Leigh’s Christmas Break Pt. 02

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tagIncest/TabooLeigh's Christmas Break Pt. 02

Part Two
(Author's Note: To understand the context and monumental build up to this encounter with my father, you will need to read Part One.)
There Jay stood with his shorts pulled down. All seven inches of his cock were hard. His hand stopped stroking his cock when our eyes locked onto each other. I didn't see fear, shame, or surprise in my husband's eyes. I saw acceptance and understanding, both without any judgment. And I saw lust…a hungry lust. A look that I remember to this day. A look that told me that while he wanted me, he
knew he wanted me to cum with my father. To feel his release inside of me.
My father hadn't seen Jay, or if he did, he never let on that he had. My Dad just continued to slide in and out of me, going very slowly as I adjusted to how thick he was. I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation in my pussy.
I reached between my legs with my right hand and began to softly rub my clit. The added sensation caused my pussy to get even wetter, which allowed my father to slide in and out more easily. As he began to pick up his pace, he placed his hands on my sides and forcefully grabbed my hips. Then, to my surprise, my mild-mannered father began ramming me harder.
I couldn't help but let out a loud moan when I felt how deep he was inside me. Through staggered breath my father asked, "You like that?"
In between my grunting and moaning I opened my mouth to speak, only to hear these words from Jay as he stepped into the room, "She likes it very much. She loves being Daddy's slut."
Just hearing Jay say those words made me even more wet. You see, at home, I called Jay "Daddy". It was something I had gotten used to. And now being fucked by my actual father was both overwhelming and positively erotic.
As if almost on queue, my father asked, "So you like being Daddy's slut?"
An orgasm washed over me. I heavily squirted on my father's cock and balls. Just then, my hair was gripped tightly and my head lifted up. Jay shoved his hard shaft into my mouth. Jay was usually gentle in our love-making, except when he pounded me hard from behind. But he was different today as he shoved his cock in my mouth. He was animalistic, not tender. There was a lack of gentleness.
Jay spoke, but not necessarily directed at any one person, "She is such a fucking slut…she loves cock." His next question left little doubt he was talking to me, however, "You like being a fucking slut don't you? You like being fucked hard by your father and your husband at the same time!"
"Yes," I responded, as if almost ashamed. "YES!" I repeated loudly as I squirted again.
Jay and I had discovered that once I start squirting, I will squirt with every orgasm after that. I couldn't care less about the mess I was making on my father's cock, let alone the floor beneath me. I was at the point of no return, and I loved experiencing the two men in my life.
"Spank her," Jay commanded my father. "She will cum when you do." My father hesitantly slapped my ass. The random thought that my father doesn't want to hurt his little girl amused me. "Mark," Jay said more sternly to my father, "slap her ass….hard." I felt my father release his grip on my right hip. Seconds later I felt a stinging pain, a good pain, on my right ass cheek. A moan escaped my lips as I had another orgasm.
I could feel my father tense up inside me, but then to my disappointment, he pulled out. I thought that maybe he wanted to cum on my back and ass (something that I love by the way), but I heard him say, "I don't want to cum yet."
Jay immediately told me to turn around and get on my back so that my pussy was facing him. He didn't have to tell me twice. With moving my position, I was perfectly situated as Jay laid down between my legs and began to make out with my pussy. He's the only man that has ever done it that way to me. He slowly kissed my pussy lips and clit. Within a couple minutes, the making out became more aggressive. Then, he sucked my clit. That sensation was too much and an orgasm washed over me again.
I had almost forgot about my father! I opened my eyes to see him looking all over my body as he had been kneeling right next to my head. His still rock hard cock only inches away from my face. I could tell that his cock was extremely wet and coated with juices…my juices.
With the most natural feeling, I reached up and held the base of his cock. Our eyes locked. It was the first time we had looked at each other since we crossed the boundaries of familial desire. I looked at his cock, and then back at his eyes. He knew what I wanted, and I knew he wanted to give it to me. He directed his cock closer to my face and I closed my eyes as I gently sucked his cock into my mouth for the first time. I immediately tasted my juices. I tasted the my womanhood that had squirted all over my father. I tasted the amazing reminder of the sex we had just enjoyed.
It seemed like ten minutes or more had passed since we had looked at each other, but I know it had been just mere seconds. As I began to slowly suck his cock, savoring my taste on him, I looked back at him. His eyes looked at me differently. The same kind of look that Jay gives me when I am being a "good slut". It was then that I realized my sensation on my clit was too much again, and I came hard.
I looked down to see Jay still eating my pussy. My juices all over his mouth. His eyes now the same as my father's, a lustful look at me as their slut. I slowly looked back up at my father, teasingly took his cock out of my mouth and asked, "Does that feel good? Do you like me being a slut for you?"
My father, as if not being able to speak, just nodded his head and pushed his cock back in my mouth. I loved sucking his cock and tasting my wetness on him. I remember thinking how my pussy tasted so sweet, and it turned me on even more knowing Jay was enjoying my taste too.
With his mouth locked in on my clit, I felt Jay shift around. I felt him put just one finger in my pussy as far as it would go, but then quickly pulled out. I was confused until I felt that same finger at the tight opening of my ass. Excitement coursed through me! I knew what he was about to do, and I knew I would love the feeling.
Very slowly, but with continuous movement, Jay put his pussy-juice coated finger in my ass. Once it was in, he held it there as I adjusted to the sensation. And then with perfect timing, he started to move it in and out as he continued the licking and sucking of my clit. I had never liked anal play before my husband. One ex had tried it with me, and it was a disaster, plus he was a douche. But Jay…oh Jay knew how to give me an anal orgasm!
Jay continued his rhythmic motion in my ass, and I found myself bucking my hips, indicating that I wanted more. His finger picked up the pace, and he really began fucking my ass. His finger in my ass, his mouth on my clit, and my father's cock in my mouth was too much. I had my hardest orgasm of the night. I was exhausted.
I released my father's cock from my mouth and breathlessly said, "I'm done."
I was drained, both physically and emotionally. Jay released my pussy from his mouth as he slid his finger from my ass.
"Look at me," Jay said in a more gently voice. When I looked down at Jay, I saw the love of my life with my juices all over him. He calmly said, "We aren't done, baby. I need you to be a good slut for me and your father a little more."
I said nothing, but I knew he was right. And he knew I had a little more in me. We had one final boundary to cross. A boundary we had previously fantasized about, and one that I wanted to happen right there and then.
Before Jay could say anything else, I looked at my father and said, "Lay down on your back."
He immediately did so, and surprisingly his cock was still hard. Before I could move, however, Jay positioned himself above me with his cock at the entrance of my pussy. He slid it in with ease, given how wet I was, and glided in out just a few times. He took his cock out my pussy and helped me roll over onto my father.
Now straddled on top of my father, I held his cock in my hand and guided it to the opening of my pussy. I then let gravity work and my pussy slid all the way down his shaft. A grunt, and then a moan came from my father as his cock was as deep inside of me as it would go.
With a confused look, my father looked past me and asked Jay, "You didn't want to fuck her longer?"
A smile crossed my face as I felt Jay push me forward so that my nipples were now pressed against my father's chest. My father's face was only inches from mine, but neither of us made a move. We had moved beyond the intimacy of kissing. This was about us experiencing a lustful and deviant, sexual encounter.
As we still looked at each other, I felt Jay slowly start to fill my ass with his cock. The confused expression on my father's face disappeared as he could feel Jay's cock slide next to his, only separated by a thin layer of tissue. I was thankful that Jay had stuck his cock in my pussy and lubed his dick with my pussy wetness. Although he entered me slowly for my comfort, he was still able to slide in quite easily.
Whatever initial pain I felt from Jay entering my ass quickly disappeared as he went all the way and remained motionless. It was the first time in my life I felt this full. I couldn't tell the difference anymore between my pussy and ass, as the sensations seemed continuous. It was more amazing than I had fantasized about.
"Babe, are you ready to get fucked by your father and me at the same time?" Jay asked.
I answered Jay with just the nodding of my head.
A hard slap on my ass, and I mean very hard, sent shivers throughout my whole body. "Answer me! Are you ready to be a fucking slut for us?" Jay hissed.
"Yes, Daddy," I responded to Jay, with impatience.
I felt Jay slowly start to slide in and out of my ass. My father, sensing it was okay too, slowly began pumping his cock in my pussy. Words can't describe the amazing feelings I was going through, and the intensity was more than I could hope for.
Although Jay was normally the one to dirty talk when we had sex, I looked back at him and asked, "Does my ass feel good Daddy? Is it nice and tight for you?"
Jay responded by thrusting deeper and harder into my ass. I knew what was coming, and I knew I would love the words he said to me.
"You are Daddy's slut aren't you? You are such a fucking whore…you're my whore aren't you?!" Jay screamed at me.
All I could yell was, "Yes!" The sensations were almost too much. Jay was ramming my ass harder than he had ever done before. It was almost barbaric, but I loved it…all of it.
Just then, my father (who had been quietly sliding in and out of me) said in a hushed voice, "I'm gonna cum."
I looked at him. His eyes seemed to ask me if he was supposed to pull out or not. I pressed my pussy even harder down on him, not leaving any room for his cock to escape the grip of my dripping cunt. As full as I felt, I was still able to feel my father's cock swell inside me. He was close, and knowing that pushed me over the edge. As I started to orgasm, I felt my father's release inside me. It didn't seem to end. He grunted for what seemed like a minute as I felt his copious amounts of cum fill my hungry cunt.
Knowing what was happening, Jay picked up his pace and practically yelled during his release. His balls emptied his cum into my ass. I felt cum trickling down my thighs, and I didn't know if it was Jay's, my father's, or my own squirted juices. Maybe it was a mixture of all three. As Jay's orgasm was about to come to an end, I felt the familiar tingling sensation consume me one last time, and I silently shook with one last final orgasm.
Jay carefully pulled his dick from my ass. My father, now flaccid, had almost completely slipped out of my pussy. I laid down beside my father, and Jay laid down on the other side of me. I turned toward Jay and softly kissed him. I felt my father turn towards me and press himself against me. His soft, sticky penis was pressing against my freshly abused ass. It might have been my imagination, but I thought I felt my father begin to harden. The curious thought came to me, and I wondered if my father ever had anal sex with a woman. But just as quickly as it came to mind, I knew that it wouldn't happen tonight, if ever. And that was just fine with me. I was very content with the two men in my life on either side of me, the smell of sex filling the room.
Another soft kiss on my lips from Jay was followed by his soft spoken words of, "Merry Christmas, I love you."
I kissed him back as well and said the words that always came naturally when talking to Jay, "I love you too, Daddy."

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