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Hey indian sex stories dot net Friends, I would like to share my story with my maid. I rented an apartment in Bangalore, near my Bua’s house. Though my Uncle and Bua wanted me to stay with them, I wanted to be alone and free. I got settled and in a few days, I realized I required a servant to take care of my flat. I called my Bua and asked her to help me. She said she would send her maid to my flat in the evening. I was happy to hear that. Same Day, In the Evening, the bell rang. I opened the door, I saw a woman of about 29 years of age, fair, good-looking wearing a Sari and said her name was Komal and my Bua has sent her to work. I explained her I need a maid to clean my clothes make breakfast and keep my flat tidy. She said she would come twice a day, we fixed a salary, she agreed to start the next day.

Next morning around 7.30am, Komal came. She made me breakfast and tea. I gave her a key to my apartment so that she can finish her work and lock up the place when I returned in the evening, the house looked totally different. She cleaned the house, changed the sheets, and arranged the kitchen in a proper manner. I was happy, as Days passed by, I was satisfied by Komal’s work and we also became friendly with her. We started to talk a lot and she became a friend. One evening, I was watching porn and jerking off when suddenly Komal walked into my room. We were shocked and dazed; she quietly went to the kitchen. After a few minutes, I came out and apologized for the episode, she just nodded her head. For a few of Days, things were quiet and the embarrassment was still in the air. Then, things changed when I came early and found Komal watching porn on my TV. She seemed to enjoy it. I quietly went near her and put my hand on her waist. She jerked got up and asked sorry and started crying. She said if my Bua came to know about this she would get angry with her and begged me not to tell anyone. I told her to relax and promised her that it will be a secret. She felt relieved. From then on I began to dream of fucking Komal.

After a couple of weeks, I was watching porn, when Komal knocked at the Door I told her I was watching movies and told her to come later. Surprisingly, she asked me if she could also watch the movie with me. I was dumb struck as I was watching a porn flick. With nothing to lose, I said yes. We both watched porn together. And gradually, it became a routine that after coming home Komal and I watched porn together. I stated sharing Sex jokes with her and she used to like it. She also used to tell me about how her husband fucked her and sometimes nearly raped her. She was not happy but was compromising with her husband. Slowly, we started touching each other or finding ways to be close.

One evening, I asked her to put some oil and massage my head. She did as I said. She stood before me while massaging my head. I noticed her curves, firm big boobs and pinched her at her stomach to which she passed a smile. My dick was standing erect; she noticed my bulge and asked if I was horny. I pulled Komal closed to me and asked if she wanted to have sex with me. She didn’t utter a word for a minute. But then she agreed. I started undressing her. I pulled her sari and unhooked her blouse. She wore a pink bra which I opened. I started sucking her breast like a newborn. She was moaning heavily. I loved her nipples and the aroma of her cleavage. She opened my shirt and trousers and bow down to suck my dick. She naughtily smiled and said it much bigger than her husband’s and sucked it like a hungry child. She was an experienced lady and I loved it. I removed all her clothes and took her to bed. I glanced at her pussy which was hairy but smelled great. I inserted my middle finger inside and began fingering her. She was enjoying the moment and her pussy grew wet. I separated her legs and put my dick in her cunt. With a little help from her, I inserted it right into her pussy. I was quite tight and hot from inside. I started fucking her and she was growing mad with both – pain and pleasure. After fucking for about 10 minutes, I pulled my dick out and asked her to kneel before me.

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With a burst, I showered a river of sperms all over her face and breast. She adored it and started sucking my cock again. We both took some rest. I then took her with me to the bathroom neither of us said a word. We stood staring at each other in awkward silence for a long time as I tried to think of what to do next. Fortunately, Komal acted first. She reached out, wrapped her hand around my cock and pulled me toward her. Our open mouths met in a deep and passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms tightly around her as our tongues tried to each other’s mouth. In my excitement at having finally gotten this far with Komal, my hands roamed lower, caressing her big and massaging her soft ass.

Suddenly Komal pushed me away. She dropped to her knees in front of me. In an instant, Komal was sucking lightly on my cock while gently rolling my balls between her fingers… She started by pushing my dick flat against my stomach so that she could use her lips and tongue on my dick, licking and tugging at the balls until I was ready to scream with joy. The feel of her hot breath against my dick was enough to make me shake all over. She sucked first one, then the other of my balls into her mouth. Then, still holding my dick flush against my stomach, Komal began to lick up and down the sensitive, underside.

Just when her tickling tongue had brought me to a fever pitch of excitement, Komal changed her approach. Opening her mouth wide to receive me, she grabbed my ass-cheeks with both hands and pulled me in. She took as much of me into her mouth as would fit, which was a considerable amount, and began pumping her head briskly back and forth on my limb. Her tongue danced along my shaft the whole time, rolling up and down the underside and sliding to the right and left. Occasionally she sucked both balls into her mouth at once. The sensation was so intensely pleasurable that I thought for sure I was going to lose my mind!

In very short order I began to feel that glorious feeling bubbling up within my balls. I managed to gasp, “Komal stop. You’re going to make me come!” She let my dick slide loose from her lips just long enough to look up and give me a wide, knowing smile, and then returned to what she’d been doing with increased energy. Seconds later I wrapped my fingers in her hair and began to buck my hips with wild abandon. With a loud groan, I exploded inside her mouth. I could hear her take three huge, gulping swallows as all of my hot, cum made its way down her throat. She just kept sucking and swallowing until my hips had stopped moving and my dick lay limp in her mouth.

After that day we have had sex many times when her husband was away to visit his village, she stayed back in my house for 3 days and we were fucking all the time, till I had to move to Chennai.
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