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She couldn't get over the belief that something was going on. The notion was so strong that she had resisted her husband's sexual overtures, and she always looked forward to their nightly sex at bedtime. He had since given up and fallen asleep, so here she was awake, perplexed, and horny.
Rose sat up, but really didn't know why. And then, she heard a thump. A quick glance at her husband showed that he didn't awaken or move. Easing quietly out of bed, she stepped softly to the door to their bedroom. Glancing down the hallway, she was surprised to see dim light coming from under the door to her stepson's room. She wondered why he would still be up. Or had he fallen asleep with the light on? Wide awake, she proceeded to investigate.
The lights were out in her daughter, Kelly's, room as she passed. As she got closer to Eric's room, she thought she heard moaning. It occurred to Rose that her stepson could be masturbating. She knew he did that having occasionally discovered cum-stained tissues in his trash can and dried yellow spots on his bed sheets. She'd have to open his door quietly and carefully so if he were still awake she wouldn't get caught. She didn't want to embarrass him either.
Rose halted at Eric's door. She'd only been married to his father for a short time and her relationship with her stepson hadn't really been that good. She figured he resented his dad marrying her, and then her coming in with a daughter, as well. But she knew the eighteen-year-old watched her, liked her body. She'd caught him staring a few times. But it was Kelly he hadn't gotten along with. They constantly fought. That is, until today. Suddenly, they were getting along very well. In the space of one day.
And that's why she thought something was going on.
Rose took a deep breath, considering whether she really wanted to peek. If caught, this could irreparably affect her relationship with her stepson. Then she heard another moan, but it was too high-pitched to be—
She pushed the door open a half-inch and tried to stand in such a way that she could see in and not be seen. And then, she saw more than she wanted to.
The reason Kelly and Eric were getting along so well was because they were in his bed together fucking like rabbits. Rose resisted an urge to burst in and stop them because she thought it was the parental thing to do. As she continued to watch, her mind raced through other options of what to do.
And then, both teens stifled moans as Kelly came hard and Eric pulled his cock out and shot large amounts of cream on her daughter's pussy and abdomen. His dick glistened with the mixture of Kelly's juices and his cum, but more than that, it was huge, certainly bigger than his dad's, her husband's. She caught herself from gasping aloud.
Rose quickly and quietly closed the door. She was frozen and could no longer focus on what she had seen the teenagers doing, nor what she should do about it. All her mind's eye could visualize was that shiny large dick. It was magnificent. Her hand instantly attacked her pussy. She was desperate to see that monster again, but she resisted the urge to open the door once more.
Then she heard Kelly say she'd see Eric tomorrow. She was probably returning to her room. Rose knew she had to make herself scarce, so she darted back to the master bedroom. Returning to her bed, her husband, Bernard, was still sleeping, lightly snoring. She considered waking him and demanding he fuck her silly. Sure, he satisfied her, but it wasn't his cock she wanted. Her hand returned to her pussy, and she diddled herself to an orgasm that provided only minor relief and little satisfaction. She finally fell asleep still thinking only of her stepson's amazing cock.
* * *
Rose's sudden obsession with her stepson's cock continued in the morning to the extent that she concocted a scheme when Kelly appeared in the kitchen in the morning.
"Morning, mom."
"Morning, Kelly. What are you doing today?"
With a heavy sigh, Kelly portrayed the day as another one of boredom though she really had a day of fucking Eric planned. "I guess another miserable day stuck home."
"Well, look. I've thought about it," Rose said, trying to sound genuine. "Perhaps I was a little harsh yesterday. I guess there's no harm in you going down to Angela's and hanging out for a while. Particularly since you did such a great job house cleaning. As long as you social distance and wear a mask."
"Oh." That caught Kelly off guard. "Are you sure?" As much of a fuss as she had made yesterday over not being able to go, she didn't want to make it sound like she didn't want to go now. Besides, Eric was still sleeping and probably would be for a while. With all their activity yesterday, he was really worn out when she left his room last night.
"Yes. Go ahead."
Kelly grabbed a cereal bar from the pantry and poured a glass of milk.
Rose continued to flit around the kitchen, hoping her daughter would hurry up and leave.
"You're not going to work?" Kelly asked.
"Later." Then Rose deviously thought to add, "They allowed me to do some work from home, so I'll be here for a little while."
"Oh, well, that's nice." Kelly tried to make it sound like she was happy for her mother, but under her breath, she cursed. She knew she'd be able to see her mother's car in the driveway from Angela's house, so she should probably keep up appearances for now, and head back when the woman left. "I guess if f Eric wakes up before you leave, let him know where I am."
"Will do," Rose said, pretending to root through her briefcase.
Finally, Kelly left. Rose rushed to watch through the blinds as her daughter walked down the street. She waited several agonizingly long minutes to make certain her daughter didn't come right back. Satisfied that she wasn't, Rose rushed back to her bedroom and slipped off her dress. She'd worn her sexiest bra and panties.
At Eric's door, Rose opened it slowly. She could see that her stepson was still sleeping, so she eased in. Quietly, she pulled his covers down, her wish having come true in that he had slept naked and he was sporting his morning wood. Kneeling beside his bed, she gently lifted his hard cock and let it slide between her lips. Tenderly, she took most of it into her mouth coating it heavily with her saliva before taking it all the way down her throat.
"Jeez, Kelly, you're insatiable," Eric grumbled before opening his eyes.
"Guess again," Rose whispered sensually, and then swallowed him again.
Eric's eyes snapped open, and when he saw his cock disappear down his stepmother's throat, he was horrified. But that feeling didn't last too long because she was too fucking good. "Mom—Rose—what are you doing?"
Looking up, Rose said, "Seriously? What do you think?"
"I mean, why are you doing that?"
"I thought you might want to try a real woman instead of a girl."
"Instead of a girl. What does that mean?"
"I'm sure Kelly doesn't have near the experience I have."
"I know about the two of you."
Eric wondered for a minute if she could just be bluffing. Maybe she had a suspicion and was trying to get him to admit it. But as his cock slipped back all the way down his stepmother's throat, he really couldn't concentrate on anything else.
"You can admit it or not," Rose added. "Doesn't really matter."
"So, w-what are you g-going to do?"
"I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked." Then she slurped both of his balls in her mouth at the same time, sucking on them.
That took his breath away, but he had the presence of mind to ask, "Why?"
"Because your cock is bigger than your dad's and I want to feel it inside of me," she explained going back to deep-throating him.
Eric smiled proudly without her seeing. He'd had some misgivings about his dad marrying Rose. He'd been resistant, even going so far as to be difficult. Just as with Kelly, they'd argued and disagreed, but Rose was his father's wife, so he had shown her some respect. But unlike his stepsister, he'd noticed his stepmother. How could he not? She was gorgeous and had a body to go along. Kelly had asked him yesterday morning when she'd caught him jerking off what he used to arouse himself, but he hadn't told her it was her hot mother that he always thought of. Of course, he never imagined in his horniest dreams that he would ever get to fuck her. And it was one opportunity he didn't think he wanted to pass up.
However, he did suddenly have one concern. "Where is Kelly?"
"I let her go to Angela's."
"So, this was pre-meditated," Eric surmised.
Rose stood, removed her panties, the crotch of which should have been moist from her leaking pussy, and dropped them on his face. She then crawled onto the bed and mounted her stepson cowgirl. His cock was so well coated with her saliva that he slid right in all the way until she was sitting on his balls.
"Ohhhhh-aaaahhhh!" he moaned. If he'd thought having his dick inside of his stepsister's pussy had been heaven, his stepmother's was divine. He'd also never understood what sniffing a woman's underwear did, so he'd never done it. But with hers now covering his nostrils, he suddenly felt lightheaded. And that was all as her snatch completely devoured him. He felt as though he should do something, but he was also powerless to do any more than just lay there and let her fuck him. It felt as though her vaginal muscles were massaging his dick. He'd never felt anything like it before.
Looking up, Eric watched her boobs dance in her bra, so he decided to free them. He reached around and unclasped the hooks. She shook her breasts and her bra fell on his face. He tossed it aside.
"You like me fucking you?" Rose asked.
When he opened his mouth to say yes, part of her panties slipped between his teeth, so she quickly stuffed in as much of the nylon as she could. His eyes widened, until he realized how kinky this was. Then he grinned—as best he could.
"Then you're going to love this." Rose eased off him, lifted his legs and pushed them back. She guided his cock back into her pussy. "This is called the Amazon position. Now, I'm really fucking you."
Eric had seen this position in porno films. He loved watching it and he loved her doing it to him. Reaching up, he fondled her tits, which were much bigger than her daughter's. They were firm, yet so soft. He was glad he'd come so many times yesterday, otherwise he would have probably blown a nut by now. Although, as good as his stepmother was, he might not be able to hold out for long.
"Rose?" he whispered.
"I'm back to being Rose?"
He shrugged. "I don't know. It seems weird to call you mom while we're doing this."
She giggled. "So, you have a moral issue with fucking your mom?"
"Yeah, but since you're really my stepmom, I'll make an exception."
"You'll make an exception." Rose chuckled. "Well, if you're enjoying this, you might want to re-think that statement."
"Would it help if I ate your pussy?"
"Wouldn't hurt." She rolled off him onto her back and spread her legs.
Eric moved into position, touching his tongue to her clit. He flicked his tongue back and forth over her button.
"Mmmm, you're pretty good at this," Rose complimented.
He bathed her vaginal area in saliva and let his tongue dance all over her genitalia. He noticed when his cock first slid into her juicy pussy, and now again as his mouth was all over her that there was a difference between fucking and sucking a young woman's snatch versus an older woman's. He wasn't sure what made him think that or why it even mattered. They both felt good. The major difference was Rose knew how to use hers. It had been exciting doing it with Kelly. But with Rose, there was a more erotic edge to it.
"Do you have to go to work?" Eric asked.
"Eventually. Why?"
"Just wondering how long we had."
"Not much longer. But more because I don't know how long Kelly is going to stay at Angela's. I would imagine she's anxious to get back in bed with you."
"Uh, uh . . ."
"Your turn to fuck me."
Eric moved into position to do her missionary, but Rose had another idea. She arranged him into a scissoring placement like two women might do, but she grabbed his cock and shoved it in, then grabbed his hands and pulled to drive him in as deep as possible. He found the penetration in this position incredible. It didn't take many thrusts for him to start to feel the beginning of his orgasm.
"Oh, yeah. Just keep doing it like that," Rose said. "I want to come. I need to come." His cock felt magnificent, completely filling her pussy. In this position, he went deeper than his dad could. "A little harder."
Eric complied, but had to warn her, "I'm about to come, too."
"Do it," she said. "Come inside me." She was close. But when she felt the first jets of his hot semen blast her insides, it drove her over the edge, and she came in a massive climax. She kept her roar as quiet as possible just in case Kelly was on her way back.
Eric was screeching like a little girl, his ejaculations just coming and coming. That also seemed to extend Rose's orgasm, and she felt his jism seeping out of her and down the crack of her ass. She shivered when she finished.
* * *
Yesterday, Kelly only wanted to go to Angela's because she had been bored having to stay home because of the virus. Today, she had planned a repeat of yesterday, but obviously, she hadn't expected her mother to stay home, so she'd had no choice but to go down to her friend's house. It had been difficult to focus on chit-chat with Angela, and Kelly was frustrated every time she glanced down the street and saw her mother's car still there. Finally, it occurred to her that if she returned home, maybe she could annoy her mother into leaving.
Kelly entered their home quietly in case Eric was still sleeping. She kind of hoped he was so she could climb into bed with him and awaken him with his dick in her mouth. But she heard it the moment she entered. What the fuck! she thought.
Tiptoeing down the hallway, they obviously hadn't expected her to return because his door was wide open. Kelly's first impression was to burst in, ranting and raving, and put a stop to this. But they were in Eric's bed, which suggested that her mother had initiated this, so she decided to watch for a bit. She knew her mother was horny. Kelly had listened at her parents' door many nights to them fucking and her mother's pleading for her stepfather to give it to her, which apparently, he always did.
But instead of being angry or mad, the longer she watched, Kelly actually found it highly arousing to see Eric's big cock sliding in and out of her mother's juicy pussy. And her mother really knew how to fuck. It was like watching live porn.
Kelly unhooked her jeans and slid the zipper down so she could jam her hand inside her panties to get to her pussy. She'd never had anything as exciting to watch to masturbate to. And as horny as she was, it didn't take much to—
And then they came, Eric with gobs of cum. Had he unloaded that much with her; Kelly wondered? But it didn't matter because she couldn't control her own orgasm, and what was worse, she couldn't stop herself from moaning out loud.
"Damn, that was good!" she heard her mother exclaim.
"Yes, it—oh shit!" Eric looked up at the sound of Kelly's moaning to see her standing at the foot of the bed with her hand between her legs.
"Oh, shit," Rose agreed as her eyes were drawn to her daughter.
"Oh shit is right," Kelly quickly had the presence of mind to note. Pulling her hand from her panties and making a sweeping gesture with it, she asked, "So, how long has this been going on?"
Rose and Eric glanced at each other. "This is the first time," her mother said.
"What's the matter? Is dad not taking care of you?" It came out kind of snarky, though she wasn't sure she meant it as such.
"He takes very good care of me."
"Then, why—"
"Because I watched the two of you last night."
That chopped Kelly down a notch. "Oh."
"So, before you get indignant on me," Rose said, "none of us," she added to make sure Eric knew he was as guilty, "is in any position to make excuses."
"I wasn't implying anything," Kelly quickly said defensively. "I guess I was just surprised that you were . . . cheating—" but she made sure to throw that word in "—on dad."
"Yeah, but it's not cheating like it would be if it were with some other man. The truth is, I woke up horny, Bernard had already left for work, and I remembered Eric's big cock," Rose admitted. "You couldn't resist it either, could you?"
Both females saw Eric's cock pulse at the mention of it. He'd lost his erection, but it was coming back. Kelly couldn't help but smirk.
"You want it, don't you?" Rose asked.
Kelly merely nodded.
Rose leaned closer to her daughter and whispered, "Then go for it."
Kelly was now so horny that it didn't occur to her until after she had her stepbrother's cock in her mouth that her mother's juices were also on it. She quickly let it slip away from her lips, yet there was something wildly erotic about it.
"I can't wait for you to fuck him so I can lick you off of him," Rose again whispered, gently pushing her daughter's head back down.
Kelly did not resist and sucked Eric's cock.
"Can I stay and play with the two of you?" Rose asked.
Halting her blowjob, Kelly glanced at Eric. Though he had a questioning expression on his face, she was certain he wanted her mom to stay.
"You've done a threesome before?" Kelly asked.
"Not in a long time. Before I met Bernard."
"And you want to do one with your daughter and stepson?" There was both amazement and excitement in Kelly's voice.
"Sure. It would be fun. And I could teach you two some things."
"You've done it with girls before?" Kelly had to ask.
"Again, not in a long time, and not on any regular basis. Mostly just during a threesome," Rose admitted. "Have you?"
Kelly was hesitant.
Rose could see it and some embarrassment. "It's okay, Kelly. Nothing to be ashamed of if you did."
After a deep breath, Kelly fessed up. "Angela and I have fooled around a little." But she quickly added, "Nothing serious. Just mostly, you know, playing."
"Wow! I would have liked to have seen that," Eric said excitedly.
Kelly merely shook her head and went back to sucking him. "Why do guys like to see two girls together?"
"Slow down," her mother instructed. "You'll both enjoy it much more if you take your time. Use your tongue. Play with it. Get it nice and wet. Stroke him also. Try to deep throat him."
Kelly did, but she gagged.
"That's okay. It takes practice. Now that you've got him good and hard, take off your clothes. Slowly and sensually. Play with yourself as you do."
Kelly complied, removing her jeans, panties, shirt, and bra. She rubbed her tits.
"That's it." And while her daughter was doing that, Rose went down on Eric, deep-throating him, to his groans and moans. She then moved up and engaged him in a wet and passionate kiss. "You have a better idea what to do?"
With a nod, Kelly went back to sucking her stepbrother as he fondled his stepmother's tits and they kissed again.
"You kiss good," Eric commented. "Give Kelly a lesson in that."
Kelly sat up with a surprised look.
Her mother leaned over and pressed her lips to her daughter's. Kelly and Angela had practiced kissing before, but neither had been very good at it, particularly since it felt awkward to be kissing another girl. But Eric was right. Her mother was good! She'd had her fist around his cock and felt it pulse at the sight of the two females pressing their lips together.

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