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Normal disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons living or dead is coincidental. All persons depicted in sexual acts are at least 18 years of age and consenting adults. This story involves incest. If that's not your thing, then you should stop reading now. Otherwise, enjoy yourself.
Special thanks to Todger65 for their proofreading efforts.
Author's note: This story is a bit of a departure for me. It is significantly shorter than my other submissions and it is written in the third person. Your feedback on this one will be even more appreciated.
Brian sat on the steps of his back porch, watching the dogs run and chase each other around the yard. It was another lazy summer afternoon, and he was home alone. Brian kicked at a beetle and tried not to think about the night before.
Brian had a date with Lindsey that night, and to put things mildly, it was a disaster. Lindsey and Brian had been friends for years, and they had gotten closer in their senior year of high school. They had a joint birthday party last month when they turned 18, four days apart. When it was over, she gave him a hug that lasted seemingly forever and rested her head on his shoulder to whisper "Happy Birthday" to him. Brian honestly thought Lindsey liked him. He sure liked her, she had beamed and smiled at him when she agreed to go out on a date with him. She was flirty and fun all the time, but he thought she became even more so in the days leading up to their date.
Brian had arrived, dressed in freshly pressed slacks, dress shirt and tie. Lindsey wore a tight little red dress, showing off her toned curves and really drawing in the eye of any man in the same room. They had a nice dinner and took a long walk along the historical district downtown. She held his hand. She gave Brian all the supposed signals. They stopped at a cross walk and he leaned over to kiss her. Lindsey pushed him away.
"I'm sorry Brian," She said with a sad smile. "I'm having a great time, but I don't really think of you like that. I'd just like to stay friends."
Brian replied something, although right now the words were lost in the fog that had cast over him ever since. He had been rejected by what he thought was the perfect girl for him.
The thing is, last night was Brian's first date. Brian is a little shorter than, and quite a bit pudgier than the average 18-year-old boy. He still had some issues with acne and could maybe be called average looking on a good day. He wasn't athletic or overly charismatic, either. Brian was funny, but probably way too into anime and sci fi for his own good.
Brian got up and went back into the house. His older sister Kim and her college roommate Victoria were snuggled up on the couch together. Kim came home from school when the pandemic of 2020 started and opted to not go back to campus right away. Instead, she took all her classes online. Victoria had moved in with her as well. She was from New Zealand and could not afford to fly home again so soon. Plus, New Zealand locked down early and seriously when the virus began to spread, and that made international travel more difficult.
Brian didn't know if his parents were accepting or oblivious to their relationship. It was painfully obvious that the girls were involved with each other. Brian had walked in on them making out several times, plus the moans and groans coming from Kim's room were pretty unmistakable. Both his parents worked fulltime jobs at the hospital, so their workloads had more than doubled in the last year. That made it plausible they didn't pay attention to their adult daughter and her roommate, as long as the girls continued to pitch in with the cooking, cleaning, and laundry like they had been doing.
He tried to ignore the girls as they lay watching a movie together. As he walked past, Kim called out to him.
"Hey, how'd the big date go last night?" she asked. Brian had confided in his sister that he really liked Lindsey and she was the one who encouraged him to ask her out.
"Yeah, did you finally get you some pussy?" Victoria chimed in. She had a gruff, blunt way about her that her Kiwi accent only enhanced. Brian usually thought she was funny, but not tonight.
"I don't want to talk about it." He mumbled and darted into his room, slamming the door behind him. Brian threw himself onto the bed and just lay there. He wanted to cry, but part of his brain told him guys were not supposed to cry about things like this. He turned over and grabbed a graphic novel off his desk and started to read.
He lost himself in that fantasy world for a while, and he finished the book in a better mood. He realized he had not eaten today and went to the kitchen. There he found Victoria alone, standing by the stove.
"Hey stud. You hungry?" She asked, pointing a wooden spoon at him.
"Sure," he mumbled. "What's that?" He asked, pointing at the pot on the burner.
"I got pork chops in the oven and I'm making some mac – n – cheese. It'll be just you and me for a while."
"Kim at work?" He asked, knowing the answer already. Kim worked just about every night at a convenience store a few blocks away.
"And Bill and Sally won't be back until Sunday night." She reminded him. His parents had been asked to go to a hospital a hundred or so miles away that was understaffed due to the virus.
"Oh yeah." Brian said, sitting at the bar counter and staring at the ceiling.
"So, what's up with you tonight? Did the date really go that bad? I thought that girl was into you?" Victoria fired off the questions without stopping.
"I… She… I don't want to talk about this," he stammered, his cheeks flushing with embarrassment.
"Aww, c'mon. I promise I'm not making fun of you. You two are so cute together, what happened?" She persisted.
Brian took a deep breath. "I… I don't know. We had been walking and holding hands. We stopped at a crosswalk, and I tried to kiss her."
"And she pulled away?" Victoria guessed.
"More like she pushed me away. She said she didn't like me like that and wanted to just be friends." Brian said, putting his head in his hands.
"Aww, Damn Brian. I'm sorry." She said, patting his arm. "I saw her IG post too. She got all fancied up for you last night it seemed."
"I give up. I thought she liked me." Brian was mumbling.
"Kim and I thought she did too. Remember last week when you guys watched movies with us? I would have sworn you two were dating already the way she had her head on your shoulder and hand on your chest."
"I don't know. I'm so confused."
Victoria finished cooking in silence. She plated up her and Brian's dinner and put them down on the counter. She sat across from him as he poked at his food.
"You said you tried to kiss her. So, you two hadn't even made out yet?" She asked out of the blue.
Brian hung his head and didn't make eye contact. "No. I haven't… Never mind."
"Oh." She said, taking a bite and chewing slowly. Brian said nothing and kept his eyes on his plate. "Just with her, right? Or do you mean… with anyone?" She queried.
Brian could not speak. He could not look up. He just shook his head slowly.
"Oh wow. I guess I just figured at some point… I'm sorry." She said, trying to be sympathetic.
She took a drink from her glass and stared at Brian. He was not all that bad looking, she supposed. And he was a sweet kid. He just needed a confidence boost somehow.
Victoria was bisexual. She had dated boys growing up. She even had sex with a few but had always been secretly interested in girls too. Fate matched her and Kim as roommates, as Kim was much the same, with the same untamed curiosity. A bottle of wine and a stormy October night later, and their joint itch had been thoroughly scratched.
Brian, of course, knew about none of this. He assumed both girls were lesbians, mainly because he was a dumb boy who didn't know any better and sure as heck wasn't about to ask.
Victoria emptied her glass and finished her meal. She made a plate and put it in the fridge for Kim, then busied herself cleaning up. Brian just sat there, collecting dust. He didn't move when Victoria took his plate, nor when she said his name again.
"Brian!" She said forcefully, snapping him out of his trance.
"Huh? Sorry. Thanks." He mumbled and stood up to go back to his room.
"Come here" She said and grabbed him by the elbow. Victoria dragged him to the living room and sat him on the couch. She sat close beside him, much closer than she ever had. Brian noticed she smelled of vanilla beans and lavender.
"Look, I'm going to tell you something I've never told anyone, not even Kim." Her eyes narrowed and stared directly into his. "I'm going to trust you won't tell anyone either." Brian nodded and she continued. "My first kiss was with one of my first cousins." Brian felt his eyes pop and his jaw drop. Victoria chuckled. "Yeah, I know. We were sitting on the tailgate of my uncle's pickup. Our parents were all drunk and singing Jimmy Buffet songs by the campfire. We were talking about how weird it was to see them drunk and suddenly, we were kissing. It was really strange, but nice."
She finished and Brian stared at her blankly. "The point is first kisses aren't always a big deal. Sometimes, they happen when you least expect it."
"Yeah, I know. But I just… I've never done anything like that with anyone. And it sucks," he said.
Victoria studied his face for a few moments. Oh, what the hell, she thought. "Well, you gotta start somewhere I guess." She stated, then leaned in and kissed Brian flush on the lips.
Brian was frozen in time, shocked at Victoria's actions. She had kissed him! Actually, now that he realized what was going on, she was Still kissing him. He felt her soft lips on his and instinctively pressed his back into hers. After another second or so, she pulled away and looked right into Brian's eyes.
"So, not bad, right?" She half asked, half stated. Brian nodded, still gathering his bearings.
"Why… I… Wow." He stammered, head swimming just a little.
"Really, that wasn't bad." And then she kissed him again.
Brian was more ready for it this time. Their lips pressed together, softer this time and more tender. Victoria parted her lips slightly and touched his lips with the tip of her tongue. Brian kissed her a little firmer and did the same. He felt an internal shock as their tongues touched ever-so lightly. He knew it was coming yet was not ready for the change of sensation.
Victoria was surprised at how nice the kiss was. It had been a couple years since she kissed a guy and could not help but remark how different it was from kissing Kim. Not as soft, but somehow more intense. She broke the kiss, keeping her face right in front of Brian's.
"Wow," she whispered. "Not bad at all, kid."
"Yeah." He replied, starting to realize what he was doing and with whom he was doing it with. "Umm. Yeah."
Victoria smiled at him and kissed his cheek. She put her hand on his am as she spoke. "That was much better. I liked it a lot."
Brian blushed and looked away. Victoria patted his knee and drew his attention back.
"You wanna keep going? I don't want to push you. But I liked kissing you. And I think I want to do it some more." She whispered, smiling at him.
"Umm, Sure." Was all he could manage.
"Good." And then she was kissing him again. This time, it was as much Brian kissing her as it was Victoria kissing him. Softer, wetter, deeper with every passing moment. Victoria ran her hands slowly up Brian's arms. The jolt of energy he felt seemed to loosen his inhibitions. He ran his hand lightly up her thigh and rested it on her waist. She emitted a soft moan that echoed in his mouth. That tuned him on, and he realized for the first time his dick was hardening in his pants as they kissed.
Victoria rubbed his shoulders as they came up for air. They were both panting softly. She could feel the hardness of her nipples under her shirt and the wetness forming in her panties. She was getting turned on from this. It had been a couple years now since a guy had gotten her aroused. She liked the sensation.
She leaned in and kissed him again, running her hands down his chest and around his shoulders. She reached and took his hands in hers and brought them to her breasts. His hands were shaking, but the feeling that he got when he felt her breasts in his hands whisked that away. Even through the fabric of her blouse, he could tell that Victoria's tits were soft and moved with his fingers as they flexed around them. Her hard nipples pressed into his palms, begging for his attention. He brushed his fingers across them, drawing a moan of pleasure from Victoria. She kissed him harder, encouraging him more.
Suddenly, her cell phone rang. She reluctantly pulled away from him and fished her phone out of her pocket. Brain leaned back against the couch and caught his breath. Victoria smiled at him as she spoke, and Brian saw her nipples making an impression on the blouse she wore. He couldn't help but stare at them. They felt so soft and inviting. He relived those moments in his head over and over.
The call ended, and Brian realized he hadn't heard a single word that was said. Victoria stood and looked down at him with a smirk.
"I'm going to go pick up Kim from work. She got sent home early because they were slow." She said, staring at the tent in Brian's pants with an evil eye.
"Oh. Ok." He said, clearly disappointed. "Thanks."
Brian stood up and headed to his room. Victoria grabbed her keys and then grabbed him by the neck and kissed him on the lips softly. "Be back in a bit." She hugged him and pressed her body into his. Brian could feel her boobs in his chest and his hard cock pressing into her waist.
She headed out the door and before he got back to his room, his phone beeped. It was a text from Victoria.
I could feel how hard you were just now. Just so you know, my pussy is really, really wet. I think when we get home, I'm going to need Kim to eat me out.
Brian stared at his phone blankly. He couldn't believe what she had sent him. Without hesitation, he went into his room, locked the door, and took off his pants. Within seconds, Brian was naked in his bed, jerking off as hard and as fast as he could, shooting an arc of cum in the air and onto his chest.
The next day, Brian was up early. Usually, Kim and Victoria were late sleepers, and Brian usually had breakfast alone. He went to the kitchen and was in the midst of making himself some pancakes when Kim came wandering out. She poured herself some coffee and plopped herself in a chair at the counter.
"Morning." She said between sips. "You look like you're doing better today."
"Yeah. Thanks. I guess I'll be ok." He replied, flipping a couple of pancakes.
"Victoria said she talked with you last night. I'm glad you two are getting along." She said without realizing that Brian had frozen in his tracks.
Brian wondered now what Victoria had told his sister. Surely, she wouldn't have told Kim about kissing him, would she? He didn't see how, but then again, he never expected to be kissing his sister's girlfriend.
"I have to work early today, so I might not get the laundry finished." Kim said out loud, bringing Brian back to reality.
"No problem, I can work on it later." He said and put a plate of pancakes in front of his sister. He sat beside her and took a sip of some orange juice.
"You're the best, Brian. Trust me, Lindsey doesn't know what she is missing out on." Kim said as she ate. "You're sweet, you can cook, what else can a girl want?" She smiled.
"I don't know, maybe someone who is six foot two, with biceps and money?" Brian asked with a shrug.
"Money is nice but overrated. And looks are definitely not everything." She replied, swirling a bite of pancake in syrup.
"But when you don't have any of either, it makes things difficult." He retorted.
"Don't do that. Don't be all self-deprecating. It's not good for you. Things happen at different times for different people. You wouldn't believe how many girls in the dorms with us were still virgins when they first got to college. Some of them still are, I'm sure. Some of us got laid last night, some people didn't. You can't judge yourself on what someone else has done." Kim stood up and handed me her plate. "I have to work early today. If you want, we can talk when I get off later. My door is always open."
Kim hated when he talked like that. It was one thing to recognize your own faults, it was another to wallow in them. There were plenty of girls who liked the nice guy, the nerd, the geek. That Big Bang Theory show had kind of made that a thing.
"Nah, you're right. I guess I was just feeling sorry for myself. Thanks sis." Brian said.
Kim came over and gave Brian a big hug. He couldn't help but notice how her boobs were much smaller and firmer looking than Victoria's. In fact, Kim was built much like Lindsey, just taller. And then he was thinking about Victoria's boobs again, and he felt his cock stirring.
"See ya." Kim pranced off to her room. Brian sat down in the living room and found himself thinking about the event of the last few days. He flipped on the TV for a distraction, and soon was absorbed in watching some anime on Hulu.
We fast forward a while, and Brian is still sitting in the living room, watching TV. Victoria came out and tapped him on the head, causing him to jump.
"Hey. Calm down killer. No need to be all jumpy." She said, plopping down on the couch beside him.
"Sorry, I didn't see you come down. You caught me off guard." He replied.
"Kim will be home from work in an hour or so. "She said, matter-of-factly.
"Ok. You want the remote?" He asked.
"Nah. I'm good." She replied.
"Ok." Brian resumed staring blankly at the screen.
They sat in silence for a few seconds. Brian's mind was racing the entire time.
"You wanna know something?" She asked with a grin.
"Uhh… Sure?" He stammered.
She laughed. "Kim and I had sex as soon as she got home last night. I stripped down and she licked my pussy until I came really hard, then I returned the favor and ate her out too." Without thinking, she ran her hands over her breasts as she spoke.
"I… figured as much." He said, eyes transfixed on Victoria's tits. He could see her nipples starting to poke through the thin fabric of her shirt.
"We were in such a hurry getting naked, we forgot to close the door all the way. Anyone could have walked by and watched us fuck." Victoria said, gently rubbing Brian's knee.
"Oh" Brain said quietly. He was picturing the scene in his mind. Between that and her hand on his leg, his cock was quickly getting hard.
"Yeah, it's a good thing no one did. They would have gotten quite the free live sex show."
"Lucky for you I guess," he said quietly.
"What about you? Did you jack off and cum as soon as I left? Or did you wait until we came home and went to bed?"
"I… Uhh… well…" He really didn't want to have to say it out loud.
"Don't worry, this can stay between you and me."
"Yeah." He confessed. "Pretty quickly."
"Good. Despite what society thinks, a nice orgasm every day or so is good for you."
"I guess so. I never thought about it."
"They lower blood pressure, relieve stress, Mmmm." She rubbed her thighs together as she spoke. "And they feel so good," she purred.
"True." Brian's eyes were wide as Victoria writhed around in anticipation there beside him.
"So, you wanna make out for a while?" Victoria asked, sliding her hand further up his knee. "If you're in the mood, of course."
"Sure." Brian gulped.
The word was barely out of his mouth when she leaned in and kissed him. Unlike last night, there was no gentle beginning. She pressed her lips firmly into his, and he relented. Their tongues danced roughly around each other. This wasn't the innocent kiss she had started with last night. She kissed him lustfully and purposefully, and he returned the kiss in kind. She felt him moan into her mouth and it made her pussy tingle.

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