Keeping Up with the Neighbors Pt. 02

tagGroup SexKeeping Up with the Neighbors Pt. 02

Jason, Shane and Mel were three young people who had a least two things in common: they all lived in the same neighborhood, and they had all had group sex together during the past summer. Jason and Shane were in their early 30s, both around 6' tall with an athletic build. Mel was in her mid-30s, short, thin, toned with dark Italian skin, dark brown hair and brown eyes.
Things between Mel and Jason were much more complicated than either of their relationships with Shane. While Shane had just met the other two when he moved into the neighborhood a few months ago, Jason and Mel had plenty of history. Jason had dated Mel's sister on and off for the past few years while also enjoying the occasional episode with Mel during those off times. After Jason ended things with Mel's sister right around the same time Mel and her long-term boyfriend broke up, it was only a matter of time before Jason and Mel ended up together. Their chemistry – not to mention their geographical proximity – never allowed them to remain too far apart. When it came down to it, the only thing keeping them back from officially dating was Jason's history with Mel's sister.
When the two finally did have sex again, it was the same day that Mel had planned a date with her new neighbor Shane. Mel had gotten so caught up with her unexpected tryst with Jason that she completely forgot about her date. The details of that story have already been published, but, in summary, things turned out better than could have been expected, with the result of two threesome sessions with the boys before the night was over.
The three reconvened several times over the remainder of the summer for threesomes that were every bit as hot as the first one. They all knew, however, that it was a setup that could not continue. Both Jason and Shane wanted a girl of his own and couldn't just keep sharing Mel. Mel, too, knew she'd have to choose one or neither at some point so that they could all move on to normal lives. When it came to choosing between the two boys, Mel would always pick Jason because of the undeniable chemistry and history they had, not that there was anything wrong with Shane. After a while, it didn't bother Mel at all that Jason used to sleep with her sister, and her sister would get over it all the same.
As the summer progressed, Mel and Jason were dating, which meant the threesomes became less frequent until they were non-existent. They still hung out with Shane and even talked about doing another threesome. It just wasn't materializing anymore. Shane was doing just fine, though, as he had met a Filipino girl at work named Lisa. Lisa was about the same height as Mel and had dark skin, eyes and hair, like Mel. As things got serious between his two friends, Shane decided to ask Lisa out. Within a couple weeks, the two were having sex as well, and Shane was ready to introduce her to some of his friends, namely, Jason and Mel.
Jason and Shane arranged a double date one Friday evening after everyone was off work. They decided to meet at a local restaurant. Lisa was excited to meet some of Shane's friends, and Shane's friends were equally excited to meet her. What no one expected was a conflicting attraction between two of the group members.
Yes, Shane obviously was attracted to Mel, and when Jason first saw Lisa, he recognized her attractiveness right away. But the wrench in the group dynamic did not involve the men at all. Lisa and Mel were immediately captivated by each other's beauty, though neither one had dwelt on any type of same-sex attraction in recent years. Neither girl knew that the other one was thinking the same thing, but they both couldn't help but obsess about how pretty the other girl was. The boys, of course, had no clue either.
By the time the dinner was over, the chemistry between the two girls was so obvious that even the men noticed it. Jason and Shane were excited to see that their girlfriends were getting along so well and would likely be friends, but they didn't imagine the full depth of what was going on in the minds of both girls. Both knew they would be spending more time together if their current relationships continued, and the thought of being around each other that much made each of them lust for the other even more.
When it was time to split up and go home, Mel and Lisa shared an embrace. When the guys weren't paying attention, Mel gave Lisa a seductive look with her eyes and bit her lower lip in a clear attempt to be flirtatious, though Lisa couldn't be sure. Lisa flashed back her warm smile and gave Mel a little wave. Both girls suspected at this point that the attraction was mutual.
The one thing weighing on Shane that night, though, was that he and Lisa were on a double date with a girl Shane had fucked several times over the past couple months. Even though it was strictly carnal and always in a group setting, it was still something Lisa deserved to know. The very next day, Shane told Lisa everything, hoping to convince her that it was not an issue having Mel around. Lisa, of course, wanted Mel around more than Shane knew, and the fact that the other three had all been intimate like that made Lisa think not just about how hot she thought Mel was but of the real possibility that all four of them could have sex as a group. While the idea of lesbian sex with Mel hadn't fully formed in Lisa's mind yet, there was definitely a sexual element to her draw to Mel.
Meanwhile, Mel was thinking along the same lines. The door had never shut on having another threesome with Shane, and she thought it would be logical to invite Lisa and make it a foursome. It's just that neither girl built the nerve to suggest to her respective boyfriend. While Mel assumed any guy would be into bringing another girl into the bed, she couldn't be certain, and Mel, especially, didn't want to mess up the good thing she had going with Jason, finally after all these frustrating years.
A couple weeks later, the four of them were all out again at a bar. Mel was the designated driver, so she remained sober while her other friends enjoyed themselves. As the rest of them got more and more tipsy, the girls got more handsy. The boys were a little too tipsy to realize that the girls were getting unusually physical with each other, and the same-sex attraction went right over their heads. However, it was pretty clear to both Lisa and Mel at this point that there was something going on between them, and maybe group sex wouldn't be necessary to bring them together.
At the end of the night, Mel drove her friends home. It would have made sense to drop Lisa off first, since Shane, Jason and Mel all lived so close, but Mel intentionally took the boys home first so that it would be just Lisa and she. The girls talked during the 15-minute trip they were alone, neither one ready to admit to the other one the building lust each was experiencing. When Mel got Lisa to her apartment, Lisa didn't hesitate to ask Mel to come upstairs with her for a little bit to see her place. Again, harmless enough, but Mel's heart couldn't help but beat faster as Mel wondered if this was a move from the pretty Filipino girl.
Lisa invited Mel to get comfortable, so Mel sat on the couch while Lisa turned on the TV and then went to the bathroom. When Lisa returned, she sat down very close next to Mel, and they talked more and more, not even paying attention to the TV. Lisa, still a little tipsy, ran her hand up Mel's leg, near her vagina, which was starting to get wet just from Lisa's touch. Mel grinned and blurted out, "You're very pretty."
"So are you," Lisa responded, a sly grin on her face, hardly noticing she was leaning in for a kiss.
The next moment was a blur. One minute it was a peck on the lips, and the next minute, Lisa's tongue was battling Mel's as women's clothing began to be strewn throughout Lisa's living room. The girls broke off the kiss only to help each other remove their tops before they embraced again, their hands running up and down each other's flesh as more and more of it was getting exposed. Before they even realized it, their bare breasts were pressed against each other's, and they were both kicking their panties off so that both women were completely naked.
Lisa could feel herself sobering up, but she had no desire to abandon the decision she had made. She knew Mel was completely sober and very into what was going on. The girls' bodies expressed what their words had failed to do up until now. Hands continued to rub and grab while their flesh pressed together, tongues engaged with each other as the soft cries of passion escaped each other's mouths. Lisa attempted to gently pushed Mel onto the nearby couch but was still a little more inebriated than she realized. Her playful collapse onto Mel had Mel's back bounce off the edge of the soft couch, causing the girls to end up on the floor together. Mel landed on her back and laughed from the small gaffe. Lisa giggled as well as the girls eyes locked for a moment until Lisa slid down to Mel's crotch.
Mel's heart pounded, her brain came to life with excitement and her vagina moistened as she felt Lisa make her way down. Mel spread her legs for her female friend as Lisa settled between them, holding them gently apart at the base of Mel's thighs and leaning her face toward Mel's anticipating pussy. Mel reached down to spread her womanhood just as Lisa's tongue contacted it. Immediately Mel closed her eyes, arched her back and moaned. She continued to moan and squirm as Lisa slid her tongue into Mel's wet hole and up and down her moist slit.
Mel's hands moved to Lisa's hair, running through it as the pretty Filipino ate her pussy with vigor. Mel would have never known Lisa was mostly inexperienced in giving a girl oral because Lisa was pleasuring her better than most men had. As Lisa tasted Mel's sweet nectar, she craved more and began to lap feverishly at her Italian friend's cunt. Lisa continued until Mel enjoyed her first orgasm of the night.
Lisa ate Mel out straight through her orgasm and a bit beyond until Lisa stood up, walked over Mel and then straddled Mel's face, ready for Mel to return the favor. Like it was simply natural, Mel wrapped her arms around Lisa's thighs, pressing the beauty against her face, letting her tongue lick Lisa's slit, which was as wet as Mel's. Lisa grabbed one of her own boobs, her other hand in her own hair as she moaned from Mel's oral attention to her kitty. Lisa began to grind on Mel's face, during which Mel continued to hold onto Lisa and lick her pussy as well as she knew how. As the oral sex progressed, Lisa moaned louder, writhed harder and even began to gently life herself up and down on her new lover's face. Mel kept up, furiously tongue-fucking Lisa while Lisa moaned louder and louder until she went stiff and came hard in Mel's mouth.
Lisa sat down next to Mel once the orgasm subsided, and Mel sat up. Both girls smiled at each other and caught their breath, amazed at how much had transpired with so little dialogue between them. Neither one even knew how bad they had wanted that experience with each other until it was happening.
Lisa flipped on the TV and suggested Mel spend the night, since it was so late. Mel obliged. As they watched reruns of a sitcom they both liked, they sat close and talked. It wasn't long before they were talking about their boyfriends and wondering whether they should tell Jason and Shane what had just happened. It was then that Lisa remembered that Shane said something about having threesomes with Jason and Mel, so Lisa naturally had a bunch of questions.
Mel happily answered every question, like how often they had threesomes, what positions did they do, how did it feel and did she try double penetration. By the time they were done, not only were they certain they wanted to tell the boys so they could propose a four-way, but they were both so turned on that Lisa took Mel to her bedroom so they could enjoy another lesbian fuck on the comfortable bed before calling it a night. They were still naked from the last one, so all they had to do was get under the sheets and get to work.
Since they were already riled up, it didn't take much hand work on each other's bodies, particularly their breasts and vaginas, to have them both ready to go. Mel started on all fours with Lisa kneeling behind her, her finger easing into Mel's pussy before it was sliding in and out. Mel held onto a pillow and moaned, leaning forward and enjoying the stiff finger-fucking she was receiving from her friend. Lisa eventually leaned forward, holding onto Mel's ass with both hands and licking Mel's pussy mostly but also giving Mel's taint and asshole a few licks occasionally.
The girls then switched roles, Lisa on her back while Mel knelt between Lisa's legs and finger-fucked Lisa. After a few minutes, Mel leaned down, still fingering Lisa but now licking her clit as well. Lisa was thrashing with pleasure in no time and begged Mel to 69 her. Mel was excited by the request and immediately turned around, kneeling on either side of Lisa's head and lowering her pussy onto Lisa's face. Lisa put her hands on Mel's ass again and vigorously licked Mel's pussy, taint and asshole while Mel wrapped an arm around Lisa's thigh while fingering her with her free hand.
As the girls fucked in that position, they writhed and moaned, the bed gently creaking beneath them. Beads of sweat began to form on both bodies, causing their boobs and stomachs to slip a little as they squirmed on each other. Feeling Lisa's tongue on her ass gave Mel the idea to pull her finger out of Lisa's pussy and finger-fuck Lisa's ass instead, allowing Mel's tongue full access to Lisa's cunt. Lisa cried out, amused and aroused by the unexpected intruder in her ass, and she returned the favor. The girls fingered each other in the ass while eating each other's pussies for the remainder of their intercourse, their cries of pleasure and pants for air filling their ears as their sweaty, sexy bodies remained pressed together until, at last, they both came, Lisa first, followed quickly by Mel. The girls continued to finger each other in the same manner as they moaned through climaxes until they were both simply too exhausted to continue. At that point, Mel rolled off Lisa, and Lisa turned around and crawled beside Mel where the two ladies fell asleep.
The girls woke with no regrets and eager to tell the boys. However, when the opportunity came for each girl, neither one knew what to say or how to say it. In the coming days, they agreed they weren't ready to say anything and would pursue hooking up with each other in secret for a little while until they were ready. In the meantime, each girl was still having sex with her respective boyfriend as well. This setup continued for about a month, with Mel and Lisa hooking up behind the boys' backs three or four times until one fateful night when their cover was finally blown.
The girls were at Mel's house, innocently watching a movie at first and drinking wine while gabbing and gossiping. Inevitably, the chatter turned to kissing and petting, and, before long, clothes were being hastily discarded. Their sex progressed with taking turns sucking on each other's tits and then going down on each other until they locked into their favorite position, 69. As their bodies grinded on each other, slick with sweat, and moans leaked out of both girls as they licked and fingered each other's holes, Mel and Lisa were startled to realize that Jason was standing just inside the front door in the living room, mere feet away from their lovemaking. He had a huge smile on his face and something else huge going on in his pants.
Mel, who was underneath Lisa with her head closer to the door, went still, her finger knuckle-deep in Lisa's ass and panicked. "How long have you been standing there?"
"Just a few seconds," he said, "I was watching through the window for a few minutes, though."
"Creep!" Lisa chimed in, pushing herself up off Mel and facing the front door.
"You weren't answering your phone, and I was worried something was wrong, so I walked over to check on you," Jason explained, "and I've told you before you need to lock your door at night." Mel blushed, actually kind of moved that her boyfriend had been concerned for her. She was about to speak when Jason addressed the elephant in the room.
"I have so many questions, but the last thing I want to do is stop you two!" he said. "Should I go, or may I stay?" He desperately hoped for the latter.
Mel and Lisa shared a look. Lisa grinned, and Mel shrugged her shoulders before saying, "We'd have more room on the bed," she suggested. Mel and Jason knew from experience that Mel's bed was better suited for threesomes than her couch.
The two girls led the way to Mel's room as Jason trailed behind them, taking his shirt off as he went and eager to remove his pants to free up the hardon in there that was pressing uncomfortably against the fabric. By the time the girls got in the bed, Jason was naked as well and hopped in with them. It was the first time he saw Lisa naked, and he couldn't help but lust after her sexy body as well as for Mel. Since Shane was unaware of what was going on, Jason resolved to keep his hands off Lisa, but that didn't mean he couldn't enjoy watching Mel pleasure Lisa and vice versa while he fucked Mel.
Lisa lay on her back and spread her legs. Mel scooted in between them and picked up where she left off, probing Lisa's ass while licking her pussy. Jason noticed the anal play and wondered if Lisa would enjoy a cock in there at some point. For tonight, he focused his attention on Mel, kneeling behind her and slipping his big, hard cock into her tight pussy, which was nice and wet already, thanks to his friend's girlfriend. As Jason sank into Mel, he put his hands on her waist and proceeded to fuck her from behind while she ate Lisa's pussy and fingered her ass.
The threesome continued in that position for several minutes, Jason pounding Mel harder and harder as he watched on in utter arousal while his beautiful Italian girlfriend effectively ate his friend's Filipino girlfriend's twat. Lisa, meanwhile, loved the view of the tan hottie getting nailed from behind while she ate her out. Lisa, too, intended to keep herself from any man beside her boyfriend, but she couldn't help but wonder what it would be like for Shane and Jason to fuck her simultaneously like she knew they had done to Mel. All these thoughts and sensations had Lisa climaxing hard before long, with moans loud enough for the neighbors to hear.
Once Lisa came, the trio agreed to switch positions. Lisa stayed put, and Mel sat up, interlocking her legs with Lisa and sliding in until their vaginas came together. Mel propped herself up with one arm and held onto Lisa's shoulder with the other. Lisa, meanwhile, used a free hand to grasp Mel's ass, and the girls immediately began to grind their pussies together. There wasn't much room for Jason as he watched the girls' scissoring, but he found a spot next to Mel where he could stand and slip his cock into his girlfriend's mouth while she had sex with the other lady.
Lisa kept moaning loudly, while Mel's moans were stifled by her boyfriend's cock. Jason ran his hands through Mel's beautiful, straight hair and worshipped her as she pleasured two people at once. This position persisted for a few more moments until Mel pulled away, needing just a brief break. She was a bit frustrated because she had come very close to an orgasm and lost it, simply because her position had become a tad bit uncomfortable. In her frustration, Mel fell back onto her back. As she caught her breath, she didn't even realize at first that Jason and Lisa quickly advanced on her.
Mel giggled as Jason dove in to eat her pussy while Lisa fondled and sucked on Mel's boobs. Lisa worked her way up to Mel's mouth, and the girls kissed while Jason straightened his back, kneeling between Mel's legs, which he rested on his shoulders, and guided his cock back into her divine cunt. As Jason began to fuck Mel again, Lisa swung her leg around and straddled Mel's face. Mel, moaning from having her pussy railed, wrapped her arms around Lisa's thighs and ate the girl's pussy as it rubbed against her face.

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