Kissing Cousins Ch. 03

tagIncest/TabooKissing Cousins Ch. 03

Megan thought about James constantly. She thought it was a harmless crush and then a one-time drunken tryst. But that second time seemed so…meant to be. It was as if they were long-time lovers fulfilling a destiny. She tried not to let her feelings grow deeper, but couldn't help it. She understood that he was married, and that even if he wasn't — they couldn't be together because her father would kill her. It would be forbidden. James was her father's cousin. That made her his second cousin. Certainly legal. But her dad would have a conniption.
But, deep down she couldn't accept it. She still held out hope that some day, some way — maybe it could happen. Somehow.
James and Megan remained friendly on Facebook as the days turned into weeks, which turned into months. Neither time, nor distance cooled things off between them. Outwardly, sure. They both played it cool and kept it friendly. But inwardly…that was another story entirely.
James's smoldering lust for her only increased over the winter. They would chat every couple of weeks. He would jerk off to her pictures. All the time. And just when his feelings for her started to cool off, she would post another set of pics. They were innocent pictures, nothing sexual or erotic. Just your typical Facebook pictures. But seeing her beautiful, photogenic face never failed to set him off. She had piercing blue eyes and cute dimples that gave her a great smile. She was chubby, but carried it well and had great breasts.
Summer came and went and things didn't change. They would chat maybe every three or four weeks instead of every one or two, but his feelings for her continued to increase. They started to occasionally get into sex talk and work each other up. He found out that she didn't mind anal, and actually loved it when a guy played around down there. She also again referred to herself as a "cum slut". She became incredibly turned on at the very thought of feeling a penis ejaculate inside her. So their sex talk would revolve around that.
But it was pretty clear that her living three-and-a-half hours away, him being married … and them being (second) cousins — were too many obstacles to overcome. Another winter arrived and Megan started dating a nice guy who was really good with her kid. James's chats with Megan slipped to every five or even six weeks. And the sex chat was done. But his simmering lust for her remained, even if it was put on the backburner for the time being.
In reality, Megan would have continued the sex discussions. She loved her boyfriend, but with James it was different. It was like… a lifelong fantasy. A love that seemed more "real", if forbidden. And no matter what happened with her life, her family and the men in it — James would always have a part of her heart. She tried hard to give all of herself to her boyfriend. He was a really great guy. But the heart wants what it wants.
In early summer, about twenty months since last seeing and making love to James, Megan went down his way to visit her father (his cousin Dave). That was less than an hour away from James. She was spending a week there with her daughter — and not her boyfriend. On the second day she planned to head into the big city to visit her cousin for the day. What she didn't tell Dad was that she would cut that visit short — really just a brunch — and swing by James's nearby town.
Megan made the thirty-minute train ride to James's town and he picked her up at the station. Her heart pounded with excitement and her pussy tingled when she saw him. Her face flushed and her heart soared. This was their first ever one-on-one hangout since sleeping together and she felt the nervousness usually reserved for a first date. They were friends and cousins, and this was strictly platonic…but she couldn't help thinking about the incredible intimacy that they shared twenty months ago. She truly felt that it was the most intimate she had ever been with a man.
James got out of his car and walked around to her, smiling. He pulled her into his arms and gave her a warm embrace. She closed her eyes, heart pounded. Then a tingle went through her when she felt him squeeze her harder. All too soon, it was over.
She was wearing a white top, black pants and black shoes, while he wore jeans and blue shirt. He could feel her large breasts and soft belly through their clothing when he held her and he longed to do so again. She was an incredibly pretty woman whom he had fantasized about a long, long time. Since last seeing her, those fantasies had only increased. And now here she was. In person. Ready to "hang out".
They went to a pub for a couple of drinks and bar food. They both agreed it would be best to keep things platonic. He was married and she was in a serious relationship now that was still kind of new. But James and Megan were still close, intimate friends — and neither his wife nor her father knew even that innocent part of their lives.
Before they entered, James grabbed her arm, over the tattooed flesh, and she looked at him curiously.
"It is great to see you." He said again. And with that, he took her in his arms again. He embraced her, holding her tight. He closed his eyes, not caring that they were in the middle of a public place as their hug lingered. Nor did he care that he had already given her a hug. He was conscious of her large breasts pressing against his chest as she rested her head on his shoulder.
"I really missed you." He breathed. Her heart was beating a mile a minute. They finally parted and walked in, both of their faces flushed. They found a table and sat across from each other, but James was quick to take Megan's hand. "You look absolutely beautiful." He stated, awestruck. He gave her hand a gentlemanly kiss. Megan flushed, smiling.
"You look good too." She managed. She felt a clear tingling between her thighs. The waitress came by and the two ordered drinks, and James released her hand. Megan found that she missed it. She missed his touch. Her vagina was buzzing and she squirmed. She realized that she wanted her cousin — badly. Stop it! She chastised herself. She tried to remember her boyfriend, Steve.
The two cousins fell into an uneasy conversation that grew more relaxed as the minutes rolled by. Soon the talking was easy and laughing was frequent. Every time James touched her hand, Megan felt a surge of desire shoot up her body. Her heart would flutter with what was clearly love and she had to fight her feelings down. It couldn't happen. And she had Steve, anyway.
After a couple of drinks and a finished plate of nachos, James went to the washroom. Alone in there, he reflected. He wanted Megan again more than anything, he realized. But — he was married. He didn't care that they were related. Second cousins…that didn't matter to him. But he should really try to remain loyal. And Megan has been talking about her boyfriend a lot, so that's obviously getting serious. What was he going to do, kiss her? If she rejected him, and told someone, there would be trouble. Not just from her boyfriend, but from his cousin Dave. And a divorce, too, if Amanda found out. It was all running through his head.
He came back out, and these thoughts were running through his mind as he sat down. For the first time in two hours, the two were silent. They had planned the meeting to be just two hours, but neither of them wanted to part ways. But neither did they want to push it on the other. They would respect their relationship. Their family. The waitress bringing the bill broke the awkwardness.
Once outside, they lingered by his car.
"Can we… do this again?" he asked.
"Yes!" Megan replied, face clearly brightening. "I was just going to say…"
"I was thinking…not waiting as long this time?"
Megan smiled, flashing her dimple and nodding. Then she looked up at him, seriously.
"I'm glad I came." Her beautiful eyes looked into his. Then she held up her arms. "Give me a hug."
James held her closer and squeezed her tighter than he had ever embraced anyone. She was very short. He could smell her hair as he caressed his hands up and down her back over her shirt. He closed his eyes, conscious of where every inch of her body was in contact with his. Her big, soft breasts, her plump stomach felt so nice against him even through clothing. Finally, he started to pull apart but he was surprised when Megan tightened her arms around his neck and kept them together.
Her eyes were closed and her heart was pounding. She allowed herself this one moment of true feelings and it was that moment that she realized that she loved him. She suddenly felt James kiss her hair above her ear. It was a gentle kiss, but a friendly one. He kissed her again, a little closer to her cheek, keeping his lips there. That second one was…more than friendly and her heart skipped a beat. Megan slowly turned to him and their lips met, smacking softly.
Electric bolts of pleasure shot up James's body. Her blue eyes pierced when they looked up at him. They kissed a second time, lingering a little longer as he sucked her upper lip outward. She kissed him again and again. As one, they opened their mouths their tongues darted out.
"Mmmm…" Megan purred, pushing her tongue deep into his mouth. Their tongues danced as he squeezed her tight, running his hands up and down her back. She could feel his hardness through their clothes as he pressed his body against her. It made her push her tongue even deeper inside his mouth, touching his throat. His tongue rubbed against hers, exploring her mouth as he slowly ran his hands down her back. He grabbed onto her bum, a plump cheek in each hand over her pants. Not caring about the people who walked by in the parking lot, the two cousins kissed passionately, lips smacking. Their breathing grew laborious. She rubbed her tongue against his and he tasted her saliva. His hands circled her cheeks and gave them another squeeze as her tongue pushed further. The kiss increased in urgency and he kissed her harder. Neither wanted the kiss to end and both kept their tongue in the other's mouth as the seconds ticked into minutes.
It took James a while to break the kiss, but he eventually was able to. He kissed her forehead, and then her nose.
"I don't want you to leave." He breathed. Megan was also panting.
"Nobody says I have to." She replied. He looked back at the pub.
"Do you want to go back?" he asked.
"Do you?" she asked back. He smiled and shook his head.
"I want to keep kissing you."
Megan smiled.
"We can't do that forever!" she laughed. He kissed her full, beautiful lips.
"We could try!" he answered. Megan laughed again, but it was interrupted by his mouth. Again, their tongues shot out and intertwined. His hands, still on her ass, gave it a squeeze. She pressed herself against his hardness and her body craved it. She knew they couldn't go to his place. Could they go to a hotel? No, she thought. It would go too far. She couldn't make love to him again — as much as she wanted to. She promised herself. And he had agreed. Ideally, they could find someplace private to kiss and hold each other. James broke the kiss.
"Do you…" he seemed hesitant. "Wanna go to a hotel?"
He read her mind? She was so excited about their chemistry, but disappointed that they couldn't go to that hotel — it would be too tempting.
"We…can't." she replied, regretfully.
"Why not?"
"You know." She answered. "We said we…wouldn't. The last time was wonderful, but we agreed that…we can't do it again. It was…wrong. Don't you think?"
"Well, we're kissing now. We can just go there and kiss more privately!" James insisted. Megan laughed.
"You know it wouldn't stop there!"
James thought for a moment, his hands still holding her soft bum cheeks. Then he had an idea.
"Well…what if we agreed it wouldn't stop there, but we had an agreement to stop it at another point? What if we promised not to do more than oral sex? I would satisfy you, and you would satisfy me — yet we wouldn't…go all the way?" he surmised.
"That would still be crossing the line and you know it!" Megan argued, grinning. But her crotch was buzzing and she knew that his suggestion was exactly what she wanted. Well, she wanted more, but his suggestion was a reasonable compromise.
"But not a lot more than kissing!" James pointed out. Megan looked thoughtful, her arms still around his neck. He snuck a quick kiss on her mouth. That convinced her.
"Okay…" Megan conceded. "But no matter what — no intercourse. No penetration. No sex!" she laughed. "Just fooling around. If we get too tempted, we can only get each other off with oral. We cannot let it go any further!"
"Agreed." James said, smiling happily.
"I mean it!" Megan insisted, dimple appearing. "No sex!"
"I know!"
"Promise me!"
"I promise!" he stated. Megan smiled and leaned up, puckering her full lips. He kissed her loudly. "How long can you stay?" he asked.
"What time is it?"
"About two-thirty."
"Ummm…" Megan looked thoughtful. "I can stay until three-thirty…or quarter to four? But I have to catch the bus at four-ten at the very latest. My dad will KILL me if I push it past then." She chuckled. "I told him I was visiting my cousin and that I'd be back by five! So he expects me to get back to spend time with him and his family at five."
He kissed her mouth and then finally broke apart from her and opened his car door. Smiling at him, Megan got inside. They drove for five minutes before finding a motel. She waited in the car while he went in to get a room. James came out nearly ten minutes later holding a motel key. His heart was pounding excitedly and his cock was straining in his jeans as he got into the car. They drove across the lot in front of Room 7 and parked. Both of their hearts were racing as they got out of the car and approached the door. They smiled nervously at each other as he unlocked and opened the door. She followed him inside and he closed and locked it.
"Not bad!" Megan remarked, dropping her purse and sliding her feet out of her shoes. Her chubby feet were bare and her toenails were painted red, he noted. She was standing in the middle of the room in front of one of the two beds and she smiled when James approached.
He slipped his arms around her and leaned in for a kiss. Smiling, Megan closed her eyes and pressed her lips against his. He kissed her again, lips smacking loudly as he tugged her upper lip a little. When he kissed her a third time, Megan opened her mouth and teased her tongue against his lips. She snaked it inside, pressing her body against him. Their breathing grew heavier as he felt Megan's tongue explore his mouth. His heart fluttered at the taste of her saliva. He ran his hands over the thin material of her white top as he rubbed his tongue against hers, gradually easing it into her mouth. He was conscious of her large breasts pressing against him as their kissing grew in passion. He ran his hands down her back to her big, round ass over her black pants. He squeezed her soft cheeks as his tongue danced in her mouth. She purred softly, kissing him urgently. All that could be heard was the sounds of their kissing and heavy breathing. He squeezed her cheeks again, relishing the feeling. He began kissing over her cheek towards her ear. He briefly sucked her earlobe before sucking on the skin of her neck.
"Ohhhh…" Megan sighed, arching her head back as he ran his lips over her throat and under her chin. Her pussy was tingling, aching to be penetrated. She could feel his hardness press against her stomach through their clothes. As he kissed over her chin, she took a hand off his shoulder and reached down in between them, grabbing his bulge through his jeans lustfully. Their lips met and her tongue immediately darted back into his mouth as her fingers expertly unsnapped his belt, button and zipper. He was sucking on her tongue even as he pushed his own tongue into her mouth. The kiss was still filled with electricity, but she was at this point focused on her hand sliding down into his underwear. Her fingers immediately wrapped around the hard thickness of his manhood. A wave of desire washed over her and she physically felt her vagina ache for this man as she squeezed his stiff organ. She began stroking him a little as her kissing became sloppy. She had to see it. Breaking the kiss and smiling up at him, Megan pushed his jeans and underwear down his legs, slowly sinking to her knees right then and there. James's hard penis popped out in front of her face and another wave of lust shot through her. His pants and underwear had fallen around his ankles but she was already grabbing for his member.
She leaned forward and nuzzled the base of his penis. Pursing her lips, she softly kissed him there before ducking lower and sucking a testicle into her mouth. As he watched his cousin suck on his balls, James tore off his shirt to become naked for her, other than what was around his ankles. 'Pop' His testicle popped out of her mouth loudly, her beautiful blue eyes looking up at him. He watched her tongue snake out and slowly lick from the bottom of his dick up to the top. When she got to the top, she gave his manhood a loving kiss, keeping her lips pressed there for a moment. She kissed him again and then slowly ran her tongue around his mushroom head. She kissed his crown again and then smiled up at him.
Megan then slowly opened her mouth and absorbed the head of his manhood. She maintained eye contact as she slipped more and more of him into her hot mouth. Her lips were wrapped snugly around his cock, making his shaft disappear bit by bit until he banged off her throat. Once there, she kept him in her mouth and moaned erotically. Her mouth was warming most of his dick as her blue eyes looked up at him. He would never forget that sight. Such a beautiful face making his cock disappear, her full lips were wrapped tightly near the base. Her cheeks caved in as she gave a little suck, then she slowly bobbed her head up and down on his pole.
'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' the sucking noises came quickly as she sucked hard on him. He put his hands loosely behind her head, subtly humping his hips towards her face.
"Oh gawd…" James moaned. She ran her lips up and down his shaft, taking him nearly out of her mouth before sliding him back in. 'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' her saliva was dripping down around the base as her lips formed a perfect circle around his cock. Her dimples were on display when she sucked hard, and her round, pretty face continued bobbing against him. She pulled him out of her mouth. 'Pop!' She looked up at him.
"Let's get in the bed." She breathed, slowly standing up. A little nervous, she pulled her shirt up her body, over her head and then off. She wore a white lace bra and her massive breasts were straining against the confines. He took the sight in as she undid her black pants. Her round, stretch-marked belly was very sexy and when she pushed her pants down, her tits hung beneath her chest, turning him on all the more. Her panties were black lace. She kicked off her pants. He stepped out of his pants and underwear and then pulled the cover off the bed and tugged the sheet over.
Her dimple appeared as she smiled at him, clearly nervous. He climbed into bed and Megan slipped in beside him. He slipped his hand around the warm skin of her back as his lips found hers. As one, their tongues darted out and intertwined. He ran his hand down her smooth skin until he was sliding it down the back of her panties. For the first time in nearly two years, James found himself running his hand over one of Megan's ass cheeks. He caressed over her crack to her other cheek as he felt her leg slip over him. The back of her heel dug into his leg, urging him to roll on top of her. He obliged, slipping one knee between her legs and as she spread them he got the other leg in as well. He kissed her hard as he pressed his naked penis against her thinly covered vagina. His cock could feel the tremendous heat emanating from her pussy.

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