Krissy’s Exposed Summer Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooKrissy's Exposed Summer Ch. 02

*Every character in this story is at least 18 years old.
In the Chapter 1 Prologue, Krissy and her boyfriend Joe enjoyed their final encounter at the end of the school year before going their separate ways for the summer.
After Krissy and Joe made their goodbyes, and promised to talk every day, and to be faithful for the summer, she had loaded her belongings into the beater car — an old Ford Fiesta — that her parents bought for her, and she drove home to her their house in Palo Alto, California. Joe caught a flight to his parents' house in Chicago. Krissy's dorm-mate Jenny lived one hour's drive from their college in a small Oregon town, and her parents drove down to pick her up.
Upon her arrival in Sant Clara, Krissy's parents were thrilled to see her, and she them. Her 18-year-old little brother Kimo, who had just graduated high school, was equally thrilled to have her back. They had a close and playful relationship, and they had talked often while Krissy was away at school. He was glad she was home and looking forward to seeing a lot more of her over the summer. Krissy started to settle in for a long summer of R & R by the family pool.
Just one day after she returned, however, her parents unexpectedly announced that because Krissy was now home to watch after her brother, they would be taking a two-week vacation to Hawai'i. They told Krissy not to throw any crazy parties (she made a mental note that they didn't say "no parties at all"), keep her brother out of trouble, and not to break anything. Her dad gave her the keys to his Audi convertible, and told her to drive carefully. "I guess that's my compensation for the free babysitting?" She said facetiously. Her dad chuckled and kissed her on the forehead.
That afternoon, her parents stepped into an Uber and departed for SFO, as Krissy and Kimo stood on the front steps waving them off. As soon as the Uber was around the corner and out of view, Kimo tried to grab the Audi keys.
"No! Dad left these with me. If you need to go somewhere, I'll drive you — or you can borrow my Fiesta."
"Fiesta!" Kimo whined. "Oh man. Why can't I drive the Audi?"
"Because Dad gave the keys to me, and the last thing I want is having to explain why it's not my fault when you wrap it around a tree!"
"Fine!" Kimo sulked back into the house.
Krissy had been wanting all school year to see her best friends from high school, and immediately set about inviting them over. "It's not really a party if it's just the six of us," she thought, "We'll just hang out and drink by the pool. It's just a gathering." She sent a group text to her crew: "Pool party at Krissy's! Sunset til? BYO Whatever! Miss you all so much!" All four members of her high school gang were already home for the summer, and responded enthusiastically to the invitation.
"Kimo — I'm having my friends over after dinner!" She called out from the doorway.
"Sweet — can I invite my friends?" Kimo shouted back to her from the living room.
"No! Not tonight!" she responded.
"Oh man — why can't I have any fun if you get to?"
"It's not that, Kimo. It's our first day alone in the house. Let's take it slow." Krissy said as she walked back through the house to the sunken living room that looked out onto the pool. "I haven't seen my peeps for a year and I want to catch up with them. I don't want to spend the night chaperoning you and your lacrosse buddies and keeping you out of trouble. You can have people over this weekend. Tonight, just hang with us if you want! Or you can borrow the Fiesta and go hang out with your friends somewhere else if you promise not to drink."
"Yeah ok, I get it." Kimo said, a little disappointed but not really upset. "I'll take the Ford and go hang out at Jake's house — you and your friends can have the pool to yourselves. It's cool."
"You're a good guy, Kimo. Thank you. Love you, kiddo!" She said and bent over the back of the couch where Kimo had panted himself to play Fortnight.
"Gross sis! Don't kiss me — yuck!" She giggled, tussled Kimo's hair, and went upstairs to her room to change into a bikini so she could sun herself by the pool until dinner.
She opened her underwear/swimsuit drawer — it looked as though her mom hadn't moved a thing since she left for college nine months earlier. She had several options — a dark blue bikini with an athletic-bra top and boy shorts, a white bikini with a halter top that had full coverage in the back and appropriate sized triangles of fabric to cover her breasts, and a tiny G-string thong bikini that she had bought for spring break but never actually worn. I can't have Kimo see me in that! She thought. The white one seemed appropriate, but she was afraid it might become translucent if she jumped into the pool. So she settled on the boy shorts and sports bra and headed out to the pool.
"We're alone in the house and you put on your granny swimsuit?" Kimo taunted as Krissy strutted past him the living room.
"My friends are coming over later — I'm not here to put on a show for them. Or for YOU!" Krissy shot back.
"Gross!" Kimo responded. "I don't want a show! But you've got nothing I haven't seen before. Get as comfortable as you want to — you don't have to go all Queen Victoria on my account."
She thought about it for a moment. He had a point — for whom was she really covering up? The two of them spent half their childhoods naked together in the house, at least until she hit puberty. Their parents were gone for two weeks. Her friends weren't going to be there for several hours. "Yeah ok, fine. You're right!" Krissy responded. And she peeled up the bra and tossed it on the couch.
Kimo looked a little surprised, "Whoa! I didn't mean to get naked, sis! Sheesh!"
"You said it yourself, little bro — it's nothing you haven't seen before." And with that she peeled down the boy shorts and tossed them on the sofa next to the bra and walked into the kitchen to pour herself a lemonade before heading out to the pool, leaving Kimo speechless on the couch with the growing bulge in his shorts.
"Whatever, perv!" Kimo yelled out to her, finally.
Sitting next to their pool, Krissy enjoyed the feeling of the warm sun on her skin, and the cool lemonade on her tongue, and closed her eyes to savor the moment of pure relaxation. I need this, she thought, and drifted off. She started to dream that she was at a pool party with Joe at some exotic tropical resort. Everybody at the pool was naked and acting like it was the most natural thing in the world. She could feel a tingle and the moisture welling between her legs as she looked around the resort at all the naked people — so many penises! — she thought in her dream. Joe came over to her and started to run his fingers up and down her thighs and over her tightening nipples. Mmm, Joe! She hummed in her dream. Someone will see.
Everyone will see! Joe responded, winking.
When did you get so daring? Krissy asked dream Joe, parting her legs so that he could run his fingers up her mound as they ran up and down her body.
I want everyone to enjoy seeing you come, right here, right now! Joe responded.
Oh my god! Dream Krissy moaned, feeling her abs tighten and her pussy start to throb.
Krissy, Krissy, Krissy, Joe hummed at her, Krissy, Krissy …
"KRISSY" her eyes shot open as Kimo shouted her name at her, and he started to laugh hysterically. "Wow that must've been some dream!" He said, standing next to her by the pool.
"Ugh, Kimo! Why did you wake me up?! God dammit." She had been so close to coming in her dream and now she was powerfully turned on. Her brother was the last person she wanted to see. She looked down at her bare tanned breasts, belly and dark bush, and was relieved to see that at least she wasn't leaking all over the lounge chair in front of her brother. Not yet anyway.
"What do you want?" Krissy asked him.
"Cayleigh is on the phone. She has questions about the party." He responded, his hands in the pockets of his shorts to hide the erection he had developed while watching his naked sister moan and writhe on the lounger.
"Why didn't she call my cell?" Krissy asked.
"She said she did, but you didn't answer." Kimo replied. Krissy remembered that she had left her iPhone phone up in her bedroom. Oops.
Krissy swung her legs off the lounger, away from her brother, and walked into the house, dimly aware of her brother's gaze on her butt, and the moisture that was starting to run down her inner thighs after the dream.
Cayleigh was the other original members of Krissy's little clique — the two of them and three boys, Jimmy and Timmy (aka "the twins"), and Rob. Krissy and Cayleigh had been BFFs since grade school. They started hanging out with the twins in seventh grade, and they all met Rob and included him in their crew when they got to high school. The five of them were inseparable throughout high school. Rob, who was black and gay, always seemed to have a soft crush on the twins. The twins, Jimmy and Timmy both had the hots for Cayleigh, who in addition to being a big nerd, was also a volleyball star: fit, muscular, tall, and very pretty. And Cayleigh, although mostly straight, nurtured a little crush on Krissy.
But to be fair, almost everyone had a little crush on Krissy, and who could blame them? She was drop dead gorgeous, exotic, smart, funny, playful, unfailingly loyal, and bizarrely (Joe notwithstanding) had almost always been single. Regardless, none of the crew ever acted on their desires and they never let their secret crushes get in the way of their deep friendships. As a result, they were able to be there for each other for four years, sharing every party, school dance, concert, volleyball tournament, high, and low as a team. Always platonically, but with great support, love, and affection for one another.
Rob would sometimes bring dates to the school dances, but he always ended up stag with the crew after the dances ended. Cayleigh, Krissy, and the twins went to every dance as a crew. It was just more fun that way. In fact, their classmates actually called them "the crew" — more enviously than resentfully. The crew weren't mean kids, but they didn't really open the crew to outsiders.
Krissy jumped up on the marble kitchen counter, sat down, and grabbed the telephone receiver. "Cayleigh! What's up girl? I miss you so much! You're coming over, right?" Krissy said into the phone.
"I miss you too babe! Mwah!" Cayleigh said. "Of course — we're all coming. I wanted to check whether you wanted me to bring anything other than drinks, and also if it's ok to bring a friend you don't know."
"Drinks, drugs, strippers, ha ha ha, just kidding. Bring anything you want. We've got lots of food, wine, and tequila." Krissy said while pondering the second half of the request. "But who's the friend I don't know?" She asked.
"His name is Jens. He's a foreign exchange student from Denmark who was living with my parents last semester. He's actually twenty — he's been taking classes at Santa Clara. He's really nice — Rob adores him. He doesn't have a lot of friends here and I want him to feel included and meet some people."
"Rob adores a sexy Danish boy." Krissy said, "Surprise, surprise. Well, I was really looking forward to hanging with the crew, I miss you guys so much! But if you think he won't wreck our vibe, I'll trust your judgment. Bring him!"
"Yay!" Cayleigh said. "He's really sweet — I'm sure you'll like him. And nobody can wreck our vibe! We're the crew, baby!"
"See you soon!" Krissy said, and hung up. While she and Cayleigh were talking the fluids that had run down her inner thighs on the walk from the pool, all the way down to her knees, became impossible to ignore. She was sitting in a pool of her own juices on the marble counter. She grabbed a dish towel and dragged it up both thighs to dry them off before spreading her knees apart and pressing the towel into her vulva to soak up some of the wetness. She looked up to see Kimo staring at her slack jawed from the far side of the kitchen island.
"Dude! What the fuck?" She yelled at him — at once, embarrassed, angry, and, if she were being totally honest, just a little bit aroused to have a pair of eyes glued to the open glistening lips of her dripping pussy.
"Shit I'm sorry." Kimo said, looking to the side. "I just came in and you were doing that. I guess I was wrong earlier — I haven't seen everything."
"I guess not." Krissy retorted. "Haven't you been with a girl yet???" Krissy asked as she finished cleaning herself and drew her knees back together.
"No. I mean yes. I mean, not really. After the homecoming dance, Lori gave me a hand job and I fingered her a little bit, but you're the only girl I've seen totally naked, like, seen in person, I mean. And I've never seen that much juice come out of a girl. Even in porn. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have watched. My bad."
"Don't worry about it." Krissy said, hopping back off the counter, and wiping the rest of her wetness off the marble. "But maybe me walking around naked like we're both still twelve years old isn't the great idea we thought it was."
"Yeah, maybe. But you should be able to do what you want." Said Kimo, looking up shyly. "But hey, can you answer a question?"
"Maybe. Depends on the question." Krissy invited.
"So, do you, like, squirt?" Kim asked.
"DUDE!" Krissy hollered at Kimo. "Come on! This is not an appropriate sibling conversation."
"I'm sorry. You're right. Forget it." Kimo said, looking down again, embarrassed.
Krissy felt bad for shaming him. There was nothing wrong with being young and curious, and even though they were siblings, she figured, it is the sort of thing a person might wonder about. "Yes. Sometimes. If I'm really excited and being touched just the right way."
"Oh wow." Said Kimo. "And what is that like? Does it spurt out, or what?"
"Sometimes, yeah." Krissy responded. "Sometimes it comes out in jets. Other times, it just kind of flows out. Most of the time, it's not quite that dramatic and I just get wet like you saw here."
"And, I mean, do… shit I'm sorry if this is too personal." Kimo stammered.
"Spit it out boy!" Krissy teased.
"Do you squirt it on guys faces, like in porn? Do they drink it? Do you know what it tastes like?" Kimo spit out all his questions at once.
Krissy rolled her eyes, but figured it was better that Kimo got his sex education from her than from pornography. "Some guys like it on their faces, some don't. Pro tip, little bro: the same is true of girls and your spunk, too! The guys who like it will drink it. It tastes like warm, tart, slightly salty water. Kind of like warm pussy tea." Krissy answered.
"Oh wow, so you've tasted it?" Kimo asked, incredulously.
"I've tasted it on guys' faces. And truth be told, if I'm in the right position, I can squirt right into my own mouth, which is pretty fucking hot. But now I feel like we've taken this conversation way past appropriate sibling subject matter." Krissy responded.
"Thank you — thank you for telling me. I'm sorry."
"It's cool." Krissy said, tossing the damp towel into the sink, and stepping towards the sofa to retrieve her swim suit. "But don't go telling all your friends that your sister is a squirter. I'll never hear the end of it, and they'll hound me all summer for a demonstration."
"Hahaha," Kimo laughed, nervously, "No they won't. I mean, I won't tell them."
"Good! Promise! And where's the bikini I threw on the sofa?" Krissy demanded.
"I promise!" Kimo affirmed. "And I put your bikini in the laundry. I didn't know you would want to put it back on, sorry."
"No worries." Krissy said, standing naked and facing her brother with her hands on her hips. "The Fiesta key is on the sideboard in the hallway. The crew will be here in about an hour, so scram, ok?"
"Yeah, you bet. I'm going to go hang out at Jake's and play video games. What time can I come home?" Kimo asked.
"Whenever — give us a few hours to hang. We haven't seen one another for almost a year and I'm sure we have lots of catching up to do. You can also sleep at Jake's if you want to."
"Ok. Noted." Kimo said. "Good talk. Thanks."
Krissy rolled her eyes at Kimo, turned her backside to him, and stomped off to the laundry room to retrieve her bikini. As she pulled it out of the laundry hamper, she realized it was all wet and sticky. That little shit! She muttered under her breath. Kimo jacked off on my bikini! She was about to yell at him again, when she caught herself. She realized she had just cussed him out for staring at her pussy and asking about her squirting, and there's nothing unusual about an eighteen-year-old boy having a wank. Her initial assumption that he was jacking off while thinking about her gave way to the realization that he probably was just doing whatever he normally does, enjoying the freedom to beat off in the living room with their parents away, and her swimsuit was the nearest thing with which to wipe up after he came. That made more sense. Still, she wasn't going to let him off Scott free.
"Kimo!" She shouted out as she went back up the stairs to her bedroom, "Be sure to wash my swimsuit by tomorrow. I might want to wear it."
* * *
Krissy pulled her hair back and put on a little makeup — just enough to look presentable to her friends. She debated between the white bikini and the G-string. Krissy figured that if they were all swimming, they'd mostly be in the pool anyway, and opted for the G-string. It seemed more "grown up." After a year at college, she wanted to project a confidently adult attitude. As she pulled the thong bottom up over her thighs and let its straps drop across her hip bones, she realized that the diminutive front of the thong was not big enough to conceal her pubic hair. Her long dark straight pubes poked out on both sides and over the top edge. She arched her pelvis forward to see what it looked like between her legs. The G-string concealed her clitoris and little more. It was effectively just a string sandwiched between the lips of her labia. She turned around and spread her cheeks, craning over her shoulder to inspect her back side in the mirror — the G-string was basically not even there. The slim string ran from her perineum between her cheeks and up to the waist band of the thong. It didn't really even occlude her anus, which pucker visible to the sides of the string. Spectacular! she thought to herself, admiring the curve of her butt. Turning back around Krissy considered the front. She thought , if we swim it will be after dark — and the only light will be from the pool lights. Plus, these are my best friends — none of them is going to be ogling my pubes. And even if they did, it's not as they've never seen pubes before. G-string it is!
She tied the top behind her neck, pulled on a pair of shorts and a crop top t-shirt, and went back downstairs. Kimo must have gone up to his room to get ready to go out himself. Krissy inspected the couch to make sure he hadn't left a mess that would embarrass her in front of her friends. Everything looked kosher. She put six bottles of her parents' California champagne into the fridge, along with some sodas, and mixers. She knew that her friends would want to do tequila shots, so she cut up several lines and arranged them on a tray with the salt, a bottle of Patron, and six shot glasses. There was not the ton of food in the house that she had imagined, but she found some cheese and crackers, and hoped that would be sufficient.
Just then Kimo came bounding down the steps and shouted, "I'm out — see you later!"
"Hold on!" she shouted back. "Come here!"
Kimo took has hand off the doorknob and turned back to the kitchen. "What's up?" he asked, still feeling a little embarrassed and nervous about their earlier conversation, but glad that Krissy was clothed now so he could avoid feeling guilty for his arousal at the sight of her bare breasts and dripping vagina.

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