Lazy Saturday

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My daughter, Charlotte, has always been my favorite. I know I'm not supposed to say that, and I do love all three of my children with all my heart, but she has always been my shining star. Her older brother, Bryan, and older sister, Haley, are on opposite coasts studying to be a lawyer and dentist, respectively. Now it's just my lovely wife, Lis, Charli, and myself in our home in Indiana.
Lis was my high school sweetheart. We both went to school at Purdue and somehow both managed to graduate, despite the fact she got pregnant our junior year. Fortunately, both our parents live nearby still, so after taking a semester off she was able to go back to school full time and now teaches calculus at our former high school. Two years after Bryan arrived, we welcomed Haley to the world. The following year, Charlotte was born.
Somehow, between making our family and working full-time tending a bar during undergrad, I managed to get accepted at the Concord Law School at Purdue. I buried my head in the books, graduated close to the top of my class, and began working for the district attorney's office, where I made a name for myself over the next ten years of my career. At a certain point, I was in a position to run for office as a prosecutor and likely win. The D.A. I worked under was retiring and encouraging me to take over for him. Despite the allure of becoming an elected official in my hometown, I chose not to pursue what had been my dream job a couple years prior. A childhood friend who attended Yale Law and worked as a defense attorney in New York was moving back to West Lafayette to start his own practice, and I decided to partner with him. That was how Schlosser & Nies started. Almost ten years later, we now rank among the top defense firms in Indiana.
We bought a lake cabin near Monticello when the kids were younger, and it's been my haven ever since. The original cozy two-bedroom cabin has since been torn down and replaced with a beautiful 5-bed 4-bath house bigger than our home in West Lafayette. The memories of our snug little escape never went anywhere, though.
One of my favorite things in the world was what our family called 'Lazy Saturday.' It came about organically. The kids were in elementary school when we bought the place, and Saturday mornings they always crawled into bed with my wife and me, trying to convince us to get up and take them out on the pontoon or jet-skis. One day, when I wanted to sleep in and relax, I invented Lazy Saturday. I told them if we all quietly rested a couple more hours I would make them the best brunch ever to take out onto the pontoon. After a successful execution, the kids started looking forward to Lazy Saturday, and we would have a five person cuddle party every time I was able to get away from work for the weekend. The tradition transferred into the new house, even though all the kids finally had their own rooms with plenty of space. As they got older, they grew less interested in cuddling with mom and dad, and one by one they stopped crawling into our bed in the morning. When Charlotte didn't show up for Lazy Saturday one morning the summer before her freshman year, it made more of an impact on me than I expected. The weekend just didn't feel the same.
The following weekend, in an attempt to spark up my mood a bit, I introduced my wife to 'Crazy Saturday.' I woke up to her sleeping like a baby, and began gently rubbing her shoulder. Careful not to wake her up, I pulled the sheet off the bed, leaving her lying there on her back in her purple cotton sleep shorts and t-shirt. I started rubbing her legs from calf to thigh. I could tell she was enjoying it, even while sleeping, by the way her breathing changed. I found myself getting a bit aroused by her quiet moans and carefully adjusted the bottom of her shorts in an attempt to check out her panties. I quickly found she wasn't wearing any. As I pulled her loose shorts to the side, her neatly trimmed mound was exposed. I had never lost my sexual desire for Lis, but I was especially horny with my surreptitious exploration. An idea formed in my horny brain, and I made my way to the den to fetch a pair of scissors.
When I got back to the room, I got completely naked, made my way to the bed, and very gently began cutting her shorts. I went from the bottom of each leg opening to the waist, leaving just a flap covering her goods. I pulled it aside and gently rubbed her slit until my finger felt a bit of moisture. I moved back on the bed and lowered my head to her gash and began licking the nub on top of her slit as it became exposed. My finger soon slid easily inside her as my tongue circled her clit. She woke up suddenly and after some brief confusion, she moaned and spread her legs apart.
"What's the occasion, babe?" she asked me as I slid a second finger inside her.
"Crazy Saturday," I said without a thought.
"Mmm. Even better than Lazy Saturday," she cooed.
I pleasured her orally until climax and felt the wetness of her orgasm on my chin. When she was in the right mood and I hit the right spots, she would sometimes squirt a bit, and this was one of those times. I crawled up between her legs as she whispered lusty commands for me to penetrate her.
"Fuck me, daddy," she said seductively.
I was slightly caught off guard. She called me daddy around the kids still sometimes, or at least in reference to me when she talked to them, but never had she done so in a sexual manner. I didn't dwell on her choice of words as I shoved my now painfully erect 7-inch cock inside her pussy. I fucked her like we were back in high school and her parents weren't home. She gasped and grunted as I took her in three different positions over the next half hour, feeling her orgasm a second time as I drove in and out of her from behind while we both were on our sides lying down.
"Get on your knees for me," I demanded in a husky voice.
"Yes, daddy," she replied as she took the position.
I fucked her doggy-style with the energy of a much younger man, the headboard rhythmically knocking against the wall. For a brief moment, I thought about how the kids must definitely hear us, but refocused on Lis's ass slapping against my thigh, and placed my thumb on her rosebud bum hole, applying just enough pressure to make her pussy clench tightly around my cock as she climaxed again. I was also at the point of no return and let myself unload inside her as her vaginal muscles enveloped my dick. I stayed inside as we both collapsed onto the bed, and as I pulled out our collective fluids soaked the sheets between us.
"Let's make this a weekly thing," she said to me with a huge smile on her face.
"Crazy Saturday," I said again, now officially giving a name to the best sex we'd had in years. "Daddy always loved Saturday."
I don't know why i said that. It just slipped out. My mind flashed to the week before, when I had asked Charlotte if she wasn't feeling well the day she didn't show up in the morning. I could hear her response.
"I'm fine, daddy. I just don't feel that lazy today," she replied with a smile, letting me know she was no longer my baby girl without using those specific words.
My wife looked at me lovingly through her sparkling eyes. Her face was flushed red, little beards of sweat on her forehead, and a big smile on her face. I crawled out of bed as she lay there, her full breasts uncovered with her dark nipples still hard and poking out nearly an inch, legs spread open. I was lost in the view for a few seconds, until she snapped me out of it.
"Does daddy need to take a picture?"
Apparently, this whole "daddy" deal was becoming a thing. I took my phone off the dresser and snapped a couple pictures of my wife as she playfully touched her nipples and posed. I still kept hearing my daughter's voice in my head, though. She was the only one of our children who still called me that, and as I zoomed in on Lis's swollen pussy and snapped another picture, she said it again.
"No more pictures, daddy. Let's go have breakfast."
And that was the beginning of our now four year old tradition of having unbelievable sex at the beach house. Occasionally, one of the kids would make a witty remark in reference to these romps, rolling their eyes as they asked if we slept well, placing extra emphasis on the word slept, and other quips similar to that. Even after four years, I still looked forward to fucking Lis until she had to muffle herself in a pillow to avoid her screams echoing through the hallways. The kids may joke or make fun of us behind our backs, but I know they know it's a good thing to have parents that still get excited about each other. I hope they all find love like what Lis and I have, and I know we have set a good example for what a relationship should be.
This summer, Bryan and Haley have been off doing their own thing and won't be out to the lake cabin until the Fourth of July. It's just been the three of us. Lis, Charli, and daddy. Charli is going to be a senior this year, and we celebrated her 18th birthday the weekend after Memorial Day. Though I'd known it since that day she stopped showing up for Lazy Saturday, it was now official that she isn't my baby girl anymore. She is a smart, funny, thoughtful, and beautiful young woman now. She was named a National Merit Scholarship finalist the end of her junior year, and she is fielding offers to go to school for free all over the country. I'm proud as hell of her.
On her 18th birthday, she, my wife, and I shared a bottle of red wine on the terrace as the sun went down. Charlotte had never been much of a drinker, and it seemed an appropriate occasion to indulge. She was always funny, but after her second glass of wine she had all three of us gasping for air with her humor. At one point she mentioned she had only laughed this much when she smoked weed. My interest was sparked by this comment, as I have always enjoyed the occasional joint. Lis never liked the stuff, but has no qualms with it either.
"Didn't know you were a stoner," I playfully joked with my daughter.
"Well, daddy, I guess you haven't paid attention to your druggie criminal daughter," she joked, bursting into laughter.
Weed is still a criminal offense in Indiana. I spend far too much of my time as a defense attorney representing clients who face unreasonable penalties for their various levels of engagement with the stuff. I smoke occasionally, and never characterized pot to my children in the same category as other drugs. Lis and I always had a reasonable approach to that sort of thing, and our kids, in turn, seemed to have a healthy relationship with substances as a result. None of them ever got into the hard stuff, and both Bryan and Haley had told us about smoking pot. Because of the law, I reminded them to be careful, but I knew they didn't need me to tell them that, as they were responsible young adults. This was the first I'd heard about Charlotte toking up though.
"A couple hits would be pretty perfect right now, actually," I thought out loud.
The wine and the summer breeze and serene lake sprawled out just a few yards from where we sat combined for a very pleasurable effect. Some pot would be quite a treat, but I never kept any around. Oh well. The night was already pretty great.
"I'll be right back," Charli said, and she took off inside the house.
When she walked back out on the patio, she was holding a colorful glass bowl pipe and a bag of weed. She walked over to me and handed her stash to me. Lis chuckled as she rubbed her hand on the top of my knee.
"Well isn't this lovely. The moment she turns 18, she's getting drunk and high. Such a good daddy you are!"
She was grinning as she said it, not actually upset or serious about the accusation she threw at me. She knew I was a good dad, and she thought it was kind of sweet that Charlotte and I were excited about sharing a bowl.
I took a bud out and crumbled it into the bowl with one hand. It crushed to powder easily, and the fruity, pungent aroma overpowered the smell of the fire I built a few feet away in the yard. It was some top shelf weed. I handed the loaded pipe to my adult daughter and watched as she lit the green and inhaled slowly. She held it in a few seconds before slowly blowing a cloud of smoke in my general direction and handing me the pipe. As I lit up, she plopped down beside me on the oversized lounge chair I sat in, laughing loudly as it became clear it wasn't quite wide enough.
"A little too much wine, young one?" I smiled as I handed her the bowl.
She took another hit, blew it out into my face, and adjusted herself a bit so she now sat halfway on my lap, with one of her legs dangling over the arm of the chair, which seemed to be surprisingly comfortable. She lay her head against my shoulder as she passed the bowl.
"I'm not drunk, daddy. It may be my birthday, but it's also technically Lazy Saturday!"
"I suppose you're ri-" I began to say before she cut me off mid-sentence.
"Even though you guys weren't being lazy this morning when I was eating breakfast," she added nonchalantly. "Uhh, uhh, uhh," she mimicked her mom's sex noises before bursting into laughter.
I choked as I inhaled the hit from the bowl, erupting into a coughing fit. Charli was rocking back and forth in laughter, and I looked over at Lis as I tried to get ahold of myself.
"Happy birthday, Charlotte. I think I'll let you two clowns enjoy Lazy Saturday while I take a bath," she said with a sigh.
Lis stood up, leaned forward and kissed Charli on the forehead, then planted a wet one on my lips. "Crazy Saturday has me exhausted. Try not to get your daughter too drunk, and put out the fire before you come in please," she said while winking at me and walking toward the house.
"Goodnight, babe!"
"Night, mom!"
Our replies came out at the same time, and once again we both burst into laughter, finding everything a bit funnier now the weed was kicking in. Charlotte brought her leg over the arm of the chair and repositioned both her legs across my lap, dangling into the empty chair now beside us. I reached my left hand around behind her back as she curled up against my chest. The breeze coming off the lake was a bit more brisk, and I felt her shiver slightly as she grabbed the pipe that sat on my lap. I grabbed the blanket draped across the back of Lis's chair and positioned it over both of us and pulled her in to kiss the top of her head.
She took another hit, and by the sound I could tell it was the end of the bowl. I pretended to be upset she took the last rip. She looked up at me, talking breathlessly as she held the smoke in.
"Open your mouth!"
"What?" I asked her, even though I heard what she said.
She gestured towards my mouth as she repeated herself. I opened my mouth slightly, and she grabbed my right shoulder to pull herself to me, clumsily attempting to blow the smoke in my mouth. It didn't work the way she planned. She was laughing again. I chuckled along with her.
"Are you trying to kiss me or what?" I joked.
Her mouth had made brief contact with my bottom lip, but I knew what she was actually trying to do.
"I was trying to share with you! You think I'm that bad of a kisser? Jeez. No respect around here!" she shot back.
"I guess I never thought about it, Char. But I'm sure you are perfectly capable of kissing properly," I said as I tickled her rib cage with my left hand.
She giggled and wriggled her torso, setting the pipe down on my lap as she did so. The bowl started sliding because of the way my legs were positioned, and Charlotte quickly reached back to stop it from falling to the ground, pinning it against my thigh as she reached around to get a grip on it. In the process, her fingers dragged across the top of my flaccid dick snug against the side of my leg. I couldn't tell if she flinched or if it was just me, but there was an awkward silence before she finally spoke a few seconds later.
"That was close…Should I pack another one?"
She looked up at me with her dove eyes. I took in her beauty, struggling as I tried to see her as my beautiful young daughter, and not as a gorgeous young woman. I had never pretended Charlotte wasn't attractive. It would be impossible to do so. She is 5'7", has a slim but womanly figure, and a face about as classically beautiful as they come. She has a cute little button nose, dark brown eyes, and dimples that highlight her lightly freckled cheeks whenever she smiles. Even though she wasn't in any sports at school, she balanced her studious and intellectual curiosities with a dedicated yoga regimen. Though never in a sexually driven manner, I had absolutely noticed how good-looking my daughter was. But in this moment, high as a kite, her fingers having just brushed against my cock, my eyes locked in her gaze, I realized just how sexy Charlotte is. I quietly answered her, not breaking our somewhat intense eye contact.
"It's up to you, babe."
"YOLO," she said, still looking into my eyes.
We broke our stare and I felt the tension, excited but terrified by the way I was feeling. She broke up a little bit of weed, just enough for a couple hits, and handed me the bowl.
"Let's share this one, like I tried to do earlier," she said.
"Your game, your rules," I said. "Get ready!"
I took a huge hit in and she opened her mouth. I leaned forward, tilting my head. I got about an inch from her mouth before exhaling slowly. It wasn't working. Most of the smoke escaped out the sides before she could take it in. As I was about to give up on this silly game, she pressed her mouth against mine and I felt our lips meet. I exhaled and felt her breathe in. She didn't pull away immediately, and I kept my mouth against her open lips for a moment before pulling back. She exhaled, emitting a tiny amount of smoke.
"Ok, this time just inhale right when I open my mouth," she told me as she flicked the lighter.
After she took the smoke in, I opened up and she quickly brought her mouth to mine. I felt her open her mouth, and I inhaled sharply. She stopped exhaling but again kept her lips against mine for an extra second before pulling back slowly to just a couple inches away from me. I exhaled through my nose, and a little cloud of smoke fogged the small gap between us. A big smile lit up her face, and her glossy eyes flashed.
"That was perfect! We figured it out! And you thought I was just a sloppy kisser earlier…" she stated matter-of-factly.
I reached behind her head and gently pulled her towards me and planted a light kiss on her slightly parted lips. Just a tender peck, but a kiss nonetheless. I retreated back to a couple inches away as I gauged her reaction. She wasn't upset. She was surprisingly calm.
"You're a great kisser, Char!" I said in a playfully mocking tone.
She smacked her lips, annoyed that I was poking fun at her. "Two can play that game."
As she said it she lunged her face towards mine and kissed me with her mouth open just a tiny bit. I hesitated for a moment, then let go of whatever control I had been been trying to maintain and parted my lips as I kissed her back. I placed my hand behind her head again and her mouth opened wider. I felt her tongue against my bottom lip and I let my tongue brush against it before slowly pulling my head back. She pushed her mouth back against mine, repositioning herself on the chair as my mouth opened and our tongues flicked against each other's. She brought her leg back across me and put both her hands on the side of my head as she settled into position. Her knees now rest outside my legs on the chair as she straddled me. I could feel my cock go from somewhat controlled and halfway erect to fully engorged. My left hand found its way to the small of her back while my right hand grabbed her ass cheek. I pulled her closer. My body had slouched down the chair in this whole process and she was now basically on top of me. I could feel my shaft make contact with her thigh as she straddled me.

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