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It was strange being back home for spring break. I usually spend the much needed time away from college at the beach drinking beer and cruising for chicks.

This year was a lot different. Not only was I a senior trying to graduate but I also had a steady girlfriend in the same town that I had grown up in. My sister Lajja went to the community college with my steady girlfriend Seema. Lajja was a bit of a wild girl but I think that she was mainly all talk. At least she wasn’t into drugs. She had a great body and would pass as a younger Demi Moore. Seema, my girlfriend of a year had a reputation of being a stuck-up rich bitch. Though she was very nice to my sister and her friends. Seema was also known as a tease. She could be the identical twin of Reema only with brains. Making out was as far as anyone had ever gotten with Seema, but I had high hopes for this Spring Break. My father and mother were both doctors and from time to time they had the opportunity to attend the same medical conference. This year the conference was in Nagpur and that meant they would have to fly and would be gone for five days. Since I was 22 yrs. Old and responsible they wanted me to keep an eye on Lajja. They didn’t want any parties. Plus I knew that I could have Shannon in my house by myself.

As I unpacked my bags I heard my sister’s voice. She told my parents that they didn’t need to hire a sitter that she was an adult. She was very pleasantly surprised to hear that I would be doing the sitting. She had just assumed that I would be in Puna for the week partying. Lajja loved to tease me and at times she was almost too affectionate. She would call me her eye candy when we would hang-out. She would say that being around me would get the attention from other boys to ask her out later. Well, I think that with that body she didn’t have much trouble finding guys. It was Sunday around 4pm and our parents had just departed for the airport. I told Lajja that I was going to work-out in the gym and that we would order out before Seema arrived around 7pm. Lajja was fine with that. She didn’t mind Seema coming over. In fact Lajja would always tell me how beautiful Seema was and that she wanted me to fuck her as bad as I wanted to so I would tell her all about it. Lajja also wanted larger breasts like Seema.

Lajja loved to wear my college t-shirts and shorts. As I came back downstairs after changing I saw her in the kitchen so I threw her a cut-off t-shirt and a pair of loose gym shorts. A few minutes later Lajja was in the work-out room doorway in that cut-off t-shirt and baggy shorts holding a bottled beer with a pathetic look on her face. I just told her to bring it here that I would unscrew it for her. She laughed and teasingly said, “that’s my problem bro I only know how to screw not to unscrew”. I told her not to drink too many before Seema arrived. Lajja wanted to know if we were going to get her drunk and take advantage of her .

I said, “we? No, we are going to be a gentleman.”

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As I was stretching Lajja told me that I looked fine and there was nothing to work on. I was wearing flip flops and a pair of old baggy gym shorts and no shirt. I told Lajja to make herself useful and to spot me while I bench pressed a few. I didn’t plan to lift a lot of weight. I mainly just wanted to get a little pumped up. Lajja stepped up to the bar just above my head and bent over slightly to help me lift the bar. As she bent over I couldn’t help but to look straight up her shirt. All I could focus on was her white lace bra. I wanted to reach up and tear it off her body. It reminded me of the summer days out by the pool or in the Jacuzzi staring at her in her bikini. I went through a lot of tissue with her and mom around in bikinis. After I completed my first set she stepped forward to help me set the bar and I accidentally caught the bottom of her shirt in my fist and pulled at it. She then caught a clue and understood that I was looking up her shirt. She laughed and called me a pervert. She said, “don’t you get a hard-on staring at my breasts…save it for Seema”. She then said, “besides you’ve seen me in my skimpy bikini this covers up so much worse.” I just told her that she didn’t understand. A year dating Seema and no sex. I get hard every time the wind blows. With that out of the way I laid back down and said, “ready”.

Lajja stepped forward and did it again knowingly this time and she also went a step further. While I pressed I blew out like normal only this time I was blowing right up her right shorts leg causing it to expose more of her thigh including her white laced panties. I was just a few inches from my sister’s panty covered pussy. I could see a small dark patch of hair. I could no longer concentrate and had to stopped short of 10 reps. Lajja just laughed and teased me as she pointed to my growing tent. I grabbed her beer and took a gulp then said to myself, “focus”! I laid back down and she stepped forward again and stayed there. This time however she bent her knees slightly lowering herself a little. I decided not to let her get to me and that I would not look. As I closed my eyes I could feel the fabric of my sister’s shorts over my eyes and nose. It was almost as if she planned on sitting on my face. I knew that if I didn’t set the bar back at rest that I wouldn’t be able to get it back up. That would have been the only thing that I wouldn’t be getting up. My sister had my full 8 inches up at attention. I could hear her laughing while asking me why I stopped. I opened my eyes and I was about an inch from her pussy. I tilted my head back a little and ran my tongue along her upper right thigh about an inch from her pussy. I ran my tongue from the front to the back in one slow steady motion to tease her like she was teasing me. I quickly stopped and she said almost in a whisper to me, “don’t stop I want more.”

She wanted more so I decided to give her more. I brought my hands up behind her and up the back of her shorts and grabbed a hold of her panties. In one swift motion I pulled them down. She quickly snaked out of my grasp and ran laughing out of the room.

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