Learning a Lot from Mom Pt. 01

tagIncest/TabooLearning a Lot from Mom Pt. 01

Mom and I live in upstate New York on a small farm. My name is Joe and Mom's name is Jean. I am 20 and mom is 40. My dad passed away a few years ago so it has just been me and my mom. And, although I never thought of my mom as a sex object she really is hot. To be honest, I've jerked off a few times thinking of my mom. We work the farm and mom teaches driving part time.
Mom works for a local driving school and she has been teaching me to drive whenever she can. I was supposed to take my driving test in a few days so mom made some time to take me for one more lesson the next day.
The next morning mom told me she was taking me on the highway, a place where I have driven a little before. The weather looked ominous but mom said it was just another dreary day in New York.
We got dressed…I wore a sweat shirt and jeans and mom wore jeans and a sweater. Even though it was a bit chilly, we knew we would be in the warm car and didn't need heavy, bulky clothes to go driving in for only an hour.
I got behind the wheel and we were ready to begin.
I started the car, adjusted the mirrors and got comfortable and I was ready to pull out. In a short time, I was pulling onto the highway.
The area where we were practicing in was somewhat secluded and there was very little traffic, thank goodness.
I got the hang of it pretty quickly and in a short time I was driving on the highway like a pro. As we drove along in the right lane, we suddenly found ourselves in a blinding snow squall. Mom told me to slow down and pull onto the shoulder. Unfortunately, her idea of slow was different than mine and I wound up in a slight ditch. Neither one of us or the car were hurt but we weren't going anywhere.
We tried using our cells but had no bars and couldn't use them. The snow was coming down pretty heavy now and it was getting colder. We waited almost an hour and nobody drove by. We decided that we should go look for help. We got ready to head out in the snow and she said that everything would be alright. She everen made a joke about me not doing this on my driving test.
We then headed out to look for help.
We walked about a mile and got off the highway at an exit and after a half hour or so, we saw a cabin in the woods, along the road. We went straight up to it and knocked on the door. We continued knocking but we didn't get answer. As luck would have it, I found a window slightly ajar so I climbed in and opened the door from the inside. Mom quickly came in. By this time we were both very cold.
The place was vacant and it looked like nobody lived there for quite awhile. Fortunately, there was a fireplace and some logs so I quickly made a fire.
We both tried our cells again but had no luck. The snow was coming down pretty heavy by now and it looked like we were going to be there awhile and nobody would be looking for us.
There was no food that we could see but it was getting a bit warmer from the fire for which we were both grateful.
We looked around the cabin and saw a sink, an ice box, a wood burning stove, a single bed with a blanket and a toilet and nothing else. There wasn't any electricity either. The place was a bit drafty but it was better than being in the car or outside.
Mom searched through the limited amount of cabinets and one closet and found some canned goods, two cans of sausages, a can of beans and a can of soup. She checked the used by dates and a couple hadn't expired so we put them aside.
The fire started heating up the cabin but there wasn't much wood so I had to go find some more. Before I went out, mom took off her sweater and gave it to me so I wouldn't freeze. As I reached for her sweater, I realized she was topless. Her tits were staring at me. "Mom, your tits!" "It's no big deal Joe, enjoy the view." We both laughed as she pushed the sweater back and insisted I take it to stay warm outside. I thanked her and put it on, catching her naked tits in my eyes. I went out while mom stayed inside. About 30 minutes later I came back with some wood we could use that would probably get us through the night. I took off her sweater and gave it back to her.
By now it was getting dark and we were getting hungry. We opened up the can of beans and put them in an old pot and heated them up over the fire.
After we ate, we got the bed and put it in front of the fireplace to keep us warm through the night. Before we went to bed, I put on a bunch of wood to keep the fire going.
It was a sight the two of us trying to sleep in a single bed together, but we tried. Mom and I hugged each other to keep warm but it wasn't working. I then said to my mom, "Mom, this isn't working. We have to take our clothes off and use our body heat to keep us warm."
"You're right son. I remember that now."
We got undressed and mom was just in her panties and I was in my briefs as we hugged to stay warm under the blanket…this time it was working…we were warmer.
No matter what we did though, it was uncomfortable. I was still awake. Now, by this time, I had a raging hardon and was in real trouble.
I turned my back and my mom hugged me tighter. All I could feel were her naked tits pressing into my back, which didn't help my cock. Then, my mom moved her hand down and over my erection. I laid there motionless as her hand rested on my hard cock. I didn't know what to do. I figured she was sleeping.
After a few minutes though my mom softly whispered, "face me baby."
I turned around and we were now face to face, her tits in my chest, my hard cock pressed against her. I could even feel my mother's heart beating faster and her breathing getting heavier. In a couple of minutes, her hand moved down to my cock. I thought she was going to say something about my hard cock but she didn't.
She softly murmured, "mmmm" and squeezed my cock. I was taken back but I didn't do or say anything. After a couple of minutes, her hand went under my waistband and now she had a firm grip on my hard cock. "Mmmmm" was all I heard from her.
She finally let go of my cock and I felt her hand moving about and soon realized she was moving her panties to the side. Then she took my cock and placed it at her slit. She softly whispered, "Go ahead baby, slip your cock in me."
"Do it for mommy. Put your cock in me baby."
I started pushing my cock in and she grabbed my ass and pulled it to her, making my cock fill her wet cunt.
"That feels so good baby." She whispered as her hips started moving in and out as my mother was fucking me."
As she fucked me, her fingers were digging deep into my back as all I could hear were her soft moans of pleasure. Suddenly, she moved her body and I was now on top of her, my cock deep inside of her.
"Fuck me hard baby. Play with my tits…suck my nipples." She whispered.
This was a side of my mother I never knew When's she said that, I started ramming my cock into her. She just moaned and moved her hips in synch with my thrusts. I was squeezing her tits and then I started sucking her nipples.
"That's it baby. Bite my nipples baby. They like it rough."
I did as she told me.
"Mom, I'm going to cum."
"Cum in me baby. Fill my cunt with your warm cum."
Just then I shot streams of cum into my mom's cunt. As my cum was still shooting into my mother's cunt, she started having one orgasm after another, yelling out, "My God, I'm cumming…my son made me cum..Oh God it feels so good. When I stopped cumming, I was going to pull my cock out but she held my ass so I couldn't move. "Fuck me again, now."
As soon as she said that, my cock got hard again. "Baby, I feel your cock getting hard in me…oh baby, that feels so good."
As soon as I was really hard, I started fucking her again. "That's it baby. Fuck your mother. Let me feel your cum shooting in me again."
I pumped her harder and faster and shot some more cum into her cunt. She held me tight and that's the way we fell asleep, even though I was still playing with her tits and biting her nipples.
At some time in the middle of the night I got up to put more wood on the fire and went to pee. When I got back to bed, my mom's eyes were open and she watched me as I walked back to the bed.
"Baby, I didn't realize your cock was so nice. You were wonderful. Come here."
I got into bed, my cock rock hard. As soon as I got in bed, my mom pulled me to her and kissed me, a deep lovers kiss. My hands roamed her body and that's when I found out that her panties were off and she was naked. I pushed the blanket off and we could see each other's nakedness. We made out for awhile.
"Baby, I'm going to ride your cock."
She straddled me and I watched my mom lower her slit onto my cock until it disappeared into her cunt. She started riding my cock, her tits bouncing up and down in front of me. As she rode me, I was able to play with her tits. She reached back and grabbed my balls, squeezing them gently.
"I'm going to cum, mom."
"Not yet baby…don't cum yet."
She quickly dismounted and immediately started sucking my cock.
"Mom, that feels terrific."
All of a sudden, she had both my cock and my balls in her mouth. That was it…I shot my cum load in her mouth and watched my mother swallow every drop of my cum.
"That was great mom."
"I'm glad my young man liked that."
We both fell asleep.
In the morning we got up and I checked out the snow, which thankfully stopped. The sun was out as well.
"Hey mom, it looks like things quieted down outside. We probably can go out to look for help to get home."
"Is my man in a rush? From now on baby, call me Jean."
"What did you have in mind Jean?"
"I'm in no rush to be saved. You look even better in the light."
"Jean, you look pretty good yourself. Thanks for last night."
"I should be thanking you. My boy showed me that he is a real man."
"So, Jean enjoyed herself last night?"
"You know I did baby. Why don't you come over here and take good care of meJean right now?"
"Sounds good Jean, but one thing first."
"What baby?"
"I want some pictures of my mom to remember this time."
"Ok, but hurry up. I want to get fucked by my big man."
I took some cell phone pictures of her and joined her in bed and took some more of the two of us.
"When we get home baby, you will move into my bedroom…I mean, our bedroom."
"You mean that for real mom?"
"You are my man now Joe and I am yours, unless you don't want me."
"I do want you. I will make you very happy…I promise."
"Show me now how much."
I started kissing my mother and feeling her up. I moved my face down to her pussy and started eating her. It wasn't long before she started having orgasms while I ate her.
Her moans got louder and louder and soon she was screaming out in pleasure. I had to stop as I thought she was going to pass out.
"Jean, Jean are you ok?"
"Joe, you are amazing. God, I can't get enough of you. Fuck me."
I mounted my mother and got my cock in her cunt and started fucking her when we heard voices. We stopped and listened.
"Anybody in there?"
"Yes, me and my mother."
"We are the police. We found your car and saw the smoke from this abandoned cabin. Are you two ok?"
"We are fine. Thank you. Give us a minute and we will be right out."
We hurriedly got dressed and opened the door. The two officers said they would take us back to our car and have a tow truck meet us at the car.
A half hour later and the car was out of the ditch and mom drove home.
As soon as we got home, mom said, "I need a shower. Want to join me lover?"
I smiled and replied, "We never did finish our fuck at the cabin. How about we finish it now, then we can take that shower."
"I like how my lover thinks. Let's go to our bed and finish that fuck."
Look for Part 2

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