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My husband and I went for a holiday to Himachal Pradesh with another couple, Rahul and Smita. In stead of spending our time at Simla, Kulu, etc, which were very crowded, we decided to visit the interiors of Himachal Pradesh. We hired a vehicle at Manali and set out to visit interesting locations. A local gentleman had given us the route maps and we worked out a travel plan for 3 days. First two days we explored the hills and enjoyed immensely. On the third day we were in a forest area, which was very lovely. At night, we stayed at a forest bungalow. The next day was scheduled for rest.

Next morning we took it easy and the driver was allowed to take rest. The caretaker of the bungalow told us about a temple adjacent to a hot spring. He said the spring is very popular among the foreign tourists. My husband and Smita were too exhausted after three days of long tours. They did not want to go because the spring was at a long distance and we had to walk. Rahul and I decided to go.

After walking half an hour we realized that we had to walk at least another half an hour more up the hill. There was a clean street side teashop and we went in. As we were about to order tea, we found that a group of foreign tourists were drinking beer. We were told that beer was available in the shop and we were delighted. We had two bottles each and I felt a bit tipsy. Rahul wanted to have more and ordered another bottle. From his bottle Rahul poured in my glass and finally we equally shared the bottle. Rahul lighted a cigarette and I shared it with him. Although I had given up smoking long time back, I love smoking while drinking. Since I wanted another cigarette, Rahul thought another beer would be right and we finally ended up finishing three bottles each.

On our way up, we were in a great romantic mood. We held each other’s hand and sang at the top of our voices. At one stage Rahul hugged me and I planted an affectionate kiss on his cheeks. We were in a great mood and didn’t feel the distance. After reaching the spring we watched the outgoing stream for quite some time. The natural beauty of the stream was breathtaking and Rahul sang a very romantic song.

After a while we went to the bathing area. A man asked us if we wanted to take a bath and we said yes. He directed us to a hall where a woman was giving towel and soap for a price. She gave us two towels and one piece of soap. We asked for one more soap; she gave one for extra money but looked a little surprised. When we went in we saw four bathroom doors with men and women (mostly foreign tourists) standing in queue in front of the doors.

We stood in different queues. I noticed that every body was looking at us; I did not understand why. After a minute or so, one door opened and a couple came out; another couple went in. This struck us as a bit odd and on asking another couple we found out that in the adjacent temple only a couple is allowed to offer puja and before that they should have bath together in the spring water. After realizing the situation Rahul and I looked at each other in embarrassment.

He came and joined me in my queue and told me in an undertone “We have two options – either we both go back or we both have bath in the same cubicle.”

I was in a dilemma. As I was in a buoyant mood I was willing to go in and so, I think, was Rahul. But both of us were guiltily thinking about our spouses.

Finally Rahul said, “No one would be wiser, why not have a little fun.”

I felt an urge for enjoying and pressed Rahul’s hand. He held my hand and gave a smile. Within another five minutes our turn came and we took our first step to ‘sin’.

The cubicle was about 10 by 8 feet; it had a large clean open tank fully tiled. Hot water was flowing in from a large pipe and going out through a drain. Inside the tank water was chest deep. Rahul took off his sweater and tee shirt and had only the shorts on.

He came closer, held me affectionately, kissed my cheek and said, “If you are feeling too guilty, you can have your bath in the dark; I will put off the lamp. After you come out of the tank, I will go in.”

I said, “No, let us have a good time.” But my voice was trembling.

Rahul came close and slowly brought his lips on mine. We had a really long kiss, one of the most exciting in my life. Rahul took off my sweater; I had no shirt underneath, only the bra. He gave me an enchanted look and started kissing me on my forehead, below my eyes, on my closed eyelids, on my neck, on my ears. It was so very exciting, particularly when he was kissing my ears. He lifted my hands and kissed my underarms, which had growth of thick hair as I did not shave for about a week. He said it smelled very nice- I use Opium.

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He unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and took it off. My lacy panty was almost seeing through and abundance of my thick pubic hair was visible. The panty was too short to cover all the hair and they popped out from the sides as well as from the waistband. I unhooked my bra and taking it off he started sucking my nipples. A little later, he pulled my panty down making me stark naked. I was especially thrilled when I thought that it was the first time when a man other than my hubby was seeing me naked.

He took off his shorts & brief; his erect cock jumped out. I grabbed his cock with both hands – it was about 7inches and quite thick. We held each other close, he sucking & fondling my tits and I holding his cock.

We went into the tank. While he was caressing my pubic hair, I was fondling his buttock and lightly touching his asshole, there was a lot of hair there. The water was hot and the whole thing was most exciting. The water was chest deep; we felt very warm in all senses. It was not possible to suck each other inside water and we sucked each other’s nipple in turn. We climbed on the steps of the tank. I stood on one step and Rahul sucked my pussy from below, which was dripping wet with warm juice. He also licked my asshole and this was a fantastic experience.

We went out of the tank and lied down. I started sucking his cock and it was throbbing with excitement. I went back to his asshole and he almost screamed in joy. He climbed on top of me and entered me. As he started stroking I was in fire and climaxed very quickly. But for him it was only the beginning and he carried on stroking. I started getting aroused again; finally, when he threw out his thick fluid I climaxed again! Two climaxes in such a close succession was a unique experience. Finally, we dried & dressed each other and came out.

On our way back, we drank beer again. Beer made us horny and we went down a hilly slope and found a cozy place under a tree, which was away from any possible human view. Rahul started kissing me and during the kiss took off my jeans and panty. As I was naked below my waist I pressed my pussy on to his crotch and took off his shorts. We disentangled from the kiss and hurriedly unclothed our tops also. He made me lie down on the ground. The feel of cold grass under my naked buttock felt very nice. After long sucking and licking, Rahul entered me and fucked me real hard. Both of us came together.

After returning to the hotel we found Smita and my hubby had gone out and would come back after two three hours. We locked ourselves in Rahul’s room and had a warm shower together. Rahul fucked me under the shower in a semi-standing position and it was a very novel experience.

After the shower we rested on the carpet and made love once more. As we were totally exhausted, I went back to my room and slept like a log. I got up as my hubby knocked at the door. Four of us got together in the evening and every thing was as normal as ever.

This was my first taste of ‘sin’ and I kept this a secret from my husband for quite some time. Since I love my hubby a lot, I carried strong guilt feeling all the time. Things changed about three months later.

My hubby went to Delhi and was away for about seven days. I missed sex a lot and on his return I was too eager to go to bed with him. At night we fucked, as if there was no tomorrow. Usually, after first round of sex my hubby sleeps like a log for couple of hours and then starts a second round. But this time it was different. He didn’t sleep at all and was restless. When I asked him what was wrong, he sat up and was in tears. He said, in Delhi he had to regularly work late night with a lady, who was a sexy widow. One day, after work they had drinks together and both were pretty drunk. At the end, he landed up in the lady’s bed and had sex.

While he was apologizing profusely, I stopped him and told him about what happened between Rahul & me at the spring. From then onwards, we came to an understanding that occasional ‘one night stands’ are not entirely unavoidable, particularly because both of us travel a lot. So, we agreed to give license to each other and to use the license discretely and of course moderately.

So revert to me. I am not looking for sex so do not mail for sex.