Kay is Ready

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Kay is Ready
It was a warm Saturday evening in the southwest desert city of Phoenix, Ariz. My baby sister, Jenny, was celebrating her eighteenth birthday with a bunch of her girlfriends. They had decided to go play miniature golf, but there wasn’t quite enough room in Jen’s car for all of them to fit in at same time. So Jenny called me.
“Hi Jen, how’s your party going?” I answered. Caller ID indicated in advance who was calling.
“Pete, could you help us out? We don’t have quite enough room in my car for all of us to go to the miniature golf place. Could you please come and take a few of us there in your your truck?”
“Sure Jen, I’ll be there in about ten minutes.” I could pack at least seven teenaged girls into my crew cab pick-up truck. Two could sit up front with me and four or five more in the back seat. More could pile in the back if they didn’t mind sitting on each others laps.
It is normal for this bunch of girls to call on me to provide transportation when they all get together. I get along well with Jenny and her friends, and I never mind helping them out whenever I can. Besides, I was a twenty-six-year-old, single male, and loved the view all those sweet young girls seemed to enjoy providing. There always seemed to be plenty of T&A to ogle.
As I pulled up in front my parents house, Kay, one of Jen’s friends, came running out. Kay was a cute thing even if she was just a bit over weight. The extra weight she carried enhanced her chest considerably. Kay had a very nice sized set of breasts, especially for an eighteen-year-old. I couldn’t help but watch her substantial tits bounce as she ran toward my truck. Her curly shoulder length brown hair blew in the breeze as she came toward me. She wore a blue and white print dress the came to just above her knees. It too floated on the breeze as she ran toward me. She appeared to be wearing a bra, but it didn’t do much to keep her boobs under control. They bounced wildly as she came trotting down the driveway. She ran around to the driver’s door of my truck and leaned in. Kay rested her boobs on the window sill. She smiled happily as her cleavage was very nicely presented for my viewing pleasure.
Her smile was contagious and I couldn’t help but smile back at the cute teen. Of course, the view she was offering of her boobs was very enjoyable.
After allowing me time to get a good look at her chest, Kay spoke. “Hi Pete. Thanks for coming so soon.”
“Hi Kay. Please tell the others I’m here and we can go anytime they’re ready.”
“Pete, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m the only one left. There just wasn’t room for me in their car.”
“I don’t mind at all, Kay. Hope in and we’ll be off.”
“There’s just one other thing.” She then pushed her boobs further past my truck’s window sill. That pulled the bodice of her dress down more than it already was. Her cleavage became even more pronounced.
As she allowed me to stare at her boobs, Kay continued. “I don’t really want to go miniature golfing with the othe girls. All they talk about is the stuff they do with their boyfriends. They really are quite vulgar at times. I haven’t done any of that, but I want to. I’m ready to find a boyfriend.”
I smiled broadly as I continued to stare at Kay’s boobs. Her boobs and her statement had left me open mouthed and speechless. I have liked Kay for a long time, but, as one of Jen’s friends, I considered her to be too young. Now, here she was offering herself to me.
“I mean it, Pete. I’m ready to give my up virginity to a nice guy. You are a very nice guy. I want to give myself to you. Please Pete, I know I’m fat, but I really want to do it with you. I want you to be my first lover.”
I was speechless for a little while. Pulling myself back together, I reached up and caressed her exposed cleavage. “Are you sure, Kay. You are such a pretty young lady.”
Kay smiled broadly and cooed when I squeezed her right breast. “Yes Pete. I am very sure. I turned eighteen a couple of months ago and I am ready to give you my cherry. I’ll do anything else you want me to do as well.”
“If you’re sure you want to do this with no strings attached, hop in.”
Kay was grinning from ear to ear as she ran around to the passenger side of my truck and climbed up into the cab. She scooted over to sit close to me. She then kissed my cheek and wrapped her left arm around my right arm. She hugged my arm and pulled it tightly to her left breast, and said, “Thank you, Pete.”
“Don’t thank me, Kay. It will be my pleasure to be with you tonight. Where would you like to go? Would you prefer your first time to be in the bed at my place, or would you rather give yourself under the stars?”
“Oh yes, under the stars! That sounds so romantic.”
I turned toward Kay and tenderly kissed her lips. As the kiss became firmer, she opened her mouth and our tongues fought a hungry duel in a heated French kiss. Kay moaned and seemed to melt in my arms.
I started my truck and slowly drove out of town and into the desert. Kay stayed pressed to my side. After going several miles out into the desert, I found a wide flat spot to park. When I shut my lights off the moon lit the scene with a soft romantic glow. There seemed to be a million stars blinking down on us from the inky blackness of space. This far into the desert the city lights didn’t over power the heavenly sights.
I helped Kay from my truck. She stood quietly and smiled at me as I pulled a furniture moving blanket from the tool box in the truck’s bed. The thick blanket would provide all the cushion we would need when it was spread on the desert floor.
I then took Kay into my arms and hugged her close. I think she enjoyed the feeling of her boobs being crushed into my chest. I know I certainly did. We kissed again. Our kiss became more and more heated. Our tongues fought another duel with each other. Kay soon began to gasp and breath rapidly.
She gave no resistance as I pulled her to stand on the blanket. We kissed again. I reached around behind her and slowly lowered the zipper of her dress. Kay sighed as I pushed the dress from her shoulders. It fell to the blanket at her feet.
I again hugged Kay to my chest and kissed her. I unhooked the clasp to her thin bra and pulled its straps off her shoulders.
She momentarily held her arms to her sides and kept her bra in place. As we kissed, she slowly allowed her arms to relax. Her bra quicly joined the dress on the blanket at her feet.
I stepped back, held my hands out, and cupped a breast in each hand. As I gently kneaded her breasts, I looked into her eyes, I said, “Kay, you have a wonderful set of tits. I love how they feel in my hands. They’re so soft yet firm.”
She smiled broadly and cooed but said nothing.
I then said, “Kay, kick your shoes off and come join me on the blanket.”
When she kicked her shoes off she was left in nothing but her silky white panties. She offered me her hands.
I took her hands in mine and spread them widely. I stepped back and looked her over. She stood before me in nothing but her panties. I could feel her hands nervously shaking. “Kay honey, you are a beautiful young lady.”
She replied, “Pete, I know I’m not beautiful. I’m fat!”
I pulled her close to me and spoke softly into her ear. “Kay, you are not fat. You are a little plump. I like plump girls. That plumpness has given you a fantastic set of tits. I am going to love tending to them as well as the rest of your beautiful body. Now come, lay on the blanket for me.”
She smiled broadly and knelt on the blanket. I helped her lay on her back on the blanket and began removing my clothes. I had a job in construction which helped keep my body in good shape. My stomach was solid and flat, my chest was well developed, and my arms were strong.
Kay said not a word as I began shedding my clothes, but she watched intently. When I removed my shirt, Kay smiled and cooed. I kicked off my boots and lowered my pants.
“Oh my!” She had seen the lump in my shorts.
I then lay down beside Kay. I could feel her nervousness as I pressed my body close to hers. I kissed her gently and began stroking her large tits. Her nipples soon expanded and became hard. Her breath quickened. She gasped when I gently pinched each of the hard nipples.
“Oh Pete, that feels nice.”
I kissed my way down her neck to her tits. She gasped again when I sucked each of her nipples into my mouth. She whimpered, “Oh yes, Pete. Suck my tits! That’s so good.”
I rolled partially onto her body and continued to suck and gently nip at her nipples. She brought her hands up and pressed my face firmly into her chest between the swell of her tits. I placed a large love bite between her ample mounds. While I sucked her flesh, I firmly squeezed both of her tits and pinched her nipples.
Kay was beginning to pant. She spread her legs allowing me to lay my hips between them.
I then kissed my way further down her soft body fondling her tits as I went. She giggled when I delved my tongue into her belly button. I slowly continued kissing my way down her belly toward her pussy. I got up on my knees and hooked my fingers under the elastic band of her panties. As I pushed her silky panties downward, she lifter her butt and allowed me to slip them past her hips and down her legs.
I could smell the scent of her arousal. She smelled delicious. Her dark pubic fur matched the hair on her head and was very wet. Kay did indeed seem ready to give herself to me.
As I kissed her furry pubic mound she gasped. Breathlessly she asked, “Pete, what are you going to do to me?”
“Kay honey, I’m going to eat that sweet pussy of yours.” I then gave Kay one long pussy lip parting lick from just above her asshole to her clit.
She gasped again and thrust her pelvis up to my face. She cried out, “Oh God, Pete. Do that again.”
“Of course, Baby. I’d love to. There’s nothing like the aroma and taste of a young virgin pussy, and your pussy tastes delicious.” I then proceeded to kiss, lick, suck, and drive my tongue into Kay’s virgin pussy until she thrust her pelvis up and cried out in orgasm.
“Pete, I’M CUMING! OH MY GOD, I’M CUMING!” She cried out. After she settled down a bit and regained her breath, she asked. “Pete that was fantastic. Will it hurt much when you take my virginity?”
“It may, but I’ll be as gentle as I can. Do you still want to give yourself to me?”
“Oh God yes! Please take me.”
I resumed eating Kay’s pussy until it seemed she was nearing another orgasm. I then quickly removed my underwear and my cock’s fat six inches stood proudly for her inspection.
Kay gasped again. “Oh my God, Pete. Will that thing fit in me? You know I’ve never done anything like this. It looks too big to fit in me.”
“It will fit, Kay. We’ll go slow and you will stretch. Like all virgins, it will probably hurt the first time, but it will soon feel much better. Just relax and let me take care of you. As a matter of fact, would you like to sit on top of me? That way you can control how much you take and how fast.”
With a nervous voice Kay replied, “I think so.”
I helped Kay get up and straddle my hips while I laid on my back. My cock was proudly standing tall. Kay slowly lowered her virgin pussy down to begin accepting the head of my cock. She could only take a little more than my cock’s head in her pussy before bumping into her hymen. She froze in place.
“It’s okay, Baby. Take your time. Slowly begin bouncing up and down on me.”
Kay tried her best, but she was unable to penetrate her pussy and break through her hymen with my cock. She was too afraid of the pain. She had tears flowing from her eyes. “I’m sorry, Pete. I just can’t do it. Will you help me?”
“Sure Baby. It’ll be my honor. Lay back down, and I’ll take your cherry as gently as I can.”
She bent down and kissed me with my cock’s head still in the opening of her pussy. As we kissed, I pulled her into a hug and held her tight. I rubbed her back from her ass to her neck. Then, without warning, I firmly grabbed her ass and thrust my hips up to meet her pelvis. My cock shot through her hymen and buried itself in her depths.
Poor Kay sat up straight, her eyes flashed wide open, and she yelled in pain. OH SHIT, PETE. THAT HURTS! TAKE IT OUT!”
“Okay Baby.” I pulled her back down and kissed her. I then began to release the tight hug I had on her and slid my cock out of her devirginated pussy.
Then she said, “No, wait Pete, leave it in. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be, or was. It’s not too bad now. I’m sorry I yelled like that.”
That’s okay, Kay, We should probably pull out of you anyway. We don’t want to get you pregnant now do we? Even precum has a little sperm in it.”
“It’s okay, Pete. You can stay in me. I’ve been on birth control pills for almost a year now. I’m safe. You can shoot in me. Besides, I want to know what it feels like when you cum in me too. Would you like to lay on top of me and do me now?”
“If that’s what you want, Baby. Hold on tight to me and I’ll roll us over.”
Kay wrapped her arms around my shoulders and held on as I rolled us over. My cock stayed in her tight pussy. I quickly settled deep into her freshly opened hole. We laid still and talked while letting my cock soak in Kay’s tender pussy.
I resumed fondling her ample tits and tweaking her nipples which were still hard. She enjoyed that and cooed in appreciation.
“I sure like your tits, Kay. They are so big and soft. They are such a delight to play with.”
She began to respond to her tits being caressed. Her breathing indicated she was becoming aroused again. Then I felt her pelvis rock up to accept more of my cock.
In response, I pressed deeper into her tight cavern.
“Take it easy on me, Pete. I’m still pretty sore.”
“Of course, Baby. I didn’t want to hurt you like that, but pain is part of giving up your virginity. I thought it would be easier on you if I took you quickly.”
“I know. All the girls know it hurts the first time. I was just afraid of the pain. I was more tired of listening to all the other girls talk about what their boyfriends do with them and how much they like it than I was afraid of the pain. I wanted to feel the same things. Now I’ll have something to smile about when they brag about their boyfriends. None of the girls have said anything about their boyfriends eating their pussy like you did.”
Kay lay quietly for a few minutes then softly spoke. “Pete, thank you.”
“No Baby, thank you. Your cherry was a very special gift you gave to me. I am honored to have been your first lover.”
“Pete, if you’ll go slow, you can do me now.”
“Okay Baby. I’ll do you as easy as I can.”
I then very slowly withdrew my cock from Kay’s tender pussy. Just as I was about to pull all the way out, I reversed course and pushed back into her depths. I continued to slowly pump in and out of Kay’s tender hole.
She soon began to tentatively return my strokes. “Oh Pete, it’s feeling much better now. In fact it feels pretty good. The pain is almost gone. You can speed up a little if you want to.”
I sped up and began feeding her pussy my full length. I could feel my cock’s head bump into her cervix each time I thrust fully into her tight hole.
“Umph, umph, umph.” Kay grunted each time I drove into her depths. “Oh damn Pete, that feels so good. I feel so full. Give it to me. I’m going to cum again. Fuck me good, Pete!”
She threw her legs up and wrapped them around my legs so she could pull me tightly to her groin. She matched each of my thrusts into her pussy with a thrust of her own. Another orgasm soon overwhelmed her.
I repeatedly slammed into her tight devirginated pussy and she grunted with each thrust. I pressed in deep and pumped a load of cum inside her pussy. Her cervix was bathed in its first taste of cum.
Kay pulled with her legs around me even tighter. Breathlessly she said, “Oh yeah Pete, I can feel you squirting in me. It feels so warm. It feels so good.”
We laid quietly together not moving. After a while, her legs tired. She unwrapped them from around my legs and lowered them to the blanket beside mine. I then rolled off her and snuggled close. In the moon light, I noticed my cock was streaked with her virgin blood. We lay and looked at the millions of stars over our heads.
After a long while, Kay spoke softly again. “Pete, thank you again for taking my virginity. I never knew it could be so wonderful. Pete, do you have a girlfriend?”
“I should be thanking you for the precious gift of your cherry. No Kay, I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m between girls right now.” I thought I knew what was coming next.
“Until you find a girl closer to your age, can I be your girlfriend? I would really like to go out with you again. I’d really like to learn all I can about loving you. Before you answer, I should tell you something. Your sister and I and some of the other girls set you up tonight. I could have squeezed into one of their cars, but I wanted you to take me out and make love to me. I am so sorry I lied to you. Will you please forgive me?”
About that time my cock had begun to revive and was standing tall again. I pulled Kay to me, passionately kissed her lips, and rolled on top of her soft and welcoming body. Just as I slid my cock deep into Kay’s pussy, I whispered in her ear. “You are forgiven, girlfriend.”
Kay threw her arms around me and moaned as my cock slid into her still tender pussy. “I’m still sore, but that feels so good. Am I your girlfriend now?”
As I slowly stroked my cock deep into Kay’s tight pussy, I told her, “Kay, I would be honored to have you as my girlfriend. You are such a sweetheart, and now you are my sweetheart.” We then continued kissing passionately as I slowly and repeatedly pressed my cock deep into her sex.
Kay pushed her pelvis up to meet me each time my cock bumped into her cervix. “Oh God, that feels so good. Give it to me, Pete. I CUMING AGAIN!”
I soon pressed deep into Kay’s depths and pumped another load of cum into her. We continued to cuddle for some time until it was getting late.
On the way home, Kay told me another little secret some of my sister’s girlfriends had. “Pete, there are a couple of other girls in our group in the same position I was in. They want to lose their virginity too. Would you mind if I shared you with them now and then? It would only be so you could pop their cherries, not fall in love with them.”
“Kay, I’ll have to give that some thought.”
I could only laugh at Kay’s proposition. I pulled her closer and kissed her. I said to her, “What a great night. I have a new girlfriend who has just given me her cheery, and now, she offers me the possibility of popping a couple of her friend’s cherries as they come of age. Life doesn’t get any better than this.”

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