Kay Shares Me with Susan

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Kay Shares Me With Susan
My sister’s friend, Kay, has been my girlfriend for several months now. It all started when my sister Jen, Kay, and their group of teenaged girlfriends tricked me into going out with Kay. They gave me no prior warning and not much choice. That first night with Kay, even though it had been unplanned, had been exceptionally pleasant and rewarding.
Before she even got in my truck, Kay had placed her ample boobs on my driver’s side window sill. She was obviously giving me an invitation to pet her tits. She then informed me she was ready to give up her virginity, and she wanted me to be her first lover. Her cherry was mine for the taking. At Kay’s request, I took her out into the desert outside Phoenix. There, under a moon and stars of the inky black desert sky, Kay did just what she had promised. She gave me her virginity with no strings attached. Of course, we were soon very much attached.
Over the last few months, Kay and I have tried almost every sexual activity and position we could think of. Kay had told me she wanted to learn all she could about sex. She eagerly engaged in any position of vaginal sex and quickly took to giving me blowjobs. She swallowed my cum every time. She had difficulty doing deep-throat, but she kept trying. Her plump tits were great for fondling and titty-fucking. The only thing she really had trouble doing was taking my cock up her butt. It took several attempts and lots of lube, but she was finally able to take it in her ass.
One night she came over to my place grinning from ear to ear. When I asked what had made her so happy, Kay lifted her skirt and showed me her freshly shaved pussy. Not a hair could be seen. I ate her pussy with enthusiasm that night until she had had multiple orgasms.
Then, one night after sex, we were cuddling and petting each other on my sofa. Kay smiled up at me. She said, “Pete, one of my friends, Susan, just turned eighteen.”
“Oh, that’s nice.” I replied
“No, you don’t understand. Remember, I asked about sharing you with a couple of my friends? Well, Susan asked to borrow you for one night.”
I thought about it for a few minutes then replied. “Kay honey, I thought you were kidding about that. You’re my girlfriend now, and I don’t want to be with anyone other than you.”
Kay cooed and smothered me with kisses before continuing her request. “Pete, you won’t be with someone else. You’ll just be doing Susan a favor. Please say you’ll do for Susan what you did for me. Please say you’ll take her cherry and be as gentle with her as you were the first time with me.”
“I don’t know Kay. I don’t want you to be jealous. I don’t want to loose you.”
“You won’t loose me. Please Pete, Susan and I really want you to take her cherry. Just take her cherry, you don’t have to fall in love with her.”
“Are you sure, Kay?”
“Yes! I’m very sure. Susan and I are both sure, We want you to shove your wonderful cock up her pussy and pop her cherry.”
After thinking about it a short time, I said to Kay, “Okay, I’ll do Susan. When and where do you two want me to do her?”
“She loved it when I told her about how you took me out into the desert and popped my cherry under the stars. Will you take her out into the desert too? Tomorrow night would be good if you will.”
“Okay Baby,” I replied. “If that’s what you guys want. Where does she want me to pick her up?”
“She said she’d come over here about nine o’clock and be ready to go. By the way, she’s says she’s been on the pill for about three months so she’ll be safe for you to fill her with your cum. She also said she would shave her pussy for you. I told her how much you liked it when I shaved my pussy bald.”
“Okay Baby. If she’s here at nine o’clock tomorrow night, it’ll be cherry popping time.”
Susan knocked on my door a few minutes before nine. I was very pleasantly surprised at the sight that greeted me when I opened my door. Susan was a slender young thing with bright blue eyes and long blonde hair. She stood a little over five foot two inches tall. She was wearing a light blue party dress, and I enjoyed the view. The hem of her skirt was a few inches above her knees. The top of the dress was cut low in both the front and back. Though she had small boobs, Susan and her dress were doing all they could to let her cleavage show.
Susan nervously looked up and with a big smile and sparkling eyes said, “Hi Pete. I am so happy you agreed to do this. Kay has told us all how sweet you were with her. I look forward to our time together tonight.”
To break the ice, I took her into my arms and kissed her lips tenderly.
Susan seemed to press herself into my body. She cooed and returned the kiss.
“Susan, are you sure you want to do this? Do you still want to do it in the desert?”
Susan threw her arms up around my neck, pulled herself up, and kissed me with passion. As I grabbed her ass to help hold her up, she wrapped her legs around mine and thrust her pelvis tightly against my growing cock. “Does that answer your question? I am so ready. Please take me out to where you first took Kay.”
Easing her down until she stood on her own feet,I told her, “Okay Baby. Let’s go cherry picking.”
Susan giggled and took my arm as we walked to my truck. Since she was so petite, I had to help her step up into the passenger seat. Before I could get around to the drivers side, she had scooted over to sit very close as we drove out of town. Whether she wanted to admit it or not, Susan was nervous. She talked a mile a minute on the ride out to the spot I had taken Kay. As soon as I stopped the truck, she seemed to freeze up. I had to pull on her arm before she slid out to me.
Without saying a word, she slid her butt across the seat, until her legs were hanging off the side of the seat. Her dress had ridden up over her hips revealing her naked ass and bald pussy.
“You have shaved your pussy and are not wearing panties. It looks like you are indeed ready to give up your virginity. ”
Susan grinned and replied, “Pete, Kay told us you like shaved pussy. I thought going without panties would help me get in the mood.”
I pulled her out of my truck and hugged her tightly. When I passionately kissed her, Susan seemed to loose her nervousness. She pressed her slender body tightly to mine and said, “I am ready, Pete.”
I pulled the furniture blanket out, laid it on the ground, and led Susan to stand in the middle of it. As I hugged her to me, I lowered the dress zipper down her back and pushed it off her shoulders. It fell to the blanket at her feet. She hadn’t worn a bra either. So, Susan stood facing me in nothing but her shoes which she quickly slipped off her feet.
“Let me look at you, Susan. Slowly turn for me.”
Susan turned until she was facing me again. “I know I don’t have nearly as much in the boob department as Kay, but I don’t think the rest of me is too bad.”
I reached out and took a tit in each hand. “Susan, your tits are quite enough for a slender young thing like you. The rest of you is great. I love your tight little ass and that bald pussy looks delicious.”
Susan grinned then knelt in front of me. She quickly laid on her back and spread her legs. “I’m ready Pete. You can pop my cherry now if you want to.”
“Not yet! You only think you are ready. I want to warm you up a bit first.”
I kicked off my boots and removed my clothes.
As Kay had done when she first saw my cock, Susan gasped in surprise. “I don’t think you will fit, Pete.”
“It’ll fit, Baby. I promise it will fit after I warm you up.” I laid next to her slim body and began kissing, licking, and caressing all over her face, ears, neck, and small tits. She gasped as I sucked her nipples into my mouth, swirled my tongue over them, and gently bit down. I then placed a small love bite on the inside slope of each tit. By then Susan was moaning and rolling her body back and forth. I kissed my way down her tight young body and teased her belly button with my tongue. She sucked in her belly and giggled as I delved into her belly button.
I continued kissing down her lower belly until I planted a firm kiss on her bald pubic mound. She gasped again with the first kiss to her tightly closed pussy lips. “Oh God yes Pete.”
I gave Susan a long, pussy lip parting, lick from the bottom of her pussy’s slit to her clit. She spread her legs wide and thrust her pelvis up to my lips as I teased her clit with my tongue.
“Yes Pete! Right there!” Susan gasped. She then used her hands to press my face tightly to her awakening pussy.
I ate Susan’s pussy to several orgasms that had her rapidly thrusting her pelvis up to my face. When she seemed to collapse her breathing was labored and her pussy was drooling with her lubricating juices.
“Oh Pete, I need you. Please take my cherry now.”
I crawled up her body and kissed her eagerly responsive lips. “It’s time, Baby. Are you sure you want this?”
“Yes Pete, take me now!”
I placed my hard cock’s head at the entrance to her virgin pussy. After moving it around the opening to her pussy to spread our personal lubricants and be certain I was in the right place, I slowly pushed my cock’s head into Susan’s nether lips. Her outer lips parted as did her inner lips granting me access to Susan’s treasured cherry. I soon encounter the resistance of her hymen.
Susan looked up and smiled. “Do it Pete. I know it will hurt. Just get it over with quickly.”
“Okay Baby. If that’s how you want me to take your cherry, that’s the way I’ll take it.” I gave her a few gentle strokes bumping into her hymen each time. She gasped with each thrust. Then, the next time I encountered her hymen, I hugged her tight and thrust forward. I buried my cock cervix deep in Susan’s tight virgin pussy.
“OH FUCK!” Susan cried out. “Damn that hurt!”
I stayed buried deep in Susan’s devirginated pussy. She quivered while holding me tight. As a tear rolled down her cheeks from each eye, she slowly began to relax.
I asked, “Are you alright, Susan?”
“I will be. Lay still for just a while, please. That hurt a little more than I expected.”
“Alright Baby. Take your time. We have all night.”
In just a few minutes, Susan intertwined her slender legs with mine. She tightened her leg muscles and pushed her pelvis up toward my cock. “I’m feeling a lot better now. Please, you can go ahead. Do me now. Just go slow.”
I pulled back from her depths just an inch or so before pushing back in. Slowly, I began taking shallow strokes in and out of Susan’s tender and freshly devirginated pussy. As she responded by gently rocking her pelvis, I increased the speed and power of my thrusts into her willing body.
“Umph, umph, umph!” Susan grunted each time I thrust into her and bumped her cervix. Susan unwrapped her legs from mine and, with her feet flat on the blanket, she raised her knees and spread her legs as wide as she could. She was soon returning each of my thrusts with her own. “Oh Pete, that’s feeling really good now. Give it to me. Come on, Pete! Please fuck me hard! Let me feel it when you cum in my pussy.”
Susan’s tight pussy soon had me on the edge of cuming. I hugged her tight and slammed deep into her hungry cunt. I bathed her cervix with its first taste of a man’s cum.
Susan wrapped her legs around my hips and used her heels to press on my ass. My spewing cock was forced against her cervix while she lifted her pelvis tightly to mine.
With a gasping voice she said, “Oh Pete, thank you. I’m so glad we did this. You feel so good in me. Your cum is making me feel warm and squishy inside. Kay is one lucky girl to get you all the time. I’ll bet I can find a nice and willing boyfriend to show me all I need to know to make me a good girlfriend and lover.”
My cock was soaking in Susan’s wet but still tight pussy. Her pussy muscles would occasionally spasm and squeeze my cock. Susan was going to be one hell of a fuck very soon. So I told her so. “Susan, you will soon be a great lover to some very luck young man.”
As we separated, her virgin blood streaked my cock and flowed with my cum from her pussy. I grabbed some napkins from the cab of my truck. I handed her some so she could wipe her bloody pussy while I wiped my cock as clean as I could. It was time to take Susan back to town. I knew Kay would want a full report of what Susan and I had done.

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