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Chapter 1: Finger Exercises
HR stares at the naked woman before him. Every inch of her was crafted to perfection. He just couldn't understand how he got into this situation. He was in bed with this goddess, her bed. And she wanted him there. He replayed the last half year of his life in his mind, trying to piece together when he died and went to heaven.
-Flashback start-
Hilbane Reylynn started his time at the gym several months ago. He'd decided to start because when he asked a girl out, she said he was "too thin" for her, and he figured he needed to bulk up.
Not being accustomed to "gym culture," Hilbane had a little bit of a time getting used to the routine. He couldn't understand why the guys didn't seem to care that they were naked in view of others in the men's locker room.
The skinship of both the men and women was also a surprise. He'd been uncomfortably clasped on the back by more naked men than he'd be ready to admit and more than one woman has had to fix his form, basically pressing themselves up against him.
Speaking of the women, he also had to adjust quickly to the female body. In his 19 years of life, he'd had a few girlfriends and could count the number of times he'd had sex on one finger but this was a whole new playing field. A collection of the most beautiful and sexy women he'd ever seen were around him at all times in the gym.
They fell into 2 categories of dress, very short shorts or skin tight legging, both types wearing sports bras and little else. More than once he's had to excuse himself from his exercises and take a break in the men's room to reset.
All of this had not gone unnoticed. Both guys and girls alike loved to tease him for being so uncomfortable. When sparring with the ladies they would sometimes take extra long beating him, not putting nearly enough pressure on his joints to hurt or make him submit, but enough to keep him in place and hold him close to their bodies. The guys would do similar things in the ring, but mostly they would go out of their way to make conversation and interact with him while naked in the locker room.
In contrast, whenever he made any unintentional contact with someone he would apologize profusely, especially if it was a woman, and try to escape. The escape attempt usually ended in the person telling him "it's fine" and pulling him close to have more fun bullying him. Because of his nervous energy and timid-ness around anything even slightly sexual he got the nickname HR.
This gym didn't have gendered training, as they believed they were training the members for a real fight. In real fights you don't get the luxury of picking weight class or gender in your opponent. This meant there were lots of male and female interaction in the gym, at least when compared to other gyms, and they were not shy about sharing their relationships, or bodies, with each other.
Almost daily HR would enter the locker room and hear new stories of some hookup between two members, sometimes even more if they got worked up enough. During breaks, he'd hear the "gossip" (they were speaking clearly out loud and not really trying to hide it) from the women, openly ranking their experiences with other members. When comparing their comments to his single trist between the sheets it kinda made sense why she didn't want to hang out again.
Hell, even a few times some guys and a handful of women have propositioned HR for an "after hours workout" but he always declined. He rejected the guys because he simply did not swing that way and he denied the women believing that none of the amazons that populated this gym could possibly view him in that way and were only pulling his leg some more. His denial didn't mean they stopped trying.
He'd gotten cornered many a time by a few women (the main offenders being Allison, Jazmín, Flávia) rubbing his arms or back, saying that they could "teach him a few forms of ground work that only more… experienced members could teach." and promising "they wouldn't bite… much." He would politely decline while overstating just how beautiful they were and would be met with faux disappointment, their eyes alight with sly excitement.
Sometimes he wished there was a real HR so he wouldn't get harassed as much. But as much as it made him uncomfortable, female attention, especially attention from these goddesses, did feel good on some base level. They seemed harmless. Mostly.
HR was pretty weak when he started training, at least weak compared to everyone else. Over the past 4 months he's gained a decent amount of muscle and drastically improved his fighting technique. Though the technique was due more to his partner and out of necessity.
Lai Chan, an air genasi from a renowned family, trained at this gym. She was a prodigy, learning different fighting styles at alarming speeds and at times giving even the masters trouble. Because of their relative ages, him being nineteen and her being twenty one, and their comparative builds, him being six two, 200lb, her being six three, 205lb they were often paired together for his training whenever she wasn't training with the masters.
They decided that the best way for HR to learn was trial by fire. His trainer said it was akin to "teaching someone to swim by throwing them in the water with a shark." He had yet to get a win on her, but he at the very least lasts more than 10 seconds against her. His defense is his best asset as he has to try his hardest to stall the inevitable loss against her. His good defense has won him a few wins against other members, even a few older and heavier ones. That's how scary Lai Chan is.
Lai Chan was the exception to the rule in the gym. No one, man nor woman, has had any "after hours sessions" with her. Few have the balls to try and those who did were politely accepted with the most genuine smile they've ever seen. After a few dates/hangouts though they couldn't get a read on her and decided to back off. They said that all she wanted to do was spar and train, never even hinting at "better activities."
Today HR had one of his "hell days." His schedule was filled with harsh training, sparring matches with his worst harassers, and to top it all off he had sparring with Lai Chan at the end.
The training went on as usual but the women treated him extra bad (or well depending on how you view it) today. Purposely using holds that had as much skin to skin contact as possible, letting him escape from holds to prolong the match, pretending to not notice whenever he tapped out, the whole nine yards. Jazmin was bold enough to gyrate atop of him while straddling him in full mount, giving him an impromptu lap dance. A man can only take so much.
Needless to say, he was both physically and emotionally exhausted by the time he got on the mat with Lia Chan, and despite her workload being double his and against better opponents, she barely looked tired. Her long, cloud like hair tied up, her blue skin with a healthy sheen to it, and her patented big smile. He prepared himself for another set of losses.
At least this one wouldn't sexually assault him.
Unfortunately, the reverse couldn't be said. During their matches he had a moment of weakness. After being climbed on and used by several women that day, Lai Chan was the straw that broke the camel's back.
He let his guard down. Knowing he was in for some teasing whenever he interacted with the older women, he naturally raised his mental and emotional walls when they were around. Lai Chan, being both near his age and the nicest person he's ever met, didn't have those natural defenses in place.
He forgot that while she wouldn't sexually assault him, he would still have plenty of skin to skin contact with the cutest girl he's ever seen for extended periods of time. During the match he lost himself in the feeling of being manhandled by Lai Chan, feeling strangely safe in her strong arms. Until he felt something strange.
She had him in a rear naked choke. Luckily he had defended well enough to get an arm in there so that she wasn't cutting off circulation, but the real problem was on his back. As usual her breasts were pressed into it, as he was used to by now, but what was concerning is that he felt two points where he swore something hard was poking into him. Makes sense, fighting tends to get the adrenaline going and the body has natural responses. But man was that distracting.
After escaping the choke, he got the advantage for a second and proceeded to get on top of her. Unfazed she quickly folded her body and wrapped her legs around his shoulders and neck, putting him in a triangle hold. Unfortunately as she tightened the hold it forced his head closer and closer to her groin. That's when it happened.
He only lost control for a second, but it was enough. He caught a whiff of Lai Chan's scent, emanating from her core. Her sweat and natural musk smelling sweet to the hormones that had been building all day under the persistent attacks of the women. He felt the blood rushing to his groin.
Now he was in a war on two fronts, half his brain focused on fighting Lai Chan and the other fighting his own body to try and stop the inevitable. Every time he told his little soldier to stand down his nose filled with another breath of Lai Chan, reminding the little guy what he was fighting for.
He ended up losing both fights. After barely escaping an arm bar, which had his arm pressed up against her squishy mounds, a few seconds of grappling ended with them in the worst possible position. Full mount.
Time slowed down as he realized there was a second pressure on his little man. More than the pressure of it straining against his shorts. A warm pressure. Her position had his dick sliding right up against her crotch. He felt her body tense at the contact.
At the same time, they both looked down at the physical connection. Him in horror in her in confusion. He heard from outside of the cage a variety of responses. Mostly it was laughing, but there were scattered jeers and oooo-ing from the spectators. A few of them whistled very suggestively.
After visually confirming the problem they locked eyes for a split second. In that second HR immediately tapped his hand on the ground three times and bucked Lai Chan off of him. The first time he'd ever managed to do that. Didn't have time to celebrate though.
While the bucking worked, it also ground his dick into her crotch a bit in the moment, sending shivers down his spine and causing her to… moan? He looked over to her in confusion. Meeting her eyes he detected a hint of anger rising up behind her confusion. Nah, definitely a noise of disgust. The crowd on the other hand cheered.
He then jumped up and tried to cover himself while he ran to the locker room, feeling many people clap his back along the way. He ignored the hoots and cheers and made it to the locker room. He sat down in front of his locker on the bench and held his head in his hands.
If this was one of the usual offenders, it would just be another thing to tease him about. Truth be told it wasn't even the first time he'd popped a boner mid match. His abusers were really attractive and good at what they do.
The guilt came from doing it to Lai Chan, one of the few people who hadn't harassed him. There was no way he could look her in the eye ever again. As if she would talk to him in the first place.
HR decided to spend the last hour of this workout time hiding out in the locker room in shame. When the usual late crowd came in to get cleaned up, they naturally brought up and joked about the "Main event" of the day. The jokes were short lived though, as they quickly noticed that the usual embarrassment and awkwardness of HR had been replaced by depression.
In a rare moment of sincerity, several of the men try to cheer him up to no avail. They said things like "it happens to the best of us, kid" and "don't think about it too much" but HR simply waved them off, wanting to brood in peace.
Wanting to make extra sure he would be the last one out HR waited 15 more minutes after the last guy left. Eventually the owner came into the locker room and crushed his spirits.
The owner rubbed the back of his neck, looking a bit awkward to be the middleman here.
"Look kid, she's not leaving until you come out and I can't close up until you two leave. Wife's gonna kill me if I come home late again so hurry up and take your lumps."
Seeing HR's blank face fill up with fear, the owner sighs and sits next to the young man. "Listen." No response. "Look at me, kid." HR meets his eyes.
"I already know the answer but just to be sure. Did you do it on purpose?"
HR's eyes went wide. "Of course not!"
"Then you got nothing to worry about. Maybe she'll take it as a compliment like Allison." The boy grimaced at the memory.
"But I-"
"You didn't do anything kid. Your body had a natural reaction and things got a bit awkward. Lai Chan's a good girl. I'm one hundred percent sure if you explain yourself she'll forgive you." He clapped HR on the back and stands. "Come on, Wife's getting angrier by the minute."
HR packed up his bag and stood to leave. Other people shouldn't have to suffer for his mistakes after all.
Upon leaving the locker room he is ambushed by Lai Chan, who had been leaning against the wall next to the entrance. She grabs his arm and wordlessly drags him out of the gym and into the street. He goes along willingly, waiting to suffer whatever she had in store, be it harsh words or a beating.
The night air sharpens his mind, cool and fresh, a stark contrast to the musty room he spent the past hour in. He recovers enough to resist slightly, causing Lai Chan to also stop and turn on him.
Looking at her face HR could only feel fear. It was around 10 pm, while the moon was out, her natural blue skin seemed to absorb all the light it could. The only things he could see clearly were her eye's.
Her eyes were intense. She held his gaze, the fire from it singeing what little courage he had just built. HR noticed that she was panting as if she was tired, which was strange because she always seemed to have limitless stamina.
Lost in her eyes, he was startled when she spoke to him. Her voice was husky, with an animalistic edge to it.
"Why did you stop the fight?"
Lai Chan grabbed him by his shoulders. She was using quite a bit of strength. She put her face barely two inches from his own. He could feel the heat of her panting on his face as he was forced to get a closer look at her eyes.
"Why did you stop the fight? We were having so much fun, then you stopped it!" the edge still there.
He figured she wanted him to admit guilt. "I stopped the fight because… you know. My penis, it was poking into you. Sorry about that by the way! I'm really really sorry and it won't happen again!"
"But why'd you stop the fight? Doesn't that happen when guys are having fun? I was having fun too! We were both having fun and feeling good so why'd you stop?" she sounded manic now.
Feeling good? This wasn't the chewing out he was expecting. He thought he'd be beaten up or yelled at for being gross or both. He voices his concern.
"What do you mean feeling good?"
"You know! Feeling good. Like when you fight someone and grapple with them and you just get full of this energy! Then you fight harder and win. It's super fun and you ruined it. Now I have all this-this energy and I don't know what to do with it!" Was HR imagining things or did her face somehow get closer?
Something didn't sit right with HR. Of course he knew about adrenaline and it did feel good to win but this sounded like something more. Currently locked in her grip he had no choice but to push forward. He couldn't solve the problem without understanding it first.
"Sorry I don't understand. Can you describe this feeling for me? Maybe if you tell me I can help."
"I just described it. It's like feeling good all over when fighting someone!"
Ok this was going nowhere. He needed to ask leading questions. "So when you have this feeling, you say it is when you are fighting someone right?'
"I said that already, yes."
"Ok. Does it happen for everyone you fight?"
"No, only some people. No girls but some of the guys feel really good to fight."
So it was gender based. "Would you say that you like the people that make you feel good to fight?"
Lai Chan lets out an exasperated sigh "Of course I like them, I like everyone in the gym."
"No, no. Ok. If you had the choice to talk to let's say Flavia or one of those guys that make you feel good. Which would you choose?"
She frowns a bit. "I guess I would choose to talk to the guy."
It couldn't be. "Ok, this feeling, where would you say it starts?"
Lai Chan takes one hand from his shoulder, and moves it down her abs. She rests it just under the last ab, where her pubic bone met her abdomen. "Right here. Then it spreads everywhere and makes me feel good."
It must be something else. "And would you say you get this feeling, not just when you fight them but think about fighting them?"
The intensity rises slightly in her eyes. "Yes!"
"And do you have this feeling not just with people in the gym but with some guys you see outside the gym?"
"Yeah, I think about how fun they must be to fight!"
HR takes a deep breath. "Ok. Going back to the gym. You said there were some guys that gave you this feeling. Who are they?"
Lai Chan lists off six regulars of the gym. All attractive and fit men in their own right, and people he remembers Lai Chan requesting to fight pretty often. After the sixth name she says "And you."
"Me?" She must be pulling his leg, like the others. Besides she always wins with relative ease. No way can he be her favorite to fight.
"Yeah, you're my favorite to fight." Her excitement turns back to anger as she remembers the entire point of this encounter. "And that's why I'm mad that you stopped the fight when it was getting good!"
"Ok. Lai Chan. Just a few more questions." he said, trying to distract her again.
"When you get this feeling while not at the gym, what do you do?"
"I go home and work out until it goes away."
She what? "You do that every single time? Nothing else?"
"No? What else do I do?"
"What do you do when you have it at the gym, after you fight the person?"
"Usually I fight them then use that energy to train harder."
"So every time you … feel good, you train?"
"Yes." So that explains her rapid growth and killer shape.
Time to make absolutely sure his hypothesis was correct. "Lai Chan this is going to be a really personal question but I need to ask it to help you. You'll answer it, right?" She nods. "Ok. When you get this feeling, in your gut, does your, um," he hesitates a bit but her questioning eyes makes him push on. "Does your vagina get wet?"
"Yes!" Lai Chan gripped him tighter. "Wait, how come you know that?"
In for a penny, in for a pound. "Well. Like you said earlier, when a man's … penis gets hard, it means he's feeling the same, or at least a very similar, feeling."
"So you feel the same way I do!" The grip turns into a tight hug. Feeling her body up against his again, smelling her again, he couldn't suppress another erection.
Feeling him press up against her thigh she breaks the hug to look down and stare at his penis. "Look, it's up again!" she meets his eyes again. The same intensity from before doubled in her gaze. "That means you want to fight right? Let's go back to my place and fight!"
Lai Chan attempts to drag HR further down the street but once again he resists.
"Lai Chan, I have some more questions and I think you need to hear them."
Lai Chan continues to try to drag HR down the street. "Fine but we are fighting afterwards. Can we at least go home first? It's cold out here."

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