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Hi everybody… I am Karthik from TN… I am a 20 years young guy. Everyone said that I am very handsome and sexy… I am very happy about myself… Ok let us go to what happens in my life…

My family is very luxurious and so my home is a big bungalow which is situated outside the city. In my area, only two houses are there. One is mine and the rest is my Dream Girl’s home…

Her name is Fathima, 18 years young. I will prove that she is so sexy than any other girl in the world. She is white, hairy, and perfect structured… Her favorite dress is Churidar. But she will never use Shawl to hide her Perfect Structure. We both live in opposite bungalows and both the families are very friendly as well as Business Partners. But I didn’t talk to her. I know that I love her very much. But how is it possible to tell her.

Whenever she came out of her home, I used Binocular to see her structure and I raped her through my eyes. “What a height! What a hair style! What a lovely boobs! What a perfect buttock!” After I saw Fathima, I always prayed the God to give her. And that’s happened one day…

It was a rainy day. All the roads are full of water. I woke up from my bed. I prayed the god to give Fathima to me once again. But I didn’t know that I will get her very quickly on that. At 10 O’ Clock, I went outside since I had some personal work. After 4 hrs, I came back to my home and pressed the Calling Bell. “Ting Tong! Ting Tong!” After 15 seconds, the door was opened and Fathima was there in front of me. I was very much delighted to see her. She was wearing a White Churidar without any Shawl so that I can see her structure very well.

She said, “Both of our parents went to Delhi for Business work and will come only after 20 days. I am here for giving this suitcase to you. Ok Bye“

I said, “Please be there. I am going to take bath. I am also very hungry. Will u please prepare me a cup of coffee? I will be there within a minute” And now I went to take bath. Once I was in bathroom, I got and idea to take her soul full of me. I dropped the idea of bathing and went to vast room where Swimming Pool was there. I poured some oil near the swimming pool and sat in front.

After 5 minutes, I heard “Karthik! Karthik! ”. That’s Fathima’s voice. I said, “Come in. I am near Swimming Pool”.

She came to the room with a plate of coffee cups. As I planned, she put her sweet legs in the oil and slipped down by pouring Coffee in her Churidar and fell into the swimming pool. I enjoyed all this.

After that she screamed, “Please help me! Help me!” Then only I knew that she didn’t know swimming. I dived into the Pool and take herself in both of my hands with her Hip. Now I put her in the floor. She was in unconscious state.

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I said, “Fathima! Fathima! ”. But nothing happened. I put my ear in his left boob to check whether heart pulse is perfect or not. It’s perfect like her body. Now I got another idea. I put my hands in her waist and pressed strongly. She was releasing some water from her mouth. Already my Cock was like an AK 47 Rifle. Then I squeezed her boobs a lot. Then only I came to understand that she didn’t wore bra. This gave me some more erection. Then I kissed her by putting my lips into her lips. After 50 Seconds, She opened her eyes. Now I played like nothing was happened.

She said, “Thank You Very Much for saving my life!”

I said, “It’s alright. See ur dress is full of coffee. So go to bathroom and take a bath. I will give u my dress”.

Now she was going to Bathroom. Suddenly she stopped in front of bathroom and asked me the dress. I said, “First take this Towel for u. I will put the dress in this table after searching it. Ok.” She agreed and went to bathroom.

Now I got another idea. I hide myself behind the furniture’s to see her body. After 30 minutes, she came out of bathroom. And I saw her sexy body with a small towel. Already lot of her body shape was giving sight to me. Her Boob’s Cleavage was very very sexy. She took the dress from the table and walked near the swimming pool again.

As usual, she slipped into the pool once again. Now the only obstacle (Towel) to see her nude body was also slipped out of her. She screamed in the water nude. Now I dived into the pool once again to save her. While in water, I touched her boobs, waist, belly, buttock, cunt and everything. I put her in the floor. But now she was in a normal state. But she didn’t do anything even she was nude in front of me. She stood up and gave me a lip to lip kiss.

Now I squeezed her breasts deeply. She moaned “Immmmmmmmm. Aaahhhhhhhhhh”. I liked very much this moaning sound. Then she removed all of my clothes and took cock in her hands and gave me a blowjob by squeezing it deeply. Then I slowly put my finger into her cunt and circled deeply. Now I heard a very strong moaning sound from her. We both are fallen in the floor. I was now over her body. I kissed her a lot on her lips and her boobs and every sensitive part of a girl.

After then, my cock and her asshole played the match “Inside Outside” for nearly 25 minutes. After then, we went to bathroom, bedroom and kitchen to have sexy fun. This happened till the next morning since both of our parents are not in home. After then, I helped her to practice swimming. And in the next 20 days, we both were in same home by sitting, standing, walking, eating and sleeping completely nude. When I was eating, I put Gulab Jamuns in her boobs and ate like milk feeding.

Ok. Take rest to know what’s happened in my life with other girls. Until then it’s Bye-Bye from Karthik. Contact me anytime for anything at [email protected]