Keira’s Nightie

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I have always been fond of my step-sister Keira. For the seven years her mum and my dad have been together, she's never been any trouble. Growing up she was always a sweet kid, kind of quiet; accepting of my dad into her life, the same way I accepted her mum into my life. We made a neat little family unit after my mum ran off to Barbados with some shredded Australian guy.
Keira is eighteen years old now, and she's changed a lot from the sweet kid I once knew. She's still pretty petite at 5'4", with lovely brunette hair that has a healthy sheen to it that shimmers in the light. Slim and dainty, she always seems to have a cute smile on her face, and is always set to start giggling at the slightest joke or funny happening. She has perfected her makeup skills over her teen years too, to the point where she started her own little side business doing her friends' and families makeup.
I usually see her around the house after I'm home from work; she goes to college three days a week on a hair and beauty course. My time is taken up with my full-time job at a call-centre, which is dull as all hell, but pays well enough that I can contribute around the house whilst saving up for my own mortgage. At twenty-two I think that's a pretty responsible goal.
Often if I catch a glimpse of Keira in her yoga pants, or coming out of the shower in her towel, wet brunette hair falling in gorgeous curls around her slim shoulders, I can't help but notice how great her figure is. She has danced competitively and as a hobby for five years now and it has given her bum a perfectly toned peach shape, as well as firming her thighs and calves… Not that I look for more than a few seconds.
I'm something of a loner, I don't hang out or go to clubs or anything, so when Keira started to ask where the best spots in town were, I said I would ask the guys at work. When I asked, they smirked at me.
"Why you asking foo'? You don't go out." Said Treyvon. Trey is two years younger than me, a black guy who is a hell of a brown noser, often agreeing with what my boss Lamar says and giving me a hard time.
"My step-sister Keira wants to know. She turned eighteen recently." I explained.
"Sheeit, she hot?" Lamar grinned, overhearing the conversation. Lamar is a few inches taller than me at 6'1" and jacked as hell, often coming into the office in cargo shorts that show an impressive bulge that nobody dare question him on.
"Umm…" I got tongue tied hard. The two pulled her up on Facebook quickly. I know they would see the profile pic of Keira and her best friend Maisie, who was also a smoking hot petite brunette, posing in their workout gear against a mirror.
"Sheit son! She is fiiine. Friend request sent!" Said Treyvon, smirking at me.
"Same, playa!" Lamar laughed and hi-fived.
My cheeks turned red and I tried to ignore them, burying my shame in work.
That evening, Keira came home from her dance class a little sweaty and red around the cheeks. She had her tight black leggings on with a flowery tube top, showing her perfectly smooth stomach. Despite her slimness she has some width of bone at the hips, giving her an hourglass figure sculpted through hours of excercise and healthy eating. I could smell the faint aroma of her flowery deodorant underneath her musky feminine sweat, which even has a sweet tang to it itself, as she approached me with her phone. She held it out and leaned forward, making her B-cup tits press together.
"Do you know these guys?" She asked quizzically, her pink headband contrasting with her gorgeous, deeply dark, hazel eyes. I looked at the phone and saw Lamar and Treyvon on the friend request section. Both of them had obnoxious profile pictures, Lamar shirtless in the mirror, Treyvon with a bottle of Grey Goose in a luxurious club.
"Uhh, y-yeah, they're guys at work…" I stuttered, trying to hide the tent rapidly being pitched in my trousers at the intoxicating scent of her post-workout dampness. There was a perfect teardrop gap between her thighs despite her standing with her dainty size 4 feet together.
"One of them, Treyvon, messaged me… They said you spoke about me at work, and told them I was hot?" She tilted her head and raised one eyebrow.
"W-what!" I exclaimed. "That's stupid! I hate those guys… Well… Why I oughta…" I babbled, flustered. She giggled, and put one hand on her hip in a sassy stance.
"So you don't think I'm hot then?" She teased, sweetly.
"Wha- I'm your step-brother!" I objected, mortified. My tent was well and truly pitched though, even with the minimal makeup she had on and her red post-workout glow of heat on her teasing face she was heart-achingly beautiful.
"Well… As long as you're sure." She said, then slowly leaned forward. I froze. She pursed her soft pink lips…
I leaned in…
Felt the heat of her body warming close to mine…
Then she moved to the side and pecked my cheek.
Giggling, she winked at me, then picked up her bag and went upstairs. I wrenched my eyes away from the mesmerising sway of her perfect ass and shook myself, blinking a few times, then tried to ignore my straining boner while I finished my microwave lasagne.
Now it's a couple of days later, a Friday, and I have kind of avoided seeing Keira around the house. It's just awkward. I check my phone calendar and see that I booked today off to give myself a three-day weekend. Score one for the boys back home!
But wait – Keira doesn't go to college on a Friday. Which means we may run into each other. Which means awkwardness. I groan and check the time. 9am. Step-mum and Dad will both be at work. I lay in bed and struggle with the classic male morning dilemma of needing to pee and simultaneously having a rod of steel due to morning wood. I get out of bed and tense my calves a few times, redirecting the blood flow down my legs and away from my dick. Getting it to semi is good enough and I throw on my dressing gown and stick my head out of my door to scan the landing.
To the immediate right of my room is the bathroom at the end of the hall, which is a blessing for me as it effectively acts as an ensuite. Across from me is step-mum and dad's room, the largest bedroom; then to the left of my room are the stairs. Past the stairs at the other end of the corridor is Keira's room.
I notice her door is closed and tiptoe to the bathroom, relieving myself with a deep relaxing "Ahhhhh." as I do. I always like to relax into a pee. I wipe the tip, flush and wash my hands, drying them on a fluffy white handtowel. Satisfied, I open the bathroom door.
Immediately I see that across from me Keira's door is ajar. There's a little glimpse of her pink flowery wallpaper just beyond it. I frown, knowing it was definitely closed when I left my room. I feel like I can hear muffled sounds, something that sounds like… An electric toothbrush? Is she brushing her teeth in her room?
Curious, I close my door audibly, to make her think I have gone back to bed. Then I tread carefully across the beige carpeted landing, avoiding the creaky floorboard at the top of the stairs. The buzzing sound hasn't stopped, and gets louder as I get nearer. I listen intently as I pass the stairs.
"Oh my god…" I hear Keira whisper softly. The buzzing goes moves as if a housefly is darting up and down rapidly – and then a low moan from Keira makes realisation dawn on me.
"Mmmm…" I hear her getting more vocal. It's definitely a vibrator. I am right outside her door now. I know when entering Keira's room that her double bed is immediately to the left, across from a TV balanced on a chest of drawers and a wardrobe with a full length mirror on one door. If I angle my head just past the door, I'll be able to see the mirror reflecting the bed.
Now I can hear telltale wet, slopping sounds as the vibrator is moving against her, and I visualise her sweet pussy. I feel the surge of intense arousal. Forget calf tensing, my tent is pitched seemingly for good.
"Ohh yes…" She sighs, I hear her rustling against the bedsheets, she must be moving her hips, wetly grinding her pussy against the vibrator slick with her teenage juices. I decide I must at least take a peek.
I edge towards the door decorated with a red heart and a bright yellow sign that says "Future Dance Star!" that she has had on there since age fourteen. Slowly I lean forward, extending my head just past the edge of the door…
The sight almost causes me to cum in my pants on the spot.
In the reflection of the mirror I see Keira is on the bed in nothing but a strappy pink flowery nightie that accentuates her sensuous tanned skin. The white cotton panties she must have slept in are discarded on the floor near the door. Her legs are spread, her back is arched and in her right hand she has a plastic, black, three-inch bullet vibrator she is rubbing over her clit. She is clearly riding waves of pleasure nearing orgasm, her other hand has pulled her perky tits out of her nightie and she rubs both pink nipples as much as she can in rhythm with the movement of her hips against the vibrator. Rubbing the toy in a circle around her clit, then dipping it between her wet pussy lips and into her hole, pushing it in and out and bringing it back up to her clit again; she moans in pleasure as my jaw is agape and my cock is rock hard.
"Mmm fuck!" Her hips buck once, twice, her legs shoot out straight and she makes a low "Ahhh" sound as she cums, holding the vibrator on the outside of her sensitive pussy lips so as to not overload herself, she savours the orgasm as the pleasurable waves cause her legs to shake. I realise soon she will come out of her masturbation trance and will likely look around, so in the moment I make a reckless, horny decision.
I crouch low, and lean further forward, reaching out my arm – and grab her soft white cotton panties from the floor.
Hearing nothing but my step-sisters heavy post-orgasm breathing and the fading buzz of the vibrator, I turn and creep quietly back into my room, opening and closing the door as softly as I can. Like a man possessed, I jump back into bed and examine my prize.
They aren't the kind one would wear to a club, or out on the town, but Keira's scent emanating from the delicate white material is already mesmerising me I pull my solid cock out and start jacking it, opening them up to look within.
In the undercarriage, the part coming into direct contact with her young pussy, is a soft patch of sticky dampness – I realise Keira must have been wearing these before she started playing with herself, and the wetness is from her sumptuous pussy juices. I hold them to my face and take a deep whiff, the intoxicating smell causing me involuntarily to make a low moan and starting beating harder, already knowing I'm going to cum soon.
A half-thought of guilt flashes through me as I get my next depraved idea – but I am too horny to stop myself. I lick her pussy juices from her panties, the musky taste somehow sweet and salty on my tongue, the depravity of the act increasing my arousal. Fuck, I'm going to cum!
Gripped by one last act of frenzied horniness, and without anywhere else to shoot my load, I hold the panties over my cock and pump ropes of jizz into the undercarriage, the stickiness from her pussy kissing my cockhead as our sexual juices mingle. My climax is so intense and gripping I let out another moan and shudder, lying there with my chest heaving.
As my arousal dies down, post-nut clarity sets in, and I feel anxiety sit heavy in my stomach. I just came in my step-sister's panties. Fuck. I just stole my step-sister's panties – and now I can't even return them – double fuck.
Then I hear the creak of the floorboard at the top of the stairs, and dainty Keira whistling a sunny tune in the hallway. I freeze as I hear footsteps outside my door. She lingers there for a second…
Then walks straight by into the bathroom. I breathe a small sigh of relief as I hear the shower start running, and with rising panic look down at her panties covered in my jizz.
How the hell am I going to explain this?

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