Leigh’s Christmas Break Pt. 01

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tagIncest/TabooLeigh's Christmas Break Pt. 01

My husband and I visited my parents over Christmas break. I hadn't been home in over a year and I was excited to be there.
My parents live in a two-bedroom condo in Rhode Island. Christmas time is the only time I enjoy the cold weather. My husband and I moved to Mississippi a little over a year ago, and I have found that I enjoy the southern climate a lot better.
The only negative to visiting my parents is that their guest room is not set up for actual guests. It's a combination of an office area with a desk and a stationary bike, neither of which gets any use. That first night on the air mattress was terrible; I awoke the next morning with an ache in my lower back, and it seemed to be spreading to my shoulders throughout the day.
The second night we were there, after I thought both my parents were asleep, I went downstairs to get some water. As I passed my parents room, I could hear my mother snoring loudly. I thought to myself that some things never changed. She's been snoring as long as I can remember.
When I walked down the stairs and into the living room, now dimly lit by the glow of the Christmas tree lights, I saw my dad sitting on the couch. "What are you doing just sitting here?" I asked, as my eyes were adjusting to the lesser light of the room.
With a smile he replied, "I can't sleep with your mom snoring. Sit with me and let's have a chat."
I sat down by him on the couch. I pulled the blanket off the back of the couch to cover my bare legs, as I was only wearing my sleeping shorts and t-shirt. The heat was on in the house, but seeing the snow subtly fall outside the living room window sent a slight chill throughout my body.
My Dad and I have always been close, but as the years went by, he was more nostalgic. He often reflected on the brevity of life and made sure that I was doing fine.
Grabbing my hand, my father said, "Leigh, I want you to know how proud I am of you. I am so thankful that you and Jay found each other; you two are perfect for each other. And I am proud of the woman you have become." At 32, it still means everything to get compliments from my Dad!
While my Dad always loved me, he wasn't always pleased with my choices in men. And if I'm being honest, all of my choices were horrible, except for my husband, Jay. Jay accepted my faults, loved me for me, and had truly become my soulmate. It made me so happy and thankful that my Dad saw Jay as the man he was.
As I shifted on the couch, I grimaced. My aching back was getting worse. Noticing my face, my Dad asked me what was wrong.
"Well for starters, Dad," as I began speaking in a playfully sarcastic tone, "as I've gotten older, I think I've inherited your bad back because it hurts more and more. Not to mention sleeping on that air mattress was awful. Please don't tell Mom I said so, but it is just so uncomfortable."
"Why don't I give your back a little massage?" offered my Dad. I didn't hesitate to accept his offer, and I turned to the side, allowing him better access to my back. As he began to massage me, he couldn't quite get the angle, so he told me to sit in front of him. He opened his legs and scooted back. I sat on the edge of the couch between his legs.
My Dad put his hands underneath the bottom part of my shirt and started to massage my bare lower and middle back. It felt amazing and I asked him to rub my shoulders. He complied and moved his hands up my back, obviously now realizing I wasn't wearing a bra.
As he massaged me, I could tell his breathing had become more deep and erratic, especially as he neared my sides. His fingers were dangerously close to the swell of my breasts.
Unsure of what was happening, I leaned back to snuggle into him and thank him for the massage. His hands accidentally moved around to where he was touching a good amount of my breasts. I also felt his huge hard cock against my back. I lurched forward, not that I was horrified, but more-so a knee-jerk reaction of shock.
My dad, obviously quite embarrassed, started apologizing immediately, "Leigh, I did not mean for that to happen! I promise I was only massaging you to help your back feel better. I did not want my body to react that way, and while I couldn't control it, I am so sorry that you found out that happened!"
Not knowing exactly what to say, I told him it was okay, and that I wasn't his little girl anymore. He agreed with me.
My Dad then further explained to me, "I don't have that kind of relationship with your mother anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love your mother more than anything. Our relationship has evolved over time, and we share a deep love. But the physical side of our relationship has been severely neglected, even to the point of being non-existent."
My father and I were on a level we hadn't reached yet. He had opened up to me about a very personal matter. Maybe he needed to in order to explain why he had an erection while he massaged me, but we were on a new level nonetheless.
"Dad," I sheepishly said, "you can obviously do stuff alone without Mom to get the relief you need. I think it's great that you love Mom the way you do, but she would understand that you have needs."
"That's just it," my Dad said, his voice now trailing off, as if too embarrassed to speak loud enough for me to hear, "I relieve myself all the time, but I miss the physical and emotional connection that comes from making love to her. So when I was rubbing your back, and touching your sides, I couldn't help getting aroused."
Although terrified to admit anything, I knew I needed to open up to my father. Still sitting between his legs, not facing him, I had to come clean and share something with him, just as he had opened up and shared things with me.
"Dad," I said as my heart raced, "I need to confess something to you. Please don't interrupt me. I just need to get this out. You have shared with me on such a deeper level, and I feel like I need to do the same thing. For years I have been ashamed about thoughts I've had in the past…thoughts that for years I didn't think was normal… thoughts of sexual interaction with you, Dad. It wasn't until I met Jay, and he became my other half, that I was able to open up and share with him my darkest secrets and fantasies. And as we worked through my secret desires, we actually incorporated them into some of our love-making."
I could barely whisper, "I'm sorry," as I felt an immediate relief, as well as fear, take over me. It was then I realized that telling my father this caused a wanting between my legs, and I could feel my own arousal building.
Now needing to feel secure, I wanted to be held by my Dad. He always accepted me for who I was, and even though I was sure he disagreed with my desires, he would never turn me away from feeling loved. So with my father not saying anything, I leaned back into him. To my surprise, I again felt his hard, straining cock pressed against me. His hands were again on my sides, very close to the swell of my breasts. I snuggled even more into him, not exactly knowing what I wanted to happen, but more to just feel close to my father again.
With a little hesitation, I could feel my Dad's left hand begin to fondle my breasts. When the pretenses that we were being innocent were over, and he could feel my body start to relax and welcome his touch, he began to flick and pinch my nipples. At the same time, his right hand cautiously slid down inside the front of my shorts to find no panties…and no pussy hair. He was surprised to find that I was dripping wet as he put a finger in me, and then two.
Almost instinctively, I stood up and took my shorts off. I then simply got on all fours in front of him. My Dad stood up behind me, and I heard clothing being removed. He then got down on his knees as I felt the head of his cock press against the opening of my very wet pussy. Without saying a word, my father slid his cock inside me. He went slowly and gently, yet deep, until I could feel his tight balls push against me. He stayed there for a minute, just motionless as I adjusted to his above average size. He then slowly started to slide in and out. As I lifted my head and looked towards the stairs, I realized my husband was watching us, with his hard, throbbing cock in his hand.
To be continued…

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