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In early 1990’s I turned 31 still single in no relationship at all and no prospect one either. I’m 5’2″ slender and attractive and in my family, I should have been married and I wasn’t. It might seem old fashion, but a daughter was supposed to marry and have a family. I’d had 2 brothers both younger and they were married and had started their families. As the only daughter and the oldest I was single and left behind and since I’ve passed 30, I’m seen as the leftovers nobody wants. I’ve a great career and good prospects and not on anyone’s priority list as a wife. They’re all looking for younger women, not ones passed their use by date as I was seen. But as I started to come to terms with my future of being single for the rest of my life. A work colleague 34 also single and easily overlooked as he is the quiet achiever of the place I work at. Does very well business wise and doesn’t blow his own horn as they say. Let’s his successes tell his story and not boast about himself like others always did, while they were boasting he was succeeding in another deal. He was the winner every quarter because of his achievements. He let the boasters boast and beat them every time. Anyway, he was working on a really large deal the biggest in the history of the business and required help. He chose me as I was competent and not very boastful his words. I did boast a bit, not as much as others and I was duly assigned to assist him. It meant a lot of travelling long nights and lack of sleep, but he succeeded and being the person, he was. He made sure I got my share of the glory; I’d had come to respect him. So, I worked with him on another deal, not as intense as the previous one. In the course of working on that deal we had to share a bedroom and if that got out my honor would be gone. It wouldn’t affect his honor as he is a man, I’m an unmarried woman and what little chances I had of marriage would be gone forever. He knew this and knew it would be hard to cover up our sharing the same room as others at the hotel knew of us. But not about marital status, he suggested we marry as it would be the perfect cover. I was a little shocked at first. But knew of the great dishonor it would mean to me and my family if the news of us sharing the same came out. Even getting tested and proving I was still a virgin wouldn’t stop the dishonor. I agreed and we married straight away, on returning home we told our families who were a little shocked. But were happy we had married and would’ve a family, we mentioned we were married and not that it was the day after we had to share a room together. Now with the cover of being married we continued our careers. I was able to provide my husband with 4 children before I was passed having children. He has always been a loving husband and we are very happy still today with our children starting their families and giving us grandchildren. It might not seem like it today, but in our culture family honor is more important than life itself. Some cultures stone a woman who is dishonored even today.

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