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Cousin Phil
My cousin Phyllis, preferred to be called Phil, was a year younger than me. I went to another school, a technical high, and she, the local HS.
We were closer to being brother and sister than cousins. Her brother, died at only 3 years old. The death and medical bills left her family broke. Moreover, dealing with the death of a family member when she was only 6 years old, kind of screwed her mind up.
I had a sister who was a real bitch. I mean broom riding, card carrying bitch. My mother trained her into her own image. My father was pussy whipped into submission. I was treated as a slave, so I stayed away from them as much as possible, hence, hung around with my cousin. Many of my friends thought Phil was my real sister.
Phil: about 5-1, 95# soaking wet, almost flat chested and did not have round hips. Her face was very pretty and framed in curly brunet hair. Since her body was skinny, she wore long dresses or baggy jeans most of the time. The neighborhood kids were mostly male, so she played ball with us, etc., like a tomboy.
Her thinness was the result of a medical problem and doctors tried to help her gain weight, but to no avail. She was thin like Twiggy, however, physically she was in good condition.
Me: 5-7, 127#, thick glasses, on the skinny side myself, but not as bad as her. If there's one word to describe me, it was 'average.' Being on the brainy side, I was a nerd. Big time. At an early age, I got into electronics, and repaired TVs, radios, and record players for neighbors and relatives. I went to school nights to finish my degree, as the family could not afford regular college, and worked part time at a military electronics manufacturing company. They paid for my schooling. The local college was privately owned, expensive, and did not give scholarships. I had a side business repairing musical instrument amplifiers, and did some sound systems for bars and night clubs.
As you can imagine, neither of us dated a lot. At 19 I was still a virgin.
My family was poor, but not bankrupt so. My Dads father, who had 8 children, could not afford a home. My dad's burning desire was to own a home. They needed 20% down, squeaky clean credit, and the buyer assumed all closing costs. Both parents worked, and Dad worked two jobs just to own a home of his own. They bought their house when he was 42 yrs old. (They waited until 30 to have me) However, we had little else. Our neighborhood was of homes and families of our social status: not moneyed, but not dirt poor. If we are looking for words, use hand-to-mouth.
Phil's father, (my Uncle) Joe, was a union construction worker, and was 6-4, 220#. He made enough money so his wife did not have to work, but were not rich. Her Mother was a stay at hone mother, and she was small like Phil, but was not healthy looking. She was anemic, and they decided to not try for more children after loosing their son.
To celebrate Phil's 18th birthday, I took her to a young adult type night club,. (The drinking age then was 18). The band playing was one I did electronics work for, and I hooked up color lights for the night club, so I was treated like an employee there. We had some drinks. I limited myself because I was driving, but Phil was lost to the world, so we left there early.
On the way back she said. "Can't we go somewhere until some of this wears off? I don't want my mom and Dad to see me this bad."
I said "OK. There's an all night restaurant I know of and I'll get some strong truck driver coffee and we will get as much in you as we can."
I went in and got 3 coffees to go. In their parking lot I got one cup into her and she said. "Let's go to the hill and sit in the car and talk."
The 'hill' has a road which circles the top and is used at night for people parking, as in: making out or getting laid. The middle of it had many radio antennas, as it was the highest place for miles around. The police will not bother you unless you bother someone else. So I said. "Are you sure?"
She said. "I feel funny here in front of a restaurant. At least there, we will have some privacy while I sober up a bit. Besides, the restaurant would not like it if I barfed in their parking lot." I laughed.
To the hill we went. After the second cup she said she was nauseous. I got her out of the car. After she barfed, she got back in. She was perking up, and the third cup went down.
I said. "Ready to go home, yet?'
She said. "Lets stay here a while."
I figured she just wanted to talk, however…
She slid on the seat to my side, and put her arms around me, with her head on my shoulder. She kissed me on the lips. This was something new, as she never did that before. This was not an "I like you cousin, but a "I want you now!" kiss
With my sense of humor, I said. "Getting frisky?"
She said. "Damn well horny."
This time, she planted another one on my lips and tongued me. I was enjoying this and played along. As I said, I did not date much. I said. "If we go any farther, our relationship is going to change. And if we do, NOBODY, I mean nobody else is to know. Our dads will literally kill us." That was a fact.
She said. "If you don't want to, say so. If you do want to, let's continue."
Now, I said I was not experienced. There was no internet back then for Sex Ed 100. I did have some explicit magazines that an older friend gave me when he got drafted. So, needless to say, I played it by ear, err, hand, err, you know what I mean.
I responded to that by going up her blouse. Her breasts were small, and she usually wore no bra, so I found hard nipples there, and rolled them between my thumb and forefinger. She was moaning and in a trance like state. Then she slides her hand to my zipper and fingers me through my pants. I got hard fast.
I said. "Have you done this before? I will admit I am still a virgin."
She said. "I am not a virgin, but only have done this twice before now. He said he loved me but took off after he got what he wanted."
She pulls down my zipper, and parts the snap at the top. I lifted my butt, and down go my pants and shorts. Being I was already hard, it sprang out and nearly hit her in her mouth. She took hold of it and was stroking it. I took my hand out of her blouse and went up her dress. I moved the panties aside and fingered her. She again was moaning and in a trance state. She got wet, fast.
After a while, she asked. "Do you have any condoms?"
I said. "No."
She said. "You will have to pull out before you squirt. I am not protected"
My car had reclining seats, so I put them as far down as I could. I got the dress up far enough and removed her panties. She opened her legs and said. "I am wet enough. Do it gently."
I got on top of her, she moved my dick to her entrance and said. "Push it in me."
She was very tight and very wet. After getting it in all the way, I stopped to savior this new experience.
She said. "You are supposed to move it in and out of me."
I made a face like 'I know' and did the moves which come naturally.(pun intended) I was doing her and it couldn't have been 5 minutes when I felt my balls welling up and ready to come. I said. "I'm ready."
I pulled out. I had an old towel on the back seat, so I grabbed it, placing it over my dick, and she was stroking it. I came and she milked it dry. We cleaned ourselves up.
I said. "Can we do this again?"
She said. "When we don't have someone else, we will have each other." And she kissed me.
My mother and hers were sisters, and some family occasions out of town were common, and usually, my bitch sister was taken with them. I hated those family get together s, and so did Phil, so we stayed home. Needless to say we slept together then.
We did this secretly for a year. One day she called me and I met her for lunch. She said. "I have a steady guy I am going with. We will have to quit doing each other. Thank you for the practice sessions. We can still be close friends."
I said. "That's fine with me. I hope he is what you are looking for."
She said. "It seems so. He treats me right."
We remained friends. Every once and once in a while a phone call, holiday and birthday cards. etc.
A few years went by. After getting my degree at night, I was promoted in my job to be a quality manager in a position with a subsidiary of the same company, in a town about 100 miles away. I had saved some money, and bought a small 3 bedroom home near my work in a nice section of town. My neighbors were older, very religious people, but they minded their own business.
One night, I got a phone call from her saying that her husband was treating her badly and he had another woman on the side. When he hit her, she called me. I told her to see an attorney and after the legalities were done she could stay at my house until she wanted to leave.
She said she could not afford an attorney, and they had no money.
I said. "I'll pay for it."
A couple of weeks later she called and said "Come get me. The bastard moved out yesterday." We discussed what she was taking with her. I said "My buddy has a 10' trailer. I'll bring it"
On Saturday, I got there early. We were loading her stuff into the trailer, and the bastard showed up and tried to hit me up for money. I said: "If she calls the police, you will be arrested." and I grabbed her softball bat and stood there. He left. I said. "I don't think we will have him bother us again."
She followed me in her car, which was the same one she had before marrying him. After arriving home, we unloaded the trailer, and I said "I'll bring this back to my buddy. There a pizza place phone number next to the kitchen phone. Here's some money to order one delivered, please. Its late; I don't feel like cooking." She shook her head yes.
When I returned. The pizza was on the table and she was pouring out some wine for us. We adjourned to my living room and she poured her heart out about "him". He did not want kids, just sex, which was to go until he came, and not any thought about her being pleased. He did not make much money, and did not allow her to work and contribute. Old school Macho Man…
I said "Thank God there are no kids who would be going thru this. I did some thinking while I was in the car just now. At the end of the hall, there is a room with a twin bed. Mine is on the other side of the house, Its called a split plan. I want you to sleep there until you get your head screwed on straight. Any problems with that?"
She said. "Good idea."
"Your divorce will be final in a few months. We don't want to give him any ammunition against us or you before that. I am, not really rich, but I am in a lot better financial position than our parents were. I can afford to have you stay here."
She got up and came over to me, and kissed me on the lips. I said "whoa, girl. The neighbors are very religious. So we got to be careful to make sure we are not seen. More so, I think we should stay separated until your divorce is final. My job requires a security clearance, because the company is a military electronics supplier. They investigate very well. Tomorrow I will go to human resources and tell them you are my cousin, and living with me until your divorce is final. Also that is our story for our parents. Both sets of parents understand we are soul mates, and don't know what we had before. Better it stays that way."
She said "OK. You were the smart one. We will play it that way."
"Also we had better date others when we can for show."
She made a face and said. "meanie…"
A couple of months later we went to court and he did not show up. The judge just stamped the papers, and said "Good luck, lady."
That evening, during dinner, she said. "Thanks to you, my head is on straight. And you know what? I want to be your lover. And I mean all the way."
I said "I like that, and I think we could get away with it. The company lawyer did some patent law for me, and I want to find out just how we can do this. Remember, some FBI guys may be poking around every time we get a new contract."
She said. "OK."
In the early 70s when this took place, the cold war was at its peak. They would love to find someone breaking the law to rake over the coals.
The lawyer basically said "In this state, its incest, as your mother and hers were sisters. Keep it inside your home."
So, that night at dinner, I said. "Move into my bedroom. We are sleeping together. But we must keep this to ourselves. However, I want you to leave enough stuff in the other bedroom so if an investigator or relative comes in, it has to appear that's your room, and mine is at the other end of the house. I will put automatic night lights in there to appear so."
She jumped up and kissed me. I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. We practically tore off each others clothes. She said. "Did you have any girl fiends who taught you new tricks?"
I said. "As a matter of fact, yes. There was this one who wanted it every night. She was a good companion, however, when we started to get serious, I felt there was something missing. I would guess she sensed something wrong and after a heated discussion we mutually decided to end the relationship."
She sat down on the bed and motioned me to do the same next to her, and said: "Funny that you mention that. When we were getting it on, we were soul mates. I knew what you were doing and thinking, and you for me. We liked the same music, had the same group of friends, you know… I'll bet she did not compare to me and my guy did not measure up to you. After sex, I asked myself many times, who was that? Its not as good anymore."
I said "Right on. Phil. Of course I liked the sex. She was more experienced than I was. She taught me more about pleasing a woman. And, you know what I think, If I am man enough man to please my woman, than I will be pleased with the out-cum." We both laughed at my crude pun.
She rolled over onto her back and said. "Show me."
I crawled up and started kissing her lips and down to her smallish tits. I sucked them a while and the nipples became hard and she was shuddering and moaning, then said. "Hurry up to the good part and stick it in."
"In due time, lady."
Now I ran my tongue down to her pubs. She was well trimmed as she was back when we were before. She picked up her head and had this look on her face. She started to say something as I tongued her clit and fingered her out. Then she said "Holy shit! She taught you well." And her juices started flowing.
I now changed position for missionary, which is what was done almost exclusively, back then. As I kissed her with her sex juices on my face, she snickered, and moaned. I positioned myself with my Johnson over her love tunnel, and she reached down and guided it in. I pushed it in slowly, as she still was on the tight side. Then she lifted her hips and slammed my dick in all the way. She said. "damn, you grew a bit down there."
She told me she was on the pill, so I had the pleasure of able to cum in her, which was something we never did before. She screeched and had an orgasm. a few minutes later, she had another and then did I.
I had 4-5 squirts in her. She locked her legs and arms around me and said. " This is what I missed. Can we just lay her like this and cuddle for a while?"
I said. "Yes, but let me get on the bottom so I don't hurt you."
So we rotated locked in unison and reversed our position, which was so smooth, it almost looked rehearsed. We lay there for a while, then we went at it again.
I said. "I have to go to work tomorrow. Wanna take a shower together and clean up?"
She responded by jumping up and taking me by the hand into the shower. We soaped, rinsed, kissed, and fondled each other. Just like teenagers doing this their first time.
Subsequent encounters of the sexual kind, I taught her oral, cowgirl, dog style, and 69. Like I learned from the past girlfriend. We tried anal, but she was way too tight there and it was painful, and did not try that again.
A year later, during one of our sessions, she said "Oh, shit" and ran into the bathroom and threw up. I said. "What's wrong?"
"I don't know"
Next day, went to my doctor who completely examined her, and said "I am going to give this to you straight. The pill protects against birth 99.99%. In your case, you are the one in ten thousand. You are pregnant. Congratulations."
Both of us had a look of distress on our faces.
We told him we weren't married, and blood cousins. He said. "Somethings not ringing true here, from what I see here of your blood types. Let me take some of your blood to send out to compare to hers. Whether the tests come out different than yours, or not, I am your doctor, so it will stay between us."
The doctor called me back a few days later and said. "I had the blood samples analyzed. I consulted with a hematologist. He said there's no way you are blood related."
I thanked him. I said to Phil, "This is getting strange. There's no way you can convince me your parents fooled around that way. We need to talk to your dad.
When your mother passed away, last year, and we were at the funeral, your dad looked like he wanted to say something to us, but he just couldn't get it out. He was very distraught at loosing her, but something happened that we should know about."
We called him, and explained the blood tests, and asked to come there on Saturday he said "This has been on my mind for a while, and now is a good time."
When we arrived he had some papers spread out on the table. He said. "Don't interrupt me until I have finished. What I am about to say is not easy for me."
We both said. "OK."
He fixed us each a drink and said. "When your mother got pregnant, we told all the relatives we were going to have a baby. I was in the service overseas, and when she became due, we rushed to the base hospital. The baby was stillborn. The doctor immediately shot your mom with a strong sedative as he thought she would not be able to take the bad news, as she was that anemic. This along with your brother dying, is why we stopped attempting another child. While she was out, another military man's lady was delivering a baby which was to be put up for adoption. The baby, you, was the product of a high ranking officer who knocked up a local, and this was also a blessing for them and got him out of a real jamb. He paid all expenses and mine also. The paperwork also was done to cover it up, although I have the original set showing she was adopted. I never told your mother as I thought she could not handle that."
As we sat there with our mouths open, I said. "Phil is NOT blood related to me?"
He said. "No she's not."
"Where were you at?"
I said. "That's why she's horny all the time." We all laughed.
He said. "I am assuming that her pregnancy is yours? I saw the way you two got along."
I said. "Guilty, Uncle Joe. Are you upset?" (Uncle Joe was a construction worker and bigger than me. Much bigger…)
"I had suspicion about you two the night you brought her back on her 18th birthday. She smelled of sex and booze. However, I did not tell your aunt, because of the way you two got along. And the fact you were good for each other. And you were both smart enough to use protection. Now that it is out in the open, let me be the one to tell your parents, and I'll spring for a small wedding."
I said. "Uncle Joe, I need the paperwork to run by my lawyer. If he blesses it, you have a deal. I have some money so that's not a problem. As far as telling my parents, please do. As you know, I don't get a long very well with them."
He said. "I wanted to tell you both before this, but I was afraid that your opinion of me would be bad."
"Hell Uncle Joe, I think you should be a nominee for father of the year. Through luck, you diffused a potentially disastrous situation. Her mom would have died from the stress."

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