Lana the lover of PAIN (Masochist) Part 2

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By Austin My stories are TRUE and GENUINE. I use this as a place to blog my sexual exploits.

Saturday I drove out to a local medical supply shop I knew of and brought myself a few supplies. I then went past a local tattoo shop that I knew the owner. Colin was the best in the area and we had a short chat and I brought a few items and left . I went home and spent the rest of the day lying by the pool and fantasising about all the PAIN things I wanted to do to Lana

Lana texted through out the day telling me how her ass stung every time she sat down and that the jolt of pain sent waves through her body that excited her.

Lana’s last text while she was still at work said “Love to see if you can make me scream so loud and hurt me so bad that I beg you to stop”

I never replied


The late afternoon rolled round and I knew Lana who text to see me. Just as I said that , I received a text from Lana asking “what are you up too”

I replied back “be here at 7:00”

To give a little context , I was 37 years old and Lana was 19. She developed a liking to pain when she nicked herself shaving and ever since then she got a kick out of cutting her self. She had never been with a man who indulged her KINK until she met me


7:00pm ticked and the door bell rang. She was on time. I opened the door and found a beautiful blonde haired 19 year old girl wearing a black dress and a gorgeous smile. Her petite figure past me as she entered the house , along with the smell of something sweat , her perfume filled my nose

I made us dinner and we chatted, I tested her by asking different questions , just to see once again what her limit was and how far I could go.

After dinner , I kissed her a slid her black dress off her tiny body and then I unlatched her bra and exposed her B cup breasts with the tinyist pink nipples surrounded by tan lines. I removed her panties and once again took in the cut marks across her pubic mound

I always like to say , my bedroom is made from love and sex but my guest bedroom was made for FUCKING. It has a very strong wooden frame that was bolted together – not screwed together and it was as sturdy and strong as could be

I pushed Lana onto the bed that was covered in a Black sheet , the only lights that were on were the bedside lights , that casted a yellow glow

Lana’s tanned naked body lay on the black sheets as I walked around the bed. I first tied her left hand to the left top post and then her right. I proceeded to tie her left foot to the bottom post and then her right.

Lana lay there like a star fish. I told her to close her mouth but keep it slightly open. I then covered her mouth with duct tape. I placed another pillow under her head , so she was looking down at her own body

I then stood at the foot of the bed and took in this petite blonde tanned beauty that was tied to my bed. I looked at her B cup breasts that were lined with faint cut marks and her small cute pussy that was completely exposed to me.

I undressed and climbed onto the bed between her legs. I slowly teased her inner thighs with kisses and gentle licks along her thighs. I worked my way closer and closer towards her pussy and every time I got close , I stopped and moved away. Until eventually I landed my flat tongue against her clit and I ran it up and over it , I sucked her clit and flicked it with my tongue , I slid my tongue between her lips and tasted her sweat nectar and back I focused on her clit

I was constantly reading her body and just when I felt she was on the edge of CUMMING , I stopped.  I watched her chest collapse as she breathed out and I saw the look of frustration in her eyes and she desperately wanted to CUM

I climbed off the bed and opened the side draw , earlier at the medical supply store , I brought 30 surgical needles and 2 spinal needles (for those who do not know, a spinal needle is roughly 6-7 inches long)

I watched her eyes as I opened each surgical needle , she never took her eyes off me or the needles

I took the first needle and held her left breasts and I slowly pressed the needle into her skin and into the flesh until the needle was all the way into her BOOB

She made a slight noise but not bad. Her breathing had increased as I watched her chest rise and fall quicker. I placed the first needle into her right breast and again she made a slight noise

One after the other I placed 6 needles around into her left breast and 6 needles around into her right breast. Her head was propped up that she could see everything I did and watch everything I did.

I then slowly pulled out the spinal needle , her eyes widened as she saw it for the first time. The 6 inch length slowly coming before her. I held the needle against the side of her left breast and then began to push it all the way through her FLESH and out the other side. That caused her to scream loud into her duct tape gag

I pulled out the other spinal needle and did the same to her right boob , she screamed again. Her eyes big as saucers as she took the sight in of her two breasts covered in needles and having two long needles going right through them.

I went back down to licking her clit and sucking her clit. I even sucked both her pussy lips into my mouth and gently BIT them , she screamed but I could read her body and I knew Lana was close to CUMMING – so I STOPPED

I flicked each needle that was in her breasts and this made Lana moan

I then took out a needle and showed it two her , she looked at me, I knew she was wondering where I was going with this needle and then she saw ….

I pulled her fleshy tiny pussy lip into my fingers and slowly pushed the needle through her pussy lip. I made sure to push the needle from the inner side out towards the outside. Her body FLINCHED and JERKED and she screamed. I pulled the next needle out and pushed it from the inner side of her other pussy lip and out towards her thigh.

She screamed into her gag and her body was shaking. I then knelt between her legs and watched her watch me jerk my cock off. I slowly stroked myself while she looked down at me between her legs , past all the needles that where in her breasts and the two that now were in her pussy lips.

I then put the tip of my cock against her pussy and I pushed myself in , this caused the needles in her pussy lips to pull and push outwards and she started to scream and then I felt her body shake and I knew she was CUMMING, I felt Lana orgasm beneath me while I kept sliding my cock in and out of her pussy.

Once she came off her orgasm and slowly calmed down. I kissed her neck and then I slowly removed the two needles in her pussy lips and then the 6 needles in each breast. I left the two long needles that were going through each breast and I slid my cock back into Lana’s pussy. I pulled on the needles going THROUGH her boobs and she screamed into her gag but the sounds of her screams and the sight of her small boobs being pulled forward made me want to cum.

I pulled both long needles out of her boobs and watched as small trails of blood ran from each hole and I looked at Lana and I began to fuck her tiny pussy hard , I wanted to try break her pussy with my cock and so I fucked and fucked her.

I then got up and went to the draw, inside I pulled out a flesh rubber dildo that was slightly thicker and longer than my cock. It has a round base which would keep it from going all the way inside her.

I pushed the dildo into Lana’s pussy and then I held my cock underneath it and then slowly pushed my cock in along side the dildo. I heard Lana moan as her pussy was being stretched by TWO COCKS , one was a dildo and the other was MINE. I fucked her pussy with the two cock and then I pulled out the dildo and felt her stretched pussy as I fucked her harder , seconds later I started to CUM inside Lana’s pussy and I watched her eyes roll inside her head as she felt my warm cum push up inside her pussy


I pulled out and left her lying there for a few minutes, I watch as a small stream of my cum leaked out of her pussy onto my black sheets. I took a dam towel and cleaned her pussy.

I then told her I had a small surprise for her. Her eyes looked deep into mine , searching for an answer.

I opened the draw and pulled out another needle , I kissed her forehead and told her she would thank me later.

I climbed between her legs and kissed her pussy mound. I then wiped her clit with a surgical spirits and then I looked into her eyes once last time before I pushed the needle like Colin from the tattoo shop had explained and I PIERCED LANA’S CLIT.


I left her clit hood with a circular ring through it , that had a little ball in the middle .

—————————————————————————–I untied her and took off the duct tape from her mouth , her hands instantly ran over her tender boobs and slowly down to her pussy, she pulled her lips apart and looked at her neatly , cute PIERCED pussy.

We kissed and talked for a while, while we lay on the bed. She told me that was so EXTREME and yet she found herself having the most intense ORGASMS from it. She told me the pain of the needles IN her boobs was fine but the needles going THROUGH  her boobs hurt but the worst was the CLIT piercing

It was while taking we realised we never had a safe word or a way for Lana to tell me it was too much


I kissed Lana goodbye and told her I was leaving the next day (Sunday) for a week for work and that I looked forward to seeing her when I got back

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