Lana the lover of Pain (Masochist) Part 3

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By Austin All my stories are Genuine and True. I use this platform as a way to blog my sexual adventures

The next morning I flew to North Carolina for work and later that afternoon I got a text from Lana , telling me how sore and sensitive her breasts were and that she had to wear the most padded bra to help her wear clothes. She then told me how much she loved her clit piercing and then she promised me she would keep it clean and treat it like Colin from the tattoo shop had told me she needed to do to avoid infection

Threw out the following week , I got random texts from Lana telling me how her new clit piercing was so sensitive and it made her clit sensitive too , that she found herself having random orgasms through out the day at work and at home.

She also texted and told me that our previous session was EXTREME and she felt herself craving more and more. This made me smile

She sent me a text on Thursday evening , knowing I would be flying home on Friday morning and I guess she was hoping to see me. Her text went on to say: “lets see if you can ‘do better’”

Her text obviously meant she wanted more and even more extreme. On the flight home , planned my next assault on Lana


I had decided to be more extreme and a little more BDSM. So that evening I waited for Lana to arrive. She wore a loose tank top and some cotton shorts , I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra and by the looks of it , I doubted she was wearing panties.

I poured us both a glass of wine and we went and sat outside by the pool. For clarification , I live alone in Florida , on a very large property, which means I have privacy and my nearest neighbour was over 3 miles away in any direction.

In Florida in summer , the sun sets after 8:30 in the evening , so it was a nice warm evening and it was still pretty light outside. We sat chatting and flirting and I couldn’t help but take this BLONDE HAIRED PETITE BEAUTY that sat infront of me , in with my eyes. It still blew my mind away how addicted she was to PAIN!

We sat on the lounges by the pool and I called her over and told her I wanted her to suck my cock. She came closer and peeled my shorts down and exposed my hard cock to her face. She slowly took me in her hand and stroked me before putting the tip into her mouth. She sank her head lower but she was no where near able to deepthroat me.

I waited till she was building to a nice rhythm and then I used both hands and forced her head all the way down my cock , she tried to pull up , she even started slapping my thighs , but I held her there for 5 more seconds and then let her go. Her mouth came off my cock as she gasp for air, she gave me a stern look !!!

I looked down at my cock and was glad to see it covered in her saliva  , I grabbed her head , kissed her open mouth and then pushed her down on my cock again !!! She tried hard to come up for air , she hit my legs and the sides of the lounger , but I held her head down

I let go and she threw her head up , gasping for air “are you trying to kill me!!!” she shouted at me. I stood up and pulled her onto the lounger , I pulled her head off the edge and knelt down with her hanging head between my legs. I put my cock into her mouth and without mercy began fucking her throat , I watched as her legs kicked around and she twisted her body , craving to BREATH

I pulled out and watched her saliva run down her face , I put my cock back into her mouth and I fucked her throat hard , forcing my cock down her tiny throat , I knew I was being rough and I knew it hurt by the way her body thrust and moved every time I bottomed out in her throat

A few strokes later I shot my cum down Lana’s throat , I held my cock in her mouth as I emptied my balls into her throat. I knew it was only a few seconds but I knew to Lana , me holding my cock down her throat must have felt like a life time

I pulled out and she held her throat while she took in every deep breath she could. Her eyes locked were locked onto me. She was breathing hard and trying to calm herself down

I helped her up and lead her to the guest bedroom. As I mentioned in my previous post, the guest bed was made from solid hard wood that was so strong , you couldn’t move it.

I took off her clothes and lay her on the bed , half of her body was on the bed and her lower half hung off. I tied her hands to the top post and and her knees and ankles to the lower feet of the posts. Her ass was on full display.

I took off my belt and made Lana count as I let loose a string of welts across her ass , she yelled out and screamed as I let the belt land across her soft fleshy ass.

I then went to the draw and pulled out 12 needles. I had googled “surgical needle blow dart” and I brought a thin perspex pipe and I stood behind Lana and blew the first surgical needle into her left ass cheek , she heard the blow and then felt the needle. Her ass flinched as the needle went almost half way into her skin.

I blew 6 needles into her left cheek and then 6 into her right. After that I stood behind her and took in the view. Here Lana lay tied on her stomach to my bed , with her ass filled with surgical needles and her legs wide apart.

I went to my room and took out 2 pairs of long socks , I put the second sock over the first and then the third over the second and lastly the fourth over the third. I then fished out a GOLF ball and put it into the 4 socks . I then walked back into the room and sang the sock with the GOLF BALL and watched it swing upward and right between Lana’s pussy lips.

She let out a scream and yelled out “FUCK THAT HURTS” I loose a second shot and watched the ball slap her pussy hard , she screamed out again , I sent 2 quick shots between her legs and then I was REWARDED

FIRST: I saw her body shake and she told me she was CUMMMING

SECOND: I saw her pee herself a little from the last blow

THIRD: I noticed her pussy lips were a swollen and even a light blue in colour. I had bruised her tiny petite pussy

I watched her shake as she orgasmed and then her breathing returned to normal. I pulled the needles out and untied her


We lay on the bed and 5 minutes later we could both see her pussy was swollen and her lips were blue from being bruised. I kissed her and then lay on my back , my cock was hard again

I told Lana to sit on my cock. I saw the fear in her eyes as she knew the pain she would feel pushing my cock between her swollen pussy lips.

She climbed ontop and I watched her face give away all the feelings of pain as she sat down on my cock. It is a completely different feeling , her swollen lips hugged my cock as she slide down ontop of me

“Tell me” I said

She began to describe what hurt

FIRST: she told me how it was unbearable how sore her pussy was and that my cock was hurting her sliding in and out

SECOND: she told me that she was aware of her tender ass and the needles had left sensitive spots on her ass too

LASTLY: she didn’t even have to tell me , I could hear it in her voice , but she told me that her throat was raw and sore as she spoke

That was all it took and I felt her CUM on my cock again as she finished describing the pain of her body. I watch her CUM while bouncing on my cock

I looked up and pulled both nipples hard as I pushed up and started fucking her swollen pussy. She told me she was CUMMING again and I kept fucking him

I pinched and pulled her nipples hard as she fucked my cock and she told me for the 4th time that day that she was CUMMING

That was all I could take and I started to CUM inside Lana’s pussy , I flooded her warm pussy with my CUM before she collapsed on my chest


We lay like that for a while talking as she told me she had ZERO control over CUMMING from pain.  As soon as her body felt it , she could not control the release of her ORGASM

I she climbed off me and got dressed. Her ass was blue and red from the belt , with tiny needle marks on it. Her pussy was so swollen she couldn’t walk properly or even close her legs properly and then she battled to talk as I kissed her goodbye


Lana took the next day (Saturday) and (Monday) off of work , not to see me , but to recover. She could hardly walk or talk.

Her texts told me it was so hard for her to pee that she even let herself drip dry because it was so sore and that she battled to eat or drink cos her throat hurt if she swallowed

Her last text said it all “THAT ALL YOU GOT?”


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By Austin #Abuse #BDSM #Teen