubic mound. “Spread your legs a bit Jane. I want to feel that pussy.”
Jane did as I asked and gasped when I ran my finger through her slit. She was wet with her own juices, so I pressed my finger in until I felt her hymen.
I pulled my finger out of her pussy lips and brought it up to my mouth. Her eyes widened in surprise when I sniffed my finger. I then put my finger in my mouth and licked it clean.
I told her, “Very nice, Jane. Are you ready to head for the bedroom now?”
Jane smiled and nodded her head. Kay and I took her by the arms and led the teen to my bed. We had her lay down in the middle of the bed. She immediately lifted her knees and spread her legs.
Jane smiled and said, “I’m ready to give you my virginity, Pete.”
I surprised her when I said, “Not yet, Jane. I’m going to eat that pussy first.” I kissed Kay and laid between Jane’s legs with my face just inches from her tightly sealed pussy. I gave Jane one long pussy lip parting lick from the bottom of her slit up to her clit. Jane gasped, jerked, and quivered as I continued to tenderly lick around her clit. I soon worked my tongue lower and drove it into her virgin hole. I continued to lick and suck Jane’s pussy until she was on the verge of an orgasm.
With one last deep sucking of her cunt, Jane thrust her pelvis up to my face and cried out. “OH PETE, I’M CUMING!” Her pussy became extremely wet with her internal juices flooding from her. She fell back to the bed trying to catch her breath. Jane was ready to give up her virginity.
“Kay, sit by Jane’s head. I want you to help her hold her legs up. Don’t let go until I tell you to. Jane wants to do this no matter how much she yells.” Kay looked down at her nodding friend and swiftly moved to where I wanted her. I knew Jane would have difficulty holding her large legs up while she got fucked.
I scooted my hips up to near Jane’s pussy. I lifted her right leg and had Kay hold her ankle. Jane’s left leg was next. I had Kay pull Jane’s legs up until her knees were close to her tits. Her pelvis was thus rolled up and offered easier access to her virgin pussy. Her pussy lips were slightly opened and ready to be penetrated.
I stroked and squeezed Jane’s huge tits until her nipples hardened and she was breathing heavily. “Are you ready, Jane?”
With a gasping voice she replied, “Oh yes, Pete. Take me now.”
I knee walked up until my cock was pressed to her virgin hole. I worked my cock’s head around her pussy to spread her lubricating juices and my precum.
“Now Pete! Give it to me now!”
I hovered over her crotch for a few seconds, then pressed my cock’s head downward. It slipped between her tight outer and inner pussy lips with little effort. Jane groaned and smiled up at me. Then I felt the resistance of her hymen. After a few more seconds delay, I shoved my cock into Jane’s depths. Her hymen was shredded as my cock passed through.
“OH FUCK! THAT HURTS! TAKE IT OUT. Please take it out Pete.”
Kay had held her ankles firmly, and Jane’s pussy remained impaled by my cock. I didn’t move. I bent over and kissed Jane’s tits. Her big belly prevented me from kissing her lips. “No Baby. This is exactly what you asked for. You cherry is gone and you are no longer a virgin. You’ve been devirginated. Just relax and it will feel better soon.”
“Are you sure?” She whimpered.
Kay leaned forward, kissed Jane’s forehead, and told her friend. “Yes Jane, it will feel much better real soon. Just relax and try to enjoy the feeling of Pete’s cock deep in your cunt. Can you feel him pressing against your cervix?”
Jane began to smile again. “Yes, I can feel him deep in me. It feels like he’s about to push into my womb. Pete, you can fuck me a little now. I’m still hurting, so go slow.” She then giggled and asked, “I’ve been devirginated?”
I amiled at her then did as she asked. Using short strokes deep in her tight cunt. As tight as she was, it didn’t take long before I was about to pump a load of cum into her. By the time I was ready to cum, I was giving Jane long deep thrusts into her pussy.
She was responding by rocking her pelvis so I went a little deeper into her and kept bumping into her cervix. Just as I began flooding her pussy with its first taste of cum, Jane had an orgasm of her own.
“Oh damn Pete, that was fantastic. Thank you for taking my cherry.” We rested a bit with my cock fully buried in her cunt. When I pulled my bloody cock from Jane’s still tender pussy, Kay let her legs fall back to the bed. Jane smiled up at me and asked what’s next.
Kay replied before I could. “Well Jane, you have to clean his cock. It’s covered in his cum and your blood and pussy juices. You don’t want to play with it that way. Unless Pete disagrees, I think you should learn to use your mouth next. I’ll help you learn to suck him off and maybe even take him deep into your throat.”
I just smiled at the two women. “Pete, lay on your back and let Jane clean your messy cock.” Kay told me. I obeyed.
“Kay, do you clean his cock after it’s been in your pussy?” Jane asked.
Kay answered, “I sure do, Don’t I Pete.”
I smiled and nodded in agreement.
“Okay, I’ll do it. If that’s what’s next, I’ll do whatever you guys tell me. I really want to do all this tonight.
Jane then turned on the bed and lay her head on my lower abdomen.
Kay then took charge. “Jane, kiss the head of Pete’s cock then lick it clean. Run your tongue all around the cock’s head until you have all the cum and blood off of it.”
Jane did everything Kay told her. When Kay encouraged Jane to take more cock into her mouth she did so without hesitation. Jane was soon pressing the head of my cock to the back of her mouth at the entrance to her throat. By then she had my cock completely clean.
Kay asked, “Jane, do you want to learn how I give a deep-throat blowjob?”
Without taking my cock our of her sucking mouth, Jane agreed. While nodding she tried to answer. “Uum humm.”
“Jane sweetie, relax you throat muscles while pushing Pete’s cock deeper. It’s okay if you gag. Just pull back and try again. It helps me if I swallow while taking his cock down my throat.
Jane was one hell of a student. She soon had most of my cock in her mouth and down her throat.
I patted Jane’s ass and said, “Jane Baby, you’re doing fantastic. You’ve got me about cum in your throat.”
Suddenly, Jane wrapped her arms around my hips and pulled. Just as I began cumming in her throat, she shoved my cock as far as it would go down her throat. She swallowed each spurt of cum that erupted from my cock. Even when I had finished cumming, Jane held my cock deep in her throat and swabbed it with her tongue.
As she pulled off my cock, Jane smiled and asked, “How was that? Did I do okay?” She then turned and lay next to me.
“No Baby.” A look of disappointment came over her face. “Jane Baby, that was not just okay. It was fantastic. You did great. What did you think of it?”
Jane laid facing me with Kay pressed up to my back. Jane thought a bit then replied. “ At first it was bitter and I didn’t like it so much. I got to like it after a while. I especially liked it when you shot your cum down my throat.”
“The bitterness was probably your cherry’s blood. You won’t ever have to taste that again unless you suck a pussy that’s on her period or suck a cock that’s just popped a cherry. I, for one, don’t recommend either. I’ll need a little while to recover. So, if you’d like, you can have Kay let you practice sucking and licking her pussy. I can attest that it’s a tasty pussy and you may like it. Try to give her a cum.”
“Kay, will you let me suck and lick your pussy?” Jane asked.
Kay enthusiastically replied, “Hell yes Jane. Lay down and I’ll sit on your face.
Kay soon had a dreamy look on her face. I assumed Jane was getting into eating Kay’s pussy and doing a good job of it. Kay had leaned forward and was mauling Jane’s huge tits. Jane’s nipples were erect and ready for Kay to suck. Jane moaned loudly when Kay took a nipple into her mouth. When Kay pressed Jane’s tits together and sucked both nipples at the same time Jane cried out in pleasure and went after Kay’s horny pussy with abandon.
By the time both women had cum and calmed down my cock had returned to serviceable status. It still need a bit more rest. To get it to full hardness, I put some lube on Jane’s tits and began sliding my cock between them. When I was at full staff, Kay lifted Jane’s head so I could reach her mouth with each thrust forward.
Without being told, Jane began kissing and sucking my cock each time it touched her lips.
“Jane, I think it’s time we fucked you up your ass. Are you ready for you last lesson for tonight?”
“Oh God yes! I am so wired now, I’ll do anything you asked. What do you want me to do?”
“Get up on your knees and spread them as wide as you can. Let your head and shoulders stay on the bed if you like.”
While Jane was getting into position to be fucked in her ass, I asked Kay for help. “Kay would you like to lube up her ass. Make sure she is well lubricated like I did for your first butt-fuck.”
“Okay Pete. One well greased asshole coming right up.” Kay took a large gob of anal lube and smeared it on Jane’s asshole. She took a second large glob and shoved it into Jane’s ass. Kay was soon stroking and twisting two well greased fingers in and out of Jane’s virgin ass. Jane was beginning to moan in pleasure.
I patted Kay’s ass to get her attention. “Kay, crawl under there and return the pussy licking favor Jane gave you as soon as I get my cock all the way into her ass.”
Kay smiled and nodded.
“Are you ready for your butt-fucking Jane?”
“Oh hell yes. Kay has me so worked up I may fuck your bedpost.”
“Okay then here it comes.” I placed the head of my cock on Jane’s asshole. With a quick shove, my cock’s head stretched and penetrated Jane’s sphincter.
“Oh!” Jane gasped.
“Are you alright Jane?” I asked.
“Yes, I was just surprised. Give me you cock.”
“Okay Baby. Here it comes.” I grabbed her hips and firmly shoved my cock deep into Jane’s virgin asshole.
“IIEEEEEE! Whoa, that’s a new sensation. Go on Pete. Fuck my ass!”
“Kay?” I didn’t have to say more and she didn’t have to respond. She instantly began licking Jane’s pussy.
I took a good firm grasp of Jane’s hips and began sawing my cock back and forth in Jane’s ass. She was soon grunting and pushing back to take as much cock as she could up her devirginated asshole. Except for Kay’s and Susan’s virgin pussy, Jane’s asshole was the tightest hole I had ever been in. Only Kay’s ass had been as hot.
Kay was busily licking away at Jane’s pussy from below. Jane had gotten up on her hands and pulled Kay’s hips under her face both women were greedily eating each others horny cunts. As my eruption neared, I motioned for Kay to extricate herself from under Jane’s body. Once she was clear, I grabbed a handful of each hip and began slamming into Jane’s ass. When I flooded her bowels with cum, Jane screamed and fell forward onto the bed. She had fainted.
After making certain Jane was alright, I went to take a shower while Kay lay with Jane. Both women soon joined me in the shower. We bathed each other and talked about Jane’s night of devirgination. I asked, “Jane, how do you feel. Will you be alright.”
She smile at me and replied, “My pussy and asshole are sore as hell. Kay says I’ll get over that real soon. I just hope I can have another night like this sometime.
Kay spoke up and agreed she’d like another night with Jane too.
“Jane, with the talent you’ve displayed, I think we can be certain we’ll invite you back real soon.

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