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By Susie I’m Susie and I have a secret girlfriend.

My name is Susie and I’m 14 years old. I’m beautiful but I’ve yet to start to bloom into my teenage body as my sister, Katie (17), has and is causing all the boys in school to chase her. Katie was having another one of her weekend pool parties with her cheer friends as our parents supervised us by cooking us lunch on the BBQ (our father) or by our mother sunning herself beside the pool.

After lunch got served my father excused himself to take a shower and get the smell of hamburgers off of him. Britney, the cheer captain, came to me and complimented my new bikini and asked where our bathroom was because her period had just started. I told her where to go and she left with a smile as she walked away.

Truth be told, Britney and I mess around whenever we get the chance because she is very dominant and I’ve found out I like being a sub. At school she will pull me into a bathroom stall and put me to my knees and make me lick her shaven pussy. We’ve played around ever since my sister got on the team 2 years ago but she has never gone down on me. She’ll just pull my hair tight in her hands and kiss me, after I’ve cleaned her pussy, and caress my budding breasts.

After 30 minutes or so Britney came back to the pool and took me by the hand leading me to my parents room. “What are we doing Brittney?”, I proclaimed. “I want your tongue in me” she said as she removed her two piece bikini. She laid back on my parents bed and began to play with her pussy. “I thought you said that you’re on your period?” Nah I lied, my boyfriend called and I wanted to be alone while we chatted. So I did as instructed and began to strip to lap at her bald swollen pussy. She must have been playing with herself because it was red and swollen but tasted sweeter today.

“Brittney, your pussy tastes sweeter today than normal, did you cum while you masterbated with your boyfriend?” Not exactly Susie, that’s your fathers cum your tasting as he caught me masterbating while watching him in the shower as I talked to my boyfriend! He fucked me raw right where we are at not 15 minutes ago. Your father is kinky with a large cock, much larger than my boyfriends. By this time she is rubbing her clit and is holding her legs up so I can taste my daddy’s sperm from her teenage pussy.

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She pulls me up and we begin kissing and she whispers in my ear, “it’s now your turn sweetie” my heart jumped as she was about to eat my pussy finally but then I felt the bed get heavy and turned around. OMG, it’s not what it looks like daddy, I try to protest. Honey, I was watching from the bathroom the whole time and heard you tell Britney how great she tasted with my seed in her. Brittney holds me close to her chest and tells my daddy to fuck me. “I’m a virgin daddy” not for long was his answer. Cock in hand he spats on my pussy and begins to slide his cock from the top to the bottom making sure it gets wet and me wet.

Brittney looks at my Dad “rape her virgin pussy or I stop sending you locker room nudes of the young girls at school. That was too much for my dad to lose because at those words he slid his cock into me tearing past my veil of innocence. At that moment, in tears of pain and blood I became an incestous whore for my Daddy that I could tell no one. As tears ran down my face, Brittney pulled my hair back and reminded me that I was hers and would do anything to please her.

After 5 minutes of being raped by Daddy, I started to enjoy the sensation of a cock in me and began to moan. This delighted Brittney, and I asked “can I turn around and he fuck me from the back as we make out?” Yes Susie she responded and allowed me to turn around and begin kissing her. At that moment, I felt Daddy’s huge cock penetrating me again and I began to buck back at his thrusts. I heard his voice deepen and cock swell and he began to fill me with his seed. He had to ask me to stop bucking back because I enjoyed the feeling of his hot sperm coating my insides. “Now clean his cock with your mouth Susie, you don’t want to leave any evidence behind” Brittney said.

I turned around now in the 69 position, I learned later, and began to sucks my Daddys cock clean. This was the first time that I’ve ever experienced Brittney’s tongue hit my pussy. Was she rewarding me or just want my Daddy’s cum? I did not know nor cared at that moment. After we got all straightened up again we three made our way back downstairs to join the party all spaced out. I spent the rest of the party in the pool touching myself for what had occurred earlier that day.

Am I a lesbian or do I like cock? I think I like both or just being used.

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By Susie #Incest #Rape #Threesome #Virgin