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By Dubya Georgie decided to fuck neighbor girl Kimmie to see if he liked pussy. He picked the right girl! Now Dad samples her too…

After George fucked Kimmie in the woods at the park, he decides that he is definitely bi, not gay. He brings her home and now I get to see how much I enjoy underage pussy.

I had already stripped off my clothes in my home office and my cock was already hard as steel as I walked to the living room to partake in Kimmie’s prepubescent, 10 year old pussy. When I got there, I found her nude and riding George’s 13 year old dick reverse cowgirl style while he sat on the couch. He had pulled up that porn video of the little blonde girl getting gangbanged. It seemed to be a favorite of his. He thought that the girl looked like Kimmie.

“Guess what, Dad! It is her in the video!”

You could have knocked me over with a feather! I sputtered out, “What? Really?”

Kimmie continued to ride George as she answered, “Yep! I’ve been doing videos since I was 5. My parents started recording me fucking my brother Kyle and selling them the videos online. Then they found other people that made professional videos and they recorded me fucking other boys besides Kyle, and some girls too. I was 8 when I did this one. I got fucked by 12 boys that day. That’s my mom in the video. She fluffed the boys. That’s when…”

“I know what fluffing means honey. I’m just really surprised to find out that really was you, and everything else you’re telling me. George said you wanted to fuck me too. Have you been with a grown-up yet?”

“Yep! Now that I’m 10, I fuck Daddy all the time! I just did my first video with grown-ups. I got gangbanged again but their dicks were much bigger. I really liked it! And yeah! I do want to fuck you too! Why don’t you come over here so I can suck your dick?”

So I got closer and she sucked my dick. She was an expert, let me tell you! The little slut actually deep throated me and I’m 8 inches. It was amazing watching it being swallowed down her little mouth. She played with my balls and tickled my asshole too. I needed to be in her little pussy.

“What do you say we take this to the bedroom, guys?”

They agreed, so we headed in. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Kimmie to me, French kissing her as my hands roamed over her little body. She was so damn pretty! Long blonde hair, blue eyes, red lips made to wrap around a cock, budding titties that begged to be kissed and licked and sucked and bitten and pinched! I did all that as I stuck a finger in her cunt. She grabbed hold of my cock and stroked it.

George was stroking his own cock as he watched. I picked Kimmie up and laid her on the bed. She automatically spread her legs. I knelt between them and started eating her hairless twat. I was a little rusty, since it had been a while since I had eaten pussy. George’s mother had died 5 years before; I dated some here and there just to get pussy, but it had been months since the last time. I had been on a steady diet of boy cock lately.

Now here I was, eating my first little girl pussy. And it was tasty! She still had some of George’s cum leaking out of her. I enjoyed that. I sucked and licked every nook and cranny of that little hole until I had her flopping around like a fish as she came. I just had to fuck her then! I crawled up on her and pressed my cock against her opening. She wrapped her little legs around my waist, urging me in.

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I knew that I didn’t have to go slowly given her level of experience. So I slipped my cock into her and started thrusting hard. It felt good to be in a pussy again. I loved fucking George and his buddy Ollie but that tight, wet twat felt like going home. I’d never had one so young though. Boy cock and ass, girl pussy. What a time I’d been having! Maybe I’d fuck her in the ass too! Apparently she was used to it since she had done gangbang videos including one with adults.

Kimmie told George to stick his dick in her mouth, so he moved up next to her head. She sucked him right down while holding onto his balls. She reached around with her other hand and played with his ass.

“She’s a great cocksucker, isn’t she son?”

“Yeah, she is! Almost as good as you, Dad!”

I had to laugh at that. How many boys had ever said that their father was better at sucking cock as a slutty 10 year old?

“Let’s change things up! George, lie on your back. Kimmie, get on him and ride him. I want to get in that ass!”

“Oooo! Nice! I love cock in my butthole!”

I grabbed some lube and greased up my dick, then her tight, little asshole, sticking a greased finger in it. I pressed my cock against it and pushed. It popped in with just a little resistance. It was so damn tight! The three of us fell into a rhythm as we fucked, Kimmie setting the pace. George and I had had threesomes with Ollie, a boy, but never with a girl. I could get used to it! George apparently agreed.

“I really like this,” he enthused, “let’s do this more often!”

“So bi, not gay, son?”

“Bi, not gay, Dad!”

The girl was a great fuck! The best pussy I had ever had since my wife died. The three of us kept at it longer than I thought we would. But I eventually felt the tingling that comes before an orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum, kids!”

I shot my load up Kimmie’s little shit chute and pulled my cock out of her. It was a delicious sight, seeing my cum dribble out of her hole as George’s cock slid in and out of her pussy. She started riding him faster, breathing harder. She was getting closer. She sat up straight and really started riding him harder. Soon she was shouting out her climax.

She jumped off George’s dick and took him in her mouth. She sucked him until he blew his load in her mouth. She licked her lips and said, “Yum!”

“Well, Mr. K, did you enjoy fucking me? I enjoyed fucking you! We can do it whenever you like! I told Georgie the same thing. My dad likes when I fuck other people and tell him about it. He fucks me after I tell him about it, then has me tell him about it again while he fucks me.”

“Awesome, Kimmie! I really enjoyed fucking you too! I hope your dad enjoys hearing about our threesome!”

“He will! Do you guys wanna see more of my videos?”

George and I both said yes, enthusiastically. We went back out to the living room and she showed us where to find her videos, including the gangbang with adults. Damn, that girl could take a cock!

Kimmie retrieved her phone and sent a text. When she received a reply, she looked at me and said, “I know I didn’t ask you first but my dad said that I could stay the night. Would you like that, Mr. K? We could watch more videos. You’d like the ones with me and other girls too, I bet.”

“That would be great, Kimmie! I’d love to watch those videos and fuck you some more! Your pussy is the tightest and sweetest I’ve ever had!”

She texted her dad and let him know that she was staying. We watched more of her videos. She definitely could eat some pussy, but damn, she could take a cock!

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By Dubya #Incest #PreTeen #Threesome