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By AlabamaSlamma It all started with an innocent request from his 13 year old daughter.

George is a 37 year old man who is raising his 13 year old daughter named Sandy alone after her mother and his wife was tragically killed by a drunk driver 5 years ago. George had to basically rework his life in order to be able to make sure that Sandy had every opportunity to flourish despite her not having a mother.

He was able to get a job that allows him to work from home so that he can spend as much time with her as possible. He didn’t spoil her but she definitely didn’t go without. One Saturday during the summer Sandy was outside riding her bike when she had an accident and it caused a part of the bike to slam into her crotch area.

George heard her enter the house crying uncontrollably and rushed to check on her. It took him a few minutes before he could calm her down enough so that he could understand what she was trying to tell him.

“Sweetheart you have to calm down so I can find out what is wrong!” He said as he tried to comfort her.

“I….I…..I wreaked……….my bike and…..and hurt my… private area!” She cried as she held her hand over her pussy.

“Honey are you bleeding or anything down there?” He asked trying to figure out how to diagnose her injury.

“I….I don’t know!” She replied as she continued to sob.

“It hurts so… bad daddy!” She cried as she continued to hold her hand on her pussy.

It had been a while since he had saw her nude as he quickly taught her to be able to bathe herself as she got older. He always tried to keep his distance from her in the area of her being naked in his presence. Not because he was a pervert or anything but he didn’t want to embarrass her.

“Please daddy, look at it and see if I need to go to the doctor!” She said as she looked pleadingly at him.

“Okay sweetheart I will see if you are bleeding or anything. You are going to need to pull your pants and underwear down!” He said as nervously looked around to make sure that nobody was able to see him looking at his naked daughter.

Sandy pulled her pants and underwear down as they fell at her feet. George looked down at her little bald pussy and saw no blood but it was red and had a light scrap across her lips like a carpet burn. Whatever made contact with her caused her panties to rub across her swollen lips hard.

“Sweetheart I don’t think that you are going to need a doctor. I think that you just bruised it.” He reassured her as he gently pulled her panties and pants back up.

“But….but daddy it hurts!” She whimpered as she looked at him with sadness in her eyes.

“How about if we put some ice on it? That will help okay?” He asked as he kissed her forehead.

She nodded yes as she continued to sniffe. George went into the kitchen and got a ziplock bag and put some ice in it and closed it up. He brought it back into the living room and had Sandy sit down on the couch. He handed her the bag and told her to place it on her private area. She looked at him with uncertainty in her eyes and looked confused.

“Here sweetheart let me show you how!” He said as he took the bag and placed it against her pussy.

“Now does that feel better?” He said.

“No daddy I don’t feel anything but the pain.” She whimpered.

George realized that it must be because of her pants and the coolness wasn’t reaching her skin.

“Let’s get your pants off and see if that helps.” He says as he pulls them down her legs and off her feet.

Sandy is now sitting there in her panties.

“Spread your legs open so you can hold the bag over your private area.” He said as he watched her spread them open wide.

He was greeted to her panties being stretched tightly against her teenage little pussy. He could clearly see the outline of her puffy lips and the crease were her lips meet. It was a perfect little camel toe and it looked so inviting. George shook his head and screamed out in his mind.


He quickly placed the bag of ice on her pussy and placed her hand onto the bag.

“Hold this on your private area and it will help okay sweetheart!” He said as he tried to stop thinking about how amazing she looked.

“Okay daddy but it’s cold!” She said still whining.

“It will stop feeling so cold in a few minutes!” He said as he got up and went into the kitchen to fix him something strong to drink and get his mind off his daughter’s pussy.

After about 15 minutes and a couple of strong drinks, George went back into the living room to check on Sandy. She was still holding the bag on her pussy. She looked up at him with tears still falling down her face.

“It still hurts daddy. Please help make it stop hurting!” She pleaded with him.

“Sweetheart I don’t know what to do other than taking you to the doctor!” He said as he sat down beside her.

“You can kiss it better daddy!” She said as she looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“What…what do you…you mean “kiss it better?” He stammered.

“Mommy used to kiss my boo boos better when she was still here!” She replied as she pulled the bag off of her pussy.

George looked down and again saw the unmistakable outline of her puffy little pussy.

“Please daddy kiss it and make it feel better!” She pleaded with him.

George was in a confused state where his mind went blank. He wasn’t thinking about anything in particular and he automatically leaned over and kissed her panty covered pussy gently. He sat back up and just stared at her wondering what he had done.

“No daddy, that’s not how mommy did it. She always kissed me on the skin and not my clothes.” She replied as she reached down and pulled her panties off and dropped them onto the floor.

George just sat there looking at her bare little pussy. It was so beautiful and pure. It was red from the material burn and the coldness of the ice pack. Sandy spread her legs open as far as she could and it caused her pussy to open slightly so that George could see the pink slit.

Without thinking George leaned over again and kissed her bare pussy. He thought that he heard her moan slightly. He went to pull away, but her aroma filled his nostrils. The smell of pure, clean, untouched pussy mixed with her natural musky body odor.

“Please daddy kiss it again!” Sandy whimpered.

George kissed her pussy again and again. He definitely heard her moaning now. He took his tongue and ran it up the crease of her pink slit. Sandy gasped loudly as she grabbed the back of his head pulling him into her tight little pussy.

“Ohhhhh daddy that feels good!” She moaned.

George was lost now as he continued to assault her tight little pussy with his tongue. He dropped onto his knees between her legs and pulled her to the edge of the couch and pushed her legs up against her chest spread open wide giving him complete access to both holes.

Sandy squealed loudly as George shoved his tongue inside her hot little asshole and then scooped upwards through the folds of her pussy and watched her beautiful face contort as he assaulted her clit with his tongue.

“OHHHH DADDY PLEASE DON’T STOP!” Sandy moaned as she thrust her pussy against his mouth.

George was rewarded with her sweet nectar as it poured into his mouth. He sucked on her clit while pushing a finger into her tight little wet hot pussy. Sandy screamed out in pleasure as she experienced her first orgasm. Her body shuddered uncontrollably as he continued to suck her clit and pry her pussy open with his finger.

She was so fucking tight and hot and sweet. She moaned and whimpered loudly as one orgasm rolled into another. George was only able to get about half of one finger into her tight little pussy before he reached her hymen.

He fucked his finger in and out of her pussy as he continued to assault her clit. He pushed another finger into her tight little asshole as she arched her back pushing her stomach into the air as she experienced the strongest orgasm yet.

“OHHHHHHHH DADDY YEEESSSSSS DADDY!” She moaned as she thrashed around on the couch.

She filled his mouth with her juices as he slurped up every single delicious drop. And then she went limp and she laid there gasping for air with her eyes closed. George pulled his mouth away from her quaking pussy and saw that she had passed out.

He gently picked her up in his arms and carried her to her bed and laid her down. He pulled the covers over her nearly naked body and walked out of her room.

He sat down in his chair and stared into the distance wondering what the hell he had just done.

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By AlabamaSlamma #Incest #Teen