Kelsi’s Adventures Ch. 06

tagIncest/TabooKelsi's Adventures Ch. 06

[Author's Note: Jordan and Kelsi finally complete their two day session of basement bondage sex. The romance still continues.]
A still-naked Kelsi walks out of the basement, still a sticky mess of body sweat, female juices and male juices. She then heads to the showers to clean herself off, so that she can finally get some much needed sleep after a grueling two day session of basement bondage sex.
After vigorously cleaning herself up for bed, Kelsi decides to wear her blue robe, black shirt and a pair of jeans. She falls fast asleep in her bed. Or so she thought. While she's in a deep sleep, Jordan isn't through yet, as he decides to sneak his way into her bedroom for his overtime leftovers.
He removes her blanket from her bed, and once he spots her bare feet, he decides to play around, first by gently giving her feet a soothing massage, rubbing her soles, arches and toes. Then Jordan decides to give her soles some wet kisses, and moves his tongue all the way up to lick the tips of Kelsi's toes, knowing full well it turns him on.
None of it fazes Kelsi though, at least until she is about to wake up from her feet getting rubbed, licked and kissed by her own father while she's sleeping. She immediately wakes up as soon as he grabs her.
"OH!" Kelsi screamed, as her own father woke her up, and so she's kicking and screaming. Jordan tells her to shut up. "OHHHHHH! FUCK!" Kelsi screamed as Jordan grabs out a handkerchief and a chloroform bottle to put her back to sleep.
After having woken Kelsi up by kissing her feet and then chloroforming her back to sleep, Jordan then removes Kelsi's blue robe, grabs a pair of scissors to cut up her black shirt, pulls down her jeans, and uses the scissors to snip her lingerie bands in two, leaving Kelsi back to being fully naked again.
Once she regains her consciousness, Kelsi realizes that she is once again tied up and fully naked, only this time she's tied up to her own father's master bed, bound and spread. Jordan decides to shove his dick inside Kelsi's mouth so she would be obliged to give him a blowjob.
And then after she's done sucking his dick, Kelsi ends up resting her legs on Jordan's shoulders as he decides to fuck her pussy. And then he decides to sniff her sweaty feet, kiss her bare soles and licks her toes for his own pleasure, as she ends up getting an orgasm from being fucked in bondage on her father's bed while her feet get licked and kissed.
Because he's getting off on sniffing her sexy sweaty feet scent, Jordan ends up shooting his load inside Kelsi's pussy and he didn't even care enough to pull out at that point as his unconventional romantic love relationship with Kelsi keeps growing and growing with each passing day.
With a lot of cum shot inside her pussy and his now-flaccid dick still inside her, Jordan decides to lean over Kelsi's upper body to look at her in the eyes so that he's going to give Kelsi a kiss on her mouth, which he does and so he deep throat fucks her mouth with his tongue.
The next night later, Jordan met Kelsi outside her bedroom door, as she prepared to go to bed.
He continued to stand there, blocking the doorway to her room. Kelsi tried squeezing past Jordan, but his hands came up, gripping her arms tightly, and pulling her toward him in a tight embrace.
"From tonight on, you'll be sharing my bed," Jordan whispered gruffly in Kelsi's ear. She gazed up at him in shock. He couldn't be serious? But from his frozen expression, she could see he was dead serious. He led her firmly down the hall into his bedroom.
Locking the bedroom door behind him, he turned around, facing her. "You know the drill, Kelsi. Clothes off…on the bed…and spread em for daddy." said Jordan.
Afterwards, when Jordan emptied himself into her, he made Kelsi sleep with him in the 'spoon' position, his shrunken but lengthy penis still deep inside her, as he drifted off to sleep, his arms clutching her possessively. He woke up two more times during the night, hard and thick within her, thrusting hotly into Kelsi until he'd emptied his seed once again.
For the next two weeks, he basically kept her there in his bed, Jordan took delight in fucking Kelsi in various positions-from behind with her on all fours, or missionary, or Kelsi on her back, legs resting on his shoulders while he sank into her deeply. Kelsi's pussy became a constant sticky mess, always slick and dripping with his spunk. The bedsheets became indelibly stained with cum stains, and the room reeked of raw sex.
After the fifth day, Kelsi knew with a hopeless certainty that she was going to be pregnant for sure, if not already. Jordan had been fucking Kelsi right through the middle of her cycle, when she was the most fertile. It excited Jordan so much, to be grinding his fat cock deep against Kelsi's cervix, as he caressed her smooth taut belly.
"Just think, Kelsi, in a few months, your slim sexy belly is gonna get all big and round. Knocked up by your own daddy! Go! d!" Jordan groaned, as he emptied yet another river of sperm into Kelsi.
Jordan took particular delight in producing unwanted orgasms from Kelsi, pointing them out, knowing how embarrassing and humiliating it was for her. The first time Kelsi orgasmed was when Jordan had her sitting astride him, forcing her to slide up and down on his thick cock. Jordan had already come three times that day, and was taking forever to come again. She couldn't help it; Kelsi had been riding up and down on his thickness for over half an hour, and to her horror and utmost shame, Kelsi started to feel pleasure in her loins. Minutes passed, and the pleasure reached a pinnacle, and she remembered gasping and shaking, feeling her pussy muscles convulsed around his thick spurting cock.
Jordan knew immediately what had happened, and started roaring out loud about how he could feel Kelsi cumming all over his cock.
Since she started staying at home all the time now, Jordan's sexual interest in Kelsi flared anew. She didn't even resist anymore. What was the point? He couldn't sully her any more than she was already. As the weeks passed, Kelsi eventually lost her inhibitions. After some time, Kelsi actually started fucking Jordan back. Trapped in the house all day and night, there was really nothing else to do, so Jordan and Kelsi basically wound up fucking a lot.
It got so, that just the sight of Jordan's thick member was enough to get Kelsi's pussy wet. The weeks turned to months, and Kelsi's belly began to swell with the life Jordan had created in her. And in a sudden shock, Jordan decides to put himself into cryosleep so that he will not be able to age for the next 20 years, and remain 45 years old.

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