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Iam well framed, nice 36 DD tits. Firm ass and long legs always having a sexy look my friends often tease my by telling this.since I have been practicing dance from my childhood I have a slim curvy body and beauty full naval and erotic butt I did not have an ounce of extra flesh on my body which sparkled fairly After writing the exam I went to uncle’s home at tvm.uncle hav only one daughter she is sonia studying in 11th class. Uncle and aunty became very happy for seeing my after a long period.sonia also became happy.see hugged me at first sight.uncle and a aunt want me to stay there for few days since they are going to wayanad to attend a marriage,sonia has to stay here since she is having vacation computer class they will come only after 4 days,but I told them I didn’t take enough cloths with me.they told its ok u can use sonia’s.uncle and aunt went in the evening train. I felt so tired, I asked sonia for dress to change…and I went straight to the bathroom to have a bath because that day was very hot. As I was removing my dresses and wearing a bath towel, I heard the noise of closing the door. I got stunned for a moment, it was sonia she said wow chechi u r having an amazing body,u r looking so sexy.i felt so shy.., let’s bath together!” She said, I was in a strange state, I cannot say a word. I just stood there. She came near me, palmed my shoulders and hair, finally her hands reached behind my head. She pulled my head towards her face with both hands, and gave me a nice kiss. She sucked my lips fully into her mouth. Unknowingly, I also hugged her. She asked me to remove her dress…she was wearing a pink top and black pavada..slowly I touched her butt and raised my hand and removed her top…I felt stunted seeing her body it was extremely beautiful with big butt and mula(breast).then I removed her pavada now she she is in her bra and panties she moved more closer to me and removed my towel I became completely nude she placed her hands on by breast and started to rub I made sexy noise and she kissed my breast and bite it oh!!!I was on heaven…As if in slow motion her hand came up behind my head and pulled my lips to hers. Our mouths opened and tongues met, my arms went out to pull her close and I felt her warmth press against me, her scent was pure delight. My hand moved down her back and I felt her smooth body, the softness of her round bottom as our tongues darted in and out each others mouths. Her hand moved across my breasts and pressed against my hardening nipples…slowly she started exploring my pussy She kissed her way closer to my waistline.I was trembling since I have never had an experience like this before. I slid my hands down her shoulders and cupped her breasts in my hands. I was amazed to see how erect her nipples were and the wonderful feeling it was to have another woman’s private parts in my hands. It appeared she was enjoying this more than I was. She stuck her tongue out tenderly and licked the top of my pussy just above the hair line. Oh god what a feeling, I made a light moan and grabbed her breasts without control. She entered me and lightly probed around. It appeared she had done this before. It was an amazing feeling. I could feel this tensing muscle inside me, probing. Sometimes it would harden, and sometimes it would just lick. There was a slight tingle inside my womb as I could feel the beginning of an orgasm but it was about a good five minutes away. I wanted her so badly and I moaned, willing for her to continue. “Suck me, “I said.”Take my clit and rub it.” Silently she obeyed. She hadn’t left my pussy since she had first entered it. I was very close to coming now. Just a few more strokes with the tongue and I would be over the edge. Past the point of no desirable return. I told her that I was about to come and she just went faster. Faster. Oh my how dare she go faster? It was not fair that a person of such youth should be able to make women come so powerfully. Yes and powerful it was, for when I came, I thrust my hips upward so as to force every bit of her mouth inside me. She made a little giggle as my sweet juices rained down on her. I have tasted my juices before for other men but have never had another woman taste them.” Do- do they taste good?” I moaned. My clit was still hard and I wanted to come again.”Yes, “she whispered.”They are delicious. But you are all wet, I must clean you.”With that she dove into me again. I don’t think that I will ever get over that feeling of complete and total ecstasy that I felt when she pushed her wet tongue into my crack. Unthinkingly, I took my left hand and placed it on her nipple. I remember being so surprise because it was the hardest thing I have ever felt except for maybe a rock. That single nipple was such a turn on itself. I took that solitary nipple with my forefinger and thumb and pressed it. She gasped inside me, letting the air in her lungs out in a big whoosh. I felt that hot air go inside me and just marveled at the fullness of it. I wanted that again so I took my other hand and did the same thing with her other nipple. Now I had two bits of erotic stone captured between my fingers. I took those pieces of rock, and I yanked on them. Inside me, sonia screamed. I tugged on those two nipples, pulling her forward into my pussy. She came forward eagerly and gummed into my clit. She pulled her lips over her teeth and bit. Then, when it was firm between her lips she licked the tip of it that was in her mouth. Oh that brought me over the edge so fast. I came, practically ripping her nipples off her chest. Over and over the feeling of unrelenting pleasure flew throughout my body. I could taste the sweat running down my face and into my mouth. I could feel my ass gliding over the seat from the juices and sweat mixing to form a wonderful lubricant. Oh my…… yes and I could feel her moaning. Moaning inside me, begging for me to keep pulling her nipples. I took those nipples, and I pulled them up to my mouth. There was a tiny protest from sonia that she was supposed to be pleasuring me, but that quickly stopped when I closed my mouth over her puckering nipple. Protests turned to whimper, whimpers to gasps, and gasps to screams as I forced her orgasm without even touching her pussy. Later we bathed toghter and went bed and slept nude