She arrived in Paris. A long flight. She was tired. She had been in Paris many times. She knew the sights well. She wanted Sam to come with her. She wondered who he was fucking this time she was away. She knew he was, she didn’t really mind. She knew men had needs sexually.

She loved him, she wasn’t ready to move in with him, let alone marriage. She loved her job. Been from a small Island in the middle of the ocean. Been a international air hostess. She lived it.

Leilani 28, 6 ft tall, long black hair, beautiful features, DD bust. Slim sexy, well tanned. She lived on the beach. She remembers the first time her and Sam fucked. On the beach when she was 14. She stole a condom from her 16yr old brother. She lost her virginity so young. She smiled as she sat on the bed. She was 28 and been sexually active half her life.

She stood removing the scarf from around her neck. She tool the clips out of her hair shaking her long black hair out it fell down her back the tips of her hair reaching her hips. She loved her long hair. She reached behind putting her fingers under her hair unclipping her skirt letting it fall to the floor. She undid her blouse pushing it down her back. She un clipped her bra taking it off her DD breasts falling out. Dropping the bra to the floor she cupped her breasts squeezing her nipples.

” Oh fuck yes. ” She said sliding her hand to her hips pushing her stockings and panties down her hips she sat kicking off her high heels, she pushed her stockings and panties off each leg dropping them to the floor.

Naked she looked at her body in the mirror turning sideways looking at herself. Cupping her breasts. Sliding her hands down her sides cupping her arse cheeks smiling in the mirror turning her back to the mirror looking behind looking at her arse. She turned to the front bunching her long hair in her hands reaching behind her back. She admired her naturally hanging breasts her medium nipples pointing straight out in the middle of her inch wide areolas. She dropped her hair sliding her hands down her sides. One hand sliding down over her pussy. Her fingers pushing between her labias finding her vagina hole she rubbed it moaning then pulled her fingers up inside her labias to her clit rubbing it through the thin strip of pubic hair up her pussy.

She put her fingers in her mouth licking then

” You taste nice slut. ” She said smiling at the naked women in the mirror.

She opened her suitcase naked pulling out her small bag of hairties. She tied her hair up into a ball putting on a shower cap she walked to the bathroom turning on the shower. She used the time for the shower to warm up to check her eyebrows looking for rouge hairs, even though her beautician has down it two days ago in Malaysia on a stop over.

He was a 24 yr old male. He did her eyebrows, pedicure, manicure, one day she would let him do a Brazilian on her. She loved the thought of a male waxing her private parts.

She was satisfied. She stepped into the shower letting the hot water fall over her body. Over her shoulders down her back she turned facing the nozzle the water falling down over her breasts and stomach.

She reached for the coconut bodywash, she missed home. Coconut bodywash reminded her off the coconut plantation her uncle owned.

She remembered when she was 16 he caught her in her shed topless comparing her breasts with a coconut. Ever since she was 12 her breasts were a b cup. At 16 a D cup. At 18 she was a DD.

Her uncles eyes seeing her breasts and a coconut beside them. She was so embarrassed her Uncle had seen her breasts. They laughed about it now. When she was 21 she flashed them at him. When she was 23 she let him fondle them. She hadn’t fucked him, she wouldn’t her aunty and her got on well. Her uncle would never fuck her they agreed on that but her Uncle enjoyed seeing his niece’s breasts.

She lathered her body with bodywash thinking of her uncle as she washed her breasts lifting one poking her tougue out licking her nipple as she slid a hand to her pussy rubbing it pushing a finger inside herself finger fucking her pussy as she licked her nipple.

She laughted as she thought the time she actually let her Uncle suck her nipple. So naughty but so erotic.

She washed her body caressing and massaging the bodywash into herself. She washed off and stood under the water for ten minutes washing and playing with herself. She cupped her breasts fondling them squeezing and rubbing her nipple. Her other hand working her fingers over her pussy. Her fingers rubbing her clit, sliding deep into her pussy between her labias feeling the pubic hair on her fingers her fingers entering her pussy. She finger fucked herself as she rubbed her breasts lifting them squeezing them licking her nipple.

” Ummmmmm fuck ” she said groaning speeding up finger fucking herself.

” Aggghhhh fuck. Fuck. Fuck. ” She said her body tensing as a wave shot through her body as she orgasmed.

” Shit Shit. ” She said slowly rubbing her clit pulling her fingers out of her pussy squeezing her breasts. She stood for a few minutes leaning against the tiled wall letting the water flow against her pulsating body as she let the orgasm pass as she ran her hands over her wet naked body. Her eyes closed.

She thought about her and Sam skinny dipping in the inlet in the early hours of the morning the spot they lost their virginity, fucking on the beach. How many other girls had he fucked in their place on the beach he fucked her on as the water ran over her wet body……

Part 2 cumming.

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