Kevin and Dawn Pt. 08

tagIncest/TabooKevin and Dawn Pt. 08

[Author's Note: All characters in this story are 18 years or older.]
Kevin and Dawn
(A short recap from Part-7)
The video cut to a close-up of Marcus slowly withdrawing his long cock from Marge's ass, one last time, and then faded out. It came back as a close-up on Marge and George's faces, as they kissed passionately, Marge atop George.
Marge lifted her face and just looked down at her husband, panting.
He smiled up at her, and said, "God, baby, I love you!"
She smiled in return, and replied, "I love you more!"
He gave her a quick kiss, and said, "Not possible!"
The screen then faded to black.
"Holy shit!" Vickie said. "That was so hot I completely forgot I was watching people I actually know! Jesus!"
"Yeah, I know!" Kevin said, rubbing the drooling bulge in his shorts. "You have to send that to me!"
"I don't think so," Vickie said. "We've invaded their privacy enough just watching it; I'm not going to share it."
"I agree," Dawn said. "But what do we do, now? It's not like we can un-see all that. Or un-know stuff we didn't know about Mom and Dad, before."
Vickie stared vacantly at the dark video screen, and as the wheels in her head spun, she answered, "I'm thinking."
Under a bright full moon, Kevin, Dawn, and Vickie spent a good deal of Saturday night outdoors, skinny-dipping in the pool, sucking cock and lapping pussy on the pool's edge, and fucking and sucking in various positions on the lounge chairs.
They were completely unaware that they were being watched—and videoed—through the "privacy" hedge by their next door neighbor and his wife, while he jerked off and she fingered her pussy. It was not their first time watching the kids, but the older woman was a surprising and welcome addition.
If they had known they were being watched, Vickie would likely have put on a much better show.
When Marge and George arrived home it was close to noon on Sunday. They were not surprised to see Vickie's car in the driveway as they knew that she planned to stop by and visit on her way to Florida for her new job.
The five went out to lunch, and enjoyed pleasant family conversation.
When they got home, Kevin and Dawn put on their swimsuits and went out to the pool as part of Vickie's plan, leaving her alone with her brother and sister-in-law in the kitchen.
When Marge excused herself to use the bathroom, Vickie took the opportunity to say to her brother, "You remember the old days in school when you used to pay me twenty bucks to suck you off after a bad date?"
Well used to his sister's penchant for trying to shock people—especially sexually—he just rolled with it, and replied, "You gave the best blowjobs I ever got until I met Marge." He laughed, and added, "I used to almost wish that my date wouldn't put out so I could go home and cum in your talented mouth."
Vickie laughed, too, and said, "That's hilarious! I used to look forward to giving you those blowjobs and swallowing your hot cum; I'd have done it for nothing! I'd have let you fuck me, too, if you'd asked."
"Sure! Tell me that now!" he replied with another laugh.
Just then Marge walked back in. "What's all the laughter about?" she asked.
George replied, "Oh, we were just reminiscing about the blowjobs Vic used to give me back in high school."
Suddenly, it was Vickie's turn to be shocked. Two days ago, she wouldn't have guessed that George would have ever told his wife about having incestuous sex with his sister. But now, when she recalled the hot video from Fantasy Key that she and the kids had just watched, that level of openness about sex made much more sense.
With this new opportunity, Vickie deviated from her original, still-nebulaous plan, and said to Marge, "So, were you incestuous in your youth, too?"
"I didn't have a brother—more's the pity—but my sister, Jeanie, and I used to play doctor," she replied. "One day our cousin, Eddie, caught us naked and fingering each other in the boathouse, and threatened to tell on us if we didn't let him watch. I told him he could only watch if he took his clothes off, too. The three of us ended up in a circle-jerk with him blowing his enormous load of spunk all over our hairy, wet pussies. Over the course of the summer that progressed into frequent fucking and sucking sessions."
"I'm impressed!" Vickie said. "I've always thought you were sexy, but I never guessed you were as perverted as George and me."
"A girl has to keep some secrets," Marge replied with a grin. The grin spread to a seductive smile, and she added, "And I've always thought that you were damned attractive and sexy, too, by the way."
Vickie's natural instinct would have been to pursue that obvious come-on line, but she forced herself to stay focused on her original intent when she started this unusual conversation. If it played out the way she hoped, the end result would be the same.
"So, I'm guessing," Vickie said, "that it might not shock either of you terribly much if you found out that Kevin and Dawn are prone toward incest, too."
Marge just stared at her with her mouth slightly agape, but George said, "How would you know that, Victoria?" There was a do-I-really-want-to-know sound to his voice.
Vickie figured that yes, he did want to know, and she explained, "When I got here yesterday morning …"
"Yesterday?" Marge interrupted. "I thought you told us you were coming today. I thought you just got here."
"That was the original plan," Vickie said. "But I managed to get away early and figured I could spend an extra day with you guys."
"Which hasn't answered the question," George said.
"Well, it was kind of early when I got here," Vickie went on, "so I let myself in quietly with your secret key, so as not to wake anyone up. I heard noises from upstairs and when I went up to announce myself, I found Dawn on top of Kevin in a sixty-nine. Both of them were bare-ass naked, of course, having just gotten out of a water-conserving shower."
"Oh, my God!" Marge said. But her tone wasn't one of horror, but more like someone who had just been told they won Publisher's Clearinghouse.
"No shit?" George said. Then he asked, "What did you do? What did they do?"
"They tried to cover up, which was just a little late," Vickie said. "And I took off my clothes and joined them."
"You had sex with our kids right here while we were gone?" Marge said. Again, her tone wasn't one of horror or even anger; there was more of a jealous quality to it.
"That was yesterday morning," George said. "What have you been doing since then?"
"Telling dirty stories of my sorted past," Vickie said. "Acting out a couple of fantasies; exploring curiosities."
"What kind of curiosities?" Marge asked, her own curiosity piqued.
"Well, you had the advantage of having a sister," Vickie answered, "Dawn had to wait to be caught giving her brother a blowjob before she could taste another pussy."
"What fantasies?" George asked.
"So, that's the really great part of all of this—at least in my perverted opinion," Vickie said. "It turns out that the two of them really have the hots for the two of you."
They both just stared at her with their mouths open.
Finally, Marge said, "They told you that?"
"In more than just words," Vickie answered as she took out her phone. She scrolled to a still-shot of herself on her knees with Kevin's dick in her mouth. She held the phone out for them to see, and added, "That's me pretending to be you for Kev's mom-in-the kitchen fantasy."
"Oh, my God!" Marge said.
Vickie swished to a photo of Kevin on top of Dawn in a missionary position, and said, "While her brother was driving his stiff cock up your daughter's cunt, Dawn was crying out, 'Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck your little girl's pussy!"
"Shit!" George moaned as he dropped his hand to rub the bulge in his pants. His erection was partly a reaction to the hot porn pictures that his sister had just shown them, but was supercharged by the thought that his sexy little step-daughter fantasized about him fucking her.
Part of Vickie's original plan had been to somehow segue into "accidentally" discovering Marge and George's porn stashes to break through the incest barrier. But how to do that without sidetracking the whole situation into an invasion-of-privacy issue continued to elude her. This serendipitous turn of events was working out much better!
"Can I safely assume by your non-horrified reactions to those photos and my revelation that you might be as interested in Kevin and Dawn as they are in you?" Vickie asked. "Perhaps you've even had a fantasy or two yourselves? I know I've had fantasies about those two!"
Marge and George just looked each other for a long moment. Finally, George said to Marge, "Dawn is a damned sexy girl; I'm not sure any guy—certainly not one who's as perverted as I am—could be around her all the time and not jerk off thinking about that cute little body."
Marge smiled, and replied to her husband, "I might have been thinking of Kevin a time or two when you were fucking me or maybe with my dildo."
Vickie was a little surprised that the two parents had apparently never discussed even the fantasy of sex with their respective kids given the open-mindedness that came out in their vacation video. But it was out now, and that was all that mattered to her.
"Well, there you have it!" Vickie said with a clap. "I think we should bring the kids in here and get the rest of this incest-taboo ice broken once and for all!"
Kevin and Dawn were neck-deep in the pool, hanging on to one side and wondering what their aunt might be saying to their parents. She had told them that she had a plan, but had refused to go into detail … mainly because she didn't really have much detail.
They expected that it would involve the discovery of their folks' porn stashes, somehow, but they couldn't guess how she would do that without pissing off their father about snooping around in their computers.
Suddenly, from the back door, they heard their mother's voice. "Dawn! Kevin! Dry yourselves off and come in here! Your father and I need to talk to you!"
They looked to see their mother standing in the doorway wearing a stern look on her face. Behind her, their aunt stood with a grimace on her face.
"Shit!" Kevin said quietly as he dried his sister's back. "Obviously, that didn't go the way Aunt Vickie had planned."
"Maybe we'll be moving out quicker than we thought," Dawn replied.
When they finally walked into the kitchen, Vickie was there by herself.
"They're in their bedroom," she told them. "They want to talk to you alone."
"What did you say to them?" Kevin asked in a hushed tone.
As she walked with them toward the bedroom, she replied quietly, "Well, I didn't tell them about finding their porn stashes or about Tommy."
Neither Kevin nor Dawn understood what that was supposed to mean, but the question evaporated from their minds when they stepped into the bedroom doorway and saw their parents standing there completely naked.
"Surprise!" Vickie said from behind them. "It looks like we're just one big, happy, perverted, and incestuous family!"
The kids stood there for a long moment—their mouths open—staring at their mother and father's naked bodies.
Finally, Vickie gave them a little push, and said, "As it turns out, your mom and dad are as horny for the two of you as you are for them. Apparently, it's in the blood."
Both parents opened their arms, and as George took Dawn in a passionate embrace, he said to her, "Dawn, sweetheart, you have no idea how much I've wanted to hold you this way; not just as a father, but … but as a lover."
"Oh, Daddy! Me too!" she said as she hugged him, pulling her bikini-clad body against his nakedness. As she felt his quickly-hardening dick against her pussy she wiggled her hips as she gave him a loving kiss.
Kissing her in return—in a way he had dreamt of doing for a very long time—he let his hands roam over her back before settling on her firm, round ass cheeks. Holding the thinly-covered globes tightly he pulled her hard against his now-fully-aroused boner.
Next to them, Marge had her arms around Kevin and was kissing him passionately. They broke for a moment, and he said to her, "Oh, God, Mom! I think you are so hot! This is like a dream! I can't believe I'm finally holding you like this, for real! God, I love you!"
"I love you, too, sweetheart," she said. "I've dreamt about this, too, but I never thought it might actually happen!" As she spoke she had her hands on his ass, and was pulling his erection— barely restrained by his swim trunks—against her naked pussy.
While the parents and siblings were getting acquainted Vickie had taken off her clothes. She moved over and gently separated the two kids from the parents.
They all looked at her a bit confused.
"First off," she said, pointing to the siblings' bathing suits, "you two are way overdressed for this party. Why don't you slip out of those things?"
The kids were naked in seconds, and then she had all four of them sit on the edge of the big California-king bed as she stood in front of them.
"You can't believe how thrilled I am to see you all together like this," she began. "And by that I mean naked and on the same bed. This is a perverted sister's, aunt's, and sister-in-law's horny dream come true!
"But while you guys are going to have all the time in the world to explore the possibilities of this new openness, I'm going to have to be leaving shortly if I'm going to make it to Florida when I need to, and I'd really like to be involved in this one time before I go."
"Hell, yes!" Kevin said.
"Of course!" George replied.
"Oh, my God, yes!" Marge added.
"Oh, please, yes!" Dawn agreed.
"So, how about if we all act out somebody's fantasy?" Vickie said. "I'm pretty sure that everybody here has had at least one wet dream about this situation. I know I have!"
"I think it should be yours!" Dawn said. "If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be here … and by that I mean naked and on the same bed."
"Oh, yes!" Marge agreed.
George added, "I'm in as long as I get to play the part of the oversexed, horny and perverted father, brother, and husband!"
"So, what's the set-up, Aunt Vickie?" Kevin asked. "Give us some direction; you've already given us all the motivation we need!"
Vickie thought for a moment, and then said, "Okay, so I'm here on the bed with Marge, and we're in a sixty-nine eating each other's pussies when Dawn comes home unexpectedly and catches us."
To Dawn, she went on, "You're shocked, but you don't say anything as you stand in the doorway, watching us. You quickly see how hot and loving girl/girl sex can be, and you start rubbing your pussy. You make a little squeak, and when we notice you there, we invite you to join us, which, of course, you willingly do."
"I'm loving it, so far!" George said, lightly stroking his stiff dick.
"Well, then Kevin gets home and when he hears the noises coming from the bedroom, he goes to explore, and of course, he ends up in the mix, too."
"Of course!" agreed Kevin.
"Then," Vickie continued, "George comes home early from a three-day business trip, and there's soon five naked bodies testing the strength of the bed."
Marge smiled at her sister-in-law, and said, "Seriously, Vic? You've actually had that fantasy?"
Vickie grinned back, and said, "Well, it may be a combination of several fantasies, but one of them certainly has my face between your lovely legs, Marge! I've thought about that since I first met you!"
Marge reached out and gave little pushes to get the others off the bed. "You three need to go to wardrobe and get some clothes on; it's not like you're going to be naked when you get home and catch us."
George's clothes were right there in the room, but he stepped into the hall to slip into them. Kevin and Dawn had to run upstairs to grab their clothes, but didn't bother put them on up there, instead hurrying back down to get dressed in the hallway, too.
George opened the second of the double-doors to the bedroom so all three of them could have a clear view and wait their turn.
Vickie had taken Marge's hands and helped her to her feet, and then they wrapped their arms around each other's naked bodies and went into a passionate kiss.
As their hands roamed over one another's backs and asses, they ground their pussy-mounds and mashed their generous tits together.
When they broke the long kiss, Marge said softly, "Oh, my God, Vic! I wish I had taken the leap and kissed you like that years ago! I've always thought you were so hot and sexy!"
"Well, I guess we've got some time to make up for," Vickie said as she crawled up on the bed and pulled Marge with her.
Vickie lay on her back, and after another hot kiss, Marge turned around, put her knees on either side of Vickie's head, and keeping her torso erect, she squatted her pussy down onto her sister-in-law's face.
Vickie opened her mouth and engulfed as much of the drenched pussy as she could. While Marge gently rocked her hips, fucking her sister-in-law's face, Vickie stuck her tongue out, probing as deeply into the soft folds as she could make it go.
"Oh, my God!" Marge moaned as she mashed her fingers into her own tits and pulled on the stiff nubs of her huge, dark nipples.
With Marge's sopping wet cunt squashed against her face, Vickie was barley able to breathe, much less talk, so she reached up and silently pulled Marge down to complete the other half of the sixty-nine.
Marge needed no more encouragement than a gentle tug, and she quickly had her face just inches from her sister-in-law's glistening pussy.
Aside from her sister's, many years ago, the only other pussy Marge had been this close to was Mila's during her and George's Fantasy Key vacation. Mila's pussy had bulging, clamshell lips that closed tightly, hiding her soft folds within.
Vickie's pussy was more like Marge's own; a gently rising vulva split into a soft, flower-petal slit that allowed the wavy edges of her fleshy labia to peek out. The other curious thing was the color of Vickie's labia; they were a pretty, delicate pink, where Marge's—and her sister's—were dark.
Vickie could feel Marge's breathe on her wet pussy lips, but for some reason she wasn't making contact. Was she suddenly having second thoughts about eating her sister-in-law's pussy? Was she put off because her husband and kids were watching?
She was about to reach up and put her hand on Marge's head to gently persuade her downward, when Marge said, "God, Vic, your pussy is so pretty! I can't believe I'm finally going to do this!"
With that, she gave a long, tender lick all the way from vulva to sphincter.
Vickie moaned as she pulled on Marge's labia with her lips, stretching the fleshy flower petals as far out as she could.
Marge then opened her mouth and covered Vickie's sopping pussy. As she sucked, she wiggled her tongue as deep into her sister-in-law's cunt hole as she could poke it, and then went in search of her clit.
Lost in the glorious, erotic intensity of eating one another's pussies for the first time, both Vickie and Marge completely forgot that they were part of a much larger fantasy, and had even forgotten that they were being watched.
Standing in the doorway, rubbing her pussy through her shorts, Dawn was impatient to join in, but she altruistically held back, letting the two women enjoy their one-on-one time for several very arousing minutes.
When Dawn finally blurted, "Oh, my God! Mom! Aunt Vickie!" it actually did startle the two women.

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