Lesbian Encounter with Sexy Mother-In-Law

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I am Rehana, 19 years old married woman. My husband works in the gulf with my Father-in-law. as they both run a flourshing business there they do not come on leave to gather. I stay with my Mother-in-law, Reshma in a beautiful four bedroom, duplex house in an up market area. About a month after my marriage, my husband, Imran went back to the Gulf.
My marriage was arranged and prior to marriage I was a virgin – in fact I could not even remember masturbating. The fact was that I was sex ignorant. A day or so prior my marriage some very rudimentary knowledge of sex was given to me by my grandmother. I grew up in a very conservative middle class family while my in-laws were from amongst the more wealthy families in the city, socially very active and very modern in their outlook.
My father had died when I was about two years old and had been brought up by my mother and her mother. No matter how conservative we were, my mother and grandmother insisted that I study in a convent school where my mother had studied.A classmate of my mother-in-law who knew our family as well as my in laws, had recommended me for marriage with their son and that is how our marriage took place.
Imran was a very understanding husband. Amongst other things he taught me everything about sex and the one month together was a very sexually fulfilling experience leaving me quite horny after he left. To add to my woes letters to me were very sexually explicit. He even had recommended some porno sites on internet to view.
Soon after his departure my mother-in law got busy with teaching me various aspects of their family systems and cooking. Besides that she introduced me to her large circle of friends. She was more than sweet with me and loving. One morning, I had just finished my bath and was still with a toweling dressing gown on ( still recovering from Imran’s sex filled letter and me feeing hot between my thighs)
Reshma -my mother- in law- came to my room carrying a paper in her hand. She also had on a very short bath gown on and her hair tied in a towel. “Rehana do you know anything about self examination of the breast for cancer? ” She asked. I expressed my ignorance. So she gave my the paper which had details of how to conduct a self examination and what to find if at all.
“I just did a self examination and I think I have a lump” She said. “No it cannot be. Let us go to a doctor to get a proper examination done” I Recommended. ” No, first I want you to check me.” She immediately answered. I must have turned crimson at the thought of pressing my Mother-in-laws breast and she noticed. ” Nothing to be shy of we are both grown women and no one is around.”
She said. With that she opened her gown and pulled out her one breast. They were big (38DD), with a dark brown puffed areola and a large tit standing upright. Her breast were not as upright like mine but they were not hanging either. Her breast were round, though drooping slightly, mine are pear shaped with the tits pointing upwards. Her’s were larger than mine.
Considering she was past about 45 years they were in good shape.”Come feel them and tell me” Saying that she reached out and took my hand and put it on her breast. I could have died with embarrassment and closed my eyes. As I started to feel her I slowly opened my eyes and noticed that the belt of her gown had opened and the gown was now completely open.
She had her eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying my feeling her. I noticed that she had a shaved pubic region except a little tuft of hair just above her pussy shaped like an arrow pointing to her cilt, which was not very visible. As I felt around her breast she started to make little groaning sound and then took my other hand and put it on her other breast.
While I felt embarrassed handling her breast it felt nice. It was my first experience in touching another woman’s breast. Soon she was pressing her hands on my hand and controlling the movement of my hands. Now my hands were all over her breast and definitely not looking for any growth. She left my hand only to put her hand behind my head and press it down towards her breast.
I was now just a few centimeters from breast and staring down at her long tits. She pushed her tit into my mouth. I had no intention to do anything more but I automatically started to suck them like my hubby had done to mine. I had now also got all heated up and started to leak from my cunt. I then felt my breast being handled and massaged.
She then made me lie down and bent over me so that I could suck her breast while she played with mine. “Beautiful, beautiful” she kept saying looking at my breast. I had got completely horny and under her control. She brought her mouth close to mine and we started to suck and kiss each others lips and tongue. I could feel her pussy rubbing against my thighs.
It suddenly dawned on me that my gown had opened and my cunt was exposed. I tried to cover myself but Mother-in-law beat me to it and was rubbing my dripping cunt. She then started to suck my breast and started to rub my cilt. I must mention that I have a cilt to be proud of. I keep my pubic area clean shaven With a protruding cilt any friction gets me dripping like a faucet without a washer.
Reshma, turned around and was now facing my cunt. She was very impressed by the size and shape of my cilt and told me so. She kept teasing my cilt with her tongue, alternating between licking it and sucking it. Every now and then she would lick the juices being pumped out through my cunt hole.I in the meanwhile kept playing with her tits.
Soon she got off the bed and knelt down on the ground and folding my legs at my knees and spreading them she started to lick my cunt right from the cilt to the arse hole and back. It did not take me long to start my orgasm. It was mind blowing and it continued for a time and before the first one was over I was overcome my the second and then third gigantic heaves.
I was panting and the heartbeat had got almost as if it was as if I had run the marathon. Mother-in-law got up dripping from her mouth my cum and started to kiss me and again suck my tits. She then straddled me and using her fingers spread her cunt lips over my mouth. I started to suck and lick her as if there was no tomorrow.
She was not going to sit idle so she twisted her body without getting up and put her finger into my fuck hole and started to finger fuck me. I again climaxed but within a few seconds of my climaxing she went bonkers with her hips moving uncontrollably and her cum gushing out all over in my mouth. It was an experience of a lifetime.
We lay next to each other with eyes closed and hugging each other but without saying a word. It was difficult to figure out how long we were in that position. Mother-in- law got up finally and just as she was leaving my room she said, Thank you. You were wonderful” The rest of the day there was no talking to each other. For my side it was out of embarrassment.
After dinner we went to our respective rooms, watched TV for a while and then I put off my light. Mother-in-law’s room light was still on. Sometime later on in the night I felt someone next to me in the bed and I sat up with a start. I would have normally yelled out of fear but in this case the light in my room was switched on and there was my mother-in-law standing next to the bed wearing nothing else but a 8 inch black strap on didildo.
“Feel like a fuck, Baby doll?” I did not answer and she took my silence as an affirmative to her question. She spread my legs and started to lick my cunt, then pulling a pillow from under my head she placed it below my arse and raising my legs high and wide and placing them on her shoulders she gently eased he large cock into my wet cunt.
She kept fucking me till I climaxed at least thrice. She then withdrew the didildo, unstrapped it and started to lick my cum of the dripping instrument and also gave it to me to lick. While doing all this she was finger fucking her self with three fingers. She then strapped on the rod on me ( it looked odd to have breast and a cock on the same body).
Made me lie down while she mounted me. I for the first time saw a cock being devoured by the cunt. After a hile of her moving up and down she lay down and I started to fuck her. ” Choodo, phado mere chut. Aur daba, mader chod” I was shocked by her language but went on with full vengeance till she climaxed. I would not stop till she almost threw me off her.
We spent the night together. In the morning when I got up she was not in the bed. As I got up I noticed a gift packed box on my bedside table. “To my little lover. A small gift for that most beautiful thing. Looking forward again. ” It was a viabrator. I went to her room and it was first used on her. We became lovers.