Lesbian sex with shopkeeper’s daughter

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Hello al ISS readers. I am Seema 24yrs old. I love having lesbian sex with girl or aunties. I get more attracted towards girls than boys.

This story is a real story and also my first lesb. Experience. This incident took place when I was 18yrs old and was studying in city away from my hometown. I was well built , slim and had the figure 38d-28-34.

I was living alone in a hostel room. After my tuitions got over I always went to the confectioneries to buy a cold drink for myself. A man used to work there. He must be around of the age 49 or 50. He had a daughter 16yrs old. As I was a permanent customer I developed friendship with those girls. Her name is Asha. She is a beautiful girl with beautiful boobs. She was in her sweet sixteen at that and was very attractive. I often used to masturbate thinking of her.

One day I got late from my tuitions. I went to the shop at around 9 PM

.The shop was open as it used to stay open till midnight. I saw that at that time only Asha was there at the shop. I asked her why she was alone and where was his father?

She replied “Daddy has gone Delhi with mom and will be back 2morrrow morning.”

I said ” So u is here alone attending the shop.” She said “yes. Dad has asked me to stay here till 10 and then sleep in the shop itself”. I saw that she brought her bed with her to sleep in the shop. As 2morrow my day was off I asked her that may I give her a company for the night. She heartily agreed.

At 10’o clock we closed the shop and got in to the beds laid on the floor. She had brought a T.V. and a VCD player to watch a movie. When I was in the bed she came with her semi transparent nighty on and asked me ” Do u want to see a blue film?” . I was a little bit shocked to hear this. I gave a naughty smile to her and said sure.

She attached the VCD player and started the VCD. Meanwhile I got some chips and cold drinks on her permission. I got into the nighty she gave me. It was a semi transparent nighty just like hers. I haven’t got my bra on so my boobs were somewhat visible. She got the VCD on and got into the bed. She played the VCD. It was a Blue film in which 2 lesbians were having sex. She asked me” Have u ever had that type of sex?” I replied “no. Have u ever had?” She replied ” Yes once with my school friend.” I got a setback on hearing that. She the started is moving her hands in my hair which aroused me a little.

I lifted my hand and made my way into her nighty and removed her Black bra. She had beautiful nipples but not better than me. She said ” U have gr8 nipples.” I replied” I know”. She then removed my nighty and so do I. We both were half naked now. She got hold of my boobs and started pressing them hard. I started moaning “ooo yeah keep doing…..yes c’mon….ooo yeah”. She then started sucking my nipples and biting the tits lightly. I got totally aroused and started moaning ” ohhh yes….bite me bitch…o yeah c’mon…”. Then she asked me t do the same and I did the same and she also started moaning. Her creamy nipples got erect and she started moaning.

I then got down and licked her pussy with her panties on. Then I removed her panties and got fascinated to see her shaved pussy. I started licking her pussy. She stopped me and got down at me. She then removed my panties and asked me to get in the position of 69. We got in the position of 69 and started licking and fingering each other. We both came at the same time and drank each others cum with joy. Then we kissed each other and exchanged the taste of each other’s cum. Then she got a sex toy in the form of a dick out. I got shocked to see it. She then asked me to insert that cock in her ass. I dug the cock in her ass and started moving in a to and fro motion. She moaned a lot and screamed . I got the toy out and licked it. The she pushed the toy in my pussy and fingered my asshole at the same time. I screamed in pain as my virgin pussy was getting a superb cock toy in it. I came she drank whole of my cum. Then we exchanged our panties and slept in each others arm.

Then we had sex many time that year in my room and sometimes in her house. I also got a choice to taste her friend’s pussy but that I will write in my next story.

I then had other lesb experiences with my aunts , sisters, and with my mom also. I will write all my experiences.

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